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tv   France 24  LINKTV  July 21, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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"> welcome to the "france 24 newsroom. i am molly hall. muslim access to contested shrine in jerusalem as clashes break out over the installation of metal detectors around the city's holiest site. a powerful earthquake rocks kos and at least w p -- 2 people killed. a nationwide strike cripples venezuela.
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molly: we start with a developing story out of jerusalem as israel has banned muslim men under 50 two a concerted -- to a contested shrine because of the servers of violence. he is known as the noble sanctuary and the temple mount. tensions have escalated after jerusalem installed metal detectors following a deadly attack last week. our reporter has more from east jerusalem. midday prayers have no ended what is the situation this hour? end of midday
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prayers and tens of thousands with muslimed to be protesters in the streets at various times outside of the mosque. prayerstell when the were over because i could hear and suddenly israeli police were reporting rocks being thrown a you could hear the clashes and stun grenades. and you could see and hear teargas. within a short space of time, you could hear helicopters and ambulances. we are seeing the tell end. -- tail end. it has been incredible policing to deal with these rioters who have been chanting and throw rocks as other the part. they are protesting against the metal detectors. molly: you mentioned the metal detectors. woke us through how we got to this and what is being done to
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calm tensions. irris: i do not know how calm tensions are. what we are seeing it is a response to a security measure. they put the metal detectors after gunmen emerged last friday, a week ago today and shot 2 israeli border police. that was done without consultation with the mosque officials. everything is so fraught on this site. every decision really is usually three parties, israelis who controlled the outside with security of the perimeter, mosque officials who are jordanians, what we see is that was not sufficient consultation. not that it's ever quick or easy but there was not consultation and that is why we are seeing what we are seeing. what will happen is not clear.
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it has been unprecedented policing we have seen no one killed. will seeontinue and we it this evening and will continue every day until there's consultation and this issue is resolved. molly bank -- molly: irris in jerusalem. earthquake hit turkey and greece overnight killing 2 people and wounding scores more on the island of kos . it's a popular destination for touristss and many spent thursday night outside because a fear of aftershocks. we have more. waking up after short and traumatic night i'm a tourist and the turk -- night, tourists in the turkish town and kos spent a night in makeshift beds out of their hotel after their seaside resort was struck by the earthquake.
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kos was the worst hit. a few hours ago, large stones on the ground. by, a roof fell down, crushing people drinking in a bar below. this cctv footage showed in the moment the earthquake struck. the night was ended and many tourists were about to head home. >> it is harder to see. there are a number of people injured. -- [indiscernible] they were out having a good time . a lot them probably on their first holiday. >> tourist rushed outside trying to find a safe areas.
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the wounded were taken to the nearest hospital where many were treated outside in k's new tremors hit and damaged -- in k's new tremors hit and damaged se newilding. -- in ca tremors hit and damaged the building. they are located in the zone prone to earthquakes. molly: and poland, scores of on thursday,utside then protesting the ruling party's push to reorganize the all areas of the judiciary including a controversial bill that would put the supreme court under the president's control instead of judges. simon has the details. >> the crisis which continues to as theygry scenes
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approve the controversial supreme court bill which would allow the government to replace judges, the opposition and the european union said the reforms undermine the separation of power between the executive and the judicial. >> each individual, if adopted, would seriously erode the independence of the polish judiciary. collectively, they would abolish any independence and put the judiciary under full political control of the government. >> protests erupted after they passed 2 bills giving parliament a greater saying in appointing judges, it has sparked outrage across poland, many claimed the changes are unconstitutional and violate polish a lot. -- polish a lot. -- polish law. >> they want to take over all of the power and judicial power. >> the president proposed to
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replace one a law that breaks the constitution with another that breaks the constitution. it it does not make any difference. >> the role party said it would overrule and an efficient court system. the court said the law and justice proposals are leaving poland the wrong way. molly: venezuela, a nationwide strike with plans to rewrite the constitution struck down much of the capital on thursday. violence broke out leaving at least two people dead. they are demanding new presidential elections. is president maduro promising to push ahead with the country's government despite the protests. the opposition is calling for more rallies on a saturday. here's more from our core responded to. >> the plan is to make the
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country ungovernable to write a new constitution. they say they are going to increase the national pressure to make maduro sitting down and scratch the votes and negotiate a political position. on friday, the opposition announced new magistrate and use of -- and new supreme court magistrate like judges. president trump from the u.s. has issued new sanctions and the officials think if they unite, the government will have two take notice. -- will have to take notice. molly: the games kickoff in the ivory coast this friday. the vented brings and thousands of artists, athletes and 50ctators from more than
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french speaking. security is a major issue as a group of gunmen opened fire. our correspondent sent us this report. >> helicopters patrolled the skies and police presence has been ramped up 24 hours after a series of overnight clashes, ivory coast rocked by mutinies is preparing to host the games. after the interest of the athletes village, everybody is searched. all theve to search vehicles that come through and that's why we came with the dogs. police reinforcements ensure the safety of the 4000 sportsmen and sportswomen. and faced by the clashes, the athletes have been warming up as usual. >> we did not hear anything home and everything is going well.
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we are well looked after. >> the delegations arrived one by one in the village. days, they will be living like all of the athletes and temporary homes. each sporting discipline is assigned its own floor. high jump and 400 meter champions from senegal are not planning to go home and empty-handed. >> it is normal that we are here to compete in the games. our goal is to take part in big competitions like this one. >> act of the stadium, the opening ceremonies have not topped and the stakes are high. the openingadium, ceremonies have not stopped and the stakes are high. to people will be on stage tell a story and music and color. more than 500 million viewers are expected to tune in. >> it will be a very beautiful
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ceremony, it is an event that everybody will remember. , the numberizers one priority is to show ivory coast is a united and peaceful country. molly: next to the inspiring story of a 27-year-old palestinian a dancer has gone from syria to paris, france. ♪ at the footof grace of the eiffel tower. once again sharing his message of peace. unique tove what is protect your country, you need art as well. , they are the close minded people. and a place where they come, i
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am not afraid of them. art and withith the love. of -- 27-year-old dancer, origin grew up in a war-torn country were dancing can get you killed him he risks everything for his art. only a year ago, he was destined in the ruins of palmyra, the very same spot where the so-called islamic state carried out other brutal executions. after competing in an arab talent show, he was featured in a report by a dutch journalist, a moment that would change his life. his dance with viral racking up millions of views and catching the eye of the dutch national ballet. they collected funds to fly ahmad down where he has been living for nine months.
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the young dancer now hopes his family in syria can join him while he pursues his passion in europe, his dream is to one day found a syria national ballet. molly: let's get a check of the headlines. restricts muslim access to a shrine with the installation of metal detectors and one of the city's holiest sites. a powerful earthquake rocks in were two coast of kos people are killed and hundreds injured. . strikes cripple venezuela. it is time for a business update and i'm joined by anka. we will start with oil company exxon mobil handed a $2 million fine by the united states. >> exxon has been handed the maximum fine for reckless
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disregard in violating ukraine sanctions in russia in 2014. current secretary of state rex tillerson was the ceo back then when the company signed a series of deals with russia's largest oil provider, ross met -- rosfnet. catherine has the story. >> two of the trump administration senior candidates have been swept up in alleged sanction violations. treasury directory of q's exxon inil of reckless disregard violating sanctions against russia while secretary of state rex tillerson was the ceo and 2014. the oil giant has been found -- $2 million. the state department opened a defense of rex tillerson. >> he continues to abide by his ethical commitments including
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the recusal from exxon mobil activity. >> the heart of the issue is deal signed with the ceo of russia's oil company, it was blacklisted by the treasury department in the wake of russia's annexation of crimea. signed at less than a month after u.s. band companies from doing business with him. just hours after the fine was announced, exxon mobil hit back calling the action of the treasury department's office fundamentally unfair. retroactively -- he is inconsistent with explicit ambiguity guidance from the white house and treasury. >> he says sanctions targeted his personal access and not his role at rosfnet. since sanctions have been
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imposed, the american oil company said it has lost over $1 billion in revenue. >> a look at of the markets on the last dutch rating this week and are digesting yesterday's news that the central bank will not be change of monetary policy in europe, the. was flat. if you got -- it was flat. paris' cac and frankfurt dax is down. whileyear high, a short ago it was up against the dollar which is dropped amid turmoil in washington. analysts say it would break 120 by the end of the year. time to look at other business news we are following this hour. the federal trade commission is looking into allegations that amazon misled customers over discounts. it is response to complaints that amazon inflates reference prices to make consumers believe
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they are getting bigger discounts then they are. visa beat as the occasions on earnings report banking a six dollars per share versus the expected 81. -- $86 per share versus the expected and one dollars. visa shares have a gained this year. german industrial group saturday will sell the minority stake in a russian company after learning the gas turbines built for project in southern russia were illegally moved to crimea. siemen say they were locally modified. this is news and france hopping a wood of the most watched sports events in the world, the tour de france and one of their main ways -- this is news and france is hopping a one of the most watched sports events in the world, the tour reference to what of their main ways -- in the tour de france.
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>> every so often, that tranquility is disturbed by the tour de france. ahead of it is a convoy that throws out food and trinkets to the dedicated fans that line the roadsides. they call it the publicity caravan. 170 vehicles take part in the procession. brandsr half an hour, 35 throw goodies into the crowd. aso group to organizes the tour, the commercial benefits of the caravan are obvious. >> it is the biggest direct marketing operation and the world. samples are handed out directly and we reach the customer straightaway and we have the audience. hundreds of people stand by the road so it is impressive.
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>> would've the most successful is a french breakthrough parent holes -- will rebrand is the french bank rebrand whose offerings included the madeleine cake. >> i have been doing the tour de france and i never get sick of seeing people cheering us a welcoming us. >> like the small children yelling thank you, it is amazing. >> millions of people make the pilgrimage to watch at the writers in person every year. the faithful are not just there for the race, nearly half of them admit the real attraction is the caravan, cemented its place as a must see of the tour de france. finally, first there was body and now training mc trainface.
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he has agreed to name one of his trends trainey mctrainface. it is a reason to celebrate says it is a tip to the boat that could have been which was boaty the boatface. the british research council decided to go with the less fun sir david. they decided to let the people have their way. >> it is fun. boatface like boaty mc got his revenge. other options were really strong alternatives as well such as -- almost 50% of participants chose to vote for trainy mctrainface.
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molly: you can't argue with the people. thank you for business news. time for our press review. ♪ time to look at what is grabbing the headlines. thank you for joining us here. we are going to start off in macronfighting between and the military. some have said perhaps the president has gone too far and it's his first glitch since abandoned office. >> a newspaper is very critical of the french president this morning, the front page. is this the end of macron's honeymoon period? so far he has wooed at home and abroad is a current an absolute majority in parliament. now, the hard work begins.
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macron must deliver to reform france and united the country. molly: among those challenges, his bid to clean up politics. will go inhe table front of parliament on monday and a stirring of debate. >> it is being called a brain teaser, a headache on the front page. the main problem, they write, most mps for macron's parties are relatively new to politics and many come from the private sector and it therefore there are fears it could be conflict of interest. and welcome another paper going further suggesting nothing is going to happen to prevent those conflicts of interest. >> that is right. the left wing paper said france's always been a demaio about rampant corruption. it has always been in denial about rampant corruption -- france has always been in denial
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about rampant corruption. mp's will build to combine their work in parliament and at the same time with paid positions in the private sector. they conclude conflicts of interest have a bright future. molly: interesting. to the united states were president trump is going -- giving an interview to the new york times and said he actually public criticizes attorney general jeff sessions saying he would offend somebody else had he known that sessions would recuse himself from a russian investigation. >> it has sent shock waves through washington and newspapers are unsurprisingly very critical. the new york times said trump has shown contempt for the rule of law which he sees as an annoyance instead of a feature of democracy. writes, ismes concerned about nothing more than saving his own hide.
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team is accuse a possible collusion with russia during the election. >> the washington post saying dry has pretty much attack everybody in front of the investigation and you remember james comey a robert mueller who took over. it seems like the witch hunt goes very -- and robert miller took over and the witch hunt goes each way. molly: the latest revelation donald trump's second and undisclosed meeting with russian president vladimir putin on the sidelines of the g20. >> i have this cartoon. dry was detriment them was apparently -- trump was apparently alone. what did they talk about? this was a possible answer and i will let you see what putin is said, something along the lines own you." you. -- " i
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and the president said he is a great man and looks forward to working with you. eight malaysia has banned ban on a song saying it is anti-islamic. >> the country is extremely conservative. a member described the song as porn saying the lyrics could be detrimental. molly: i was not aware of the so and you said i will know it. are the lyrics at that bad? >> translated into english and they are quite raunchy and a bit ridiculous. let me give you an example. let me trespass your danger zone until i make you scream a you forget your last name slowly. i wonder if it would've been so successful if it had been an english.
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molly: a lot of worst lyrics in deed, thank but in you for that. for more, head to our website,
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