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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 24, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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♪ >> welcome to the "france 24" newsroom. good to have you with us. police make significant arrests over london's attack. they ask the public for any information about the homegrown
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killer who left four people dead and 50 others injured. marine le pen meets vladimir putin at the kremlin. the russian president tells the far right leader that he has no intention of meddling in france's presidential election. and scandal-hit francois fillon accuses the media of leaks. ♪ >> we begin in london, where the investigation into the westminster attack continues. police say two more significant arrests have been made, bringing the total people in custody to nine. the attacker has been identified british-born muslim
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convert. he killed four people when he drove his car into crowds on westminster bridge before stabbing a police officer to death at parliament. he was eventually shot dead by police. >> two more arrest made adding to a series of raids made in the .ondon capital and birmingham at least say at total of 50 people were injured in this attack. two of those remain in critical condition, one with life-threatening injuries. police naming the attacker, the 52-year-old, somebody who was born in the southeast of england. molly: is there anything more you can tell us about the attacker? >> various of details have been emerging. was 52 years old,
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born in the southeast, most recently residing in the west midlands. in terms of the profile emerging, we heard theresa may describing him as someone who had at one point been on the in terms of5 susceptibility to radicalization. it seems he was not deemed to be a particular threat. some questions will be asked about that, why he was not put on the list of people under watch by the security services. that said, what is emerging is a past, 20 years worth of possession of an offensive weapon, etc., and as i said, the police have said this is the case of somebody who acted alone.
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these particular cases are much more difficult to identify. nevertheless, they are issuing an appeal during that press conference for anybody who had contact with him in the weeks and months running up to the attack to come forward. is chris moore joining us from central london. thursday, people pay tribute to those killed in the attack, ceremonies in parliament, scotland yard, and on westminster ridge. >> not afraid, londoners sent a clear message to terrorists as they gathered on trial fog or square for a candlelit vigil. square for a candlelit vigil. >> we were always together. andtand up for our values
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we show the world we are the greatest city in the world. earlier, dozens came to lay flowers for the victims on westminster bridge, where several people were killed. sebastian says his friend was injured in the attack. he is still in hospital, but in a stable condition. >> the main purpose of the flowers is to remember my friend . he is luckily a live, but i lay the flowers for the victims and to support the values of this country and what we have stood for for hundreds of years. in westminster palace, mps held a moment of silence for those killed or injured. many were deeply shocked by wednesday's attack, but for prime minister theresa may, reopening parliament was a matter of principle. >> mr. speaker, yesterday, an
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act of terrorism tried to silence our democracy, but today we meet as normal to deliver a simple message we are not afraid. to thece pay tribute fallen cultic, keith palmer, step to death while protecting parliament. never ceasing their mission, they got moral support from the queen herself, who thanked security forces in the name of the nation. next week cross to belgium, where a man who drove a car down a pedestrian shopping street in antwerp has been charged with terrorist murder. authorities say pedestrians had to jump out of the way and police found knives in the vehicle. for more, let's cross to brussels. tell us more about this charge. >> we just heard from the federal prosecutor.
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the 39-year-old tunisian residing in france has been charged for attempted terrorist assault, attempted terrorist assassination, and also for violation of arms legislation. he was seen yesterday at 10:45 local time driving down what is normally a busy shopping square. luckily, the shops had not opened and there were not too many people around. him at topdid see speed take off and go through a red light when he was almost intercepted by soldiers, but 20 minutes later, he was intercepted by police in antwerp and taken in for questioning. the questioning had to be delayed because the man appeared to be the influence of our call and other illegal substances, which meant he was put in a sobering cell come and that's why we're are only hearing this morning from the belgian prosecutors more about the incident.
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at the moment, they are not giving us more details, but likely the case will have to be handed over to french authorities for them to look into it. molly: thank you for that. next, we had to russia, where marine le pen is in moscow. the far right presidential candidate is looking to boost her international credentials ahead of the upcoming french election. a face with president putin may help come and that is exactly what happened a short time ago. there are concerns over moscow's potential influence. let's bring in our correspondent from the russian capital. as we look at this meeting, what should we make of it? does it come as a surprise? >> it is a huge surprise. it was not planned. it was not on any agenda. she met with those people, parliamentarians, the foreign affairs committee, she sat with
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them for their meeting this morning, then she went to meet well3-4 politicians as with serious clout, including one who invited her to russia, to moscow, who is well known because he tends to fund trips for french politicians in russia .o crimea that is an issue that boils up from time to time because of the tension around the annexation by russia in 2014. this meeting with vladimir putin is definitely worth talking about because it comes at a time when russia is very much under suspicion of trying to influence western elections. vladimir putin specifically set that is not what we try to do. in no way do we try to influence elections come but you have to wonder what the point of this meeting is, and from the people
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i have been speaking to and as you suggested in the introduction, the point is it makes marine le pen look presidential, and vladimir putin's rarely meets with politicians who are not at his level of importance not heads of respecto in that vladimir putin has gone out of his way to meet with marine le pen today. molly: thank you. francois fillon has lashed out at francois hollande. the president has rejected the claim. is a dignity, responsibility to be respected. i think he is way beyond that now.
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the cabinet does its work, but does not interfere. once a front runner, francois fillon's public support has weakened in the face of corruption allegations. on national television, french presidential candidate francois fillon unleased a slew of accusations. the conservative candidate said the corruption scandal that has marred his campaign is being led by the president himself. >> there are newspapers today which received documents that were just 48 hours earlier seized and policed searches. who gives the press these documents? government services. i am accusing the president of the republic. i read some excerpts that explains how francois hollande made sure the wiretaps end up on
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his desk. >> but he did not stop there. the former prime minister called for justice in what are you illegal practices. call for ani summoned investigation of what is in this book because it is a scandal. >> the book in question is this one, by three investigative journalists. one of them shot down his claims about the book saying the ones front runner is trying to scrape up support now the polls show he won't get past the first round. personhors said the only who believes there is a hidden surveillance service is francois fillon. it does not exist. francois hollande shot back. televisede the interview concluded, the president's office condemned in the strongest terms the allegations. the justice ministry chimed in by saying the candidate has a
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history of voting against political transparency and an independent judiciary. in the united states, president trump is taking a gamble on health care, demanding a make or break boat this friday. the vote was originally set for yesterday, but delayed because there is not enough republican support. ♪ setback for donald trump as a vote on his new health care till in the house of representatives has been delayed. hours before the announcement, the u.s. president said he was optimistic his bill would pass, though he admitted it would be a very close vote. ofclose, not because politics, they know obamacare is no good. it's only politics. because we have a great bill, and we have a very good chance, but it is only politics. >> the plan is now for a
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houseboat on friday that both moderate and conservative members within the republican party continue to oppose the bill with hardliner saying it does not roll back and of barack obama's affordable care act. know at this a time and am desperately trying to get to yes, and i think the president knows that. i told him that personally. that is why we met for such a long time. not contentious, but a rigorous debate. >> meanwhile in washington, d.c., hundreds of protesters marched to the white house, demonstrating against the bill. many americans are worried they will lose health insurance under the new plan. , so work in construction that is high risk for injuries. if i'd did not have health insurance and had to rely on the emergency room, it would be stressful. >> the bill requires at least 215 votes to pass, all democrats
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oppose it. molly: in egypt, hosni mubarak has been freed after six years and attention. he was overthrown in 2011 in the first -- and was the first leader to face trial after the arab spring uprisings had swept the region. this friday, he left the military hospital and cairo where he had beeeen held. earlier this month, the 88-year-old was cleared of the final murder charges against him after facing trial for corruption to the killing of protesters whose 18 date revolt ended his 30 year rule. it is time now for business update and i am joined by brian quinn. you're going to start off with some encouraging news. >> for once. is this activity across the eurozone is at its highest level since 2011. that is according to the latest mi. a score of over 50 on
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any of these surveys indicates economic growth in that sector. for the month of march, manufacturing scored a 50 6.2. services scored 56.5, for an overall eurozone score of 56.7. they beat analyst predictions and split from february's pmi. firms responding said it is their best employment growth in nearly a decade. more bad news for youtube. johnson & johnson and j.p. morgan chase are just the latest to pull their ads from the site of her concerns their material may be running alongside offensive or extremist videos. it comes at an awkward moment for youtube and google as they have been on a push to move advertisers from tv to online. >> the bad news keeps piling up for google.
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the number of companies who called out from youtube which it owns is now over 250. brands are concerned their adverts could be shown alongside extremist content. it won't help youtube's long-term strategy of trying to steal at revenue from television with the boy cut coming a month ahead of when tv networks will try to woo major advertisers with her fall lineups. online hate speech is an increasingly potent issue and big companies will be unlikely to shift their budget from television to online unless their branded safety can be guaranteed. google has pledged to take action to real the advertisers back in. speaking on monday, googles europe and middle east president tried to reassure advertisers. >> we are sorry for anyone affected. we are working hard to improve all those things, but we want to make this a safe place to be
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successful as brand builders. >> the controversy is impacting its effort. shares ended 1.2% down wednesday. theime for a look at markets. despite the vote of confidence in the eurozone, investors are confident. the index is soft across the board, and the ftse 100 is sinking slowly for most of the day, same for the dax. cac dips. twitter considering a paid subscription for the first time. the company said thursday its popular tweet deck interface developed for professionals could be built into a premium paid service. since its launch, twitter has built a large user base. it has failed to turn a profit
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to advertising. the u.s. state department is expected to approve a permit for the keystone xl pipeline friday. the oil conduit was a focus of protest in america and blocked i former president barack obama. president trump signed an order after taking office to proceed with the keystone xl pipeline and the dakota access pipeline. royal bank of scotland is set to close 150 retail branches across the u.k., most the subsidiary natwest. rbs says the closures are necessary to confront away the customers are doing ranking online and via mobile. it will result in the loss of nearly 400 jobs. how much would you pay to watch a movie at home? how high could you go? that is the question major motion picture studios are grappling with as they try to get major releases into homes sooners.
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leaders normally have an exclusive right for films up to three months. the problem is price. to make it worthwhile for theaters to give up that exclusive, studios have to cut them in, and that would result in a heavy price to consumers. the price has been revised to $30. molly: $30 to sit on your own couch. we will have to see. i'm not willing to shell out that amount. there you go. thank you very much. it is time now for our press review. ♪ i'm joined in the studio by my guest. we start off with british papers. >> as a picture emerges about
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the man who carried out wednesday's bloody attack in westminster, british papers are choosing to focus not on the british one was them convert, but those who lost their lives to do concede the front page of the guardian just there. the daily star has gone for a similar front page with the headline, "remember them." it is important to say a fourth person has died of their injuries. molly: the vigil that took place thursday evening. >> there is a series of photos in today's wall street journal that is powerful. you can see londoners gathering onthat square as night fell thursday, and here is a beautiful image of the impromptu candlelit vigil that followed that meeting in the center of london just a molly: kilometer from where wednesday's attack took place. we have papers focusing on the exact nature of wednesday's attack. group, the islamic state
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has claimed responsibility, but this piece is questioning the precise role the group played. we read here that counterterrorism officials split all the attacks and three categories, directed, enabled, and inspired. the paris attack fall into the first territory. we learned that many apparent lone wolf attacks are often revealed to belong to the the islamicgory win state publishes martyrdom videos. there has been no such video in the aftermath of this attack. perhaps this man did not have any direct link to the islamic state group. molly: let's cross to northern martin, where we have mcguinness who has been laid to rest. >> this piece in the belfast telegraph, we've read gerry adams used his graveside speech to insist that his long time friend and ally was not a terrorist.
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he was a freedom fighter. those two loss to love ones during the course of the iras armed struggle. the irish times focuses instead on the speech delivered by former u.s. president bill clinton, who described martin mcguinness as someone who expanded the definition of us and shrank the definition of them as a mainstream political force in northern ireland. the theater of the democratic unionist party foster attended the funeral, and it was seen as a positive step forward in relations. it had the absence of parliamentary trappings and references to the military pass made that possible pdc that procession.uneral possessio here is a picture of one of those famous bloody sunday murals.
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it is a reminder of how far northern ireland has come and the division that still exists there. molly: interesting times. before we go, word on french politics, focusing on how this year's election is panning out. the frontrtoon on page was too good to pass up. -- u.s.line, 2017, president donald trump and vladimir putin having a chat. it is pretty crazy this french election says trump. you can see pictures of all the people who just a year ago looked likely to be in the running for the top job, but it is all crossed out. presidenthe french nicholas sarkozy, and the list continues. not seens you have anything yet as he prepares to give the order to start hacking and influencing the french election. followsle-page spread
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outlines how many scandals, intrigues, and innovations have marked the last few months. the likes of which has never been seen before under the republic. the paper puts together and a-c glossary of all of these. it contains everything from h for hologram, a reference to the candidate turning himself into a holick graham on the campaign english, emergency in the first time a presidential election in france has been held under a state of emergency. molly: yes, indeed, and finally we moved to ukraine, piece out of the key of post. >> the brazen assassination of a former russian lawmaker in central kyiv has raised concerns for other kremlin critics taking refuge in ukraine. the ukrainian president is calling the murder an act of russian state terrorism come an accusation that the kremlin is
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dismissing as absurd. there is also another less bloody story in the paper today that attests to the relationship between ukraine and russia. the european broadcasting union has offered to allow russian entrance for this year's eurovision contest to appear via satellite after ukraine band her from traveling to kyiv. ukraine has responded to that decision insisting it will not let the russian contestant song appear anywhere on ukrainian television. molly: thank you very much for that. for more you can head to our website, nthepress. take a quick break, but stay with his, the news continues here on "france 24". ♪
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♪ >> in this episode, a look at personal archives of california history. collection of california orange ephemera. it became a symbol. it all came


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