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tv   Quadriga - The International Talk Show  LINKTV  September 25, 2017 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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hello and a very warm welcome indeed to this special edition of quadriga coming to you from the hall. berlin but for many the clear winners in this election. of
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the third place alternative for germany the far right afd. who have made it into the bundestag for the very first time? so today on quadriga were examining the election results here in germany and to that significance for germany europe. and the rest of the world election twenty seventeen. germany has voted in to discuss the latest developments i'm joined here in the studio. five three astute observers of german politics beginning with venice ana. who was for many years with germany's a all de tv network of one of the best known correspondents reporting? german politics. bogen better. also with us is alan poznaba a regular columnist for the berlin based newspaper de bell tyler allan and will most into to dw's political corresponden. michela could snap richard i would like to begin with you web pitzer victory for angela merkel she has
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secured what is and historic fourth term in office. butter conservatives got the worst results since nineteen forty nine. would you say. yes well you have party won the elections but this was by no stretch of the imagination of victory. um c. will go down in history as. as hans of music minus two basically impose her own political browned on the cdu party. and it looks like her own party is now paying dearly and out the of polls here in germany and she herself finds itself in the position where she is weakened. as somebody talks with putting together a coalition now it looking on to germany a from the outside. and having the. german taunts ungrammatical remained a fixture here a suggests that they will be continuity and that there will be stability that you can still expect what's coming out of germany in terms of policy. but this is a very different political bowl game both in the parliament now and also in terms of which options are on the table to form a
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government limits on what you see how wounded is emblematic us she is. very of we don't use much weaker. and the germany will be less predictable in the future of what this new coalition which is the only real. option and the disa socog jamaica a coalition we will explain what that means. and a bottle of water and it will be the coalition of the greens and and and and. liberals and and as they do anand damned that this will. a coalition that will be hard very hard to fall when it will take a lot of time. and as they are very open now how this will play out in. doboau what do you say this said the outcome of this election is being described as a reality check for germany especially in lightt of the a a fdc moving into e bundestag. now i think is a reality check control sound de. thirty percent of people who voted. for the fd votives a total. unrealistic forma parte
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could discuss that later so it's not a reality check. arm what i think is a very good thing is that the grand circle grand coalition to knock on the spd which calmed her and harm the spd. has been broken the spd's going into a position good thing suddenly. we're gonna have a a coalition of the center ride. a including the greens good thing. where the market is weakened or not she has a mandate the moment she's formed a government she's the head of government? and you know polls go up and down. the point is she will still be the woman you have to reckon with during the next four years in europe and the world in germany of course. so. i dunno arm. that did. that is neither reality check nor can one say market is is is weakened because there's no one else in her potty. who's going to challenge but when you look at people commenting on the on the eyes to de if they if these cuts de pending entry into the german parliament exhort you know people talk about them. marching into parliament people the financial times talks about a molotov cocktail being lobbed into the house of german democracy. is that
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sensationalism. army well to use it tomorrow to of crypto which i mean bead was near the name molotov. in arizona. i really big glittering i'm. seems a bit strange in the context of a nk sort of. right wing extremist party which they are. unpack look can the polled were predicting something like this for weeks and people in britain i mean talking to all sorts been giving interviews for the past. two weeks to be be seein and co and then they wanted to hear about the afd suddenly they wake up so if it's a reality check it's a reality check for. the international press we in germany we knew what was gonna happen we've had the a if de gin twenty four percent in. in recent actions in east germany and they got. similar numbers now so come on. a this is. the new reality in in in in the bundestag but that doesn't mean. . you know that. it's gonna change the way
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the with the way well. let's that they would go to work go to click no limit olympic bring this clipping of alexander gauland one of the a fdc to kilometers. let's listen to what he had to say of this that this is a room. praca patron very familiar of this is what happened this morning in german politics. new developments. fro compatriot of the coach has of the afd. update upping awaiting from a press conference that they were giving care in berlin. she's one of the most familiar faces internationally from the policy and i think this is maybe it indication of. potential found the divisions within the policy metropolitan washington explode. what toga pita se? what folk between said that she wanted her party to be conservative opposition and ready for government in twenty twenty one of the next election? and she's with this action she's shown that she doesn't believe the party leadership gauland and co. i got i going to do that what they're gonna do is fundamental a position. and them in though i and
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she's right this is what's going to happen that the pivnice party is can be more and more radical. and is not that is why they're not actually going to upset german politics because they're not getting ready for government. the way that links pas i the left party has been ready for government for the past twenty years so. that lead leaves the others to sort out the real. things a politics that i took with and of course the question is obvious a and the question is do we see the beginning of a split within the afd we have seen it before. the foundnding faths of de a of de have left the potty 'lho a long time ago like or nothing good down look good that all left. they really wanted a conservative a. body and de nowadays they are faced with a party that has of because a lot of conservative elements but does it that that about a partid also has. a lot of radicals. neo nazis. races stabbing. inside of of of this body i'm not saying dhe they are
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the majority but they are certainly on a an important element of india have de. and and and follow compatriot once a different a of de and therefore the question is do we see this morning de did the beginning of a split within this body. move and that shba dhe has already upsets the german politics they and left their mark not just on this election campaign and we see or parties concerning themselves. on how they can a keep the a fdc at bay ahead of this. election this historic result for them of this very young party. and that tv is not afraid of using very right and the parliament sad that they want to hold them to account of the big question is will they remain hecklers. in german democracy or will they become. pots of what they looked down on as the establishment right now establishment right now and
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them actually want to develop. them more policies them being against the migration policy against the euro. when you talk about them hunting down their opponents let's go to that clip that i just wanted to see earlier of alexander gauland let's see what he has to say about precisely that. one this week you won't do you get a german government which ever way it's is formed show dress warmly. we will hunt them. we will hunt mrs mackel or whoever. and we will take our country and our people back again. once owns on front owns all * silicone. it is incredibly vitriolic the language michelle why he took a why are they so toxic in their view of angle america. well they basically. have to declare it but in a way they've set off her political brown does well being anti mackel. but also looking at polling that actually is a significant proportion of german. voters
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who felt that twelve years is enough for mac clin way. so they tap into this right wing rhetoric they. . we alexander gauland just in in the middle of this campaign saying it's time for germany should draw a line to be proud of the military achievements of german soldiers in world war two. and then basically saying why don't we see what the problem is that's what false format alone said i'm just quoting him. and and it's this kind of new and mechanism that is breaking a consensus here in germany amongst not just the launch parties but also. both parties already an opposition that that is not something you toy with and jim politics and what strikes me most when i when i hear the song by. at this is one hundred percent donald trump. absolutely the same and. i think above all a lot of what we see here you see in the united states. and so you can argue that. germany is with the f. do you becoming a normal
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country. a lot of people that the shell shocked when they have been to hear this but del when you look around and. all over the globe especially in europe of france and the netherlands poland hungary the united states. you have movements like thi. and in that in that sense earned germany becomes a normal country whether we like that i'm not i don't. to make that very clear not. it's all pretty up this this is what it what is happening right now alan you're shaking your head but i'm shaking my head for the for it. for several reasons. thirty donor trump. l. is an official american populace which is quite different from. german right wing. movements of the past and present de you can't compare them what a gauland was saying that i know him very well this was actually not cure doma trump. is pure so called conservative revolution of the nineteen twenties which led. directly to fashion but what is he saying we take back the country we give it back to the people this is one hundred percent done not yeah yes but it means
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something different and the german context. because our who. are the people he and his party se have hijacked germany it's the western in hits it is the united states of america. it's still the so called east coast capitalist by which which is code word for the jews it i. as alice by the his co. you'd ctte co chief of the of the of the a fdc said the vic the victors of world war two are creating. a civil war in in germany in order to exploit us this is. fascist ideology which has nothing to do with champion. a populism i really want to draw the line you and the point is that they do that doing this. and they want the fundamental position they don't want to be in government they want to be a fundament fun that's why petry left the party. that's quite different from the way trump hijacked the republican party in the u.
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s. a. and with all due respect to the polls in that hungarians and so on. it's different if that happens in an eighteen million country like germany or in a smallish country like poland how. hungry. so really this is not. just sort of germany becoming normal this is germany reverting to form yes but not a good form no her fully agree it's not a good phone it's not that i support this idea i know i know i'm disappointing i. hope that this is what is happening. and we see it everywhere in all major countries in all his seat in germany too into this what i will what is so what does this is what i'm calling. we about bill becoming whether we like it or not a mall normal country will you have the radical left. o. in germany and where you also have a radical right this is what is happening. even following that logic. and we're still looking for what actually could be a normal country fridtjof there is no merit to. save germany because of its history is the one country
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that could and should know better. yeah we do know and. make this point loud and clear. we aren't for food agreement this is the bad thing that is happening but it is happening anyway and. i stick to my description germany is becoming more and more norman country and this is part of it but we like it or not i will go along with that but at the same nnova. that we've seen in the united states is a very different new normal that could do that we could see being established over the coming four years here in germany because of. wet germany comes from and because of and still some people being alive who remember. me know what what what what what it felt like what this beginnings up. so i i that is coming from a
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different direction that's why so many alarm bells are ringing. at the same time this is a test for democrac. and this is also an opportunity to bring. radical views into a democratic process let them be tested. by german democracy and see whether they stand that has time. to read the two candidates marz had to say just up to be in results came through enough of right cumbre. vietnamm or we will continue our struggle f for democracy anantolerance and respect.. from this day forward with all our strength with vehemence and passion. and gigin the resesults of the r right not just witith vehemence a a passionon. . h all of our might. we are the bulwark of democracy in this country. richard a martin schulz in the social democrats as the bull will could de in.
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defending democracy. well this is an opportunity for the social democrats i'm de the to use their very own history is germany's largest party who stood up. to right wing extremism once before in german history on successfully and to a bid to it basically. rediscover their own profile because they've read about the need to do that. and because they have been dubban into the ground in a grand coalition with the tonsil angola mackel a at the same time you know it's it's not it's not been. anybody's. roll the hunts me afd am who have declared that they're going to hunt the government's m. important that that the big question is. will they stick to the rules everybody has to play with and if they don't. o will there be enough resilience to go off the dots here in germany it well but the main question this morning is not. what role will the fda play in german politics the big question this morning is?
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what will the future of coalition bring to the table in of and in germany and also in the world okay then i'm going to ask you then it's it's hard to explain the jamaica coalition for? significant other number that to make it look like about jamaica we need to define to make a move like which has the colossal a black. a green and yellow and that is why we. as journalists media people call it's a jamaican coalition and this will stick. no it's okay so please do get in the european union ad do in the future what can they do and i. i i i'm i'm a little bit surprised at a lot of questions have not been asked and have not been mentioned last night. and that is foreign policy what
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will happen to russia do alright or relationship with the un but the u. s.. of with nato security of problems i and of course europe. and i think it's a big agenda yeah it's a big agenda and. the only thing that is small in the safe to say is that these three partisk world support the european idea. maybe a little bit more critical um but this is the u. which. thing that they are facing together and then move as i said we have to address all these question what will happen to russia with with our relations with a very strange relationship with russia for example. and and that of course with the united states what. will disqualify you do okay let's let's given a chance to come and tell us about relations between a future. to make a coalition in germany and transatlantic relations with washington will wash away expect that. i think actually they could be better than they are now. because. at america is obviously a na down to aest always has been arming. the free
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democrats. wobble a bit in in the direction of. of of of neutrality always have by the way the old. politics of mr genscher a but in the end they plump for free markets and democracy and the greens strange to say who. use to be so critical and and and and and i'm now i would say their main pillars. that. and in that coalition. supporting. sort of our ow. if you will and an active. proactive western policy against russian aggression or over the all over the world and all over the continent so. look to see i would say. . don't don't worry about that has had the grace and i think that's going to be i think it's gonna be fine in spite of mr linda. vanna has indicated that we do need to worry about where you called a strained relationship with russia. michelle is nothing to examina. yeah because call on so far a we do see an extremely strained relationship when
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we have reacted to germans have reacted to the nato we have somewhat. ago thousands of troops eastward. then obey easter at the russian border and and and and and the baltic states. and they're actually based on our border because rusher is. a o. and has been aggressive against the baltic states. you need to formally that in the baltic states at the request of the baltic states because russia is undermining the sovereignty of the board to go talk about hearing. the windows on aug dot about it i'm just describing the facts which is my job at the jordan this by the way. so there's a certain. what we did to and reaction tool? the violation offered international order by a russia okay and. therefore will be very interesting how this. new coalition blue to go about it. where we see? will be see the spd even. moving traditional lead towards russia mall like good they did in the past four years. what you will? de.
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liberals do. in this respect movie at afd o. get mall even more support from russia like they did in in in the past over the past months of very interesting questioning bury them well a lot of very interesting question we don't. have the answers yet room of what will we do in our relationship with the nato o. will be is it will this new coalition support the two percent goal but probably not. o. like they did. like grammatical to make at stephanie is a lot less fun than it sounds a because you can imagine that german chancellor who has been. basically organizing those sanctions against russia in
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the mosque she was the main person here in europe. during that's en and across the table you have christian lindner from the free democrats who basically already declared. and crimea a dead loss that's what i think they did a good en las do it the russians have it so what's the message. and we don't have enough time to try and find some middle ground between knocks them that's just just don't use it lindner is he gonna be foreign minister. are. he's already said that thank god. fendi was lindner. there that they they call each other by the night estimate that about it but if he is foreign minister and i'm sure he's not going to go along with giving russia the. crimea he will support the sanctions against russia and so on so i'm i'm quite sanguine about this is going to be a lot o.
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sound and fury but it's not gonna signifying the thing are you just a sanguine on behalf of. emmanuel macron french president how will he be waking up to this potential to make a coalition islámicas the free democrats don't quite go along with his plans for. reigniting the european project yeah he said if if if if there was going to be a just and a coalition between mac land and the free democrats he'd be dead politically. well it's got the greens in the coalition so he's half dead right. . yes it's going to be difficult but on the other hand. one thing he the the main opposition party which thank goodness is the spd and not the afd. is going to be more pro makonnen the government even is more pro european the government even is so there is. this possibilities within the bundestag which. which you know we left dozens see what happens and i don't think. macaws lost his game yet. then michael. well that's an open question but john i i i i think all of these parties will agreed that. the german french connnnection will be the
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driving engine and europe in the future devilil continue. and and i'm not really bothered about europe i think de is three parties are basically pro european. and therefore the leadership of anglo mackel in this or the respect will continue. until we can tell the world this morning of which i of course took it for granted that jedva china i'm lemak a look be the new and old a chance run germany. yes you will be and who will be supported by of this new coalition when it comes to europe or other questionable and probably. also when it comes to the united states what we see depicted divisions. amin climate change is only one of the men but the good the greensn
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idea okay i'm gonna come in their mission we've. begun first question with the last question with you about chancellor medical. people had hoped some people had hope that it they see her as a potential leader of the free will that hope she would come in bowls and. outs of this election she hasn't hausa she's wounded. where she hasn't and her and her standing outside of germany once again i'm is greater than it is in germany right now ninth she has hit steffi? hit below of her chocolate and the the leadership of the city imposed. interesting to see whether she survives all of the four years he interesting times lie ahead for germany thank you very very
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