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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 9, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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genie: you're watching france 24. i'm genie godula. these are the headlines. french police on the hunt for a car that ran into a group of soldiers this morning outside paris for racing away. six were hurt in the incident in the upscale suburb. trump says threats from north korea will be met with "fire and fury." that's in response to a new threat from
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north korea to strike the u.s. territory of guam. protests in nairobi as the man who looked set to be the loser in the presidential election since his presumed loss was rigged. the election commission is looking into the claim. ♪ police in paris say they driverthe lookout for a and a vehicle that ran into a group of french soldiers just outside the french capital. six were hurt in the incident this morning. the anti-terror unit is investigating. france is still in a state of emergency in the wake of terror attacks from two years ago.
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>> military hospital on the outskirts of paris is the main military hospital and it's where two of the six soldiers injured have been brought. their lives are not said to be in danger. the minister of defense and interior are expected to visit. the counterterrorism forces have opened an investigation into the incident. genie: sorry about that. we seem to be having some trouble. we will try to get back to her later. the challenges this kind of incident kendrys to france , -- canrench president
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bring to france and to the french president. ais looks to be the latest in series of attacks on french soldiers in very public places. what more can emmanuel macron do to try to keep this kind of incident from happening? >> i should say nothing. nothing to do because most of most incidents come from people who crazy idea of radicalism and islamism as a banner but they don't really know what they do. it's very difficult for french army to present this kind of challenge. as you know, one of the main
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for emmanuel macron is a new law about emergency and security. genie: indeed. tell us more about the law and what exactly it could do. during the presidential campaign, one of the most important things for emmanuel was to point to the necessity of better cooperation between the secret service in europe and the different security services in france. be a betterng would organization of the -- presenting such problems. came today on the
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data president macron is holding his final cabinet meeting before the summer break. he has now been in power for three months. what's your take on how he is doing so far? i think there were two steps 100 days oft emmanuel macron. the first step was the first month which was a kind of .riumphal march he succeeded in regaining the -- he is a good president in these times. step since onet small there is a lot of
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or big mistakes and today we are in the step of macron bashing. it's a very difficult situation because his level of popularity is the lowest one since the beginning. it shows that it's a very difficult situation for emmanuel macron. focus on our other top story now, the exchange of threats between the united states and north korea. donald trump warned he would use "fire and fury world has never seen" if threats continue against the u.s. north korea went on to say it was planning to attack the u.s. territory of guam. have mastered a
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crucial technology needed to strike the united states with a nuclear missile. and dangerous game of verbal tit-for-tat between donald trump and kym johnson as both leaders trade explosive threats to launch military strikes. pyongyang says it is looking at plans to target guam. the government official new to -- news agency published a statement from the armed forces. >> the army is examining operational plans for enveloping fire around guam with medium to long range rockets in order to contain the u.s. military bases. >> this came just hours after the president issued an ultimatum warning pyongyang against making any more threats. >> he has been returning beyond a normal statement. with fire,e met theory and frankly power the likes of which this world has
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never seen before. >> the message marked a sharp rise in rhetoric from washington. previous administrations have focused on finding diplomatic solutions. the pentagon has said military action is never off the table. the comments come as the washington post reported that officials now think north korea has successfully produced militarized nuclear warheads that can fit inside a missile. it is possible pyongyang has already develop small nuclear warheads. if you make a threat toward north korea, it's important to be able to also have a plan for following through in order to make good on the threat. >> despite crippling sanctions, north korea's nuclear program appears to have advanced rapidly in recent months. most recent missile launches have prompted the un security council to impose fresh sanctions that could reduce the country's export by a third.
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genie: earlier today i spoke to andrew salmon. he told us more about this uptick in rhetoric from donald trump. -- e -- >> people are not concerned about this. this is exactly the kind of rhetoric we have been hearing from north korea for decades. i am pleased to say that sold still stands. it hasn't been turned into a sea of fire. the armistice continues to hold. the korean war hasn't restarted. the difference is this is not coming from north korea. this is coming from the u.s. and so there is a sense that perhaps donald trump is matching kim jong-un owns customary rhetoric with a similarly bellicose rhetoric himself. i'm not convinced this represents a real actual ultimatum or red line. at least i certainly hope not. it has pushed a number of
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people's panic buttons. as usual during this kind of crisis life in so goes on. we are getting reports that the technology north korea is developing is developing. how dangerous is the situation really? >> to my understanding president trump made his comments after some intelligence reports were made public suggesting that north korea has crossed yet another hurdle on the way to having a nuclear capability that can be delivered by missile to the u.s. mainland. are fourh korean state things. they need the icbm. suggest theytests have got this kind of missile that goes into the atmosphere and then comes down. they've got that. they need atomic materials that
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can be compressed or militarized into warheads size. they can fit on the tip of these rockets and today's intelligence reports suggest they have mastered that technology. they have cleared two hurdles. don't know the state of the arts in north korea on the last two hurdles. these will be the reentry vehicle that brings the missile back into the earth's atmosphere from space. we don't know what the state of play is on that in the second thing is the actual targeting device. on wheret really clear the north koreans are with that technology but clearly they now seem to be halfway plus plus there. having a nuclear deterrent but could feasibly hit the u.s. mainland. our regional correspondent, andrew salmon reporting from seoul. the votes in kenya say the
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current president, include kenyatta -- boo-hoo room , hastta -- uhuru kenyatta won the election. his opponent says the election was hacked overnight. for more on the election in kenya that spring in julia stewart pears. the chairman of the electoral commission says he's going to investigate whether or not the computer system was indeed hacked. what can you tell us about that? commissiontoral
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wrapped up their press conference just moments ago and they said they will respond to the claims that odinga made this morning about hacking of the system last night. will makesaid they the paperwork available to parties from both sides. and they said they failed to overtly address the issue of hacking. they said they couldn't deny that it happened because they would look into it. it's important to note that there is a huge international monetary presence from the eu and the u.s. led by john kerry and what they have been telling us is they are very confident with how things went physically with the vote yesterday and the telly last night and into today. the electoral commission has said they will look into these claims of reagan and hacking -- rigging and hacking.
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they are urging people to wait until the final tally to take to the streets in demonstration or bring cases to court. we'll go back to our top story out of paris where the now makingnister is a statement in regard to the incident this morning when a vehicle ran into a group of soldiers outside paris. let's listen. >> we can see they are fully justified in defending our fellow citizens. two weeks ago the bill on security and terrorism was approved by the senate. take areres that we absolutely necessary if we want
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our fellow citizens to live in safety. >> what about the number of injured people? >> three people have been likely slightly injured as indicated by the minister of the interior. three military hospitalized. they are not as seriously injured as we thought. we have had reassuring news about the state of the three who have been hospitalized. i would like to condemn this cowardly act committed this morning against the troops. the members of the operation. whose purpose is to ensure the security of our fellow citizens. of infantryegiment men, the soldiers who have been injured had been present in paris for one week to contribute
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, participate in this operation. soldiersck against our .roofs that the threat remains the terror threat remains high so everybody must remain vigilant. moreentinela operation is necessary than ever. what is the nature of the injuries of the soldiers? some of them have superficial muscular -- what part of their body -- the arms .ave been hit as regards those who are hospitalized, the news is reassuring. is it too early to say that the motivation was terrorism? the counterterrorist unit is and thisting investigation will make it
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possible to decide if it is a terrorist act. all the stakeholders involved have been mobilized. the police, the public prosecutors. and they are looking for the vehicle that committed this attack and of course looking for the fugitive who drove the vehicle. according to the military it seemed to them that the driver of vehicle acted alone. we need to substantiate that as quickly as possible. the vehicle is still being sought after. toajor operation is underway find the vehicle. at this point in time we don't know exactly where the vehicle is. what about the task force the
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president of the republic has called for? the measures we have taken, the operation we have put in place is a major operation and we will attempts.g more we have already foiled seven attempts to attack people and so the measures we have taken, the vigilance of the military present across france have enhanced the safety of our fellow citizens. thank you. genie: you were just listening to the french interior minister. speaking in the wake of that in thet this morning suburbs just northwest of paris.
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ofar drove into a group soldiers stationed outside of barracks leaving six of them heard. you're watching france 24. let's take a look at business news with stephen carroll. you're looking at market reaction to the latest threat from north korea. >> that's right. as soon as donald trump tweeted the dollar we saw weakened and that has carried into trade we have seen today. we had balls on the asian market earlier in tokyo and seoul. away from risky stocks. london, paris and france are all down. the financial markets have in the past tended to shrug off this sort of saber rattling by north korea. they have been taking it more seriously after the reaction coming from donald trump. disney putting an end to its relationship with netflix.
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>> it will launch its own streaming services on demand. that means a scrapping a deal to ontouture movie releases netflix including toy story and frozen. this is a major step in cutting the cord. a gamble for walt disney and the cold shoulder for netflix in the strongest cutting of ties between a hollywood studio and the streaming service so far. disney chairman and chief executive bob tiger announced the end of its deal with netflix in favor of starting its own streaming venture. investors, he said it has been clear to us for a while that the future of this industry will be forged by direct relationships between content creators and consumers. disney w was one of the first studios to forge a d deal with gaveix in 2012 when they the service first priority to stream its films after cinema release. in a statement, netflix
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confirmed that disney content will be available through the end of 2019. it will continue to produce shows like jessica jones using marvel comics characters. the move is a strong indication that hollywood is beginning to feel the pressure from netflix, a service which plans to spend $6 billion on content this year. a sports cable tv network espn will also launch a standalone streaming service. disney cut around 100 jobs at the network with many consumers now choosing digital streaming services over pay-tv subscriptions. netflix shares immediately dipped 7% parent they clawed back some of those faults. this was the position of the end of after-hours trading session on twos. be watching these shares as they open up later today. the payment processing company granted has brought its
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brightest -- british rival. the deal will create the biggest global player in the payment processing markets. uber is phasing out its car leasing business in the united states after reporting losses. exchange leasing has 40,000 cars for rent in america. be sold afterill losses of $9,000 per car compared to $500 that was expected. doubled's is planning to the number of restaurants it has in china by 2022. nearly half of them will be in smaller chinese cities while three quarters of them will provide delivery services. we are all used to being asked to change our passwords all the time. apparently the man who made up those password rules says he was wrong. >> that's right. byrd03 a man called bill
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drove the password guidelines. they include things like using numbers, special characters and changing the password every 90 days. that advice became the bible for many companies. he said the guidelines were rushed and he regrets many of the things he recommended. the guidelines have now been updated using all of the data from the past 15 years on cyber security. they recommend using longer passwords made up of at least four words rather than a combination of random characters and there's no need to keep changing it unless there is evidence of a security breach. interesting. stephen carroll, thank you for that look at the business news. time for the press review. we are taking a look at what the papers have been saying today. nice to have you back. let's start with our top story today rising tensions between the u.s. and north korea.
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pyongyang saying it is considering carrying out missile strikes on the u.s. territory of guam just hours after president trump threatened north korea with what he called fire and fury. >> it's a world for its drawing mixed reaction -- war of words drawing mixed reaction in the press. the washington post saying this t is reckless and unnecessary. to raise the specter of nuclear war is to draw a red line is the most -- in the most foolish and destabilizing manner. bestsay this kind of on resembles the north korean leader -- bombast resembles the north korean leader. what is needed best resembles the north korean is skilled diplomacy. genie: other papers are calling for action against north korea. >> let's take a look at the editorial of the korean times. it says it's time to punish north koreans. now is the time for pressure
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rather than dialogue to their calling for more sanctions. they talk about a phone conversation that happened yesterday between the south korean president and president donald trump. president putin essentially stressed there should be no outbreak of war on the korean peninsula. what's needed to resolve the nuclear crisis is peaceful diplomacy. that'sa different story getting lots of press. the south african president jacob zuma survived a motion of no-confidence again that was called amidst many allegations of corruption. >> you can read all about it in the south african press. an article talks about how the news was greeted with cheers and singingwith mps from -- from mps and his party. this was indeed a narrow victory for jacob zuma.
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took 177. how long can he survive? that's what the mail and guardian wants to know. members of the opposition say not long now. others expect him to be just fine and perhaps even bounce back. it's not the first time he has survived a vote of no-confidence. ever since he came to power in 2009 he has survived everything that has been thrown at him. accusations of corruption, abusing public office, electoral setbacks. slate africa is: him the unsinkable president who has once again resisted. essentially he's a very seasoned politician. the french paper has interviewed the female british champion of a sport that i had never heard of before. >> her name is sina the technician and she is the
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british champion of chess boxing. it is a martial arts sports are very alternate rounds of boxing with chess moves. to win you either have to knock your opponent out or put them into checkmate.
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