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it that they get us from forty to fifty. well for morore let's go to brussels correspondent p. have been as a is that. and dead pierre how of mekaniske commentsts being interpreted way you are. well you could say they were quite expected because you know that the. european union news cartoonist thomas till four way and has been n for the past two three years. ever sisince thehe. social populist vototes and the. twenty fourteeeen elections i'm afterhe. at ten o'clock thatat would be it was in a sense i would. expect tens and also welcomes the goes by without comments from the president ofof the eu commissiononer jacques billion carara. of said dieie i meaean willow's agreeingng with most of whas
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a many micro is saying and that obviouslyly insnsult xs ninights aged. with he's own speech on the state of the european union last week so that's one there. . be tella of firsts want employment growth proposals h he's goig to have a well it's going to be a tough sell in some capital's begins. he wants to relaunch i used. main c comments are that we see and after the so very long speak indeed and it can't what about that relationship between france and germany in terms of making this happen and and can rival m michael still commit to thesese very. ambitious plans and when she herself is struggling a hom. well some say here thatt sad
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the speech may have come to light and politics say this is exactly the rigight m mot to do it before t the a act. i negotiations betweenen huhunger americacal and the greens and the liberals i really actually starts at to get into theheir yard frerek all things in beberlin. andi mean they say that's a minor in my home i sets quite a few other trains going if you prozac i could help them negotiate. and the greens in their germany have. i takekn dolphihin hands. two i get trucks in in building for his id's kevin essay in brussels thanks very much in days. now three israeli men including an arab israeli of being laid to rest after they were killed by a palestinian gunman that was
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shot dead while guarding the hot adopt settlements in the west bank. how mass has praised the killings which comes as the us envoy to the region prepares to visit jerusalem? she's is big names as any man and jamal a thirty seven year old father full from the nearby palestinian village. of bates so make. iraqi kurds risk finding themselves without food cool clothes that's the latest threat from tacky after yesterday's refererendum on independence for iraqi kurdistan. the take is president receive type otherwise says all options are now on the table text via the votes will trump's turkish kurds to seek narrowed into. but millions went ahead and voted in yesterday's referendum and the yes. expected guerrilla has. turkey's president steps up the rhetoric. richard tayyip erdogan wound that iraqi because with a hungry if his country stopped the flow of trucks
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anand oil. across the border with northern iraq. economic yup that all options are on the table from economic sanctions to military toys. but darn it very busy bosnia and the talk is regional government do not backtrack on this mistake as soon as possible. they will go down in history with the shame of having track the region into an ethnic and sectarian war. dozens of iraqi soldiers of joint longer in texas wargames near the border. for most last week as a warning against the referendum. the joints drills come a year after the two countries where all to overtake easement your presence in iraq. but this is a message to the kurdish region of a government that. iraq and turkey who will turn outut on good terms unl recently are willing to work together in the military domain. to prevent the. outcome both the. .
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different. turkey has fourth a kurdish insurgency within its borders with decades and considers the iraqi kurds referendum as a threats to its own territorial integrity. and the results show an overwhelming majority costs and yes ballot on monday. with over seventy percent of and is moving just taking pots. edition the domestic barzani says the fact is not bindin. is meant to give him a mandate to negotiate independence with that and neighboring countries. well go back to israel now i following the news of three israeli men at was shot dead set up by a palestinian gunman. in a settlements in the west bank of hamas is price the killing. and the shooter has been named as a thirty seven year old father of four from a nearby palestinian village we can get up to jerusalem correspondent. at some the zocalo is there and then saw me unusually and it is a marriage that that the shared said the government had a work permits and he
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had been and inappropriate message by. by israel this will be very troubling for israelis but also for. the tens of thousands of palestinians who have promised to work in israel i'm walkin israeli settlements what does this mean for them. indeed there is saying that we do a lot. limited some. . and who was known in the settlement of how. as nimetz really authorities announced that no palestinian labor is going to enter as of tomorrow to the end to the yes settlement of how bout. we don't know how long this a win the continue. and at the same time most of the israeli authorities have been saying that. they said that they gunmen the palestinian gunmen that was actually may be motivated. by their domestic issues he has a beaten his wife his
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wife its escape to jordan maybe this was the way that he would the escape from this a situation that he wasn't. but nevertheless in the palestinian society is regarded in a by many circles as a hero. who's a championing against israeli occupation and we need a little seeing the fought the whole movement. and this is. three well i'm only one of . was born in the ci two yeah and moved to israel i. charles. another was a muslim and arab israeli. yes i and the other one would be seen here that the. kind of people who weree
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engageged. they in. in in this fire exchange and were killed. by the palestinians is these of the bodyguards all over the area of the settlements. one man eh comes former for neighborhood in barely a call with the scent of israel from ethiopia background. another want is a israeli arabs from a nearby town of applause. a he and is is someone who is there so the also in the and border police in the past. and then other a person the mosel secure in they came from thehe essence of it itseself no i interestinglyy enough the mayor of a bush. he was saying that and he could thehe only f focus one attacker himself and now you can see that this a pound of
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of a bush. who there have both israeli by their citizenship but in their in nationality their palestinian arabs so they're working on that very fine line? ththe the tried to beo be at the raids but this time they were the victims. sami cellphone interests and thank you very much indeed. now if turkey's leading journalists has been released from jail because there you go says it is one of seventeen stock from the gym korea newspaper. then being charged with supporting terrorism and were arrested on the state of emergency that was brought in following last year's failed coup sharon gaffney has the story. i sit with family and friends after spending almost a year behind bars. prominence turkish journalist country carousel was detained under the state of emergency introduced in the wake of last year's failed coup attempts. along with sixteen of his colleagues economist is charged with supporting terrorism but has been
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released pending trial. costs and a gunshot wound is there is no reason to be happy. because our journalists are still imprisoned without justification. of course every journalist wants to continue writing if the circumstances allow. . i will of course continue to rice jump i will force myself to work under these conditions. if convicted the journalists could be jailed for a. three years. well you wouldn't be statement chalked it seems that might but it's a very business week happiness considering our friends in prison a journalist outside. i cannot say that justice is being delivered today. all. targeting of stuff at the gym hurry it's newspaper has caused an international outcry. amid mounting concerns about the erosion of press freedom. more than a hundred and seventy turkish media outlets have been shut down and journalists and academics who criticize the government. risk investigation and prosecution. jim harriet is vehemently opposed the
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policies of president erdogan. it stuff for accused of targeting him through want prosecutions. asymmetric war methods their trial has been adjourned until the end of october. and yeah human rights watch's accused burma of committing crimes against humanity in its campaign against muslim reading this in rakhine's states. that means government rejects the claims the un refugee agency is calling for urgent a to help more the four hundred and eighty thousand refugees many of them children. reflects neighboring back protests in just one month human rights was told france twenty four that the refugees were foster skate. a brutal crackdown by burmese troops. so we havee. plplenty of testimonies like. that peopople in their villagages. the military surrounds a vivillage.. start shooting and villagers. you know. catches people. kills the man rapes the women. lays landmines i icases where there are some cases people are fleeing out of
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villages. to go roads in oregon. alall this there's no secret what's. i mean they are. since it magagically. tacking villages and andnd. trying to stampee the. accountability has been lolg overdue across. impunity is the middle nam. military they have gotten away with these kind of abuses so long. that t they don't even think that therere's other paparts alternate and we want to. abuse them up thahat notiony actually taking some of their senior commander. so their mid level people. and oththers in the field wo are directly involved. with that process. to the internet. tens of thousands of people have image to safety on the indonesian island of bali off to warnings that its biggest volcano is due to rob someone expose the cubby completely stool. over five hundred and sixty volcanic earthquakes have been recorded its and the alert status has been raised to the highest possible level catherine cabinet has the story.
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beneath mountain goons crisis. pressure is buildin. let's put some recording increasing tremors. they say they can't be sure of an eruption but believe there's a high risk. with this have very high. seismicity. we conclude for the moment that. we have like. magma. trying to. . my great to to to to to the surface. the danger zone extending some twelve kilometers around months ago and has been declared in eastern valley. officials co mass area with trucks. transposing tens of thousands of residents to regions around the island seemed out of harm's way. once arrives evacuees i resigned tennis ball packs into gymnasiums like this one. however not everyone's agreeing to go. sam i'm willing to leave their lifestyle. until they sure of interruption.
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customizable. officers were forced to approach them to persuade them an appeal to them thought we must let some still do not want to evacuate until the volcano erupts i was i didn't even look. meanwhile tourists queue for flights off the islands one of the most popular holiday spots in the world's. while officials say there is no immediate threat summer mysteries stay away from the danger zone. many don't want to take the risk of being stranded if an eruption grounds flights. months ago last erupted in nineteen sixty three. killing over a thouousand people. now seseries just coming ino us the king of saudi arabia has issued a decree that will allow women to drive because currently t the kikingdom is thehe onlyation on earth when women are forbidden from. drdriving te decree by king someoeone who dodoes the formation of a ministerial body w which wil give advic within t thirty days. and then he wants to know implemented by june of twenty eighteen so. saudi
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women could soon be behind the wheel. now france twenty four is broadening its reach where already broadcasting around the globe in french english and arabic of course will now we're adding a false language today we went live for the first time. in spanish our colleagues in bogota colombia began broadcasting just a few hours ago france twenty four now available in spanish to twelve new countries. across latin america and was very pleased to welcome it. it's the same channel you put your trust in since two thousand and six. boy does the end so use on the eminent i language france twenty fourr of f yos are not used to hearing and they put ends with the quad that'll ennis by you. a few thousand kilometers away from paris. dozens of our journalists will now cover international news in spanish. word to developing latin america is trying to just be the most important languages on the continent at least
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spanish. it's language that's essential in the digital world a and one of e major international channels have a spanish fashion. as french people we have the same latin roots on such important relationship is who have an american countries. source punish france twenty four channel was on the of june. brand new offices for a brand new team that has been in the works for m many mon. from today onn some seven million households across twelve countries in latin america can finally discover france twenty four. but the thing to the language and the offices will be different. but the spanish channelel will share the same editorial line as the french english andnd arababic chahannels. a a frh perspective on international news. they give you the pogo the programming of the spanish channel will be exactly the same as the others news every half hour an update on major stories a quarter past in a quarter before every hour. there will be news on culture the environment history in sports. and they will be all of the same documentaries and special reports. one of a very strong interaction between ththe three existing france twenty four channels and the
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spanish channel. on this spaniards initially. france twenty four continues to expand. in addition to our team in bogota the new channel will rely on correspondents and reporter. already present in latin america and all over the world to cover the continent's latest news. on the digital side this new adventure started just a few days ago. with the spanish version of the france twenty four website will keep you informed twenty fourur houra day. yeah. but i feel. a very exciting times here france twenty four now that's his business use we can't really is here thinness yeah that takes a laura i guess over the potential measures. and over companies that build trains right here near misses important dealers that it really is for a for the french group alstom and for the german group siemens. of the boards have been meeting at this choose a to discuss plans for merging their activities. the ideas to create a european train builder which capable of competing with chinese rivals. awesome and seems already discussed a possible merger back in twenty
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fourteen but fresh from instead chose to sell off its power generation business to general electri. manual michael's administration has reportedly given the deal a green light in a significant shift for a company long considered a pillar of french industry. to hone their sticker explains. long considered a symbol of french industrial prowess austin produced its first team locomotive and the late nineteenth century. it later became famous for pioneering the tgv. francis first high speed train. the company has since struggled to remain profitable. and was bailed out multiple times by the french government. it was rescued from bankruptcy in two thousand four. and in two thousand sixteen authorities spend nearly half a billion euros on trains the didn't need to prevent the closure of the company's better fall plant. oust the mosul agreed to sell its energy division to general electric for over twelve billion euros in twenty fourteen. but even t then the french government intervened and
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negotiated an option to buy a twenty percent stake in the company. france is refusal to exercise that option. effectively allowing a potential merger with siemens to go through could mark a shift in the country's traditionally protectionist policies. it could also prove a token of good will towards germany at a time or emmanuel mccall hopes to convince berlin to back him vicious reforms of the euro zone. in his outline for stronger european integration we heard president michael repeating his calls for a common budget for the countries that use the single currency. he said the eurozone budget would help finance european projects and help stabilize the economy in few crises. money would come partly for national budgets and partly by imposing a single corporate tax band across the bloc. french presents it was crucial that ininternet jois in particular pay their fair share. fictitious. this tax is fair because it generates revenues in the country where the money was generated. and it simply
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recalls a fundamental element of our common and democratic philosophies. but there are common goods to finance and that all economic actors must contribute. that cannot be new economimc actors today who are getting a free ride chicago this time. the monocle toppled off. meanwhile france's unemployment agency said the number of people without a job rose in the month of august twenty two thousand three hundred more than the month before. the number of people working part time but looking for more work also increased. it's the second consecutive month that the unemployment rate has ticked upwards. french labour minister no other comments on those monthly figures which it considers to be too volatil. present micro hopes that his efforts to loosen labour restrictions will boost hiring. he wants to bring the unemployment rate from its current level of just i'm just above nine percent. to about seven by the end of his mandate can twenty twenty two. a chicken on the day's trading action now oil prices had a two year high on monday. partly to a threat by turkey's it could
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disrupt supplies coming out of iraqi kurdistan after that. i independence referendum. no international brent had been hovering around just about fifty nine dollars per barrel it has now dropped slightly down there. a doubt about point six percent on that day. in front for was a seaman shares dropping very slightly at the close ousted was up a little over half a percent here in paris. the major indices following a fairly flat close they're just foot the one hundred at without a fifth of a percent in the red. the family needed session on wall street as well idea. if a us investors there hoping to break a three day losing streak. will be hoping for details of president donald trump's along with a tax reforms. those are expected to be announced on wednesda. during a meeting with both democrats and republicans the us president suggested that the reforms would simplify the tax code. this is one of trump's major campaign pledges which is propelled stock markets since his election. but plan has been delayed two details remain scarce and trouble getting other legislation
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through congress has raised questions about whether touch upon to could face hurdles. in a preview president trump confirmed she hopes to reduce tax rates for both top earners and the middle class. and cut the corporate tax rate from its current thirty five to twenty percent. we will cut taxes tremendouslyly for the midde class not just a little bit but tremendously. that includedes nearly doububling the standard deduction t that mosost fams take for their taxes. anand increasing the child. taxx credit families really w wat anand have been tatalking a. a lot of time. third we willll lowower tax rates for businesses to create more jobs and higher wages for americans. details on that as we get them on wednesday. nothing on some the days of the business headlines now. in china the once out messaging services been experiencing a disruption since the weekend. users are unable to set up new accounts using chinese numbers and reported difficulty in sending videos
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and photos. is had previously happened in july for a period of several weeks the parent crackdown by chinese censors is coming as the country prepares for the communist party conference. begins nexexmonth. the brbrazilian government s reversed p plans too allow privatee minining compapaeso set up a in the reserve in the amazon rainforest. the areaea covers about fory six t thousand sququare kilometersrs or nearly eighteenen thousand square mimiles. thoughtto have s significant deposisits of f gold copperd other r minerals. far much this have mounted a fierce campaign to keepp reminding them in place. and the chairman and chief executive of equifax's stepped down as the credit monitoring agency grapples with the fallout of massive data breach. richard smith resigned at three weeks after the scandal broke that's when it was revealed that hundred and forty three million people in the united states. have had their personal information stolen. social security numbers and credit card details and addresses. if i could fixtures was suspended earlier are down twenty seven percent since the hulking wasn't.
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dubai has unveiled what it claims is the first ever drone taxi service.. authorities said a test flight had been successful there were no passengers and crucially no drivers. in ideas have a two seated vehicle which can apply for about thirty minutes at maximum speed of a hundred kilometers per hour. hope is that that hover taxi will eventually be integrated into the city's existing public transport network up there's already a mattress to. system tramways and bus says up the idea would be passengege would be ablele o book these autonomous air taxis and trackck the arrrrl in route using an axe it does sound sort of familiar. until you remember laura that you'd be in the air and with no driver quite a few scary things yeah i personally can't really be mobile patch yeah thirty scares me the first from the table within finance pioneering none the. less right allocate thank you very much indeed i can we do
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that with
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