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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 28, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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strike has closed roads, schools, and airports. the take a look at the reasons for the national stoppage. ofwith the population
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250,000 people, french guiana is often overlooked, but amongst its south american neighbors, this french territory is a haven of prosperity. in the last six years, haitians have fled their ravaged island to seek asylum in french guiana. number does not count illegal immigrants. with 42 homicides last year, french guiana is the most violent of france's five territories, statistics which some samples down to deeper societal issues. >> it is a question of jobs for young people. 22%,e unemployment rate is compared with 9.7% in mainland france.
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i'm an young people come the jobless rate is 55%. the europeanion of space agency's spaceport has bolstered french guiana. the esa say a quarter of the population have jobs related to the space industry. territory is also rich in timber and gold, but due to limited infrastructure and production capacity, french guiana remains heavily dependent on france. officials say a third of the population still have no access to drinking water or electricity. the french socialist presidential candidate has attacked european austerity policies after meeting german chancellor angela merkel, arguing they helped to fuel the rise of the far right. it follows francois fillon and emmanuel macron making the trip.
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>> we discuss my proposal of a treaty to democratize the eurozone to get democratic legitimacy to the eurozone. indicate ther legal reservations she might have in the political difficulties this could entail to put in place. she did not close the door on the discussion. news, the german interior minister says turkey will not be able to spy on turks living in germany after a probe was launched into the spy claims. the head of turkey's intelligence service has handed suspectedt of people of sympathies to his german counterparts, including surveillance photos and personal data. haveny and other eu states
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banned local rallies in support of president erewhon, who is holding a referendum next month. amnesty international has blasted the u.s. led coalition for not doing enough to protect civilian casualties in iraq. bombing entire homes with families being trapped inside. it's report following an airstrike that killed more than 100 civilians in the west of the city. the coalition having confirmed it was behind the airstrike, stopped short of saying whether there had been a casualties. reporter: hell has been unleashed on the civilians in at thejust -- not just hands of the islamic state group, but increasingly, u.s. led coalition airstrikes.
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according to amnesty international, coalition forces are not doing enough to prevent civilian deaths. >> evidence gathered on the ground in east mosul points to an alarming pattern of u.s. led coalition airstrikes that destroyed whole houses with entire families inside. suggesting coalition forces have failed to take adequate cautions to prevent civilian deaths, a flagrant violation of international military and law. it's hundreds of thousands of civilians ignored the iraqi government's advice to stay in mosul, but for the roughly 400,000 who did not flee, every day runs the risk of death. say more thans 100 people were killed, coalition forces admitted carrying out the strike but stop admitting any civilians
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died. >> are doing everything possible to reduce the loss of life from innocent people. >> raising another question, did the new u.s. administration ease restrictions on coalition airstrikes to make it easier to fight islamic state group militants? u.s. military officials insist that the rules of engagement have not changed. >> authorities are waiting to see the sunrise in order to estimate the extent of damage in the wake of tropical cyclone debbie, having pummeled the coastline of south australia. wind gusts of more than 263 kilometers raged and at least one person has died. cyclone debbie slammed into australia's tropical northeast coast on tuesday, damaging homes and knocking down
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trees and power lines. the storm made landfall near a resort town in queensland before moving in length. >> there were trees down everywhere. quite a mess. >> the storm has brought torrential rain and fierce winds of more than 260 kilometers an hour, to popular tourist destinations. or that 3000 people have been forced to leave their homes with shelter set up for those with nowhere safe to go. there will be significant destruction, we think, and we are preparing for that, for working with our military partners to make sure we can get in there if we need to find out what is happened and respond properly. reporter: telestrating government has a disaster helpnse plan and has sent to the worst affected areas.
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authorities warn a title search caused by rising sea levels could flood low-lying coastal areas along the world-famous great barrier reef, forecasters expect the storm to spread further south and say heavy winds could continue for up to five days. >> time for business with eight moody. investment which donald trump has claimed credit for. kate: and is most price that he claimed credit on twitter. ford announced it was investing three plants in michigan. unit investors they is part of a $9 million deal to safeguard jobs and not a direct result of donald trump meeting with the auto giants to weeks ago.
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another move that the administration claimed credit. take a listen. >> we have data centers around the world, but we want them here close to everything that we do. to of them separated far enough for security and logistics reasons to do that. it's part of our investment at home. kate: wall street rallying this tuesday, confidence search in the month of march. the dow hoping to snap and eight session losing streak of about .85% this hour. the dax leading with strong gains, over 1%. the ftse 100 trailing a little bit behind.
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will be triggered, beginning brexit proceedings on wednesday. amazon did not name a price for its deal, reports checked around 700 billion dollars. it seeks to expand its presence in the middle east. was reportedly offered. will poseying it challenges. >> as the scale of the business rose, i think there relationship , there will be challenges in that, growing online versus growing the bricks and mortar business. kate: moving on to other uber sidedadlines,
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unworkable changes and will now require fair meters and see sensors in denmark. they launched their in 2014. elon musk has launched a new firm with a focus on creating technology to link the human brain to computers. it is registered as a medical research firm and could be used to improve memory or artificial intelligence. watchdog hastion accused the ecb of crossing a line into improper activity during the eurozone crisis. saying the ecb should withdraw ofm the so-called troika international lenders that oversees bailout programs to governments and banks. steps toey are taking increase transparency and accountability.
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south africa's embattled finance minister has returned home after being recalled from an investor roadshow. despite rumors he could soon be fired, with growing tensions with the president. he seen as a stabilizing force in south africa's often volatile economy. and the say the country could still be in for a rocky ride. >> i think the effect of the current minister of finance would be extremely serious for the country and for its economy as a whole, because it would be the capture ofof the national treasury by forces that are closely aligned to the president, who are keen to get their hands on the funds in the national treasury. kate: the british government is preparing for future outside the
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european union when it triggers article 50 on wednesday. many have begun moving operations away from london for fear they will lose access to the european market. ar -- >> all set to kick off the form process of leaving the european union, british prime minister theresa may is building up her list of allies. a day after qatar announced the new 5.7 billion euro investment in the u k, may said britain for hostpaving the way brexit trade agreement. >> we should seize this historic opportunity to get out into the world and to shape and even bigger role for a global britain. this means not just building new alliances but going even further , in working with old friends. is notut her optimism
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shared by everyone. japan's business lobby has taken issue with her suggestion that no brexit deal is better than a bad deal. the japanese banking sector has already begun looking at possible continental alternatives to london and some german companies in the u.k. also revealed plans to move to other states. the bank of england is warning u.k. banks to prepare themselves in case of addicts -- disorderly brexit. long been an expectation that brexit will be bad news for the economy. that said, the bank also has an absolute regulatory route hermit to assure the banks are well placed in a post brexit environment. kate: the rest of the country also appears less convinced. just 29% of british households in march believe it will be good for the u.k. economy over the next decade. kate: and a new pound coin has been ruled out. the 12 sided coin is described
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as the most secure coin in the world but a number of special features to avoid counterfeiting, including a hologram on the image. there's a lot of speculation and , sayinge jokes online the new coin might be next to nothing and that might be the secret it is hiding. >> i'm sure theresa may doesn't want that to be the case. an interesting day had for london and the markets with tomorrow's announcement coming from westminster. i'll be back after a short rate. do stay with us here on "france 24."
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03/28/17 03/28/17 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> i strongly urge our nanation states, cities, counties to consider carefully the harm they are doing to their c citizens ae refusing too enforce our immigration laws and to rethink these policies. amy: in the latest crackdown on sanctuary cities, attotorney general jeff sessions ordered all cities to work with federal immigration agents are risk losing billionsf


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