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tv   DW News Merkel Vs Shulz Live Debate  LINKTV  September 3, 2017 11:00am-1:31pm PDT

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we will take you live to that debate via the german broadcaster a rd. accompanied by interpreters to bring you the debate. in english in real time. alright let's focus now on the candidates. chancellor anglo american has both admirers and some bitter detractors at home and abroad but she has been in the job for twelve years. and then you got martin schulz on the other hand he has a career in european politics to look back on. he spent years as the president of
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the german european parliament german politics. is new terrain for him. a german cannot cast a vote to directly. elect the chancellor but if they coul. hear the numbers for you and they are very telling. so opinion polls indicate that mariko would get forty nine percent of the vote. while thirty seven percent a german voters say they want her conservative cdu csu block. to lead the next government. alright we're gonna take me out to martin schulz and see what he's dealing with tonight. the numbers for him on this debate night are not as good. if the chancellor could be elected directly only twenty six percent of german voters would choose mister schultz. as chancellor and for his party it's even worse just twenty three percent. want his social democrats to lead the next government that's according to the latest opinion poll so you can see how high the stakes are. in tonight's debate
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many observers saying officials does not pull off a surprising and strong performance his hopes for an election day. victory on september twenty fourth. will probably be. dashed. alright i wanna take you back in time now and show you exactly how we got to where we are. two nights and we gonna start. by looking at a trend in the personal popularity. of these candidates summer bring up that graphic for you right now. are we gonna get that there we go will but slow tonight the graph begins in februar. of this year with. martin schulz ahead among american of that was just after he was officially announced as the spd's challenger to miracle. but that marked the height of his personal popularity and it has been basically all downhill since then in march. merkel pulled ahead of her challengers you see right here many. say that dom she benefited ads
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breaks it talks begin and end as the presidency the u. s. presidency of donald trump began. we did see a slight turning point in july with miracles ratings beginning to fall. just slightly some observers link that to a massive scandal in the german car industry over. a diesel emissions coverup everyone knows that as diesel gate. but shorts. he has not profited. at all from any of this. so is tapped one miracle tonight unstoppable what ken schultz do to beat her. here's a closer look at the candidates on the campaign trail. miracle is only willing to face a political opponent in a single televised debate. disappointing tv brbroadcasters who had hoped for multiple debates. and changes too the d debate format. inconceieivable. you know it wouldn't justify the way i think that traditional formats still work quite well. listen i don't know why.
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it was. i haven't always won in the polls afterwards. bottom but it's not as if i could say that it's always been great for me. this immediate ma. the new law is a falsehood on its. it's crunch time for martin short's. he has been campaigning throughout the country. but the social democrats are still languishing in the polls. now hee shifted into high gear a and started criticizg uncle america. see on of oxygen and i don't have a choice between a chancellor w who refuses to give any answers to quesestions about the futur. who stances everything's alright you have me that's enough? what are you about or someone who says what he wants in which direction he wants to lead this country? the televised debate is more important for him than it is for her. it showed his only chance for a public showdow. not insurance with political televised all my team chills will have the task of going into the field as an
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attacker and challenging the chancellor. considerer that defines a chancellor of a plane defense. and then we'll see whether it ends in a tiny. appeal but it is really what this is a chance for martine schultz to raise his profile against the chancellor and present himself as a real alternative. depends only hit with the proposal and i tentatively macleod somehow. nearly eighteen million people watched the last chancellor debate. it's martin schulz is last chance to gain ground in the polls otherwise his campaign might just fall flat come election day. so he will connect more with the german voters tonight on to america or martin schulz in just a few minutes we'll. begin finding out as we go live to that debate. but first we're gonna take a look at some of the other headlines that are. making news this hour. world leaders have condemned north korea for its latest nuclear test us president donald trump. says he is considering sanctions against nations that trade with north korea.
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pyongyang claimed the test on sunday was a perfect success. state tv held the bomb as having quote rate destructive power. it released these images showing leader kim jong on. inspecting what appears to be a compact device thahat could easisily be launched at the country's enemies. the detonation triggered a six point three artificial earthquake. detected by seismologists early. on sunday. well for more on this situation i'm joined now by josh report like in washington he is editor. at the non proliferation review josh was good to have you on the show so. what do we know about this test this evening we've had basically i'm almost close to twenty hours? since the first reports came in. well we have a couple of sources of information. one source is the seismic data how much the earth shook. another source is what the
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north koreans have said about it. and i would add a third source is our general knowledge to test site. including how tall the mountain is how much space there is underneath it. i in general from the seismic data it appears to have been a detonation. in the hundreds of kilotons we don't know how much exactly. as time passes and the date is refined somewhat. analysis is done we'll have a better sense of where exactly on the mountain it took place in that will tell us more. about how large the device was. having said that. we do have a decent general sense of how big it was already it's consistent. with north korea's claims that it was a hydrogen bomb that is to say. device using both nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. within yielding the hundreds of killing time. so you feel certain based on what we do know tonight tha. . pyongyang is telling the truth when.
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when it says that this was a hydrogen bomb. certain is too strong a word but i have no real reason to doubt it. i'd in the coming days we will p probably leaearn w wr or not any radioactive gases skskate. from the tech last time. if they did in their detectives are early enough. we'll have actually a very good idea about what sort o. device was tested. it's possible that our summer world governments have already collected data like this it's also possibl. that no such data will become available depending on how well contained. the test tunnel was with a larger chest like this. i think there's a reasonable chance that there will be some leakage some venting a. as the experts college but it remains to be seen. what we have got calls from the european union? before ramping up sanctions against armed at pyongyang. we know that sanctions have not worked so far what
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options are left to prevent north korea. from escalating this furthe. nothing did thehere's no way to prevent them m from from. doing what they want to do. the question now is do we find ways to reach an understanding with sam. or find ways to. . try to manage the risks of this confrontation. i'm not convinced there any solutions here and there there's only a better or worse outcomes. it's probably in everyone's interest for the north koreans and united states.. to establish some means of crisis communications program yeah i'd see unwanted use of nuclear weapons and war.. there havee been forms of communication between the two countries like this in the past. mechanisms that werer established under the korean war armistice but currently the north koreans don't choose to participate. i think they should be urged to come back to those arrangements or something comparable. that is after
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all what. mature nuclear powers like the united states and russia do. so why not the north korean. alright we appreciate your insights tonight joshua polak in washington josh with thank you very much. you're welcome. so here in germany authorities in frankfort have successfully defused a massive but what were to ever bomb. of this after tens of thousands of people were forced to leave their homes and workplaces in germany's biggest post war evacuation. the bomb contained around one point four tons of explosives. and was discovered by construction workers during an excavation of a building site. two hospitals and the bundesbank germany's central bank. were also forced to evacuate. our correspondent daniel coop has spent the day with some of the sixty thousand evacuees in frankfort he sent us this update. but i can tell you i've never seen frankfort like that frankfort that
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financial capital off a germany with big parts on lock down to day. the day started already with big delays because about three hundred people simply said we don't see a reason to leave our home but the police was very strict throughout the day. they were saying that the raid does a one point five kilometers needs to be empty not a single person was allowed there during the bomb diff usual now. people are very happy and excited to go home mostly also elderly and sick people i was. all day and for inside and in front of. one of the exhibition halls here in frankfurt where many people came that nominee lift and senior citizen homes and now can return back is going to. be a day that frankford for sure is not going to forget. are you wanna go back to our top story and that is the debate tonight between. medical and shorts joining me throughout our coverage is to my right belinda crane
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uw's chief political correspondent and. thorsten better co founder and director of global public policy institute here in. berlin it's good to have both of you here at the table with us tonight so we've got about two minutes before this. debate is scheduled to start so. how would you read the vitals of each candidate's campaign going in to? this debate i'll start with you know and i think the polls on this campaign in general is pretty slow. about it in terms of martin schulz you mentioned it earlier he started out with a big boom i think a lot of german voters thinking. finally something new on the political horizon but he certainly did not manage to keep that momentum in fact he's been in a way the largely invisible. candidate his party colleagues foreign minister sigmar gabrielle is the one who gets all the headlines. in the speedy martin schulz scarcely. noticed. i think so far on the campaign trail and the chancellor doing her very best not to essentially be
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an election campaign mode. but simply to govern and reap all the benefits of the coverage the chancellor gets by virtue of her position so this is the night where much insults can become visible. and where the chancellor perhaps has to come out of that restraint and that unruffled behavior and maybe start tele parrying. a few attacks but we'll see will too isn't it do you think that mr schultz will be able to bring the chancellor out of her. comfortable course it will be very tough for him because see is running against another social democrat said in essence an. mrs merkel is very calm. and to use air missiles is very few topics that he can provoke chrome mrs merkel was not on refugees because that would mean he would need to go to the right. but this is not all about shows and merkel tonight to remember that said voters go baback after this debate and they don't just have shorts in america on the menu. they have five other partie. or to give it a credible
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other challengers. so this is also about can either of them convinced the forty five percent that according to pull so still undecided user in this race. or will they go and vote for other challenges to freedom occurrence or the right win. fd that's also a big question tonight and of course can. the moderators get any idea of what mrs merkel wants to do with her another four year term which she hasn't reviewers government interruption now we're going to. go to the german broadcaster a. r. d. to take that liveve tv dedebate. i. shouldn't go through a you good evening to if you're not. amber lynn. warm welcome here to my. colleaeagues that tv debate twenty seventeen do well and i if you like between the german chancellor angela about that mad cow. and interests much in shororts e head off the social democratic party a warm welcome getting things this estimate i'm sick now that
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it's over eva. first time these two candidates have really matches on tv. we've got ninety five minutes time together and we'll be paying close attention. to ensuring that both have an equal share of the time we got the clock running so you can watch and here we go justify mister schultz first question to you after your nomination . they taught us mere ha no action on sticking an old farm well i suppose to we had a surprising them jump. in the. polls because we. you know i was a new candidate than we had. lost a regional elections so that affected things as well might say that every second german citizen has not yet. decided to they want to vote
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for and so this debates s wl impact on that. miss madly at the end of the last tv debate you said you know me. can't the citizens of this country be so sure that they know you isn't it the case that there are many issues where there are two. i get a mac because the climate and the automotive chancellor. the immigration. chancellor. the chancellor of closing them you knoww off-again. actually changed over the course of their lives. done but the challengers keep coming out with a big grin that regularly new and i am the. chaiairperson. of a pay which is very much. a moderate party and. it's not either automotive or thehe climate is not welcome or closing ourselves off it's about. peoplele it's about mobility sustainable solutions and that's what
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i'm working for and the challenges that are impacting on us change all the time. even in the last four years there were new ones. mr assurance. you think i have directed f. reproach. don't i think that. my findings. a balance between the christian democrats are high teams. ananthe governrnment you know. controversial debate at the end of the day is the salt into markets they need to do it. debate among the populace and and leads to a decision and i believe that this whole debate didn't happen. and that of course doesn't. you know that causes problems and of course i. exacerbated to a certain extent but i wanted to trigger a debate and i did so. obviously i wouldn't say it again in this intensity
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but what i'm trying to do is triggered a debate and make it clear. that you cannot. get a democracycy going despite businesses usual but it's a do not a debate of this kind that makes that happen this evening so i wouldn't say it again. collectors similar now that yeah nasal emad khan. but it still looks very much like. there's going to be a party left wing have rightly rather to see do you are you a bit worried about that. perhaps you haven't taken the concerns of the populace in germany serious and. long but first of all let me say that the social democrats. in the coalition have blown. a party that doesn't watch very closely what i do and of course there are controversies. well we'll see how that develops and then regarding you the question that you just puts me certainly there are questions whether it's the question of the euro. intimate. saving it rescuing it with it was the it wasn't a question of refugees will
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have to follow. our basic principlples and naturalalle have to fight for each. mozer i'm not going to make any predictioions about. the outcome of these elections that's quite right when he says that many people have not yet decided in the fewer people that turn out. the more chance that t that the extremists. but with your policy you left plenty of room right of the christian democratic union. no i didn't it wasn't certain dramatic situations that i made decisions both when it was about retaining the eurozone. and when it was about refugees about human beings and i stand to these decisions. and it all the same i will be trying to convince as many people as possible. that my decisions were the right ones and that we we should continue together. let's take this a step further. we're going to be talking this evening about the whole question of migratory flows that includes immigration and. refugees migratory flows that many experts ms mac goes. have said that on this scale they described it. as
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a. migration of people is no people from asia from africa as from other countries many coming to europe many coming to germany. is that something that you believe is a threat german society. i do not see it as a threat to the things that i do use all see it as a major challenge and we. as germans for a very long time enjoyed the advantageges of globalization. a lot of explored sui our export champions as a result we've generated many jobs dawn the country years many peoplele have drawn attention t to te fact that we cannot de couple ourselves from the conflicts around us be it i. syria. bit die as speed in iraq or the fact that it africa there's bits of poverty in need and we. respond to this but that doesn't mean that everyone can come to us and i think we've learned. this over the last two years as well. we must combat the causes that
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drive people to leave theirw you talked about. one of the things that brings the refugees to as is more valuable than gold now with a bit of time we know that there are some. who are not educated particularly not well trained the security situation in germany who has become more difficult or less gold and more problems? can you explain how you came to this. false assessments. well you would have to quote that entire sentence. well. you were talking about europe but now you're here in germany. yes but you're quoting a sentence andnd i'd like to hear mentions. i mean what brings people to us is more valuable than gold is the belief in europ. that is what i said and naturally i'll stick to my guns on not. because people who are. fleeing must die ash mass killings mass rape et cetera and come to us because they know that not just in germany but else when you're
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they will find democrats and democracy. prprepared to tae them in and protect them we can be proud of that in germany and across yours. so i wouldn't be this sentence. again and again. regarding immigration however we are facing major challenges. the good ones roots fighting we need to. join forces to solve especially all those who. are trying to help them. hundreds of thousands of people who have come. to germany and was met us at last sunday that everything she did in twenty fifteen she would repeat and do again. and i wouldn't advise it i must say. because we certainly made mistakes in not consulting our european member state. colleagues as it were. but rather confronting them with that. to have the hungarian heads or bun or kitctchen ski in poland. posing which out of the responsibility and we. as germany have paid a great deal of money. for these member states. and we're not
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getting the help of what we need is a european solution to combat these migratory problems but not one at the expense of germany but rather solidarity for all european countries. we may know your beacons. now mister schultz is accusing you year of making a serious mistake was her response. i love. told us with what i have a very different take on this and i believe mister schultz is well aware of the fact that what he said is is alright. good and you are you saying he sang it just because it's part of the election campaign. what if he knows about it was you saying it? we got out of both about whether he knows it betterer or not. that's what's bites him is another matter but my take on it. is that mister schultz is well aware of the fact that he and garion prime minister took away a. lot of ticket move them on refugees are trying to come to germany he wouldn't allo. to continue on their way where where the fact that he was not prepared to watson lake pay its. contribution to its share and download to fourth of september the. austrian chancellor called
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me up and said people are walking. over the border and in life. life of a german chancellor of any head of state of government there are moments where you have to make a decision and i had zero hope that big to abandon. i i was going to change hiss mind set here. and very quickly i coordinated with the french state to try man presidents ought to be and things i we were well aware the fact that from watching or july we're talking august there four hundred thousand refugees who come to. germany that here in europe we had a major problem. feel western balkan states what it might be iterated this again and again and still it wasn't clearar. how we could achieve calm eight? shared approach based on solidarity we need to continue to work on this and i will do what i cann to achieve it. decision had to be made is also and i
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discussed it. with the german. the foreign minister our lo. hungary and prime minister. fought agagainst our german policy here and against you personally then why is it that horst z. hoffa invited him when the christian social union. had their. party congress. what you say yourself that we should talk about that i could say that the slovak in? prime minister has very similar views to the hungarian prime ministers article and so the question is rarely. . you know we haa very dramatic situation there. and didn't situations i believe. that in accordance with article one of our basic laws thatt humn dignity is a viable. that's what we'll do i decision on and still it's clear to me at the end of august when we had four hundred thousand. refugees that we need to combat the reasons that
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caused people to flee their homes. i appeal to this grand would closely together with turke. to conclude an agreement to ensure that. people smugglers and all of the criminals involved. it's not to be protected because there or thousands of people were killed in the process of these migratory flows. and the way we solve things now's differently. now just a minute. i'm not giving mister schultz enough of the floor here so perhaps you praise ms maccabi as you also o called. for it europe to be a europe. of humanity and surely had tha. surely she did that. well she made in germany. of humanity together with the citizens in this country. just just described it. we made it possible we facilitated the hundreds of thousands of volunteers who helped a as well. it's not quite the way ms michael depicted it all sounds lovely but the wave of refugees rolled over us and not just.. over a few days it was months and months and we kept admonishing in many european solutions. and then mr demasiada your
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minister of interior said that the dublin conventions. says that where they arrive is where they have to be. but given. top secret texan and when it was clear that germany was collapsing under there's. loads. nothing was done you know and i mean yes they should come but wish could have avoided this problem. which it involveved a european neighbors beforehand not after the fact. . couldn't f you. are saying twenty fifteen we did the right thing. i don't think we did everything right surely certain things went wrong i think would be good to say. not i would do absolutely everything the way i did in twenty fifteen i wouldn't advise that. now there's an important point which i believe all of our viewers interested yes the humanitarian approach a very good thing that's how we want germany should be. so why. did you. not close the borders afterwards why didn't you say stop at some point and why did you risk. that there be the impression of a loss of control.
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then that's what first to respond to thisis you know w we did we do everything right let me stay absolutely clearly upset this before. about missing my words. to commit them to do it with hindsight we can say that we didn't take enough care ababout the refugee camps in lebanon. with jordan. this is true foror the germn foreign ministers as well we didn't do enough. to do with the fact that they're already three million refugees in turkey you need our support and that will never happen again in that way. and that's how the people smugglers and these criminals. really got their power sadly it took it't's r too around. until we declared the balkan states as safe countries of origin. but i don't want to focus on that now what could we have done. a thing all you. you know if i'm familiar with the scenarios that are around you know twenty fifteen we had plenty of discussions about this. told but you know having water cannons against thousands of people is that the way you think yourself the sort of problems i don't think so. we have threeee thousand
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kilometers on borders so we have to comombat thee causes. course we have to control them and we introduced border controls as well. but austria and other countries leaving them alone with all of this. i mean the eu turkey agreements i was criticized very much for this when i was finally finished but i. continue to believe it was absolutely the right thing to do. the more people who come on the more difficult integration yes. this is something we keep hearing mister short so we know they're well educated. they're going to help us with a shortage of skilled labor. now is seeing that the labor minister is talking about costs we've recently seen these figures may looking at social expenditure that it's going to cost until we integrate these people. into the labor market. of the one million became twenty fifteen twenty sixteen only a fraction aree actually in. paid jobs how long do you think it's going to take. until we don't have to pay any social costs but actually read the benefits
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of people in work. well that's a bit difficult to assess if you talking a million people in two years i even even already coming into the country. integration takes time you can't do that from one day to the next. a few years that we talking here so much. well i think what we need do do. and mister isn't sure that the people who are doing the integration have the means they need schools need to have. more staff to ensure that it's not. the walls for ethnic germans being played off against refugees this is why we want to put so much money into education and we'll talk about that. i'm not in aa moment. we also havav to see that there are hundreds of thousands. who are about to was not working and that? it takekes far too long until they have the right to work. this far too much red tape it would be faster. to. either givee people lessonsi cite them or to give them a temporary stay of deportation or whatever it is. this is a major challenge and it will take a long time
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to solve. it may be that are precise here is that something my generation to see is ththat the generatioion my daughter my grandchildren. it was certainly not your grandchildren i don't how dear don't't service. but yu seem like a reasonably young man so i would say our generation. as macca what do you think this was it does it problems are twenty thirirty years. i didn't say that you like you know you said you were generational. well that makes i mean over the course of the next. years we will carry out this integration. but you know you can't sort of pretends that w wasn't i integtitinge many people into our society is indeed. a generations.. task there's someone say i'm never happened. most of what you always get people saying things like that. but we're. we believe in success. now ms mac if you see the figures. and statistics on the labor market so far we have to sa. we haven't achieved so much why do we have to believe in four years in a bit better.
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so let me use this opportunity to thank all of those responsible for the successes we have achieved. as mr should said those working in full time employmement in this area volunteers. we have now got approval for. asylum home for those who came after january twenty seventeen it just takes two months. much much faster than it's been in our german. agency for migration and refugees and it's a big big job and i think what we've learned. from the lack of success of integration of the identical gassed up by doing guest what is you know we now have an. immigration law where everyone has to learn germa. we have integration that and then. yeah german society german law and all the rest of it and we try to place people in work in a very different way we involve women. but all the same it's goioing to take years and with perfectly frank and i guess workers are still not entirely integrated. you might since we could many are i'm not saying
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there aren't many are. but i'm saying that we still have our issues here often i'd also like to say that it's not sure you have to look and see how the situation will develop we've got to iraqis. who can go back to liberate today areas i don't know how many of them there are? but nobody leaves their hom. lately and i've met people who would love to be able to go back home to their families in relations back home. it's unlikely. that my friends you want to say something but yeah perhaps i can just follow on to what you're saying about the cultural and religious. problems that are part of this integration challenge as cassandra said. we will islam belongs to germany. and now two thirds of german say they donon't agree with that. even though the german president saddam how you commit the majority of germans. but there's a cultural and religious integration as well. and. sh did you mentioned the dog this gift of so i do understand a certain amount ofof skepticism because in e name of islam dramatic
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terrorist attacks. being committed. and. few many do not understand how these terrorists on site religion. death. and that's why i made it clear. that. i'm with the we have to have islamic clerics clearly disisncing themselves from this terrorism same time we got home million muslims who constitute to the success of germany's. you live here. and their faith is islam. and that is why. itit is not the case. because of the muslim soon out live into germany and have become part of our socieiety is i'm belongs to germany. but one that goes along with the constitution and the one that. this is clearly against terrorism now across india missed a shot. what do you think are immigrants from muslim countries harder to integrate than those from other countries? no i don't think they are. it depends on the education in this country is of course their young palestinian men. who come to us who have a
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deeply rooted anti semitism they've been raised with that? and we have to make it clear that in this country. you only have a place if you accept that germany is a country that protects israe. but that is our. complete understanding of what the state is here but how do i go about demands. i mean what you'd hand them notes known tossed. you have to engage with everyone whether it's in school or vocational training or at work where they are but about people who aren't in any of those institutes. will maybe twenty five well we hope that the people who come to us and we're talking about integration. can go to school can get vacation of training that's how to integrate them integration doesn't happen on paper. it happens in every life. and in the run up to our show this evening to come back to his mom does this religion fits of our country. i read a couple of things about it well that's good. yeah so. indeed i'm sure you read a few things yourself setup. but there was one thing that stayed with me something i
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read. for national sport on me off of our top i wanted to say that the end of the show. police to go beyond. right and wrong there is a place and we will meet thei. top schools and this was the quote above at shiite philosopher a deadline i admit doing. a shiite from iran. cc isla. is a community. of religious people like any other integrating our country we talk about is i would talk about the ninety five percent if muslims. who are just ass devout a as the christians are in christianity let us know and believe that the five percent or three percent of fanatic? jihadists. for more than a dispute are able to decide the credit islam in this country. i mean i live in a part of town with a many children. i can. i know grandchildren of the guest workers that you talked about miners who came in my hometown that almost. the mosque is just fivee
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hundrered meters from wherei live. my hometown this i. d. s sn. people but the hates creatures they have nothing to do they shouldn't be in a country that brings us to the next problem we have in. society their donations they're imams who come from saudi and turkey. in germany. and there's the spain as spying on the devout here in this country it's taking place have we ignore this mismatch. politicians ignore this. because it was just comfortable not to because it didn't cost anything. just to. the north have turkish paid imams here and i'm lost six and have them hold hate preachingng. shortens if a mere than the beauty i think we have a greater awareness now than weid i don't know whether. ten or twenty years the situation was so dramatic compmpany something has changed yeah i mean. the figures the numbers of muslims who don't come from turkey about from arab countries has increreased so much why i believe and i've
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discussed this with the minister of the interior. also have to do this on a regional level discussed it with his colleagues say that we need to think long and hard about what's happening where. and that we have to close mollusks if there are things happening in that we cannot accept. i'm also going to have do we've b ber years and decades that's been an issue for germany i don't know how many. faculties we have with a tiny mums for. we got a broad based curriculum for them. and there's no progress been made here and of course we need totep up our efforts here we got religious courses. for the islam so that muslims who are here. gets i taught in islam in accordance to the basic law
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the fact that it's not foreign countries. are influencing these things in some cases in a fatal way. do it impacts on. you know. we get death threats for example there are like a lawyer here. took slave she's getting death threats here and. in other. ignoring all this out we. know we're not ignoring it. asas we discussed it quite clearly with saudi that certain academies needs to be closed. bevin despite talk told me we will continue to do this. where things are the way they should be? kanatata and on behalf of the mansion dutch german agency for criminal investigation we have said that when ever that people are under threa. we have to protect them we must warn and stop those who do it this is why islam that conforms with the basic law. has nothing to do with this and zero tolerance is our response to these things. things have changed as well i think we have to say that ten to fifteen years ago things were different. radicalization in turkey.
11:41 am
and. you know now with anyone as well he's you know buys inciting people they get told what to do in ankara. to accelerate things. anande have to. respond to this so what are we doing what should we do what does germany have to do. in order to change something in the situation. where we have to speak in no uncertain terms which i can say that imams trained in turkey and? no longer conformrm with the rules that. were the case before and this is why we have to consider. stopping this agreement and have so talk about taking more in a moment. could. well if you're a chance that what you stop this agreement well i well. i will not to stop the agreement. but accession negotiations of turkey with the european union will be stopped is well known german citizen. can safely travel to turkey anymore we've reached a point where the economic relations they wanted but customs union and the accession negotiations all have to stop we can't do it
11:42 am
on our own. you have to do it together with our european partners discussed this issue with them. i think that whoever is the next german chancellor has to do this job to protect of germany. and to tell turkey look there's a line in the sand and you've crossed it. and this is why this country cannot be a country of the european union anymore which is a shame because i wanted to become a full member state. but i think we've crossed that line now and in this case connection we cannot allow. a minus to have kate preaches and regarding saudi this radicalization. this time you don't belong to export your own intolerance to us. in his magazine absolutely right we have to close those mosques it was a bit slow and let me say as well that if you were referring to the freedom of religion. because it is in the basic non. two it's about infringe on other laws is for example gender equality has no business in germany. yeah i think that's. that's auto chi. chi's hayward on turkey's please we coming
11:43 am
back to that good. about this site we were talking about migration of clothes in it it's all interrelated. we know that we've learned that over recent years watch out question having talked about religion today sunday has anybody are you ha. have you been to church. no i haven't thought that justin. it's w what with another cup and. i wasn't not check book and i am showing was an eye gravy out. is this a goblin funk got a question houses grave in sapporo o and i visited the grave. so i was just wondering. now that we're talking about religion. but you know yesterday i was in a church because it was the anniversary of my father's death yesterday. and i went to that school church that he himself had a direct hit. to commemorate him. then perhaps you kept praying at home as well. tsongas was used to his clean not you know arms coming true integration. with all that is also talk about deportation many
11:44 am
people enter me think there are too many people in our country should be here. it wasn't from. i wasn't sure hundred and twenty six thousand people are thought to be in germany who. sucks should actually be deported. want to put it differently vis a people who have. it's no real business and in germany anymore but somehow it's impossible to the park and. now is such a great country we are so inventive but apparently not able to manage their deportation. what is your plan to do without and to improve the situation and the next time? and if i were you. could i be sure that it will be faster and better hopped off but that we worked on this all very hot that's. because i share your opinion that those people who don't have a status. and a right to be in our country should leave it. when it comes to the western balkans. yochelson on a key after the countries of that region have been declared safe countries of origin people have been appointed. and we also have people who returned voluntarily. going on this week but still because of the wretch then
11:45 am
nodded north off the green. conklin the regional government. it has not been possible to declare certain african country safe countries of origin take oracle or g. rhea. i think they would be safe enough to send people back. and even more rooms talking about. people who have committed criminal acts it's a pop and i'm not saying all of them a criminal but some of them. now after a lot of work we have managed to achieve some improvements and for the african countries of origin more needs to be done. no country by country it we're trying to improve the situation we just. signed an agreement with egypt. robots would be the african continent has more than forty different countries which makes it very difficult. nevertheless we have clear legal holds a place if somebody gets a criminal or potential perpetrator. of this person can be kept in detention. before a trial. and also to portage that's disc is a topic we need to keep working on. so you're blaming it on the social democrats.
11:46 am
think about what you've sai. that those via one of those bob what the countryside was before that's not hundreds of thousands of. cases. whether status of people has not yet been cleared. and the present charter side is the city you minister. it's a fight to prove. . in terms of deportation we need a case by case decision and of course there's a lot of discretion for every case. got to go up with you. taps is still remembered i met this young afghan men. in one of your programs and you also had this encounter with a young. bye refugee go. then sometimes it's blamed on the social democrats got some food that we're recording people there is this youngng guy who speaks perfect german. and nobody wants him to be deported. .e said he won he lives in america shot. and i tolold m call the bavarian state premier. and speak to him.
11:47 am
and of course and many examples like that. no i mean it's a chancellor just said that some people are not important because offered regional government involving the spd. yes but this is why i mentioned at the very end government being run by the sea as here's the. fall and i'm saying this because. i believe that a case by case decision is much more important to find out whether people should be deported. we should just be finger pointing or cd blaming each other. but you've been doing that for quite awhile already. deporting people why they commit criminal acts or potential perpetrators people. who are seeking asylum here but are planning terrorist acts? will not be allowed to stay here. yeah i'm. sylvia these people have to be deported. i misinterpret what mom had been a bit busy mo ma of course i said there is always to craft discretion. and we have to use that. and for people. who have to be deported we have to be consistent and our approach? what exactly do you mean by that when will these more than two hundred thousand people begun? itits item on this one whehen we're ablblo spspeed up the procedures yu
11:48 am
said two hundred and twenty six thousandd people. might imagine that this is. a legacy let's say if we were able. to accelerate the procedures if only the federal office for migration of refugees were to work faster. we could improve the situation. on the line. now weights. fall but i i check the figures points but i think that mister holton stones spoke off two hundre. and fifty six thousand four hundred twenty six thoususa. people call. who apparently have a toleration but basically you are to be deported? within the. halls and be i am at fourteen federal office for immigration and refugees. that there is still within a number of cases that have been closed. yeah they're called.
11:49 am
and these are the most complicated cases. both of us are aware of tha. this means in twenty seventeen spy. more not their goods or condemn it systemically normally takes two months. or true close a case. and this is very good. it's the fastest procedure. thing with many compared to other european countries. the very has been deporting people. to get what i thought and in some cases these were people who are well integrated. i personally believe off-again hehere for a number of f yes has led the german language the should not be the first people. to go. i'm after the show. ins ocean faring in socks that lives and be spd site premise in these cases that you mentioned have argued again the deportation of. but then horst single for. also at some point said t tt these w well integrated very employer should not be deported. and effective and i think we
11:50 am
can all be sure that this topic will remain with us for sometime. and now having discussed internal perspective let us talk about foreign policy. the shows more than one hundred thousand people have cross mediterranean this year. to. come to europe most attempt from africa. is it possible at old to seal. the european vote and decide what you want. some expositor almost no that's not the first place we cannot sealed european bota and we shouldn't be. because we have to patrol that you know and we don't only have fortis in the south in the mediterranean but. just as much and the east or in the north. we out of course very concerned about the mediterranean bought it. that's since we cannot close it we need good immigration policy. but if we only talk about immigration policy it might help us in germany but it doesn't help in the mediterranean as such on the crowd. or yes it will. what we have right now is a system of hopelessness? people decide to leave her home country. leave all the belongings behind. sometimes have to. trust
11:51 am
people smugglers. and might even get killed in the process. other immigration countries australia canada. have legislation we can apply for immigration that gives you a chance no guarantee however. so they can reject you and then you cannot immigrate. what's going on coming godzilla to fly summit on board becauause in some con but now we have italy wake up just gold by. taking a boat across the mediterranean but look what happens at ththese borders.s that there are people who want to immigrate to our country's t that's not a cre but not everybody can come. then they say they want to apply for asylum although they're. not. spokesman victims of political persecution. i think as somome of the ons they're here. i unplug league then we find out they have no right to stay and then drove to report them is a difficult process. of a lot of good but we need to create the right conditions for them to come legally and that's nothing that germany can do on its own. which is why we need a european system after more european coordination.
11:52 am
backlit how this type of system compare bowed to the u. s. or canada or australi. and this would mean you have reporters he waits by the legal or illegal to cross and if you cross illegally. you'll be sent back. if you're legal you're allowed to stay. business and then you also look shoot distribute the newcomer us among latinos european countries. partly cloudy time being it's not workiking. and the reason is that there are some states like poland hungary and say that they don't want to. be a part of that. and just leave it all to the germans will leave it to the italians. a european immigration systemm but i would like to see as a chancellor if you don't you will or will. not be connected to the whole. finances them of europe. and either we managed to move consider europe. a community of solidarity watershed the buttons and make it work possible it will be what we just.
11:53 am
do you think about it because don't even try. you we are funding regional development of poland mia are helping the social cohesion and with some of the eastern countries. but they don't want to be. part of sharing the burden. you get such talk. okay i think we've i'm just i don't hear immigration. policy ideas anderson a question to the chancellor. european external borders. it's hard to mention leadership they really be closed but we've heard how many people are coming. get my left your minister in charge of economic development speaks of millions of people who might want to come. and it is impossible to closer european border control here be born in such a way that we can decide wh. comes to our country our country doesn't. if you want to see free movement people and we also need to control the border but we've learned just went out on land borders. it's much more difficult to control the product chi and this is why you have to speak to neighboring countries libya turkey. and
11:54 am
try to establish a partnership. mom's home people are inn libya pop its already too late. this is why we need a partnership with africa with lighter. weights transit countries. and we also need coordinate with the countries of origi. beak on school bundled with slow down and of course i can use instruments for legal immigration. which is what we've done for the west of balkan states we said. if you have no right to be here and you have to go back but if for example you have a job in our country. you'll be allowed to stay. and be part of our labor markets h. which makes it easier for academics to emigrate dispersed in response. as
11:55 am
long as your arm below a certain. income level lets them know what you have to access. moments of peace and i think what we need to do is to work together in europe but because it could be a national. system. so you want to setup contingents of but you could say really that the navy and coast guard are doing are dirty works they fish people out and bring them back to live in that situation the moments. are you working on the assumption that the german navy it should be. bringing. refugees from the mediterranean back to libya no that's not the point here there's a clear international law statement on this but the fact that the libyan coast guards is. being trained by europeans so t that they can do it was to protect our own bordeders fair and good i think the question is what types of people who are brought back to libya. and. the heads of all. of the refugees in the eu and also if i had to migratation to here. we've
11:56 am
looked at this and said that's all germany wants to support people who aren't returns being. treated and the basis of humanitarian means that we don't want them to be put on these awful. votes risking their lives and paying all this money to people smugglers and this is why we have to reinforce and strengthen the debian. government so they can do proper coast guiding just as we helped her the refugees u going to make that possible if you become chancellor for asylum seekers so they can be rejoined with their families. or you gonna continue to stop that yes or no. so what would you do around family reunification case by case. and you go home you. that's not a perfect well we have an international commitments that we've made if those who are being. protected videography in accordance with the geneva. as on. their subsidy
11:57 am
protection for their families but we have to discuss this with a copy local authorities look at how we can deal with this how we can support this. movie siding next year. he isn't it ms mekka mr dimazio saying you must increase the ban on family reunification because he fears would be far too many people. coming here to join family members shouldn't you tell the electric today whether that you're gonna do it or not. and then those who owns which i'd be dead well we may decide to weigh the german. minister of the interior says but this decision will have to be made next year. first the. but in its international law requirementsts and commitmes that we've signed up to. mean that we have to ensure that those who have status full status in accordance with the geneva convention. tablet. sorry if i could just say that is that's not the way it demands. you have to look case by case because of the internet. taken at if you look at article one you know was saying. human dignity is inviolable it doesn't say.
11:58 am
german dignities unviable and if you're talking about the young man that wewe were just talking about f from afghanistan. who had no relations he only has one brother no parents? somewhere in the world. then on a case by case basis you can say it may be used by the come join him. in another case where we do not have this commitment to. reunify families we can say that in terms of our it's not our commitments. germany would look at this case by case now let me say something about the mediterranean now. i very much hope that if the german navy is there and saves drowning lives that the german navy will save them. i ate was there once i saw how the. italian navy. wants. how would? taking in people who are drowning their mothers with small children they save their lives surely this isn't something. you don't let him drown shuttingng. now let me just say our soldiers who are on this mission. these are the ones that they're doing this work and they're doing an excellent
11:59 am
job. ii don't thinknk we i thinke all agree here that don't seem to be much. by way of differences but touches a something about turkey because that's an important country. on the borders of europe now. we've talked about this a little bit already. and that the conflict is increasing their almost twelve german citizens who are imprisoned there for political reasons this weekend to for theirs. german citizens were arrested. and the turkish foreign minister. says it's none of your business. as the german chancellor. you're pretty helpless there aren't you. know i'm not. then the torch and of course if you german citizens are imprisoned it is our business. and not all. both in terms of speaking directly but although so our diplomatic efforts behind the scenes as well we're doing everything we can. to liberate these people song from their imprisonment and turkey. is simple. pulling out faster and faster from all the
12:00 pm
democratic themes but what about. dennnnis you sound fr example h has been in prison to use a mother with a two year old son imprisoned what can you do apart from sayin. we don't think this is the riright thing. we think k is wrong. well what we can do is also make it clear through economic. cooperation or rather lack of it to say that we can continue the negotiations for the customs union i've said are just impossible in regarding accession. negotiations mr shots you were saying i should coordinate better within europe. i don't think anything would be worse than if we were to say we want to stop accession. negotiations and then later we don't have a majority will have to. get approval here on an ear level i don't see. turkeys acceding to the e. u. whenever dates. the social democrats have a different view on the matter all along. but n now i think in economc terms. i would you know i'm talking with the foreign minister and that means that what we experience on the friday. means that we. must not have to look at what god thing
12:01 pm
stepping up my travel warnings and then bank credits credits from the. european investment bank the world bank these are all aspects where we have to call. respond very clearly. now mr shows. when you really get going and you really. appealed to us with things you really did that when we talk about as the one i really like it when you do that your demands. to ms mac was that she's a draw a line inin the sand. now what's your line in the sand. what cuts would you do if your chance in this regard? it's a very good opportunity thanks for the questions good opportunity to. i would just make it clear deutschland the chancellor of germany. within the european union potong how do i search their position whether we get. a majority or not is another thing that we have to define what we're trying to get a majority fo. so we have to have a clear position with which we go. to the european council now if i were german chancellor.
12:02 pm
should the voters give me a mandatate to be that. after i take on my office is in the european council i would suggest that. we stop pocket up other accession negotiations with turkey whether everyone will support me i don't know i will fight. at the states on board because i believe that with all add to one on the boys. there's no point taking turkey into the european union not just that we're seeing some of you all has already to go around. and cga rather question to all of the values of the. european union and the sex up there was little i was it was a coup and now there's a counter coup. but i believe. thatat's the appeal gone so i thinknk was four point two billion kinid a company that is turkey got within the. process of these. accession negotiations should be paid arabs if german. systems are innocently imprisoned and cannot be sure that the german state will be able to protect him and turkey. cop because there's an auto critic ruler. arbitrarily
12:03 pm
arresting people and we've reached a point where germany has to say we're going to stop a accession negotiations i don't wanna mints my words i would be doing this. now you can decide whether you want a position or not. well accession negotiations. don't exist in t the moment. when is also certainly talking to the german foreign minister we. didn't see this i didn't want to have a big debate about it the government but we. don't think they can be successfully continued well then you have to stop them. now just a minute let me just say something here. by the thought that the one moment you know of course you have to speak up quite clear w words we talkg somebody would add to one but if you want to liberate german citizens you have to. remain in a dialogue with them. at the same time you have to send out a strong signal of course you can say i'll go there. and say i don't want this. but all the same germany will be able. to. will be a strong german if they can convince others so
12:04 pm
i would say put it on ice. the european commission. i can say that we can then conclude the accession negotiations but all the same a step like this has to be thought about long and hard because the fifty million. or fifty percent rather people in turkey you are hoping to. exceeds but it's not my aim. to stop all diplomatic negototiations wh took it just because we're in an election campaign we have to. look out who's the toughest here in our election campaign is metal welcome on friday. i spoke with the foreign minister. and this is why so far we had a. . clear position i cn see that the position slightly different here it's never been my view. that turkey should exceeds two new your opinion on analogous thinking long and hard. you know i would totally agree with cussing anne accession aids whether we shut the door on the turkey or they've started on because. it is something we should think about the twelve now exactly fourteen
12:05 pm
people who have been. imprisoned for political reasons and talking german citizens i want to help the. and i believe. that. reducing economic ties is an important point. so i can see that you are so to. be getting a bit cross there. yeah yeah you know listen. moments on thanks for giving me. a minute i think what we have to say is t that they'e two very difficult political concepts that we're seeing here. i mean a fitness macular saying she's full. in favor of stopping the extension. a i'm not but you need to have a consensus based decision on the f. to convince everyone that this is the wave going in but stopping extension accession negotiations. negotiations are that you. have always been against you said unlike me i was always in favor of turkey joining the eu. what you're saying? we might get hit not get my neighbors to support me let me say that i disagree entirely in terms of how we should deal with mister as
12:06 pm
one the only language mr headline understands. is someone i'm saying. you know just as well as i do. we've both met him on numerous occasions. and i believe we've got the same. attitude there'e's onlyy one language she understands aid consistent constitute. the statements that t we had frm bankruruptcy. while turkish foreign minister for exampl. the only language that ankara understands is saying that's enough enough's enough which in their view i believe mr at one go and think long and hard about what he's doing. let me just ask. do you think that the refugee agreement with turkey should be stopped yes
12:07 pm
or no please without saying thank you for the queuestion to give you a moment to think. pardon. did i thank you for an earlier question. well. whatever home all good news i don't think we need to to o stop the. are you really agreement on the refugees at a show enough response. there's no point. in suspending this agreement because turkey is very much interested in nice number one on. but now we talked about an autocrat for non tennis talk about it dictated the north. korean president kim. said today that he. will trigger it veiled hydrogen bomb the seismological institute data suggests this is the case that we're seeing and you know i don't know. escalation daily here. whatever we constantly now do you believe this isn't an autocrat of course but american. president trump is he the rigight person to soe this problem scott no i
12:08 pm
don't think it basically br. to. the edge of a total crisis being in those. what do you think will you seem him a man? who sets the because it is rubbish is people you through? two weeks who uses any means at his disposal to trash his opponents who. libels entire suites of the populations. who cannot distance himselff from and not see mob should be a german chancellor has to say? your policy mister president is never going to be the policy of germany and who's going to solve this problem if not the american. i think we have to caution pop look in all agree very quickly with all of the democratic. presence in also with. cacanadian prime minister to go and a mexican friend as well and all of his. opponents in the congress in his own government. that's not a tender for example is a. so as i clearly thinking person the problem is that you can't see who's supporting the president.
12:09 pm
and to enable talk to see my god it was just there's amendments to tennyson. there's so many committees take seriously. but the unpredictability of the u. s. president. look at mimisr brown and for example. who's so radical that is actually going out against true now baton. from that we have a truck this is unprpredictability which is why do we have to talk to with predictable partners in washington there there there are some. and without other presidents and other. alliances and heads of state now miss america question to you. you had your own experience with donald trump us president do not. nato's. is understood as a community based on values now what values do you share with comments from. now but let me just say something about mr add to one i think trying to line in the sand is exactlyy right and i do have a fair. amount of experience with mister aduana discussing these things with him. so i think we would
12:10 pm
agree that we shouldn't pay any more accession payments. and the fact that took you shouldn't become a member of the eu is clear and. i certainly will talk again with my colleagues and look at whether we can reach a consensus. and and bodies accession negotiations altogether. and out back.. you gonna say somethingng about the president talk anomaly kinds now than when i congratatulated w. s. president i said that our cooperation must take place on the basis of common values. and it is indeed the case that one has one's concerned. not least regarding korea. and the aggression of the north korean dictator. in another college i don't think we can solve this conflict without the us president but i think we have to say. no uncertain terms that only a peaceful diplomatic settlement of the conflict as possible. i talk to friends or the president in on on my car today can we bebelieve that we need to he stronger at european involvement of a very clear statement be speaking t to n
12:11 pm
test tomorrow. because all questions of war and peace europe must do its bit up speaking with the russian president the chinese president and naturally with japan south korea as well. billy conn but also with the u. s. president to. hang cfu because a great deal depends on us resolving this conflilict peacefully and im glad that mister . power that i was. a powerful please stop for just leadership or what do you think. that we need to the u. s. as a powerer for peace and we have to do everything we cacan. to get them onboard. going in the right direction which i believe this diplomatic resolution of this conflict and not a military resolution is convicted i will do everyrything in my power to ensure that thisis happens. often naturally we
12:12 pm
have major differences. and i'm with the us president on the one hand we need to cooperate. i think about combat on di ash. in. syria and iraq we need the u. s. and i'm pleased that the u. s. continues to work in the area of understand that what we're talking about. this climate do enough to dislike winced what happens and so lost charlottesville these terrible racist attacks. i mean it takes your breath away and they're very clearly major differences here and all the same i will d do all i can to ensure that the u. s. president. is convinced of the fact that a peaceful resolution is the way forward. but does he does have the how can this matter thank you for touching on that. time ago i suggested that the eueuropean do more. in this regard butut one thg is clear. unilaterally the us with this present won't be able to tackle clients straight forward please because even the conservative powers don't not. know you were accusing.
12:13 pm
mrs mac of that she was jus. on the prisons fititting in with things. well you know even. washington doesn't know what the president's going to do next what he's going to destroy next in terms of diplomatic relations i mean. i think that's north korea problem is one we need to tackle i believe that the you with the support of barack obama by the way for years and years. beyond. about a dozen negation negotiating with. so it's a must have for example with. iran and with the russians about we think it happens t. them now we've met able to stop. aubuchon could not be run. getting rid becoming an atomic power income we have to enter into it. a dialogu. and the europeans. security council of everybody on board that could be a diplomatic bridge that we could cross of course at the big risk is always. to notice when donald trump's going to start tweeting again.
12:14 pm
now it's clear that there's a lot of f common ground hee if you talk about not solving problems together but doing that many europeans. send you both work together closely in this area. so now let's talk about. unilateral. domestic decisions lex households namely. a ski so venus obvious justice for example. disk germany is doing very well brushing up with* this a lot of jobs seven hundred and fifty thousand. open jobs vacant jobs that the german agency. world's work reregistered in july but stl you're saying thahat our society is split down the middle. you living in another worlds with other neighbors. you know they're still two million unemployed many long term unempmployed in n their germany's very prosperous country. though shouldn't make that doesn't mean that all of the people in germany are prosperous sounds if you to pick it up we have. many marginalizeded jobs we have many fixed term contracts when you have a lot of wome. who would like to work full
12:15 pm
time when they go back to work? off-f-again. from. developments if you talking pensions or labor market rate returners so women going full time after part time in. the urban areas we have couples with members. two incomes a cab pays their rents because the r rents ae going up so much shooting germany is a prosperous country. but not everybody in germany is prosperous they are like collecting and this is why equal access to education. not paying daycare is a shot that knowledge he's. job is certain see j job security if you got a young. couple for example you are supposed to believe in the future. they're going to have a lonong term j js. because they going from one of six term contract to the next season things you have to talk about if we're talking about justice in this country. certainly in the case of pension if we don't do anything there of tension one thing is for sure. our pensions will drop. contributions will increase and i believe it was in the city you will make one out
12:16 pm
of us went into over sevent. because our economy is booming we now have the financial opportunity to achieve more justice in this country. mac could mister justice talking about millions of people who aren't. since you benefiting from this goes are you abandoning these people you're there to answer to what do you offer him. before dusk over at the course i'm very pleased that incentive five million. unemployed as it was when i took office we only have two point five million people. every person without a job is one too many and this is why. contacting long term employment is key that's one million people. particularly singng parents. this is. one of the issues that we as the christian democratic union a are focucusing on. because we heard that we're going to have people work until they're seventy. that's simply brom's. on bin then i am thinking that if you knoww. if the sd says something i don't reproach missed shots with everythihing that his partyy says and i think this is
12:17 pm
ofteten the case. the other way around so i think we can say q quite cleaearly that simply wrong what you said. it was your finance minister who i believe is quite open to the idea with of their students paper seventy. because there's no danger of government program there's no agreement. it's only one list of mental healing and. and we what we agreed to increase. the retirement age to set on the sixty seven and another thing. if we're talking about just a moment. benefit talking it for them down on this song about. the fact claims that we live in a very. difficult challenging time. and what seems certain today isn't necessarily certain tomorrow we've got the digital. programs the changing our labor markets changing how will that if we look at the automotive industry so we can see this all we have to fight. for. i was having as many jobs as we have now in ten years time and learn and this is what's on my mind and i actually need to get better. in terms of solving
12:18 pm
the problems that we have. one point five million onto unemployed to use tap dance one million. still one million too many. now. so. you just an important point here i think you're absolutely right that what certain today is necessary certain tomorrow. so you think it's not it's certain that we won't work until we're seventy absolutely. nothing will change on this you're gonna stick to this you can you believe it. well come on we've got we introduced flexible over time. if you want to work longer you're welcome to. but there many people who simply i'm not working on them tha. you know what about the nurses or their money roof. the roofers or whatever. it's a challenge for them to even work until their sixties. seven beyond offer many professions we've made progress here they're far fewer people now over sixty who are unemployed but for many it's extremely difficult to work and so. know in no uncertain terms i think that's great. miss
12:19 pm
michael wonderful w well yo. deal with each other wasn't too and she's got it finally got a clear position i'm very glad to hear it. american objects and dumps you know this is a matter has got a very clear positionon here i have to sy this because the. cg you economic council. decided last year that we should wait until we're seventy and time for example said at least until you're sixty nine this is a. member of your executive committee of your party. well whatever i'm going to take you at your word. the seven most of miles. last time it was the toll that we were definitely going to happen at our last tv debate now we know what's happened. with see what happens then maybe a surprise with sixty seven certainly i will not have. people retiring is seventy so you're saying you want have that retirement age seventy no slacker has agreed with that. she said last time though that the toll wouldn't happen.
12:20 pm
but anyway good position i'm glad that you agree with that social democratic position very. but the more attention to her if you screw up now often obviously i've heard to this with the total amount many times i thought. i mentioned i said a. toll so that is. a burden for the german population won't happen. i couldn't imagine such a thing could be done it has been done i'm in agreement with the european commissio. no because just agreed on it but that's fin. and another thing. you know if there's some small group in your party or wing of your party says. i don't want to have left text that mister schultz doesn't want wealth tax or doesn't want well take it is it's always the issue with the entire party agrees on. so let's keep it. to that level shall we. just one sentence if you are not allowed. on this question of tools the only
12:21 pm
reason i referred to it ms macca. that's when this thing is since when is that your of the finance minister mister shapiro said the total will only make sense. if it'ss there's a a busines case for it and now everybody's telling me. that's the money coming in from the whole system is so low. that it wasn't worth salami collecting and because of this is why. if the populace does support maybe electric does support me i will not and. this tool. because there's no business case for it on the clear mountain of money involved in collecting the money doesn't make it worth it. but you can call me others is to beat it to come back on and. right social justice we can be brief. i have other figures as well. thoughts of those goals and assault to follow but we. fun to see. you know this. much because i think the fact that international drive us now have to pay a toll in germany just as we pay when we go abroad.
12:22 pm
is. acceptable of course was difficult to get it in place but now i think. it's. good up totally unacceptable and acceptable. and now you're saying you want to do away with it. do you really think the toll is most important topic tonight. no certainly not but it tells us something about the mouth is the internal policy and or he w. i agreement between the distant okrent. and st crimea nominal from. dealing cannibal. so the csu and the linka collaborates i it on probles often bring into place. toll roads told. not to do you don't try to comment on that as we get them in the hall yes but you know we talked about this before the social democratic. state supported that. told. coleman
12:23 pm
justin gave our. audience right impression. items of mine but still it is obvious and you called me that night and said. all i need i do something about the toll so the yearse tough because i would say not now that we've decided it it should be put into practice and that's all i wanted to say. okay we've. spoken about which car makers and the road toll and then of course there is another. topic that our citizens might be interested in is saying they will not be a road told for the germans sixteen thousand there are many germans who have a diesel cost. and they mighght call facace a finanl burden in the future because nobody wants to buy their diesel construct them. because the diesel vehicles i met yokels more than they should.
12:24 pm
because the companies of the latin culture it does teach it. problem why i am not making sure that the comic king industry since. that there are such a great free of charge to those affected by its all to two and the comic as have an obligation. to have like phillies factor has happene. but it you know that to software upgrade doesn't solve e the problem. yes but let me explain that indian. steve the violation awfully climate protection provisions and around eighteen german cities. but autotomobile in the sweetet fussy i only indirectly connected sure all those olives or do you even got scandals but wasn't. even if emissions were only at the level. that is officially the catsts. opium also deemd
12:25 pm
not react what half these environmental problems. all and this is the reason why we need she committed. at te time you want to make sure that we have more modern engines. a transition to cleaeaner engines although. i'm sure that we will need combustion engines were several decades to come. but at the same time we want vehicles to comply with environmental legislation. on the law. that what we have to achieve. it through a different okay what exactly how stupid towards in and with ozzy financial compensation as it exists in the us is not going to come in germany. as it so. often so you know that's that's what the. german warranty system works in a different way.
12:26 pm
we also call the cops companies will also kalman awful good because they have sold. the dos and would have to retrofit taps the stiff so that the car congress ans formed in the class action about. else them on this and then this will go to the courts the automobile not for no. das wealthy i'm gonna to taunt the ka* industry has to do your best you make up for the mistakes i made. with michael you call it. fraught disappointments with unfolding but still it seems that nobody is held accountable. yeah. mr shows what do you say about this yes it's true nobody's held accountable and people are very upset about this. it's fun or. that it's you i will be talking about things like class action. law that's the most efficientnt started crumbles wheat seed will have such a
12:27 pm
system with such. an opportunity in the future because. i didn't start. so at least i'm not aware consumers should have the same rights as we some consumers in the u. s. but the fact is. they are highly paid managers. whom do you cheated. and danger that tenant tire enterprises expert jobs of thousands of people. fios couldn't even accepting that incredible e easel unfair it was that bill and it's to the detriment of the people who work for these companie. now if that on software upgrades was the stunts in the eyes of the one who has caused a problem would have to pay you can. daimler benz over again call me clogging up to a comment also means that individuals. when i i'm o on the line d t have to take these cases to court but they can use of symbols join ranks with on this. and they can file doesn't the low class action suit that you know there's a propoposal on the table i ie the chancellor's office to do exhibit.
12:28 pm
to make that proposal on the goings. and that is. consumers in germany would have the same rights as elsewhere. but what's happened here is something. that's the other will call o buying a car so i mean those outraged about is that these managers they don't endanger that one industry. but society as a whole. saves that ought to be driving a van. what will happen is the following i saw it a couple of days ago? i had some people coming to my home. i know exist. and they came with diesel past and what they asked me was what i have to pay for that retrofit. to upgrade my comp and will there be a driving bennett option so that i can't keep on doing my job awful books upon mine this means anything we can do teacherer appointed drivg a van. needs to be done cross. when i take grammy adults on gold these are guys off the street post
12:29 pm
soon paid premiums to people so that they scrapped at all would. retain counsel and get new ones so. this is the no minimum tatian off our ir is it because there's some senior ministers. connected to the economist cheating is to die without you most of our comes so there were people who when they gave up their government jobs became a lobbyist for major comic is. what is the real reason? but all that good i seem to be so look taller entries of the comic is although you call it from what you say they cheated by the sorry. thoughts but cool yes we fund six acting and since i call it for what it's been. i wouldn't say that i am looks a lot like lincoln or
12:30 pm
turning a blind eye social it's because. on them pilot i am very angry bill tough they are matrix color. on our economy is thing the flow of our economy germany we export chaplains. and they're in a tree hundreds of thousands of jobs and as a consequence people. people who did make any mistakes. politically i still we have said we need to have diesel engines in order to comply with our climate protection goals. and now we hear in standing in front of all the rubble and trying to fix it but of course we want to protect people. but not for the for the time being the consumers have to pay are you still protecting consumers. in the fob. the horse and i. represent the interests of the consumers ththat is why we have. softftware upgradedes this s why we have to talk about retrofits this is why i. indoors scrapping premium. off-again. has. how the same legal system as
12:31 pm
we have in the us andnd t ty comes to class action caused on things uncle? we've seen your proposal we've taken note of it. at the chancellor's office we think if this trooper cross check. and we both said we speak does justice minister. sure review it. we have such options for class action. india could force capital markets banks and so on. and a similar system could be applied to the kind of street michael maas i guess that's what i would do i called up the justice minister. mom's tomorrow and tell me should join you tomorrow for your statement. they'll be in other spirit at the table. so i'm sure just our justice minister washing us so here know what we're discussing. how we talk a lot about council would be and jobs in the kind of street on optical systetem many peopl? part time work in different industries and they're not as well behaved as they looked. like zombies. cost now you say you want to take
12:32 pm
a financial burden off the models complicit isn't still god. the counselors and you have a deal. i'm a family and for people in it. gross income of three sat three thousand five hundred heroes. and i said to kids which few photo mugs with him on on five okay if they live in rhineland palatinate us and they're not paying for daycare its name has it they opeperate like a cat. o i'm sure you've got the mouse. but typical of a mood bt reduction of the financial burden. all depends on where you live also gave me a card on. gross income and a three hundred and five hundred euros. so next what will be now what i have been told to keep. so if they have kids there's not paying for daycare. they will save a lot of money. if you have three thousand five hundred euros let's say if a married couple. it's a touch bit i'll go be a reduction because the top tax rate miles will kick in and later. wb do you own a
12:33 pm
fancy although not if. feelers fees are around one hundred fifty one hundred so here is this. that's one of the to be paid anymore. shows us that the new tax rate and. in some you parity system for the team and health insurance. yeah more not in because even the current non sufficient clearly daycare between two hundred to two hundred fifty one euros on speed action that could aboard those. and then. we're talking about a tax abatement for children's. in germany. such oil with us but spike kingdoms of those that i would know barricade. you discuss family has a tax abatement of one hundred fifteen year rose. from the thoughts and most of the tool. and this will turn out to six hundred heroes for the entire year. tightening and we're talking about two hundred to two hundred fifty year was. effect also admits what does it's i can i can tell thatt you're part of a grand coalition come back to you even sharing curious speaking time very quickly.
12:34 pm
zz if it's a question here ms mackenna so first question. will be a year of support to the people if they talk about tax reductions turns. two thousand and five. and. then you said would be giving back several billions of euros so the people it hasn't happened for. obvious reasons campus it doesn't expect that these fifty billion will be returned to them next terminals to keep on going through a divorce and a style of fonts but when we started. whistles and pipes our coalition has had little patty. really carried out tax reforms in twenty thirteen there was no reason to worry. ron text breaks not because we had just come whether it be financial crisis. and now in our. election manifesto. always i really i. talking about certain. reductions or breaks. i'm i'm calm spies and we're talking about middle. income sought them in this the president cloth and she
12:35 pm
knows she can knock out a family we're talking about the family i'm talking about lives and has said. it's been decided that. there will be no more debt dayayce fees i in the future. surver enjoy the same reductions. and they'll be a higher child allowance twenty five heroes per month per child. so again fifteen eurosport this model family. and talk of rocks not on you by tax allllowance for children will be the same as for adults. because we want to send a signal that children much higher. yeah just as much as adults to our society. well i ornaments from unions could be one also have to discuss whether we have income splitting for spouse. scripting bought before it so it wouldn't admit you we would like to have a splitting system that favor. children. this is a million but doesn't mean an additional one hundred heroes you know no bounds of course would have to. look at the specific case. and i'm not running g a taxx office. but what about reducing yeah teams wouldn't that benefit everyone. but that would be and make
12:36 pm
sure i hadn't on our national data. but the tax income is. so i right now. their lives the wins the. titan yes but at the same time. if you know of any age who you will have to think about cutting sound service. it's a very popular idea to bring down a tea with but look at the eight seats that has been brought on his own. in the p past i mean that so we have a lower v. a. t. formal departures are consistent then indeed discount. my kisses supermararkets will make up for that so that they have been high on my chin and the consumers will benefit. so some of the book would have a photo buffoons and michael's people always asking for lower vietti but it's not working this way. he'd been mentioned i think the difference is. that you know we were very limited time today. but we would like to let people know what you stand for and we are under a bit of time pressur. on the. farm we now have a
12:37 pm
show sharon round will be asking questions and you just answer yes or no. just let me get a clearer idea of when you're agreeable you dodon't miss the show it's first question. marriage. is a union of man and woman no sits. like i said marriage is now open for same sex couples. and according to the basic law. but its definition is that's it's clear land off. a man and a woman. private for the decision apologize takes is a good decision. so that was a long yes. thisis macro type you like e fact thahat the. football worlrld cup twenty twenty takes place in cutoff. so blessed yes or no goodnight nine i don't really like it up. no. body and soul that the footage the introduction of dual citizenship was it a mistake. no again a little because we don't have one general dual citizenship and. it will be made like that. districts. should be possible. to have the right to vote as of the age of sixteen. your prime introductions. as
12:38 pm
michael says no was of course the book is one of the shows. says yes. this is very fast soaring. next question assiduous two years. because i got screwed up pull my finger chancellor should be allowed to work for a russisian statete comy unite fat. is bad. it's bad it's a lot like this that doesn't i mean it's a list of company work again. keys on its own but it all and he is a woman give road games sanctions imposed by the eu it's a very sad. state. well god would assume these islam because of what you cannot shoot out has done great things for this country but does that give him the right. to do this. bonus will be thought of as the food so you know he is and has. no marriage he's kept germany out of the iraq war. especially. which i mean people and so forth that he deserves to be honored but i've told him. as a former chancellor. or you can take the former president was to vote for not one works for church company.
12:39 pm
they earn so much money. yes i'm for and. they earn money as speakers and they should be earning money from companies like things. but mister schroeder doesn't seem to be listening to you. mister sean sort of. this electction is not about the future of mr slowdown. vitamins in quotes on marketing puts on more questions to you because it's so much fun. the grand coalition which recently mister sharon's. what here exclude? fifteen the grand coalition. in for us spd victory with the concept of that when those who i am from london. but he's running as a candidate for chancellor kohl. which means that until the twenty fourth of september i want to get a majority for thatt. could you try yes or no. plead the deep cuts are from the wings of a touch on that i'm running. for chancellor. what nice try? next this is a debate that was concerned. about him that will be the next chancellor the longest petition you said. you will remain open until the thing yeah umma party leader of the especially in f. lyrically
12:40 pm
i'm not elected local so. i'm not sure i am getting at least one hundred percent again. but i'd be happy if i receive a majority of the votes of our party convention and then i have been made a place as the party leader. yeah i guess of diesel inn the port certatainly him bui think i had this one hundred percent support off the as pity because i wanted to express. what they have to trust me teacher need that policy? this takes us through internal security. and how to do it outside very terrorist threats. the dog and all this is quite a change of topic. because the german authorities speak of seven hundred. attention the dangerous perpetrators in germany if you cannot. monitor all of them. this is like playing russian roulette. do we have to get used. to the fact that terrorists might strike. another potluck sorry i was asked about the grand coalition and i want to try. russian. i would i would do native it will be a question to you promise. and could you please repeat
12:41 pm
the question. you u have to do is to terrorism. no no we must not get use to terrorism and w e have to counter is. no no it's long it is taking us spawning hostage in pa. and we see that in france and spain in great britain. but getting used to this typepe of terrorism he wowod memean that to give us our y of life and this is why you get that we sound. note from me whatever we. can do on songs. to stop the terrorism will be done and otherwise for standing up for our way of life. this issue is on is on me was the case we spoke. about a lot hee wasn't on islamic. potential perpetrator. can be excluded because like i'm only in the future and what will you do to make sure that such cases not repeat itself. watch a movie because nobody can guarantee that the german authorities. i always avoid such a mistake. but i think most authorities are working very well in the case i mean that was a mistake. were not just a mystery alright.
12:42 pm
feed a fever in the outbreak case there were. many miststakes you're right o on that. and we have to follow up on it but you asked me but i can guarantee. that such cases don't happen again i can give you a guarantee that i will do whatever i can. or shoot them empower the authoritie. what makes their work as effective as possible she prevented? they also complement that somebody uses sixteen different identities travels across germany and. across europe. because so many authorities have. failed and they're such as. a series of responsibilities the question is do you think with you as a chancellor. our surveillance services are intelligence services are authorities will work more properly. what do you think we have to take new measures? face recognition surveillance and so on. let us go on equipment even ma yes i think i've we need to take a whole crew grante. that are acceptable in a state government or if not.
12:43 pm
we need to detect. and find these people and it's and it's impossible to part time it's just than the speed. if there is a lot in this country. and some of you try statutes disguise his or her identity. scoffed at biggie the port a cool to plug. plus terrorist attacks who commits criminal act faster leave germany as fast as possible. this takes us to a proposal by mr puspa. mecca. not letting anybody without documents into the country. get a movement i don't think this is very possible if there's a person without papers we need to establish whwho that person is. this is why we've all suggests a true. read out people's cell phones. if somebody is applying for asylum in germany we cannot just. if you close the door holes through them. but we have an obligation sure establish who they are called. for exaxample by usg data on that all our friend. in the armory case many
12:44 pm
mistakes were made and we have to learn from them. now after the t. people being fingerprinted it's not possible anymore to you sixteen. different identities. then on the arts and social antiterrorist center that the month it's because the federal government has tunes merit from that case. also learned how to categorize. potential perpetrators off it's not a prison like i'm really should do not have been in detention awaiting. deportation. season five. i think we have learned a great deal from that case. and this is. what is feasible and everything that is feasible needs to be don? but we don't these external threats. we have internal. dangerous. we see more violence on our society. and both of you have said in your election manifestos factors have to be more police officers there's been a number. launched tomahawk fifteen thousand. but the question of real question is common. word i
12:45 pm
you re supposed too find thm anand how long would it take to recruit times will be able to put it so it does if it is true but i it's what e have problems. recruiting policece officers one things that we need to pay them more. and we also have to admit i'd like to take away part of that burden i mean why. do they have to take care of you know mina. no traffic problems a minor car accident white count other people take care of that bureaucracy if you take away all that. plutocratic bed and they would have so much more time to protect our citizens. equity you're right two thohousand recruiting base fifty thousand police officers will be an issue. and it will probably take us through all three lists. that's why i say. they should be less bureaucracy for the police officers. presents one point it's less work that can be done by others. and this would bring more police officers. out on the street but. i know and you know i'm i know what i'm talking about my father was a police officer and i know
12:46 pm
how hard they work is. they are at the limit of what i is possible. and is it fair for. a few more than necessary to. find and recruit this new police officers. is michael twenty but is it likely to get chancellor of the country where police ofofficers often feel. they are abandoned left to their own devices albums but of celebrity on the whole the federal has an awful. when not to use the police but has also hired more staff. thinking sometime but managed to read that and then the police officers need that along tools novel one and all the. measures say it's funny to have opted all stop the haas we've discussed a lot about. social media yeah surveying social media data returned. that sometimes. we hear from certain german states that they don't have all these options they are not allowed to use video surveillance. they tell me that nobody trusts them to get lost. they now. the hop which
12:47 pm
stuff you have to be identified with numbers. . o that canan be really potentf i i made a mistake. but i would like to see is a model of police acts. all. federal states of germany and that at least would have the same standards. today varia has a better legal situation for police officers and they have a much better because once. the patch other. maybe social most democratically governed states it was also admit i'm not if it is saying this and a lot more fun. five. beautiful but put it says the government and also missed failure was voted out of office because the police officers felt they were not supported. yoyou can i ask a questionn thousands a some units that could lead to you know the state that had the highest crime rate in germany last year. you know which one that is not just telling on cd sexually and hug governed by this two years for the last twenty years. one more thought put it side effects now whahat i'm sayig is is that it should be. on the model of police on the
12:48 pm
ice so that all the police officers and germany have access to the same thing that some of the technical equipment and the same. to do that work. i should. also i do not mind optical you so you would advise you sorry without asking the coalition question is mac again. boss will see. okay anon by the rules we're going to use is that ms mackenna you mean but you'll always find blaming the bright green governments of germany i think when it comes to internal security people are not. interested and who is the same premium people just want to be protected from about crimes for. little and and. so please let's talk just a. finger pointing. you know that's what's our purpose what's going vote tamika is not what would you like to comment on whether there's going to be. a coalition of the city and the greens. not kind but i want to say very clearly is that the city is not going to work within a fd. as neither ways dealing cattle. we saw on sports and i think
12:49 pm
jesus for no. begins with the heroes should hear the same from our isp candidates who's young courted sunspot about surveillance cameras on their potential coalition partner. i am fighting for having a strong explosion. a physical test i'm i'm really potentially enter into coalition based dealing. so you can still statements because if you're not answering the move on to ou. concluding statements. mister schulz the remarks. ladies and gentlemen. of the congress of vienna got sets of seven. in sixteen nine minutes a nurse and so less than forty cents and a manager more than thirty year rose. in sixty seconds problems will support it the government on tv and irresponsible politician can use a tweet to bring the world to the brink of disaster. that same time young people. can set of networks and bring down dictate sought to so. we
12:50 pm
live in a time of transformation. none outside his own or systems bennett and such a time the best thing you can do is to go for a new departure draft the courage for it new beginning. cutting that courage me use the forgot being willing to shape the future and not just. administering on managing the past best shaping the future is something that we can do best with our friends in europe. position at the justice of solidarity security and peace and the world when this when we talk about stalkers weekly standard operating on automatic is the task of germany. germany also as a pot of europe's good like that. we want a europe that is guy does document by a little booties now being a goal of structural democracy where people like trump pacino at on try to israel would our fundamental values. the mobile bobby's mind guns was for it this idea kept a strong demand a strong europe i fought all my life because of the ones that will be thoughtful and ask the chancellor and off the federal republic of germany. it was awful illicit our
12:51 pm
country our people and europe also vivid if the sort of things customer it's nine am i think clearances and i mean to shift will happen as a put on her tense american. you also house here one minutes. in omaha ladies and gentlemen i am very grateful that you have take the time to listen to us. and to follow our debates. from my point of view i would say that we didn't spend enough time. to discuss today have to be sae tomorrow we need and you. had the occasional. system. gotten this thing because o o citizenss have o have a digital access to the states. these are some of the big challenges we dealing with. i think. thanks to the experience of the last few years in which we have achieved a great deal. and with the curiosity i half will be able to just talk shit germany in such a
12:52 pm
way that our country will be a strong country ten years from here. what country block by solidarity and a country marked by confusion this is what i'm working for it all together with you and for you and i think we can manage to do that to get that? this is why i'm asking you for your trust. office if true votes through this city year. thank you very much and i wish you a wonderful evening all. it naman and fun once you we would also like to thank you to you let me say this on behalf of. my colleagues as well like a fifties a sweet thang contents women couldn't. think he contender mr shows thank you for this debate thank you for the evening. thank you to our audience and please make sure you go and vote. well this is the w. news live from berlin you've been watching the one and only debate between the two people who would like to lead the next german government after the national election. on september twenty fourth chance until america the
12:53 pm
incumbent and the candidates he wants her job martin schulz. faced off ninety minutes fielding questions topics such as immigration social justice north korea relations to u. s. president trump. and even the questio. were you in church this sunday. more often than not it seemed to both candidates were in agreement even in unison a tv dool that felt somewhat. like a tv do what. i would've poland now to people here at the table with me to talk about this douleur do what we saw. sadat hate melinda as our chief. political correspondent endorsed inventor of the global public policy institute here in. berlin so. what did we get tonight's did we? first of all what did we get a true. debate going or were they on the same page most of the time. i have about three pages of notes here both sides and i just looked and on every page at least one time i've underlined either ungrammatical agrees with him. or he agrees with
12:54 pm
angler mackel of the issues they discussed definitely they were in more or less in agreement on the majority of that there were a couple of points of stuff strong. disagreement for example what to do with turkey. foreign policy made up a fairly small section the debate as a whole yeah but it was very clear that much insults at least forty saying now is he would break off membership negotiations now with turkey. where's the chancellor wants to keep her diplomatic options at least to some degree. open the only other point they were where at least according to my take on matters where they were really strongly i. at least went head to head was on the question of what's going to happen with pensions. the us spd rivals to the chancellor says if the cd you continues with its policy people are going to be working to over seventy because the numbers don't add on. he says that his government if you were leading it would really make
12:55 pm
sure that pensions are stabilized and that people will be able to retire at the age of sixty seven. as promised with the same amount of potentially of it income that they're getting now yeah. so on those two issues they did go head to head there were few other areas where they disagreed but what was fascinating is the level. of the detailed. back and forth conversation amongst them on a lot of issues where they were out you could say that could govern very well together. yeah i mean it did fill blank through. a grand coalition. will be born again. well we'll see. as i said before these are in it mrs merkel in essence is also another shade of social democrats and said that chill during the. discussion but i think. if you looked at what to mister schultz had to do. mrs merkel is ahead in in terms of credibility is ahead in terms of competence that borders ascribe for. to her and she was largely had in terms of like ability. and mister schultz had to narrow this gap at least and
12:56 pm
i think we miss michael came across as competent as likable. and serve but mister schultz also came as you cut came across as a plausible alternative who was able to challenge the record of for of mrs merkel. on some key issues on how she conducted the refugee policy is not a large disagree over she he said like. you don't conduct sir you didn't conduct this very well also it was able to attack her credibility with a fairly smart line on pensions. when he compared her promise that there won't be a highway toll le if she continues to govern what you said. four years ago. and to just like all of that's about the credibility you'll get. with mrs michael which was. you know he either hit a tough acts because he couldn't become across as aggressive he needed to be likable and still. be able to challenge her and i thin. he pulled that off for people really well but we we went before the debate we win in the i'm saying that most people said this was my we'll break for martin
12:57 pm
schulz that he had to. really almost. pull off a miracle if he wants to change. the prospects for his party on election day did he turned out to be a miracle worker tonight. i would say no i think on one of his very core issues. he didn't getet one of his main messages across in that social justice and inequality. he started out pretty strong on that issue he was trying to essentially assess how much more money. a middle class or even lower middle class family would take home if all of the spd policies were to go into effect. but that a reply that you had talked about on the subject of the highway toll this is a long issue in germany it's rather abstruse. unfortunately they got hijacked by that and he never got around to really outlined a very progressive tax policies that his party advocates that are. a definitely far more aimed a. at remedying inequality them with the c. you was
12:58 pm
talking he was i think that was a loss for him he didn't deliver what he needed to deliver on that social justice. key area of competence for his party. i'm afraid he didn't do what he had to do there and how is it possible that he that he did not do that and he had the chance to hammer that point. but he didn't do it. well i think he made some points. on on pensions for example and in his final statement also when they talked about. the diesel scandal he. put this point across. that served managers if they made made make mistakes they should be called to account. called to account in and said that the wage gap between managers and nurses that that needs to narrow and that we need more social justice so we. hit it is best but he couldn't perform a miracle without mrs merkel imploding mrs merkel didn't write look. she came across as competent as at ease. but i think that at the very least mrs mister schultz had to stabilize his campaign four years ago. the moderators ask the
12:59 pm
challenges of miss mrs merkel it do you have she asked mrs america bass mrs michael do have pity with my challenger. they didn't ask good mr shows that tonight and they do it in and there's no reason to ask that because he saved us is campaign. he also wants to enhance his chances that he stays on as spd chairman. after the election so i think here he achieved the very minimum of terms of what to what he has achieve. whether voters actually know more about what the next government will actually live right terms of future issues i'm not entirely sure because. they didn't ask anything about on eurozone they didn't ask anything on russia russia has eryngium on european security. china didn't play a role although why it and if the debate was largely illiterate on the economic front sir. but that's mostly due to the moderators. what we did see is a yeah i looked at the clock as they were finishing up upon migration? interestingly enough i spent half of the entire allotted time on migration and a lot of that
1:00 pm
was looking. backward some of it of course was on integration and what do we do about. islamist prix de bad the imams who are. preaching things that are counter to our values. all of that was interesting but on most about they were more or less in and then in the closet in their closing statements mr shoals talked about. a new departure to conquer the future and to mrs merkel talked about a curiosity of you know in terms of that she has. in terms of shaping the future but during the debat. one didn't get much of a sense from either of the candidates in terms of what they really. burn for we we we said earlier that the in the past elections that on his americal. didn't do very well in the debates debating is not her strong point. would you say that this debate tonight was the strongest performance she's ever given in a debat. i felt that she was at least to some degree a little more present.
1:01 pm
than one often sees her she didn't simply repeat her talking points and kind of. do that teflon thing that we have sown also often seen her in the past and we and. you could see every now and then we'll facial expression that she was certainly catching martin schulz is i and there was that amazing moment where. they were talking about the diesel scandal. due to the fact that. volkswagen and faked out the numbers on diesel emissions of its cars and now we know what happens to all of these people who have cars that that don't meet regulations. and that need to be in some way retool to and. and so much initials thinks that needs to happen partly through class action lawsuits sound from car owners in order to give them more left. it's the big ultimatum motive companies and she said to him. a listen let's talk to the justice minister and see if we can get this work done faster that was fascinating because i think
1:02 pm
you know for both of us. right looking at. debate saw in the u. s. yeah can you imagine republican and the democratic agenda politicia. in the us saying to each other hey you know let's get together and down let's cal. did the secretary of of justice and see what we can do it yeah are you you can imagine that but i but i wonder in. i think that what we saw tonight also was was refreshing right based on on what we've seen it with u. s. on politics in the last year. but at the end of the day doesn't make a difference with the voters did do the voters have more clarity. tonight in terms of. two candidates two parties bringing two very different plants to the table. do tha. i think now up but they didn't assume that these were two very very different offerings to begin with and everybody knows that in germany. and the forest can also as was discussed new beginning they can choose another party they can choose. a neo fascist the alternative for germany they
1:03 pm
can choose an economically liberal party then you can choose the inc ecological party. and so if they're bored twists the what was offer but at least they got their presented tool competent candidates. if either of them becomes chancellor they can be sure that germany will be be be governed in a very calm and competent to kind of wait. and see as you said that's fairly refreshing. compared to do the it turns us that we saw in france or the alternatives that served that we saw in the in the u. s. i think we should necessarily complained that. we didn't get enough of populists. alternative so. tonight in fact i was about to say it was the opposite of populism certainly on that debate about on islamist. dangers purpose stemming. from mosques in germany with. imams who are perhaps being funded by turkey or saudi arabia during our preaching. very. islamist ideologies and
1:04 pm
have not been adequately controlled in the past so that section of the debate started out with the moderator saying. steed two percent of germans feel that islam doesn't belong to germany it is not really a part of that of of this country's culture. and. for about people who feel strongly that way they will not have heard from either candidate here. reassuring words that give them the sense i think that their fears are really understood that there were very nuanced answers this was an interesting. you could say almost pedagogic exercise on the part of the two. candidates to perhaps try to convince voters that they need to take a more nuanced view but i am sure that they didid not win n back. anyone who was leaning toward the far right aft part yeah i i want us to talk about that possibility just a second on but we do have some data coming in now arm.
1:05 pm
people were asked half way through the debate. who they thought was winning and we're gonna? take that over here and just look at the numbers right now. so we know that there are three weeks to go before the germans go to the polls to elect. a new government to the two candidates they just faced off in this long awaited. debates. a season states woman was challenged by a relative. newcomer the german politics and. let's see if we can pull up the numbers for you know to see where we are. and we're gonna try to pull these up but. you know as. the candidate said tonight. sometimes. there's a warm in the syste. and i think there is for this one as well. alright we're gonna. forget about pulling this up list to get back to the table. and let's stick with what works how about that.
1:06 pm
alright the numbers coming in right now forty four percent. said that numerical. was winning at half time thirty two percent. said that shorts was winning at halftime. i mean that is it ne a sizeable difference but the difference there is not as. as big as maybe a bit of thought. well and also we're talking about half time they were actually just finished with migration. at that point they had not gone on to social justice and i believe that the turkey section also came. after that schultz began to look stronger when he was talking about how to deal with turkey and that is when he really. did go on the offensive i i think. in his. remarks about about anyone in his remarks about trump in his remarks about north korea and kim jong il and. now you could counter that it's easy for the person hillside not in government. to say we need tougher talk
1:07 pm
and we need to break off our membership talks and. the chancellor again and again tried t to gently lead votes to the conclusion that she is the penultimate crisis manager that she is the one who. essentially has again and again proof that she. can talk to lots of different parties and to get them. on track when it comes to dealing with major international crises so she may well have countered on some of that but i think he did. look stronger in some sections of the second half. of the debate were going running out of time here but the question of the debate that i think a lot of people will remember tonight. and both candidates were asked. did they go to church this sunday. the. we you know we chuckled at the answer at the question. but what did it tell us about. the candidates themselves and the fact that it's surprise the. because usually cameras
1:08 pm
don't sure these kind of personal matters. in indy below the religion was a big part of the debate tonight itself yes but personal religiosity is usually not a big issue on that unlike us politics whether you go to church or whether you're. yourself in a forest on carson sh amp but it was interesting was a curious moment. because mrs merkel where after as she said no. i wasn't in church than mr shel said i i i went to a chapel. and it's the it's true this is this is. my deceased friend function hobbyists then it misses michael felt compelled soon as the head of the seaview and eager beaver kind of way to say oh yeah. when i was in church yesterday so was more a curious if anything the side that they react with the same kind of. mechanism. there they had a very similar reaction i think throughout the debate you saw two pretty pragmatically inclined. nuanced thinkers neither of them got loud neither of
1:09 pm
them really got angry it wa. i think if anything they're kind of like a matched. yeah so. if we have to pick a winner. it would you say the winner was was it. under american or was it martin schulz forced journal of prior expectations i would say it was schultz because he out perform sir. activations but michael was solid issues in general i think assaulted debater. as an incumbent she's a very weak debater as a challenger that's why she was very weak with a short i. in her first debate clinton as an incumbent. her style service there were very well as she came across as calm. competent likable. so. but said it was a little stiff the same i think what do you say melinda. hard for me to come out black and white on this i would say she was stronger on some issues. he'd be exhibited strengths on others. she went in with the bonus and he certainly did not close the gap. to the degree that he may
1:10 pm
need to make a little boost of momentum out of this. but i think it'll probably. dissipate fairly separate. alright malingering and thorsten better to both of you thank you very much it was. come up and enjoyable time watching the debate with you thank you. sure are gonna turn out to other stories that are making headlines this hour u. s. secretary of defense jim mattis has warned that his country will meet any threat from north korea. with a massive military response. as comments came after north korea launched its latest nuclear test. pyongyang claimed the test on sunday was a perfect success. state tv held the bombers have been quote greet. destructive power it showed a compact device that could easily be launched. the countries and of. state television interrupted regular programming to make a major announcement. the newscaster said scientists had tested a hydrogen bombs and the test was a perfect success.
1:11 pm
supreme leader kim jong one was shown signing off on the missile test. the bomb it said was dedesigned to fit on top ofn intercontinental ballistic missile. south koreans were following pyongyang's announcement closely. but few r reacted with open alarmm. they have been living with the threat from the nonorth for years. contemplating everything on every time the provocations become worse i i think theye trying to use them as political leverage rather than to start a war. fink out president is communicating well. i think he'll tackle the situation. in a car on the way. but the response from south korean president mood jay in was less diplomatic as he convened a meeting of his security cabinet. he called for north korea to be severely punished for what he did.
1:12 pm
north korea has committed an absurd strategic mistake that further isolates the country from the international community. we will devise powerful punitive measures against the north and w we willl mae north korea have no optption otheher than givingg upp its nuclear and missile prprogr. the international community has imposed numerous rounds of sanctions on north korea in response to its nuclear threats. but that hasn't deterred kim jong own whose only stepped up the country's nuclear program. i look at the timeline of events shows the bomb tested last january had an explosive force of about six kilotons of tnt. the bomb test that followed in september of that year was about twice as powerful nearly matching the bomb dropped on hiroshima. one year later this new test has had an explosive force of fifty to sixty kilotons about six times more than a year ago. north korea says this latest test makes it one step closer to becoming a nuclear force.
1:13 pm
we'll be back here in germany authorities in frankfort have successfully defused a massive world war two era bomb. this after tens of thousands of people were forced to leave their homes and workplaces in germany's biggest post more evacuatio. the bomb contained around one point four tons of explosives and was discovered by construction workers during an excavation of a building site. two hospitals and the bundesbank germany's central bank. were also forced to evacuat. sports is now in formula one to lewis hamilton of mercedes has taken over the driver seat in the standings after winning the italian grand prix. you serbs germany's sebastian vettel of ferrari who was leading overall. loses hamilton second win in a row and also a mercedes one two with teammate about thirty both us coming in second. plaudits from his teaeam and from t the start she would mercedes c chief deterred sasha were well arent. lewis hamilton dominated the race from pole to flag to claim the victory he craved.
1:14 pm
one that putin top of the drivers championship. the first time. today the college and. so the fact. the. hamilton's rivals the boston federal claim third behind other mercedes driver valtteri bottas. ferrari celebrates his seventieth birthday. podium finish for one of their drivers at least gave the fans something to toast. even if this really has been difficult i know that we have a very vevery very strg because. and we will have a very very strong and of the season i'm sure of thatat. championonship race howevers still wide open. hamilton will be hoping he can stretches lead. seal the season's first hot trick of wins. the singapore grand prix in two weeks time. and here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you german chancellor angela merkel has faced off against her main rival martin schulz in the. only
1:15 pm
televised debate ahead of national elections on september twenty fourth. opinion poll shows america was ahead at the midpoint. of the debate. you're of the dates will be back at the top of the hour
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