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tv   France 24  LINKTV  July 13, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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. donald trumps is friendship between the united states and france is unbreakable the u. s. president in the french capital to attend friday's busty day celebrations. disagreements do still exist between the two leaders including over the paris climate deal. but don't from says he'll see what happens in the coming months. president maclaurin mr trump also discussed free trade deals as well as the conflict in syria and ukraine. the friendship between our two nations. and our selves i might add. is unbreakable.
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our occasional disagreements are nothing compared to the immortal bonds of culture. destiny and liberty. that unite us. so strongly united souls. as long as we have pride. in who we are. where we've come from? how we got here? and what we've achieved. as free. and democratic nations. then there is nothing we cannot accomplish. together. how often should automatically soon bone climates did we know our disagreements? we have expressed them and she had them on several occasions. and i think it's important to be able to continue to see how we can move forward on this issue. and even i respect president truman's decision as a result he believed the necessary thought and work that correspond to his campaign promises. for my part as i have said. i remain committed to the paris according to my desire
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to pursue the framework of this agreement. we have to proceed step by step towards what's envisioned it could do follicle. i was on a trump and emmanuel macklowe speaking there earlier now what our international affairs commentator douglas herbert was at the elysee palace and during that joint press conference. here's what he had to say on the disagreements would still do exist. they're obviously a lot of disagreements there they're diametrically opposed people in many respects but listen. given what we've seen between these two men there clashing in recent months this really was a press conference at which they went out of their way they were missed tripping over each other. to try to set up more cordial tone you know we had back in the campaign right we are donald trump clearly backing. macarons opponent the far right leader marine le pen we had a manual back from seeking in getting the endorsement of barack obama later in may we had that bone crushing handshake where mccrone wouldn't let go of donald trump's had. amid speculation that maybe the reason donald trump pull out of the paris climate agreement was because he was still miffed off about that
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head shake. easter to bed that we're really if not on a collision course i at least there'd been quite a bit of tension between bob. and i think that what happened today as i think they wanted to both show that no they disagree on a lot of things and we all know we talk about the issues. from migration to to trade but most notably on climate change their big disagreements in math and manual nekron went out of his way. to he noted today that yes we agree that we disagree on this and donald trump he made promises to his eye his base his constituents during the campaign about the climate. i respect those promises but all in all what came away from this press conference is the sort of image of two men. who know that they both need each other they're both in a way indispensable to each other right now? up for different reasons are and that they want to show that they can work together even if they are going to continue to have a lot of disagreements. so they re stated a lot of their points in the g. twenty meeting out where they'd be easy things they could agree on the anti terror fight. the fight against cybercrime the fight against propaganda on the internet those types of
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things but they did that thing such as climate they don't want to let it i get in the way. of being able to work going forward and at one point donald trump even retracted a reporter asked about a statement about paris a few months ago. paris is no longer paris i'm not going there any longer citing this mysterious friend jam. and he said you know what paris is a beautiful and peaceful city add subtitles arnold's. senator like he said i'm coming back so that's really gave a sense of a toad of this press conference. douglas herbert reporting from the lease a palestinia. now donald trump may be in paris but he will be facing the heat on his return it to washington. this after his son admitted to meeting a russian a government lawyer to get dirt on hillary clinton. donald trump and junior said that meeting was fruitless but nevertheless democrats and some republicans say the president's eldest son should testify before the senate judiciary committee. the speaker of the house paul ryan to set from junior should appear before congress. now in paris donald trump
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defended his son's actions and reiterated the meeting with them more. lawyer went nowhere. distancing himself from the scandals. donald trump has finally addressed the june meeting between his son and a russian lawyer. one that could implicate his campaign an ongoing investigation. about russia's meddling with the u. s. selection. president trump said he didn't know about the meeting until a few days ag. that is some was quote open transparent and innocent. and that most anyone would have taken the meeting. for his first televised interview since returning from the g. twenty summit president trunk shows the christian broadcasting network. a channel that's been friendly with his administration a sit down where he stayed mum about donald trump junior* waxed eloquent about meeting vladimir puti. i think we got along very very well. out where a tremendously powerful nuclear power. and so it's a. it doesn't make sense not to have some kind of a relationship. again where. the most powerful country in
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the world. and we are getting more and more powerful because i'm a big military press. trump went on to hypothesize that because of his increase military spending the russian president would have preferred hillary clinton. so what i keep hearing about that he would have rather had dropped i think. probably not because. what i want a strong military you know she would have spent the money on the on the table? trump has denied coordinating with russia and tampering with your selection. if the issue has overshadowed his administration. and his repeated it's time to turn the focus to domestic issue. but every time the president tries to change the subject new revelations keep surfacing. through loans more happens there with that report now earlier this thursday angle americal was in the french capital. the german chancellor and the friendship president agreeing to put defense at the heart of franco german ties. during the joint cabinet meeting the two countries agreed to line their corporate tax policies so there is no rivalry for
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investment. france and germany also announced plans to work on a joint fighter jet. president emmanuel mccall spoke on how europe should handle the issue of migration to listen. misty beaucoup of real hope to put their asian sick to see sesame gots joy when speaking about a europe that can protect. since we addressed the problem of migration gone off without the year up on. i promise you how government presented an ambitious project yesterday to better handle applications by asylum seekers and refugees. yeah and also on that if you love affair if i want to promise to have a more comprehensive. and more human response in that regard. in terms of preventing migration realtors took about the connection was we can take credit for being more efficient and more human human and today we're announcing the creation of the franco german counsel for integration that the cost him. now for more on that joined a franco german cabinet meeting in paris today we can go across. to our berlin and joined christian mulling a defense expert at the german council of foreign
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relations thank you very much for joining us. this evening i the program is it fair to say the defense has been place at the heart of the michael german alliance now. yes it has. this decision especially the decision to have a joint franco german and possibly then european fighter jet. is a decision of course berlin has waited for. but now that it's taken i think many people see that this is an avenue that is opening up for more. bilateral relations in defense but also on the european level which has been at the core of their message from my core and from america. not a menu and michael says he wants to eliminate competition between the two countries but is. jointly creating a jet the best way to go about it. and i think yes it is the best way to go about it because. while we still have some defense industry in europe. the competition that we have when you in europe has basically. diminish the opportunities for the future
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a future he means the next twenty thirty or forty year. so if europe wants to have a defense industry and thirty or forty years it has to take decisions now and this decision. has been taken by the idea to pro approach you're a joint. fighter jets between germany and france now one way or another britain will be leaving the european union in two years time. in many of my call can say what he wants but surely paris and berlin will no doubt be. trying to attract startups financial service firms from. britain to either paris or berlin there will be some sort of competition at some point what they're. and of course but i mean on this perspective at least but it is clear. if the the uk wants to leave the european union that is their decision. but for the rest of so those who remain within the european union it's the job it's the kind of the destiny to keep the union together. and i don't see that necessary on the political level. the leaving of the uk.
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from the you know means that. this is a complete break u. it means that we basically have to redesign the relation with the uk. of course there will be competition at a certain point. at but that would have been there anyway. now the us president donald trump pat has been looking more in word. do you think this is an opportunity for france and germany are stronger france and germany together. to take a whole take over from the united states possibly. it is at least an opportunity there together the forces within europe which is quite important because. if we remember the first to days and weeks. off the u. s. president who was very much about but its relations trying to split up europe in different bits and pieces and to make bilateral deals with a different capitals. by germany and france joining their forces it will be a very difficult. to circumvent them and this i think is a very important message also to the rest of the european countries. that is possible together around
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this corpus that is now built between berlin and paris so creating listen to also. know couldn't continue sorry. and also to too often alternative to what the americans would basically all for. other countries in europe i think that's the them a most important strategic perspective that we have in here. that europe can rebuild itself possibly i with this move between germany and france and really also something. and that is still european not necessarily only trans atlantic now creating a jet what what other projects would would likely continue this alliance. down the road into the long term. we have other perspectives on the industrial corporation which is quite. very profound on the one hand one could think of ballots building a joints. main battle tank the other opportunity would be to build joint the chips. there are other opportunities and we're already doing that is operating our transport feats together. this could also be accompanied by now does the joints acquisition
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of helicopters. so there's not many many more things in the pipeline the question is now of course difference between germany and france which is. that the french are very much looking to the day to day off the out military up rations. with the jams you could argue take all have taken for a long time the luxury. of still being at home and providing the deterrents to its these but also this is changing we can see that germany now has deployed its second largest contingency. tamales supporting the french in the effort. a two basement counterterrorism in the size of the area. chris imani thank you very much for joining us this evening from berlin. thank. now in other news a china's best known a political prisoner has died at the age of sixty one. you shall bow was released from prison after being diagnosed with late stage liver cancer. beijing came under criticism for not allowing him to seek treatment earlier as well as for not allowing the nobel prize laureate. to get medical care overseas. norway's nobel committee
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meanwhile says china bears a heavy responsibility for leadership was a premature death. for more his our correspondent brian kaminski reporting from beijing. revelation of those links from liver cancer and subsequent transfer the hospital for medical parole set off a diplomatic and medical crisis. is family said that he wanted to be treated of ride either in germany or united states. sources close to the family said that this is likely because he wanted the best treatment available. and destroy his last days in freedom. however. as party he. to be an. with the main. except this fall. at first they claimed that he is their internal affair not to meddle with by outsiders however after much pressure from. no rights activists and western governments they will likely lead into international specialist. before doctors said there was a small window of opportunity for him to travel abroad. however as this was
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happening reopen phrases treatments came out perhaps in an attempt to show that this is unnecessary. his family was not able to visit in the hospital but all those refused even as hostile workers denied any knowledge of such a. a prisoner for patients rather. in violation of his last wishes. even as he died under active who has his last days. he died for our country man in his country. and kaminsky reporting there from beijing now nasa has released the first images of the great red spot captured by its spacecraft juno. it began orbiting jupiter last year scientists have been wondering and theorizing about the great red spot for hundreds of years the new pictures offer humanities closest look. at the iconic feature of the solar system's largest planet taken. mmhm it's the closest spacecraft has ever been to the huge crimson storm. nine thousand kilometers above the clouds at the mammoth cyclone. nasa's juno mission really stunning
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images of jupiter's great red spot. revealing the size of the tempest. but also its extraordinary colors and fast swirling feature. nnsl in two thousand eleven the one billion juno spacecraft. jupiter's. steen. after a two point eight billion kilometer journey. scientists hope these new pictures will help unlock many mysteries. is what forces are driving the storm. how long it had? four how deeply it penetrates the planet's lower atmosphere. and why it appears to be gradually dissipating. jupiter is by far the largest planet in the solar system. with more than twice the mass of all the other planets combined. it was almost certainly the first planet to form. and understanding jupiter's formation is key to understanding just how our solar system began.
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through this together with that report time to get your mind off the top stories here on life in paris. the red carpet filled out for donald trump in the french capital. the us leader and emmanuel mac court dine at paris's most exclusive restaurant as you'll down at the eiffel tower. domestic troubles are followed donald trump to paris the u. s. president defends the actions of his eldest son. he says donald trump junior is a wonderful man and did nothing wrong disregarding a meeting with a russian lawyer during the campaign intended to get dirt on hillary clinton. and china's best known political prisoner you shall bow dies of late stage liver cancer at the age of sixty one. the nobel committee says beijing them as a heavy responsibility for his death which they have cold premature. time for the business news with kate moody good evening capitolina now arab present mccoy is dining at the eiffel tower but he's had a busy day. not just meeting
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donald trump you held a summit earlier this morning with anger michael's right it's like a who's who. of world leaders have found. both of course in minor neckline an angle merkel a very strong supporters of eurozone integration they both want the block to be stronger. french president has been leading calls for closer economic cooperation notably with the creation of a eurozone budget and finance minister. is a controversial idea that has yet to garner broad support. but which chancellor merkel said she was open to. a joint cabinet meeting to share wishlists. germany wants france to push forward with long overdue economic reforms. and meet european deficit targets. meanwhile paris once berlin to increase its financial and military contribution to the joint anti jihadist mission and somehow. but both leaders german chancellor angela merkel and french president dominion mccloy agree on one thing. they're looking to deepen you integration and reform
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the eurozone. one topic addressed was the fate of so called posted workers. romeo that we want to accept the status quo we want to create an even stronger franco german solution to the problem that caused it like a space. that is to make sure that in any one of our countries the work will be paid the same wage for the same job on the minimum yasser. strength in the euro zone the french leader has proposed the creation of a finance minister a parliament and a budget for the single currency area. which would require changes to eu treaties. an idea angular merkel is open to. don't use a few nodding a european finance ministers something we can talk about. we have been talking about an economic government for a long time and how to do it. i think we should strengthen our cooperation in europe in order to finish projects swiftly executing for. german chancellor has stressed that major reforms would have to wait until after september elections in germany. which her center right christian democratic union is expected to win.
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yet reviving the e. u. is becoming a pressing issue. this as the block is still grappling with britain's brexit vote. checking on the day's trading action now more muted session this thursday this a day after the us federal reserve said it would continue raising interest rates at a gradual pace. mixed close in europe with the cat count notching up about a quarter percent gain. london footsie one hundred falling under neath the frontline at close
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d sent a request to the white house to land somewhere anywhere else other than oakley. up
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perhaps to nose with no surprise that plea went unheard. at air force one landing there at the airport this morning. a man in texas got trapped inside of an a tm and was rescued by slipping hand written notes through the receipt slot. hand written messages brad please help i'm stuck here and i don't have my phone. please call my boss the telephone number then followed there you can see that note there. up man was apparently a contractor who was repairing the lock in a tiny room that leads to the back of that atm. get stuck without his key card or phone as he said those notes through the machine to customers who were withdrawing money. some apparently thought it was a joke but finally notified the police you can take a listen. sure no we can you know voice coming from the mercy will never see this again in your life. that some body stuck in the atrium wishing there was just great. very very lucky state there think. it was a night he'd be siachen made here that
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kind of thing sticking it i don't like that the closed door if you had you know the ones where you walk in and then. they should be absolutely it was a movie fights although it there at least you presumably have your card on you to be able to get out. it is indeed a very scary situation and a lucky escape i think hut gentleman. who was relying really on the on the help of his of his passing people passing by and people? barr
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