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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 26, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> mcauley, angela gomez will be live in moments. let's watch. ♪ >> buenos diaz. [speaking spanish]
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>> the launch of our spanish-language channel is an exciting step for all of us here at france 24. it almost 11ound years ago. what can you expect from our latest offering? it is the same channel you put your trust in since 2006. but in a language france 24 viewers are not used to hearing. a few thousand kilometers away of ourris, dozens journalists will now cover international news in spanish. develop inlet america, it is important -- spanish, central in the digital world to you as french people, we have the same latin roots.
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and important relationships with latin american countries. a spanish france 24 channel was overdue. >> brand-new offices and a brand-new team in the works for many months. inoss several countries latin america, household can finally discover france 24. the language and the offices will be different, but spanish channel will share the same editorial line as the french, english, and arabic channels. a french perspective on international issues. >> the programming will be exactly the same. news every half hour and up dates on major news every order our. news,will be culture, sports, and all of the same documentaries and special reports. continues to expand to ourin bogota, --
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.eam in bogota the spanish version of the france 24 website will keep you informed 24 hours a day. joining me live on set now is gaspard estrada, a a member of r spanish channel's advisory board. basically, he has been there from the beginning. let's start with the basics. why was the spanish channel created? fulfilling? it >> i think latin america isntries, where france 24 located and has influence, such as the middle east or africa, in latin america, you have a strong media landscape. a sickly, you have it into
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parties. the first party, the most dominant, is related to all of the privately owned media channels and newsgroups that are very strong in latin america, global inlevisa brazil. engines which are depicted in the discourse and the message of these news outlets. on the other side, you'll have state owned news media outlets, no bias and are directed by the government's voice and influence. so there is a space for a public , news outlet, which has independence from the government, from the private we want to depict
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latin america as it is. with an objective and independent point of view with a very professional newsroom. i think france 24 in spanish will fulfill this space. >> not all of our newsreaders know this, but our french, english, and arabic channels are all raised in paris. the spanish one will be based in the to -- bogota. way thet change the channel operates? >> yes in that here, you have the three channels working together in the newsroom. but it is also you have a jet lag between latin america and paris, so having a newsroom based in bogota allows france 24 in spanish to deliver these
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messages directly from latin america with a newsroom based in london america with information from latin america, which will enhance and improve the information delivered by france 24 two interviewers. i think this is a very good element and is part of the strategy of this new channel. >> and how do you expect to be received in both latin america and the wider world? >> i think there is an -- the lack of truthful information from a public media outlet. i think the editorial approach wellance 24 will be received by the latin america viewers, especially if you also have a sister company who has a
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strong audience in latin america. the fact ththat this new channe, france 24 in spanish, will also be part of other programs made paris,newsroom based in who gave good elements and a good complement to information in bogota. >> what are the biggest channels -- challenges that lie ahead for the channel? >> now, it is to gather the audience and diversify the new newsion of this channel. especially being recognized. the power of a brand is important. bringjective is to credibility from nsc to france
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24 in latin america. >> exciting times for all of us. gaspard estrada, a member of advisory spanish's board. thank you. we will bring you more from from the director of the channel in a few minutes. moving on to other world stories. acrossof jubilation iraqi kurdistan following a independence. but baghdad has already dismissed the results of what it called an unconstitutional vote, saying it is not prepared to hold talks with it took us -- turkish government. and there are fears it could further destabilize a fragile country. for more of an idea what comes tot, we crossed out to erbil
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speak with our correspondent there. you were at the polling stations yesterday. the yes vote may be set to win. but it is not as simple as that, is it? all the people we spoke to who exited the voting station said they voted for an independent kurdish state. it is expected the overwhelming majority of those who turned out cast a vote in favor of secession. but there are a lot of people who do not share the same feeling of independence, especially the minorities. there are minorities in rightsan who feel their may not be respected. i spoke to a man who is part of the christian community in erbil. he says he feels that he is a
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second-class citizen. he fears his rights could be cartel should kurdistan -- he fears his rights could be cartel -- curtailed. he wonders if there could be consequences. there are fears among minorities about the future of kurdistan, what their place would eat in an independent kurdish state. baghdadhe government in says it does not recognize this vote. how are kurds hoping to proceed without baghdad's cooperation? >> the president said the referendum would be a first step in negotiating i independence wh baghd. ththey will speak ababout their future as two separate countries. rejectedas of course that pay they have asked kurdistan to cancel or delay the referendum. right now, there is no
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willingness on the side of the federal government to enter into dialogue. the international community is also watching this referendum. they could play a part in mediating, but they are on the side of the iraqi government. it will be difficult for kurdistan to declare independence without international support. without that dialogue, without support from the international community, its neighbors, and from baghdad, it is difficult to see how an independent kurdish state could come into being. also rejectedrkey the kurdish independence vote. they fear the move could embolden their own kurdish populations. the turkish president has said all options, from economic and air and land military movements, are on the table. for more on his pronouncement,
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we crossed life to our ankara correspondent. strong words f from the turkish leaderer. what is at stakeke for him h he? >> lots is at stake. as you said, he does fear that kurdish iraraq's independence would embolden turkish kurds, making them turn too anknkara ad so you better give us something equivalent, or we will go the same way. today, erdogan accuse the irarai turkish -- iraqi kurdish leader of treachery. but he a accuses a lot of people of treachery, includuding people who use birth control. he also says curtis iraq -- provides well over
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$1 billion worth of food, consumer goods, construction materials, everything, from turkey. turkey could really hurt kurdish iraq were a to cut off trade. however, sucuch a move would alo hurt tururkish manufacturerers. turkey is just recovering from a near r recession.. i do not thihi erdogan will impose sanctions on fofood and goods. hihithird remamark today -- he s threatened to cut the oil pipeline. by oil trade, which goes taker trucks across ththe borde. the oill trade is kurdish irar's principal source of revenue.e. they pump p or send byby truck 7 billion worth of crude oil through turkey every year. , if they apply
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thing since, erdogan will apply sections on oil. how far he will go -- whether he closes the pipeline completely or partially -- we do not know. >> thank you very much. has officially launched its spanish-language channel. they are operating out of bogota, bolom -- colombia. the creation of our latest channel memeans that our coverae is now accessible to an extra 4 million speaking -- spanish-speaking people across the world. we crossed live now to the news room in bogota. in spanishrance 24 offer ththe spanish-speaking mea landscape? hello from bogota.
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buenos dias from bogota. we are in the very last minute of our very first use program here in bogota. france 24 inhe spanish to offer to the latin american public and to the general spanish speaking people around the world a wealth of inormation that is delivered the france 24 way. ourill include in programming a lot of information about latin america, information that we will provide for our viewers and for people navigating the internet and looking at our webpage in latin america and the rest of the spanish-speaking world. at the same came -- time, we will offer information for our sister channels in english,
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french, and arabic. as well as the wide range of magazines characteristic of france 24. >> thank you. turkishrominent journalist has been released from jail ahead of his or hearing, where he and 21 others stand accused of failing the actions of terrorists groups. kadri gursel spent almost 300 hours in jail. -- family and with friends after spending almost a year behind bars, prominent turkish journalist kadri gursel was attained under the state of
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emergency introduced in the wake of last year's coup attempt. along with 16 colleagues, the journalists had been charged with supporting terrorism, but has been released pending charges. >> there is no reason to be happy. our journalists are imprisoned without justification. i will, of course, continue to write. i will force myself to work under these can v visions -- co nditions. >> the journalists could be jailed up to 43 years if convicted. >> it is a bittersweet happiness, considering our friends in prison. i cannot say that justice is being delivered today. >> the targeting of staff has caused an international outcry of worry about the erosion
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press freedom. journalists and academics who criticize the government risk investigation and prosecution. staff is accused of targeting president erdogan. their trial has been adjourned until the end of october. >> we have just launched our spanish channel, coming out of bogota, columbia -- colombia. their first 50 minute bulletin went according to plan. please check out our spanish channel, now broadcasting live. news.ow for some business >> this will potentially not go to plan. [laughter] the businesst these with a potential merger of
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train builders in europe. and a germanroup group are discussing plans for a merger. the idea is to create a european ofin builder capable competing with their chinese rivals. the merger was discussed in sold theirhe french energy business to general electio -- general electric. long considered a symbol of french industrial prowess, alstom produced its first steam locomotive in the new late 19th century. it later became famous for pioneering france's first high-speed train. but the company has struggled to remain profitable and has been
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bailed out multiple times by the french government. it was rescued from bankruptcy in 2004. in 2016, authorities spent nearly half a billion euros on trains they did d not need to prevent the closure of one of its plants. it also agrereed to sell its energy division ii general electric in 2014. even then, the french government intervened and negotiated an option to buy a 20% stake in the country. france's refusal to exercise that option, potentially allowing a merger with siemens to go through, could mark a change in the country's typical protectionist policies. and it could also be a sign of goodwill. >> take a look at what is happening next in the markets. starting with the price of oil, which hits and over two-year peak yesterday in trading. today, down slightly. the brand crude international --
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the brent crude trading under $59 a barrel. markets, seeing oil prices up significantly on yesterday, boosting oil producers. 100 not managing to peek into the green. next to china, where authorities disrupted access to a messaging service, whatsapp. >> users are unable to set up new accounts using chinese numbers and have reported difficulty in sending video and photos. this had previously happened in july for a period of several weeks. the apparent crackdown as the country prepares for the communist party conference, t to begins next month,
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choooose chinese leadersrship fr the next five years. is the latest of facebook's -- of three major social media companies have been fined for failing to enforce censorship rules on pornography and other banned content. wechat.ludes weibo and they have been hit with a maximum fine, which could he over 50,000 euros -- which could be over 50,000 euros. it is a small amount of these companies, which earned billions every year. largest mining company that healing expects electric
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thecles to grow to 8% of global car fleet. manufacturing electric cars uses four times the amount of copper as a diesel car. >> thank you with the is this news. time for sports, starting with france. it presented its day to post that 2023 rugby world cup in london monday. the sports minister insists hosting the 2024 olympics would not be an obstacle. france is a favorite to stage another sporting event, with ireland and south africa their rivals.. today, we are not going to compete with the 2024 olympics, paralympics. we h have a ststrate.. we want to host big world sporting events.
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we havave the facilities necessary. it is an opportunity for us to host the rugby world cup. it would b be an opportunity ana rugby in our improve schools and universities. nations would follow in the footsteps of japan, which would be the first asian country to host the event in 2019. coach says that his team is back on track. they faced a tricky trip in dortmund, looking for back-to-back wins to kick off their champions league title defense. zidane's is confident they will turn the corner. >> we are doing fine. lahave toto earn a good win i liga.
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now, we are happy y we can play champions league football again. we are happy t to be here. we get to train. and we are well prepared. real has not won here in six previous visits. it is true, we have never won here. it will be difficult. we will try to win again, as always, but we must try. wen we walk onto the pitch, always try to win. we b breathe it, we want to play it, and we expect a good game here at dortmund. marcelo andout
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benzema. manchester city will not take anything for granted. -- ite also have three points after a win over napoli. >> they are one of the best teams in football right nonow, napoli. they were able to beat them. and states have a tricky. home,'so win at ashley o our next two g games. today we'll see how good they are and hope they can
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convince them to take it seriously. sterling and more have scored
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