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first that he's the former press. georgia but today he finds himself. wanted at home for allegedly abusing power me causar really lost georgian citizenship when he accepted the offer of a government post in ukraine back in twenty fifteen. now though he's been stripped of his ukrainian citizenship ukrainian authorities claim saakashvili provided them with false information when he applied. but it does come off to a very public spat with the president of ukraine petro poroshenko.
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who saakashvili claims is not doing enough to fight corruption with saakashvili says the decision against him is politically motivated so i'll be speaking to him in just a few moments but first this report? by an engagement. the former georgian president is now stateless. mikhail saakashvili has been stripped of his ukrainian nationality. kiev alleges he supplied false information on his citizen registration form back in twenty fifteen. but for the ex head of state the move is politically motivated. designed to crush his criticism of the government. it's not the first time the political reformist has lost a nationality. during his nine years as president of georgia he pushed anti corruption efforts under forms to modernize the former soviet republic. of the two times in office he stepped down in twenty thirteen. taking refuge in ukraine to escape political persecution arriving in kiev
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just as the maidan revolution was beginning. he became a key figure in their votes. in twenty fourteen president parsing code named seconds vt governor of a dessa. and bestows him with the ukrainian passports. emotion magically lost his georgia nationality. but saakashvili resigned his post as governor last november. citing continuing corruption and a lack of political wil. going on to create his own political party the movement of new forces. saakashvili became a vocal critic of the ukrainian government. attacking kiev's record on reforms. president poroshenko who's up for reelection in twenty nineteen has so far made no public comment on the decision. and military taught joining us now from new york who is the former president of georgia me cast saakashvili thank you very much for being with us on france twenty fourth a night for him. now you were out of the country at when you found out said that you'd been stripped of you'll ukrainian
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citizenship you've sexual fight that decision happy pants data. well you know first fault. though i'm don't just the. like private person i believe they're offended registered political party ukraine death has members of parliament member numerous members of regional council. number of mayors of the styles and this is a big party with representation in trenton six there regis rp pride. so obviously i mean blow me all the time called that in my party and they will fight that they'll mobilize the people. together with other opposition forces i've been very impressed by who united's a reaction of. go denouncing the decision not only by the almost intolerable positions backed up by the civil side but also some part of the government but mayor klitschko. build kiev one of the leaders support a single
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soul party justin knows the decision o. or in his tweet so actually. this is not there there i do for us up d we invaded by the manner well and the i mean. to understand that the ukrainian president or send extent i mean they had to bars and coke. already under immense pressure given the situation with russia took quite a race by bringing you into his government giving you a post and. you repaid him by publicly attacking him i mean it is understandable to see why he would be angry is it not. no look i'm would not lie hued purse full. i've been living in ukraine. go almost a lock for two years of my adult life i studied there together with a single by the way but by the way we came to print. almost at the same time personal came from moldova and i came from georgia solo he ease as well and the. basically and. will be here kind of late
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comer to cry and. and then we came it puts them at the same time so but that those. change the situation went basically i was invited by do i was participando both ukrainian my dance. and. very active part of ukraine landscape for all these years even when i was president of georgia so i'm not the newcomer to ukrainian political scene i've been there for awhile. and deanna ambition to three then. do you have ambitions to me than i thought you cry. no but i've have ambition rh regard to russia in order to better equipped to put the russia ukraine needs to get three the thrush estelle political elite. which is exactly similar to russia
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structure corrupt. under my new ukrainian state. as the you know so little plundering ukrainian resources and ukraine doesn't he will have all the guys like russia so what we need to do. is to clear enabled the c. ugh reformers and that's i see my role as a precedent that i've been doing that. that's why all these people are now over support to both me and i'm very grateful for that because it did the route cry was universal. and use that person was not doing enough call but corruption that's not my main criticism i think has been doing more than enough to fight corruption. together with his fellow the guards that's made to play we have against person call fortune was disappointed because when i started force within you. ea pretty disastrous war with russia over. that the region of south of sex yeah. and i use the right man to stand up to blood imitation.
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look who world but a bit put it up that this not because of th one region of georgia he was very unhappy georgia successful reform experience we'd really. needs the more spectacular report suppose so it's based that's the main reason of my popularity ukraine and i'm one of the most. popular politicians in ukraine according to all the polls so the reason why unpopular der is not because suppression could put him in the parish equip pointed me because i was popular because i did. all the sufficient reports which it may put converter nervous now when i finished but both presidential terms georgia was taken over by russian oligarch. the biggest private shareholder of gus broke even issued a suppression could this type went met you initially need georgia. they made the deal against me so it's in union of two on hold the union of two oligarchs. against me
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who has no money no we noboi proposed in. i am certainly into god by putting this is personal enemy but i also want to make a great strong reprint can become. a major power in europe it's deserted the ukrainian soldiers had made saved europe pro major and contain the rush of pride say europe from major disaster. and you know recreating needs to capitalize on them but how can it couple eyes but everything is being stolen. by this the corrupt elite that by the way called for you depression went and made a deal with personal growth in georgia so he he has his factory still in moscow. early my mirroring russia you know and they're making his so this people are really. killing ukrainian states and i don't want to water be just told her of how they
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would feel ukraine states i want to do something about it. they're trying to get rid of me well you know i have to disappoint him anymore the world that we have donald trumps. some would say cozy relationship chummy relationship with vladimir putin. well look. i certainly am not seeking of any asylum anywhere else i believe that. decisions to strip me of my shirt the strictly legal and of cours. well have enough for. people in the ukraine to support m. come back there and i will certainly go back to ukrain. with regards to present tribe i've known him before he was president for many years. and i had quite. extensive room you know contacts in nations with him i think. ultimately. you know. though a little too cold chubb relationship what i see that the russians are increasingly unhappy with trump because. they're not
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the did that he didn't turn out to be the men they expected him to be and i always thought it was a false expectation. because ultimately there is no way any self respecting u. s. president at least a full tropical space could trump also. has very strong scope for g that's there you know that i was single this'll do it longer that thing. gradually did time has proven me wrong riley very briefly secretary running out of time and just to clarify you will go back to ukraine but you don't want to be the president. look. i will le i want to get there with lots of ukrainian politicians will bring new political class to power in ukraine. and i want to part of this. manual founding fathers of ukrainian new political class i'll be there will be with stories will get through the whole. corrupt. crap they will go on the
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brutal the guards and will make ukraine. new tigers europe who i had told a very upbeat about the future of ukraine and will we have basically a program and i know how to do it and make us actually thank you very much indeed. right through. now moving at to jerusalem where the have been violence clashes softer thousands of muslims returned to pray at the al aqsa mosque palestinians had been boycotting the moscow have increased israeli security. instilled following the killing of two israeli police officers by arab gunmen will all that extra security has now been removed so and that was greeted with jubilation by the palestinians the situation that descended into violence. again. let's go now to jerusalem every smack to is that it is because the situation calmed down now as we head towards friday prayers. yes it has we have seen. a second prayer the nice time prayer just. now underway finishing and thousands of worshipers came
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prayed quietly and thousand some five thousand actually staying so that they will be in place for tomorrow. so we have seen that this evening while earlier in the evening they would these clashes over entry at a certain point. for a certain gates bob who taught was it open was it closed. there was a dispute with the israeli police in the end that gate was opened to. thousands of people went in very happy they jury goddesses they victory. but suddenly. israeli police reported that i'm the star. stone throwing particularly down on jewish we're suppose at the western wall but mace and that's a red flag for an israeli police because that is how the second intifada began. so things once again we saw these extraordinary sight s. tear gas and stun grenades and rubber bullets up on us in the al aqsa mosque compound. thankfully that is now over there was some more than ninety people injured. according to the red crescent they palestinian
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red cross and an heiress how both sides looking it. over all events over the past two weeks because we've seen pictures of palestinians celebrating about the israelis having. to remove the security measures and the israeli side see much more subjugated about what's happening and not very happy with that prime minister as well according to some surveys. yes that's right. the palestinians are jubilant because they were god this is a victory. i've ever gotten his victory for non violent resistance because most people were in fact known violence they came they prayed outside in may when time. there was violence every night but they did not associate themselves with that that was. young man fighting the israeli police that's how they view us. so there is that. general aplasia. there was cheering they were carrying the mosque officials on the show all those and we have even seen from the and the hamas and the islamist group in the north of israel. as you know it at jubilation and the claiming of credit so hamas
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and the northern islamists say. we brought this about the people of jerusalem have had an unprecedented victory and israel has left with its tail between its legs. that's the view from the palestinian side. the israeli side this is a hard drive governments and they are not happy with this capitulation which is how i see it too. so there are criticisms even from within the israeli government even from within the israeli cabinet. there are people criticizing their own government they don't like this capitulation as they see it. and from the left wing. of it and the center opponents of the prime minister they say they should never. got into this in the first place that it was a political error of judgment on the prime minister's path. pot that has led israel to this path where it is capitulating to a palestinian crowd. nearest thanks very much indeed every smacks at that with the very latest from jerusalem. now here frauds presidents emmanuel micron has unveiled plans to create migrant processing centers in libya microns arguing that applications should be dealt
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with that rather than in overwhelm centers in italy. he's typing it will dissuade people from making the risky mediterranean sea crossing that has claimed thousands of lives but she been rights groups have criticized the plan. and there is some confusion among reference arm supported about how it would have been shown gaffney has this report. bodies of the data being removed from a migrants both by rescue workers off the coast of libya. the war torn country is the main departing point for african migrants trying to reach europe. for those who survived this journey it's been a traumatic ordeal. many of my colleagues reference. all day then they should go to see if you slip by. about. we don't want to hold. their scripts for us. you know tool to print. the absence of a strong central government in libya has allowed smugglers to lax with near impunity. unicef
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has warned about women and children who arrived there from africa are being beaten and raped and militia run detention centers. a silly is bearing the brunt of the migrant crisis g. to its proximity to libya. now the french president wants paris to play a larger role in ending the libyan conflict. and this week's charged talks which led to rival factions agreeing to a conditional ceasefire and elections. speaking during a visit to a refugee shelter president michael said francois excessive centers to prove sense asylum seekers in libya this summe. people quarter swift coop that's my hope at the e. year. counsel there is in any cas. we will go bye deals with the assignment is more closely on the ground on thirty hansi soil or do any damage here on trees reprieve sounds wind when developing army children's let's way that it's having
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hotspots in your lhs. with a flea in times of asylum requests and on work is so iffy. and say countries where we can open my eyes he's missions that deal with their asylum requests could then avoid taking unnecessary risks sixty youe in venezuela where opponents of president nicolas maduro trying to derail his. plans to appoint a committee seat with the power to rewrite the constitution they say it puts the socialist state on a puff to dictatorship. that the protests have become a near daily occurrence in venezuela with another three people killed this thursday. many choosing to leave the country altogether with hundreds trying to cross into columbia just farted reports. an intensifying showdown over the venezuelan constitution as the country
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and its second day of a general strike. street protests of frequently boiled over into violence and the timing of the dead continues to grow. police supposing venezuelan president nicolas maduro been causing serious injury with the use of tear gas. who bearings and marbles on protesters angry with proposed changes to the constitution? this sunday controversial elections that use of osama constituents assembly we were going to rewrite the constitution. the opposition says it's a power grab by majura to keep his leftist governments in power. they say they will continue to increase pressure before the weekend's votes. if you don't know how you would. by seattle it relies on those who report we hope that something happens on the phone doesn't take plac. the constituent assembly will destroy life and if that happens more venezuelans will have to leave the country. because this will turn into a civil war and we don't want us in the twenty first century.
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and pay no ceiling unit of assimilating it. meanwhile the u. s. has announced it will widen sanctions on the country over the ongoing political arrest. the u. s. treasury has announced the list of thirteen current and former venezuelan officials who have to have a u. s. assets frozen. nicholas majerus says the u. s. is responsible for fomenting dissents in venezuela along with opposition conservative groups but with food and energy shortages. hundreds pouring over the border into neighboring colombia and estimated seventy percent of the population against constitutional reform. it will take more than blame to tackle venezuela's ongoing crisis. authorities say in portugal say they put under control of wild fire that raged for five days and destroyed twenty five thousand hectares of woodland. some thirteen other fires a bright cab across the thursday amid hopes and windy weather thousands of firefighters have been deployed. here in france firefighters have contained one of the worst places during four days of wild finds it been
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through sixteen hundred hectares of forest in the. town of boom a mimosa in the southeast thousands of people forced to evacuate the area. and set the firefighters wilson manage control several major blazes in the neighboring gush do harm region no casualties have been reports it's. let's get the day's top business news a phony now can we please with us in the studio i can't just over the net and announced with the french government. is moving to takeover by major shipyard yes something of an unexpected announcement really from emanuel michael is apparently is a temporary decision to buy time and extend negotiations for shared ownership with an italian company. new french government doesn't want few can cherry to have a majority stake in the s. t. excite. in part because it could replace french workers with italians i don't maxwell has more. mmhm it's a menu and my clothes fest big state intervention in the corporate world's. paris was announced its nationalizing stx france.
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one of the world's largest shipyards. to block italian company few can cherry from having full control of it. so this is your car incidents decision has just one objective is to defend the francis strategic shipbuilding in traps cycle book so we offer fincantieri fifty percent of the shares and sounds as construction sites while leaving them at all. prince control of the company. this proposal was rejected by the italian government but it remains on the table then appointed yeah me and i suspect that. france's finance minister insisted the nationalization was a temporary measure. well they renegotiated within can carry. ethics is put on the market following the collapse of its south korean parents. michael's government has built an earlier deal made by frances previous administration. which would've seen its elite take fifty five percent of the company. fincantieri is the biggest shipbuilder in europe. and historic rival of french shipyards and think and feel nothing can see areas in imports in international player with a serious plan
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for stx when he beat it will collaborate with the french government will never accept another tonight's and. meet with you madam. the scx shipyard of both strategic and economic importance the fronts. it's the only naval yards in the country facilities capable of building ashcroft areas. unless he had delivered the largest passenger ship ever built. call the harmony of the seas. the chicken on the day's trading action now the major european markets closed lower. tax dropping about three quarters of one percent airbus was down about three is it said it would cut back production of it's a three eighty superjet for the second time this year. wall street's being but driven by the busiest corporate earnings day of the year. for the second time in a row we saw at the dow jones s. and p. five hundred and nasdaq all touching record highs. whether as you can see they have no tumbled as the session continues the nasdaq down over one percent. on the nasdaq facebook shares are up as much as five percent after reporting strong user growth and earnings.
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yeah i was on shares have also been edging ahead of its results later this thursday. on wednesday the internet giant past the five hundred billion dollar mark for the first time ever. and that made its founder jeff bezos the richest man in the world at least for a little while anyway he leap frogged bill gates. real time billionaire indexes by both bloomberg and forbes afoot phases wealth at ninety one billion dollars compared to just ninety for the microsoft boss. those fortunes of fluctuate with the market and they have actually now reversed spots again during afternoon trade. just a little reminder of why all those financial results do indeed have. concrete reproductive reap percussions. no twitter has added at no new users in the last three months that's according to its quarterly report. which claimed three hundred twenty eight million total users that's the same number as the first quarter. overall revenue did beat expectations at five hundred and seventy four million dollars but advertising revenue decreased eight percent from last year. shares of plummeted fourteen percent.
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get an idea of what's gone wrong for twitter i spoke to jack kent at ihs market. nast how the platform. users. but one of things out which is really investing and is more life video contacts. so signing deals with companies like. a bloomberg ways on the video content providers on dry dock video content not just in terms of jesus but also we tried to do appetizing. is that something that's going to be able to make twitter money. well it's again it got a bit of a mixed picture those videos doppio concert will try to engagement but also does try to purchase costs. so i've seen the content licensing of the content rights out elements of twitches eye expense. not also growing so it is a it is a costly way to drive revenues as well. when we look at facebook for example it's been around longer than twitter. why is it still able to keep up involving continue to attract new users and ad revenue worst footer really can't? well they are very different propositions and face because a much broader platform of content and
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services of messaging a communications. worst which are really still is focused on my knees feet be at thre. nobles weasel three video content is about the life director alan pat direct interaction. so the comparison isn't always fair between that city. but face was also been very active in growing in emerging markets we can tighten like tops and low data services to read quite a global audience. twitter has started to do that but it's not yet we saw skeletons but house. moving on some days other business headlines and some more corporate earnings. that profits for the oil company royal dutch shell group by almost a third between april and june to over one point three billion euros. shell along with its industry rivals has been slashing costs in recent years. pronouncing the benefits of increased the increased. shares in the uk pharmaceutical company astra zeneca dropped fifteen percent after announcing that a new long term. lung cancer drug didn't prove as successful as hoped. and on top of a ten percent decline in revenue as sales
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of other leading drug frowned. plunged. and germany's transport ministries ordered porsche to recall twenty two thousand cars. to replace what it says is illegal emissions cheating software. porsche said it was taking full responsibility to customers underscore parading with authorities. when we finish with a reminder that it is always important silence your mobile phone during peak meetings. warranty press conferences. european commission had junk food younger was discussing allegations that eastern europe proceeds of food of lower quality than the west. when this happened. my wife. which. nnova miss. a lot of laughter followed that angle merkel or of the sea chose the wrong topping a to call mr younger who summarily declined her call there we don't hang up on the german chancellor everyday do one if she was. laughing about it at the other end certainly don't know we also don't know if
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he called her back home. manas play zone i can't thanks very much into kate really that we the business with things so b
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