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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 22, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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thanks for staying tuned. these are the top stories. donald trump holds talks with the israeli prime minister on of his first foreign tour as a u.s. president. he also stresses the time is right to reach the ultimate deal between israel and the arab world. reports suggest the national security adviser michael flynn will refer you -- will refuse to comply with a subpoena from the senate intelligence committee. investigating possible russian
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interference. .nd official campaign kicks off the stakes are higher to regain lost momentum. hoping to win a parliamentary majority. donald trump has kicked off his first visit to israel. a quiet nuclear arm. from arrived in israel directly from saudi arabia on the second of a nine day tour.
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he said the time is right for the israel world to reach a deal area he's been with primus or benjamin netanyahu. fama we appreciate the change in american policy on iran, which you enunciated so clearly just an hour ago. i believe we could back the march of aggression and forth --ir unbridled ovation unbridled ambition to become a nuclear weapon state. president trump: i believe a new partnership is possible and will happen. this includes a renewed effort and peace between the israelis and the palestinians. i've heard it's one of the toughest deals of all. but i have a feeling we are going to get there eventually.
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more what bring us came out of that meeting, our correspondent is in jerusalem. thomas felt like it was the longest we heard either of them talking today. what we heard was he was thrilled to have donald trump in jerusalem. different to his frustrated reception of the former american president. him,d lavished praise for said they have been friends for years and said this was the first time in his lifetime he saw a real prospects for change. he also really thanks to this president for seeing the dangers in iran and for highlighting them and changing american policy. what was interesting, what we heard from donald trump was --
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no mention of moving the american embassy to jerusalem. mention of jerusalem as the capital of the jewish state, which some israeli officials have been talking about. up heat press conference by the two of them. >> trump also promised the ultimate deal between israel and palestinians. listen to how he plans to go about this. this, hee has said is comes from saudi arabia and is that is a package deal going to be recognition of israel, normalization of israel in alliance with the moderate state. which he includes saudi arabia now. semi state is going to get together, opposed to iran , opposed to the shia state.
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they are going to welcome israel into that full. it's that package he is selling here. is no doubt he has brought with him momentum. both sides are a little bit frightened of him. they don't want to be the first to say no. we will see how far they walked down that path. iran's newly reelected president rouhani, this after the -- this after trump said the islamic republic would be a threat. rouhani also slammed saudi hasia, saying the kingdom never seen a ballot box, unlike iran who just hosted successful presidential elections. iran hasn't had diplomatic relations since early 2016. he decisively won the presidential election, securing
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another four-year term. >> we're waiting for the u.s. government to become more stable intellectually. and in term of its stance and future plans. downe that it can settle so that we can more accurately pass judgment on the leaders in washington. >> the former white house national security adviser michael flynn will refuse to comply with a subpoena from the senate intelligence committee. for investigating possible russian interference into the u.s. election. -- the retired to inform expected the panel of his decision later today. france 24 is in washington with more.
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>> he has decided or will be pleading the fifth, which just as a reminder for everyone, the ability to refuse to testify, especially if he were to deliver self-incriminating testimony. person to not a hand over personal documents, which are very much of interest to that senate intelligence committee. of course this is going to fuel more speculation. the question is why is michael flynn pleading the fifth? why does he not want to testify before this committee. himself in a tweet a couple of weeks earlier had advised michael flynn to try to get immunity because he was
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being the victim of a so-called witchhunt. donald trump is a way for his first ever foreign trip since he took off this. this is very much welcome distance and a break from the scandal that is literally growing by the day. 18 different contacts between trump campaign officials and russians between the months of february or april. in the midst of the campaign season you have the new york times revealing a very close senior adviser to the president, and there really aren't that many of them, is a significant person of interest in this investigation. the washington post revealing language used by the president during his encounter, his meeting in the oval office with the foreign minister and russian ambassador, whom he had the fire
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24 hours earlier, a nut job, and the white house denying that with the kind of language used by the president trying to pivot away from the narrative to shift the story and say the problem is not the language or the story. alas bus carrying rebel fighters and their families, completing a deal to bring the whole city back under government control. ineral hundred fighters left what was said to be the final evacuation. the syrian regime has turned evacuations reconciliation deal, something with the opposition and the u.n. have said are more like forced displacements. this report. >> it's an emotional end of the road for these rebel fighters. as syrian government forces retook the city, the last
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remaining opposition fighters and civilians have been granted safe passage to one of the few regions they now control. >> now we can say after an end to the armed presence they are now safe because of the syrian army. >> as they lost ground, the rebels were cornered. ofy say the intensification shelling and the siege left them no choice but to leave. a deal similar to those reached , allowingand damascus them to exit the city with their weapons. now their situation remains extremely precarious. >> we have no money, not even pocket money. i'm an old man and i don't know what to do. whwhere can i gogo? 2011, one of the
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first major cities to rise up against bashar al-assad. a front that was met by a two-year siege and indiscriminate bombb that would reduce the city to a lunar landndscape. 20,000last two months, syrians have fled homes. >> official campaigning has kicked off ahead of next month's highly anticipated parliamentary elections. the two legislative polls will 18.eld on june 11 and june mainstream parties will be hoping to regain momentum after losing out to the national front and emmanuel macron's movement. meanwhile, 290 feet in parliament in order for the president to carry out reforms which he campaigned on. in the meantime the country's new prime minister has a lot riding on the polls. >> prime minister edward
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pressure.s under his political future hinges on the outcome of the upcoming legislative elections. the recent interview conservative leader says he campaigned for emmanuel macron's republic party, leaving francis wright in disarray. two members have joined his government. right-wing leaders say an alliance is out of the question. meanwhile the left is clearly divided between those who back macron and those who say his government is to right-wing. >> the new president is saying writer and that saying neither right nor left. there is in fact no left wing and france does need a >> the far right national front will vie for seats in all 500 77 constituencies. ae parties president is
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candidate in the northern town. >> i feel they are should be the greatest number of mps possible in parliament. my troops as iad have always done. left movement has candidates in every constituency. leaders will be running for mp in the southern city. he's hoping to ride on the wave elect oral success -- electoral success. >> and venezuelan -- elect orala young man is in thl after he was eaten, doused with petrol and set alight by an angry crowd of protesters. thousandsounded and detained i authorities. the unrest is now in its eighth week with little sign of
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abating. >> admitted to a hospital with first and second degree burns on 80% of his body. about a hundred opposition supporters surrounded him, doused him in petrol and set him on fire after accusing him of being a thief. the president says he was attacked for being pro-government. >> they hit him and nearly lynched him just because somebody shouted out he was -- is that what we call opposition? how far will these people go? he's not the first one they set on fire. this is the latest in a series of violent attacks in venezuela after more than 50 days of mass protests. and opposition activist was shot dead on sunday, bringing the total number of people killed in
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the past few weeks to 48. been injured and over 2000 have been detained. venezuela is facing its worst economic crisis in decades with inflation expected to reach a staggering -- this year according to the imf. ththere have been shortages of food and medicine. antigovernment supporters have called for early elections, saying he has mismanaged the economy. president has accused the opposition of trying to mount a coup against him. step downs he won't before his term officially ends in 2019. anchor: a month ago we aired the testimonies of several gay deepen men who escaped
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oppression of the chechen leader. two french gay and lesbian associations have launched and it -- launched a complaint with the international kernel core for deep oppression of the chechen leader. genocide. but despite the international condemnation, helping the victims, is struggling to get them visas. the latest exclusive report. >> we interviewed -- a month ago. now he is unable to speak to us. tortured in a secret prison he fled chechnya, hoping he could quickly leave russia. he is still in hiding while they wait for their visas. >> every day, every day is torture and scared. you think they will break down your door at any moment.
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the longer we stay here for more time those looking for us have to find us. >> most are running from their own family, who is told about their sexual orientation by the chechen security forces. me heolder brother told is looking for me, and he is not the only one. my father spoke to me too. he said the time it takes me to find you is the time you still have to live. imminent danger and national solidarity, the managed to has only obtain three visa so far. >> somewhere in the hospital because of their physical state, others have illnesses. each time i speak to them they ask what is happening with this country or that country, how is it coming along?
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they are waiting and hoping. i can't meet their hopes. it is very difficult for me. >> officially france says it is willing to consider the requests. it will network hopes proceed -- it will speed up their procedures. >> almost halfway through this year and france 24 has been -- she sat down for special interview with one of the original supermodels, naomi campbell. ♪
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today's guest is one of the original supermodels. of overgraced the cover 500 magazines and was the first black model on the cover of vogue and times. >> timeless, beautiful, sexy, very confident. >> she's the best supermodel. >> she made a big difference for african-american women. >> her ex-boyfriend includes robert de niro and mike tyson. she is here with fashion for relief, let's go meet naomi campbell.
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klaxon naomi campbell, hello. can you describe your mission with fashion for relief for us. a collaboration of everyone coming together and wanting to do something that makes a difference that can help children have an education and learn a skill. magic wand, what would you change in the world? first,uld put children taken them in and guiding them for a better future than what they have come from. >> you spend time at a refugee camp in jordan. can you tell us about someone you met there. >> i met many people there, a wonderful group of mothers who support each other when they are children going to kindergarten or preschool. they would keep each other's hopes up.
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i met one family, she was just so terrified and scarred by bombs being struck all the time. i saw how the kindergarten slowly opened her up and she began to start to speak again. i saw a little girl who was worried about her uncle and they would all be taken back to syria -- and worried they would all be taken back to syria. just wants to learn. and i met a boy who wanted to more skills p he wanted to cut hair and become a barber. >> nelson mandela described you as his honorary granddaughter for the work you did with him. what was that like? >> we had done a press conference and it was after that when he sent me out to the field
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and different townships. and to different countries. i didn't quite understand it all then. out to the field, i wasn't prepared for what i would .ee i learned as i went along. his words echoed with me to this very day. i want to do these things and keep my word to him. reporter: it's a tense time in the world. youngest president we have ever had. what is important? >> i think energy. being in touch with what they want is important. >> you are on the cover of lots of different magazines.
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they have improved since then? >> i have to remind a certain few that when choosing models, if models ofice color would be paid equally and given the same opportunity in that way. you were one of the original supermodels? to you feel nostalgic? feel proud to be with such a great group of ladies. and be in touch with them all. >> i read you say your prayers every morning. what this naomi campbell pray for? >> i'm grateful to be able to do something with myself and what i have become to help other
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people. >> what are you most proud of? >> i'm someone who keeps going. i never have time to stop and think. >> how do you think your friends would describe you? >> you have to ask my friends. many different people in my life. i have a friend who is a housewife of 30 years. she is very practical and tells me she has nothing to do with our business. roommate -- linda, these people are in my life and have been there for me. they have a sixth sense about me. >> fashion and cinema go hand-in-hand.
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, cinema, and music. >> to you have a favorite cinematic moment? my first time i was like this was amazing, just spectacular. the real dream of a festival. >> how old were you then? >> 24. >> thank you so much.
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