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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 27, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> you are watching france 24. these are the headlines. the former prime minister of thailand sentenced to five years in prison in absentia. yingluck shinawatra was pushed out in a crew three years ago and has been charge over her governments failed rights policy. close to 500,000 rohingya muslims have not run from permit into bangladesh. coming up, our exclusive with the road injured insurgents the
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first attack police in vermont wanting the mass retaliation that's been called ethnic cleansing. and a victory for rights groups in saudi arabia. women there will finally be allowed to drive starting next waser david saudi arabia the last country in the world still barring women from getting behind the wheel. has a deal been struck between paris and rome for the french shipyard that built the world's biggest cruise liner? details in our business update. and paris and all its splendor has a saint laurent fashion show near the eiffel tower.
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the top court in thailand has sentenced the former prime minister yingluck shinawatra to five years in prison. she was sentenced in absentia for kernel negligence after having fled the country last month. her government was toppled in a coup three years ago. she was charged over her alleged negligence in her governments money-losing rice subsidy program. she has been convicted, she has been sentenced to five years in jail. she can lodge an appeal now. she would need to return to .hailand for the formalities all her supporters say there is no way the former prime minister , the ousted prime minister, will come back to bangkok as she fled on august 25. the military on the other hand says they have no influence over
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who judges. the question now is what she will do, will she be living in exile like her brother, another former prime minister, who is currently living in dubai. past monther the alone, close to 500,000 rohingya muslims have been forced out of myanmar, the country also known as verma. they are running from the army and what the wood has called ethnic cleansing. the crisis began in august when the rohingya muslims attacked police posts in vermont, prompting the army to lead a campaign with killings, rape, and the burning of entire villages. the army says it is rooting at the militants who are linked to al qaeda. we spoke to the right hinge and militants in this exclusive report. the refugee canceled along the bangladesh army's border form a maze of elaborate.
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this is where we are scheduled to meet a local leader in the right hinge a salvation army. far from prying eyes, he has agreed to tell us that it came to be. >> in 2012, we decided to come together, young people, farmers, fishermen, to defend our rights and protect our people. >> arsa attacked burmese security check on last august. rangoon says it is a terrorist organization. >> we are not terrorists, we are not the islamic state group. we fight with sticks and swords. sometimes we have no swords, so we have to fight with our hands are our faith. we don't want help from al qaeda. we need help from the international community. >> bangladeshi authorities deny on their soil.
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the topics of guerrillas are off topics. >> i don't have any comment about arca. >> he is wary. he promised to take us to a training camp, but circumstances have changed. >> we trained 300 people e every day bubut today i cacannot taket to the camp because bangladeshi security forces are monitoring the rohingya. >> as we leave the area, the rohingya guerrilla remains as elusive as ever. u.s. defense secretary james mattis arrived in afghanistan today. the visit coming hours after several small rockets exploded
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in and around kabul airport. the islamic state group claimed responsibility for the attack which had no reports of casualties or damage. let's talk more about this. is there anything that could link these two events, the arrival of the u.s. defense secretary and the rocket fire today? >> the attack is still ongoing. we understand a helicopter gunship wanted to target the house where at least four attackers are still firing at different targets, including the hamid karzai international airport. the helicopter hit another house 100 meters away, injuring five civilians, all members of one family. at this stage, we can confirm at least one woman and two children are confirmed killed. what's interesting, for the taliban and islamic state, they say they carried out the attack. the taliban have said they
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wanted to target the u.s. defense secretary. what is very clear, this attack shows how afghanistan continues to suffer from this huge intelligence and security failures. in this case, it's also embarrassing or the international forces in kabul. they allocated a lot of resources for the protection of the harvard karzai international militarywhich has a side, or the afghan air force is based, where forces also have a major operations base, including a base from where they carry out all the sensitive operations, we now haves confirmation that the kabul city, the area has been put securityot of preparations, several layers of
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security. the hamid karzai international airport is close to all flights in and out. some flights have divergent. at least one flight landed at the kandahar airport. if anything, is a huge embarrassment for the afghan government, its international allies, and it is a stark reminder that the television and islamic state remain a potent threat for the people of afghanistan. this comes after donald trump announced a new strategy for afghanistan, promising a bigger military campaign against the taliban insurgents. how likely is it that that will help? 2016,t we have seen since the taliban have control of more areas. they are better armed, they can recruit from areas where previously the afghan government was recruiting for the police and army.
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doubt, the afghan government and its international allies are looking at a fight on many fronts. you have to find the sort of attacks in the city's, but you also have to fight the town of and on highways, districts, major provincial capitals that are surrounded. they have not fallen into the hands of taliban only because of air power, escalation in the air power we have seen. then you also have to do with the islamic state, at least in some parts of the country. what is very crucial from now on is the strike capability these groups have. they can carry out a strike in a city like kabul in an hour, according to a counterterrorism official. that is capability mainly of recruitmenta has expanded. we also see a lot of
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sophistication on the part of these militant groups. >> thank you. saudi arabia is ending its ban on women drivers. the saudi king made the announcement tuesday, putting an end to the status as the only country where women could not drive. soon, this will no longer be an offense punishable by law. june, 2018, womomen in saudi arababia will be allowed to dri, thanks to a decrease on by the king with the approval of a majority of the council's senior religious scholars. when he heard the news, saudi arabia's representative at the united nations was eager to share it with his colleagues. >> mr. chairman, ladies and gentlemen, you may be interested to know that a few minutes ago a royal decree has been issued in saudi arabia giving women the right to drive. [applause]
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this is an historic day for saudi society, for men and women , and we can now say, at last. the driving ban had been the cause of international condemnation. women's rights activists faced tension fortifying it, and clerics maintained allowing women to drive would lead to a life of sin and demise of saudi society. still, some women took the wheel to tell people to get used to it. the message of this campaign is to tell the decision-makers at the community is ready for women to drive cars, there will be no gatherings or demonstrations. it is only to make women driving a matter of fact and get the ststreets used to this. the move is the latest by the king and the crown press to show a willingness to loosen the
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country's strict laws. for the first time this month, women were allowed inside the capital's main stadium to attend national day of celebrations. >> for more on the story, i am joined on the line by an activist in riyadh. taking the time to speak to us. what was your immediate reaction to this announcement? i cannot expect my feelings. all the words with not express our feelings. 1990, we have been fighting for the right to drive. >> you say this has been going on for decades. why did it take so long for this to happen? answers't have the because, actually, the community is ready. we are ready to cry. thisw big a victory is
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really, could this mean further progress for women there? stonehink it is a mighty for the kingdom and an historic development. and this is a start. a start for a better future. we are still fighting to get all the rights, and to end the male guardianship. >> what is the next big challenge? the next big challenge, now that women have gotten the right to be able to drive, starting next year, what is the most pressing issue you will try to face now? >> our next challenge is to end the male guardianship system. we are fighting to end that. we are still fighting until we get there. we have been fighting for the right to drive, and we get it finally. and we are still fighting to get all the rights, especially to
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end the male guardianship system. for 448been driving now days. >> thank you for taking the time to speak to us. is counting down to an independent vote with catalan leaders insisting the vote will go ahead. a battle between the pro-separatist government and madrid is increasingly being sought on the international stage. the spanish prime minister took the issue to washington and the president of catalonia's parliament appeal to the eu to protect the rights and freedom of expression of europeans. and enthusiastic sendoff of spanish police officers on their way to catalonia, acting as reinforcements days before a contentious independence referendum. the five cattle and leaders say
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they will push ahead with the votete, as they accuse madrid of stirring up fefear. >> the spanish wants to hide the referendum, to make a clandestine. they want to generate fear. >> with only four days to go until the ballot, the feud has continued on the world stage, as both sides seek foreign support. the spanish prime minister addressing the issue during his visit to the white house. crazy.s just there cannot be a valid democratic referendum with so few guarantees. the situation, i think we need to return to common sense, and put an end to this whole stotor. the only thing it is doing is generating division and tension. >> spain's central government has blasted the vote as a legal.
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authorities have launched a offive crackdown, sealing polling stations, seizing electoral materials, and detaining referendum organizers. >> something completely different now, it is fashion week in paris. ons saint laurent windfall french capital with a stunning outdoor show, as you can see there, in front of the eiffel tower. models shut it down the runway in 1980's style. this was yves saint laurent's first show since his partner died earlier this month. some of the celebrity guests at the show were lenny kravitz, robin wright, beatrice dall, and hundreds of members of the public who lined up to catch a rare glimpse of the outdoor fashion elite. stephen, i bet you would like to have been there.
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our business editor joining us on the set. here in france, we are expecting a deal to be announced over the sale of france's biggest shipyard. >> france temporarily nationalized it back in july after vetoing a deal to sell the site to italy. it wanted france and the state to have equivalent shares in the site. emmanuel macron is meeting the italian prime minister this afternoon. according to a newspaper, they will have good news to announce. >> a creative compromise that could satisfy all parties. france and italy have agreed to split ownership of the stx shipyard down the middle, with paris london 1% of its s shareso the italian group, effectively giving it control of the company. the loan is set to last 12 years, during which both sides will meet regularly, leaving
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france the possibility to take if itts 1% take -- steak deems italy is not respecting his promises. the deal comes after months of tensions between the two countries. an original 80 million euro agreement in which they would own a 55% stake in the shipyard was blocked by emmanuel macron, who pushed for a 50/50 deal instead. with both sides keen to have a majority of shares, a tug of war ended with france's surprise decision to temporarily nationalize the site in july. a win-win situation now seems in reach with italy getting the 51% and wanted, while france would retain a form of control over the shipyard. represents about 5000 jobs and is the country's last remaining manufacturing site or aircraft carriers and other large military vessels. >> the government in france unveiling its first budget. >> details announced to the
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cabin this morning, the press confereren taking place this morning. there were some surprises. the french government will cut public spending by 16 billion euros next year. that is less than expected. within that, for billing will come from the health budget, while 2 million will come out of housing subsidies, defense, and higher education will see budgets increase. texas will come down by 7 billion euros. that is slightly less than expected but the government's argument is that they are calculating it over 12 months, not over when the cuts would take effect. some of that will affect the housing tax for lower income households. the goal is to bring the deficit down further to 2.6% next t yea. theow to the reaction of merger of alstom and siemens. >> a german company would take a majority stake, which means france's tvg trains would be
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built by a foreign company. the ceo would still be french. the new company has promised to keep french jobs save for four years, but workers are still worried. the french finance minister believes it's a good deal. >> we have some very strong guarantees for the preservation of wrench jobs, guarantees for governance and leadership, therantees for quarters and stock listings, but most of all, guarantees that all of. 's french sites will remain open. 5%.hares in all stem up slightly more muted reaction in frankfurt, where shares in siemens are outlined generally less than 2%. gains across london, paris, and frankfurt. >> the british and canadian governments have criticized decisions about trey terrace. 220%e u.s. wants to slap a tariff on aircraft made by
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bombarding ap washington says the company benefited from unfair state subsidies. a fifil ruling i is not due untl december. inbard ea's jets are made canada and ireland. are 4000 in northern ireland. theresa may has expressed her disappointment. >> some news on twitter, working on a new tragedy to attract chatty or users. >> they will double the character limit from 140 to 280 characters in a hope of reviving flagging growth. jack dorsey was the first to use the expanded suite, saying that previous limit was an arbitrary choice, and a small group of users get to try out the longer version. the company has 328 million active users per month, compared to 2 billion for facebook, 800
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million for instagram. a long way behind the two. >> i don't know about that, i kind of like being forced. >> a lot of people are saying that the brevity is what may twitter twitter. now for the press review. we are here to take a look at what's been making headlines in the papers. on the surprise decision from saudi arabia to finally let women drive. it is about time, you might say, as saudi arabia ashes itself into the 21st century not surprising it is making headlines across saudi newspapers. under kings all men, women are finally able to drive. they call it a historic decision and say saudi's will never of september 27, when women were given the right to drive.
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same sentiment from a a french language lebanese paper. they call it a small revolution. >> another piece from the new yorker talks about the skepticism around this decision. journal thatynical looks into maybe the all too rare motives behind the decision. a sickly, the monarchy is under pressure to modernize itself, warsaudis role in the yemen may, under the microscope. all of this comes at a time when saudi's are looking for some good pr, and hence, that could be the thinking behind this decision. that cynicism is also echoed on twitter. when user has retweeted an old cartoon noting the irony that saudi's are along the women to drive just as we usher in an era of driverless cars. >> here in france, a budding scandal about the cost of the olympic delegation's trip to peru earlier this year.
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know how much paris and france has wanted the olympics. it appears the olympic delegation has spared no cost in their trip to peru this month. a website is reporting on an investigation led by a french website into the so-called lavish trip. eurost around 1.5 million for about 300 people. that is about 5000 euros ahead. the website says the delegation was pampered, including a meal at one of the best restaurants in latin america, five-star hotels, and even a special boeing made available for the occasion. >> emmanuel macron delivered a speech talking about his vision for a new reform europe. speech at a rousing university yesterday. says that it is
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a rejuvenated e.u., to which the u.k. could return. fronttry, it says on its page. we are not done with the catchphrases yet. a french paper is worrying whether macron was subscribing to the proverbial french arrogance yesterday. france is only proposing the reforms, not imposing them on europe. >> you've found a critical piece from fox news on this. >> john moody, the executive at fox, has basically called macron the anti-trump, and not in a good way, according to him. he says macron is the polar opposite of trump, and his message sounds like a "best hits sounds mix al gore, barack obama, and george soros." donald trump continuing to
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get a lot of criticism for his handling of hurricane marie which has devastated puerto rico. peoplethe 3.4 million who live in puerto rico, and who are you a citizen. they deserve better, that is the message from this opinion he's in the miami herald. trumpsses out at donald saying that all of his tweets about trump right now have been downright judgmental and victim blaming. santiago says this while food supplies are dwindling, water is undrinkable, and he is stifling. a dire situation that she says is not being reported on enough. trump says he will be visiting weeks after the hurricane struck, so he is really taken his time on this one. just like george bush. dearly for his delayed response to victims of hurricane katrina, one writer in puerto rico says trump must reach out to puerto ricans now, at the risk of this becoming his katrina moment.
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>> wrapping up in paris, fashion week wrapped up. for the first time, ultra skinny models not allowed to be on the runway. >> that is after a decision
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