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tv   Democracy Now  LINKTV  November 8, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PST

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(water gurgling) bubble guppies! hi. it's me, molly, and it's time for-- ribbit-ribbit. it's time for-- ribbit. ribbit-ribbit. (giggling) what's gil pretending to be? right! a frog. ribbit. ribbit-ribbit-ribbit. ribbit. it's time for bubble guppies. ribbit. ♪ bub-bub-bubble, gup-gup-guppies ♪
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♪ bubble, bubble, bubble, guppy, guppy, guppy ♪ ♪ bubble, bubble ♪ guppy, guppy ♪ bubble guppies ♪ i'm molly ♪ i'm gil ♪ i'm goby ♪ i'm deema ♪ i'm oona ♪ i'm nonny (barking) ♪ bubble puppy ♪ bub-bub-bubble, gup-gup-guppies ♪ ♪ bubble, bubble, bubble, guppy, guppy, guppy ♪ ♪ bubble, bubble ♪ guppy, guppy ♪ bubble guppies ♪ bubble guppies ♪ hi. hi there. (croaking) look, a frog. (barking) gil: where did he go?
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gil, check it out. those are baby frogs. frogs? but they have tails. yeah. when frogs are babies, they have tails. they're called tadpoles. whoa. and when they get bigger, they lose their tails and they grow legs. cool. let's show everybody. yeah! come here, little tadpole. i think i'll call him fernando. come on, fernando. we want to show you to our friends. let's go. come on. hello. hello. hi there.
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good morning, mr. grouper. well, good morning, everyone. ribbit-ribbit. (giggling) what's that, goby? it's a tadpole. hey, look at that. he's just a baby. a baby what? a baby frog. it doesn't look like a frog. when frogs are babies, they have tails so they can swim in the water. and later, they grow legs so they can hop on land. frogs are amphibians. that means they live in water and on land. fernando is my favorite amphibian. i call him fernando. let's think about frogs. when frogs are babies, they're called... tadpoles. tadpoles. yep. and as they grow up, tadpoles lose their tails and grow...
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legs. that's right. they grow legs. and when they're all grown up into frogs, they'll use their legs to... hop. that's right. frogs are cool. (croaking) ♪ there once was a tadpole living in a swimming hole ♪ ♪ small as he could be ♪ started out as an egg ♪ ♪ and soon grew legs ♪ he was the critter he was meant to be ♪ ♪ couldn't wait for the day he'd grow up and make his way ♪ ♪ to a pond or a tree ♪ to be a full-grown frog you see, yippee ♪ ♪ hey, little froggy little, little froggy ♪ ♪ patience, that's the key ♪ hey, little froglet you'll be a frog yet ♪ ♪ just you wait and see ♪ you'll get big and plump hang out on a stump ♪
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♪ maybe jump through some clumps of lawn ♪ ♪ you'll spend your day croaking your heart away ♪ ♪ singing your froggiest froggy song ♪ ♪ little froggy (croaking in rhythm) ♪ little froggy (croaking) ♪ oh, hey amphibian tell me what that means again ♪ ♪ you live on water and land ♪ hopping and leaping croaking and peeping ♪ ♪ in your musical froggy band ♪ and i always like it when ♪ you breathe through your skin ♪ ♪ hey, little froggy little, little froggy ♪ ♪ patience, that's the key ♪ hey, little froglet you'll be a frog yet ♪ ♪ just you wait and see ♪ you'll get big and plump hang out on a stump ♪ ♪ maybe jump through some clumps of lawn ♪ ♪ you'll spend your day croaking your heart away ♪ ♪ singing your froggiest froggy song ♪ ♪ little froggy (croaking in rhythm)
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(cheering and applause) if you're hoppy and you know it, come with me. hello, i'd like to see some froggies, please. well, you've certainly come to the right place. welcome to frog city. right, guys? (croaking) froggies! can i see them? certainly. hop this way. frogs live in lots of different places. as you can see, this tank has the kinds of trees that you'd find in a rainforest. and the kind of frog that lives in trees like these is called a tree frog. let's take a look. hmm. i don't see any tree frogs. some frogs are just hard to find because they have the same colors as the places they live. it's called "camouflage." well, that tree frog's camouflage must work really well.
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(croaking) there is a frog in there! we need your help to find him. do you see a green tree frog in there? (croaking) there he is. he's right there. yeah. he's right on top of that leaf. (shutter clicking) (croaking) hark! another frog. as you can see, this tank looks like the desert. one kind of frog that lives in the desert is called a toad. it's bumpy and it has spots all over. i need your help. can you find the toad hiding in here? (croaking) right there. in the sand. there he is. his bumpy skin blends in with the sand. that toad was hard to find because he was camouflaged. "toad-ally."
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(giggling) (shutter clicking) thank you for showing me a tree frog and a toad. you're welcome. excuse me, what time is it? it's time for lunch. ♪ what time is it it's time for lunch ♪ ♪ what time is it ♪ it's time for lunch ♪ what time is it it's time for lunch ♪ ♪ it's lunchtime hey, what's for lunch ♪ hey, molly, what did you get for lunch today? i got a chicken sandwich and some popcorn. what did you get, oona? i got a veggie sandwich and popcorn, too. what did you get, nonny? i got a cheese sandwich. and hop-corn? hey, come back here, hop-corn. hop-corn? that's ridiculous. you can find frogs all over the world. some live in the trees, some live in deserts, and some live in ponds.
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gil: here, froggy-froggy. here, froggy-froggy. gilly? shh. i'm waiting for a frog to come by. frogs love ponds. i just have to be really patient and really, really quiet. molly, look. it's a frog. (barking) hey, you guys, come on. we're playing frogs. hop with us. (imitating frog croaking) (barking) i'm a toad. (everyone laughing) eep-eep. i'm a tree frog. eep-eep, eep-eep. eep-eep. hi, fernando.
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(gasping) hey, you guys, come look. whoa! fernando's got legs. wow! he's got legs. he's turning into a frog. mr. grouper: that's right, molly. tadpoles go through a lot of changes to grow up into frogs. like what? well, first, the mommy frog lays eggs. then the eggs hatch, and out of each one comes a little tadpole. tadpoles live in the water for a while and then they grow legs. hey, that's what fernando looks like right now. that's right, goby. then after they grow all four legs, they lose their tails and become frogs. they really change a lot. when fernando's a frog, we'll take him back to his pond so he can be with all the other frogs. mr. grouper: okay, little froggies, line up. it's time to go outside.
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come on. ♪ outside, outside outside, everybody, outside ♪ ♪ line up, everybody line up, line up ♪ ♪ line up my gup-gup-gup-gup-guppies ♪ ♪ everybody get out get-get-get up, get out ♪ ♪ get everybody, go outside ♪ everybody, here we go here we go ♪ ♪ everybody line up, here we go outside ♪ ♪ everybody let's go g-go-go g-get out ♪ ♪ out-out-out-out-out outside bubble guppies. i'm dr. frogenstein. and i'm her assistant, eggor. once upon a time... (thunder crashing) it was a gloomy day in bubblevania. and so, dr. frogenstein and her assistant decided to have a picnic. mmm, that was delicious, eggor. what's for dessert? your favorite, dr. frogenstein. it's a pie! gil: but just as they were about to take a bite...
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(babbling) what's that? giant fly, master. (babbling) yikes! let's get out of here. yes, master. so, dr. frogenstein and eggor went somewhere else to eat their pie, but before they could... (babbling) (screaming) eggor, get the fly swatter! yes, master. well, that was ineffective. (babbling) yikes, master. we have to get rid of that nasty giant fly, but how? perhaps a giant frog, dr. frogenstein. a giant frog?
8:13 am
frogs like to eat flies. a giant frog! (thunder crashing) gil: so, they went back to dr. frogenstein's laboratory to create a giant frog. what's that, eggor? giant frog egg, master. of course. we will create our giant frog from this giant frog egg. eggor, start the electric frog-nosticator. yes, dr. frogenstein. to create our giant frog, first we start with an egg and end with a frog. (machine beeping) eggor, what's wrong? some of these stages are out of order. oh, no! our giant frog will grow in four stages. we need your help to put them in order. we want to grow a giant frog.
8:14 am
first we start with a frog egg. the next stage is a tadpole. which one of these is a tadpole, this one or this one? that one! the tadpole. that's right. so, that means this one goes here. (computer keys clacking) (doorbell ringing) someone's at the door. yes? (babbling) uh-oh. that's the giant fly. hurry, eggor! throw the switch. (electricity zapping) (thunder crashing) (croaking) it's a frog! (doorbell ringing)
8:15 am
come in. (babbling) (moaning) (crying) what did you do that for? you were trying to get us. no, i wasn't. i just wanted some pie. (crying) is that all? you should have just asked. oh. may i have some pie, please? of course you can. ooh! gil: and so, dr. frogenstein and eggor shared their pie with the fly. (croaking) deema: ooh, i think the giant frog is hungry, too. yeah. um, i should go. (giggling) and they all lived "hoppily" ever after.
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(cheering) come on, everybody! it's time to dance. come on, all you froggies. get up and dance with us. come on, get up. we're going to hop like frogs. ♪ we're hopping, bouncing all around ♪ ♪ let's hit the pond, yeah ♪ bounce up, bounce down ♪ ♪ frog legs are made to hop ♪ but come on now, don't you stop ♪ ♪ going to do a little dance just like a frog ♪ ♪ so get off that lily pad off that log ♪ are you ready to hop around like a frog with me? here we go. ♪ hop, hop like a frog ♪ hop like a froggy, like a little froggy go ♪ ♪ hop, hop just like a frog ♪ ♪ hop little froggy, hop to and fro ♪ ♪ hop, hop like a frog ♪ hop like a froggy ,like a little froggy go ♪ ♪ hop, hop just like a frog ♪ ♪ hop little froggy ,hop high and low ♪ ♪ through the swamps and the marshes ♪ ♪ frogs make their way ♪ hopping place to place
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♪ place to place, place to place ♪ ♪ there's simply no stopping ♪ all of those frogs from their hopping ♪ ♪ into the ponds they're a-plopping ♪ ♪ hop, hop like a frog ♪ hop like a froggy, like a little froggy go ♪ ♪ hop, hop just like a frog ♪ ♪ hop little froggy, hop to and fro ♪ ♪ hop, hop like a frog ♪ hop like a froggy, like a little froggy go ♪ ♪ hop, hop just like a frog ♪ ♪ hop little froggy, hop high and low ♪ (cheering and applause) frogs are neat. some like to hop and some just walk, and others can even climb trees. gil: eep-eep, eep-eep. here, little tree frog. eep-eep, eep-eep. what are you doing, gil? i'm trying to find a tree frog. they have camouflage, so they're really hard to see. (barking) (screaming) oof. you guys, guess what? fernando's a frog now.
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we're going to take him home to his pond. guppies: field trip! molly: do you want to come with us to take fernando home? great. come on. announcer: buenos dias and hola. welcome to the annual running of the bullfrogs. (cheering and applause, fanfare sounding) i am your host, señor rana, and this is my co-host-- señora ribbitina. today, our frogs are all grown up, and with the help of their runners they will hop all the way back to their home in the pond. today's course follows the different stages in a frog's life. all frogs and their runners will begin here in the frog-egg area. then, they will hop through town to the tadpole area, then through the new arms-and-legs area, and finally they will hop their way down to the pond.
8:19 am
it is so exciting. and let's begin the race. on your mark, get set, go! and there they go. the frogs and their runners are leaving the frog-egg area. this way, fernando. and they've made it to tadpole plaza. woo! come on, fernando. go, go, go. this way. woo-hoo! yeah, all right. come on, fernando. you're almost home.
8:20 am
rana: it looks like fernando sees something he wants to eat. ribbitina: uh-oh. that's the wrong way. fernando, wait! rana: oh, no. it looks like fernando and his runners are going the wrong way. fernando, wait! fernando, you're going the wrong way. don't you want to finish the race? (croaking) okay, let's go. rana: oh, thank goodness they're back on track. but these streets can be very confusing. uh-oh, i think we're lost. we need to get to the pond. we need your help. which sign will show us the way to fernando's home? that one, that one, or that one? that one. it goes to the pond. right.
8:21 am
come on, fernando. rana: and it looks like all the frogs have made it back to their home in the pond, except fernando. oh, no. fernando didn't make it. (audience gasping) (bubble puppy whining) molly: there they are. (crowd cheering) rana: ladies and gentlemen, here they come at last: fernando and his runners. all right! come on, fernando. you can do it. yeah, hooray! bye, fernando. we'll miss you. (gulping) (belching) (crowd cheering) bye-bye. bye. so long. we'll miss you.
8:22 am
i'm happy that fernando made it back home to his pond. me, too. frogs are cool, and i'm going to catch one. here, froggy. we're delicious flies. buzz-buzz-buzz. come and get it! buzz-buzz-buzz. (croaking) uh-oh. (screaming) (bubble puppy barking) deema: it's a frog! (everyone laughing) ♪ bub-bub-bubble, gup-gup-guppies ♪ ♪ bubble, bubble, bubble, guppy, guppy, guppy ♪ ♪ bubble, bubble ♪ guppy, guppy ♪ bubble guppies ♪ bubble guppies
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♪ paw patrol, paw patrol ♪ we'll be there on the double ♪ ♪ whenever there's a problem ♪ round adventure bay ♪ ryder and his team of pups ♪ will come and save the day ♪ ♪ marshall, rubble, chase ♪ rocky, zuma, skye ♪ yeah, they're on the way ♪ ♪ paw patrol, paw patrol ♪ whenever you're in trouble ♪
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♪ paw patrol, paw patrol ♪ we'll be there on the double ♪ ♪ no job's too big, no pup is too small ♪ ♪ paw patrol, we're on a roll! ♪ ♪ so here we go, paw patrol ♪ ♪ whoa-oh-oh ♪ paw patrol, whoa-oh-oh-oh ♪ ♪ paw patrol good morning, adventure bay. i'm here with my co-host chickaletta. (clucking) and we're very excited to be talking to ryder and the paw patrol! hey! the pride of adventure bay. excuse me. coming through. so, ryder, pups, let's look at some of your famous rescues and answer the question all of adventure bay wants to know: how do you do it? ryder: well, we always work together as a team. chase: each pup knows what his or her job is. skye: and ryder's the best leader ever. rubble: plus he gives the best treats too. whoa! (crowd applauding)
8:32 am
cool! there you have it, adventure bay, the secret to the paw patrol's success: teamwork and tasty treats. now, back to the studio for cooking the farmer yumi way! (crowd applauding, chickaletta clucking) gosh, aren't they the best? well, the chicken carries the show. no. i meant the paw patrol. see, i'm daring danny x and i want to do a stunt as awesome as some of theirs! but i'd need an even cooler ride, like... that! the paw patroller! i bet if i got the paw patroller going fast enough, i could use that grassy bump like a ramp and jump right over that news van. aw-some! hmm, wonder how robo dog starts this thing. (engine revving) yeah! i can do this! easy!
8:33 am
now to get moving! (engine revving) whoa! where are the brakes?! whoa! (splashing) oops. mmm! (communicator ringing) (beeping) hi, daring danny. how's it going? um, it's daring danny x and i think i'm getting seasick. oh, so you're in a boat? well, not exactly. see, i was trying to do a stunt and it sort of backfired... right into adventure bay. but i guess for now, the paw patroller is a boat. what? the paw patroller? that's impossible. it's parked right-- (gasping) (barking) oh, no! danny, there's a lifejacket under the seat. put it on now! good idea, ryder. the paw patroller's starting to leak. my boots are already squishy.
8:34 am
help? we're on our way, daring danny x. no job is too big, no pup is too small. (beeping) paw patrol to the lookout! all: ryder needs us! whoa! look out! whoa! we'll be right back. (laughing) (elevator bell ringing) paw patrol ready for action, ryder sir. (beeping) that's good, pups, 'cause we've gotta act fast. daring danny x accidentally backed the paw patroller into adventure bay. we've got to rescue him and the paw patroller before it sinks to the bottom. spy chase. (beeping) you'll use your zip line to help rescue danny
8:35 am
off the paw patroller. spy chase is on the case! rocky. (beeping) we'll need your tugboat to push and steer it back to shore. green means go! all right, paw patrol is on a roll! (barking) ♪ ♪ paw patrol (barking) ♪ go, go, go, go, go, go ♪ paw patrol ♪ go, go, go, go, go, go (barking) ♪ chase! ruff! ♪ go, go, go, go, go, go, ♪ go, go, go, go, go ♪ paw patrol (siren blaring) ♪ go go, go, go, go, go, go ♪ rocky! (barking) ♪ go, go, go, go, go, go ♪ go, go, go, go, go, go ♪ ♪ paw patrol, paw patrol (tires screeching)
8:36 am
(siren blaring) (siren blaring) lifejacket deploy! (siren blaring) (beeping) lifejacket deploy! (siren blaring) (beeping) chase, hop on my atv. chase: yes, sir! (barking) eject! whoa! (cheering and barking)
8:37 am
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(cawing) (barking) (barking) wow, you're having a heaping helping of haddock, wally. (barking) huh? your right, buddy. that is one bizarre looking boat. almost fooled my peppers into thinking it's the paw patroller. (laughing) hey, cap'n turbot. we could really use your help towing the paw patroller back to shore. you mean that is the paw patroller? well, i'll be a busted bait bucket. let's go! (beeping) ahoy, daring danny x. ready to get rescued? i sure am. the water keeps getting higher
8:40 am
and tummy keeps feeing worse. we'll get you out of there, danny, but first, you've got to open the roof hatch. okay. but which button do i push? this one? (alarm blaring) no, danny, try the one next to it. great job. now climb out on the roof so we can reach you. roger, ryder. okay, i made it. but now what? hang on, danny. help's coming. chase, use your wall climbers to get up the side of the paw patroller. (barking) wall climbers. almost there, danny. boy, am i glad to see you, chase. no problem, daring danny x. all pups like going for a walk. (chuckling) even a sideways one. (laughing) okay, chase. now shoot your zip line over to the flounder, then danny can slide down it. (barking) zip line.
8:41 am
watch out, cap'n turbot. zip line's getting ready to zip! tally to-ho-ho! marvelous marksmanship, my good pup. okay, danny, ready to slide? i am! here goes! (cheering) rocky: go, danny! all right! awesome ride! wowza! that was some spectacular seasick swashbuckling! both: yo ho ho, mateys. now we've got to tow the paw patroller back to port. chase, you stay put so cap'n turbot can tow the paw patroller with your zip line. yes, sir, ryder. (cheering) and rocky, you can use your tugboat to push from behind. you got it, ryder. since the paw patroller's in the water, we can call it the stern. aye-aye. turbot: tally to-ho-ho! ryder, we've got a problem. the paw patroller's almost full of water.
8:42 am
we've got to get it to shore faster. it's about to sink. hurry, chase, abandon paw patroller. (barking) wall climbers retract. yeah! (all gasping) rocky: oh no! chase: uh-oh. (pups whimpering) ryder, pups, i feel terrible. and not just seasick. this is all my fault. the paw patroller's gone forever! no, it's not, danny 'cause we're going to raise the shipwreck. zuma, we're going to need your submarine as soon as you can get it out here. let's dive in! rocky, do you think you can find a long hose and something like a big balloon we can inflate? i'm sure there's something in my recyclables. don't lose it, reuse it.
8:43 am
we're all connected up here. how's it going below, cap'n turbot? everything's in place for imminent inflation. (zuma barking) i got here as fast as i could, ryder. thanks, zuma. now, get ready. you and i are going to put this big balloon under the paw patroller way down there. see you on the other side. (barking) sub. when you get our signal, start the flounder's engine to pump air through the hose to inflate the balloon. aye-aye! aye-aye! (splashing) cap'n turbot, the balloon's in place. time to fill it with air. commencing operation pump up the paw patroller pronto.
8:44 am
it's working! yeah, all right! (all cheering) yet another dramatic, triumphant rescue by the paw patrol. (chickaletta clucking) i quite agree, chickaletta, bravo! all of adventure bay is watching and listening, young heroes. thoughts? whenever there's a problem, just yelp for help! daring danny x, anything to share with our viewers? that was totally epic! (barking and cheering) ♪ pa-pa-pa-pa-paw patrol
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oh, chickaletta, what a glorious day for the adventure bay hatapalooza! (clucking) at least i think it is. ooh! huh? oh, alex! it's just you. sorry, i can hardly see around this hat. but i hope to see you at hatapalooza! sure will. bunny, come back! look out, mayor goodway! (yelping) gracious! excuse me. oh, charming hat. (yelping) watch out, great-great-great grandpa! (crashing) mayor goodway, are you all right? i think so, but if i move, i'll drop great-great-great grandpa grover! quick, alex, my phone is in my purse. call the paw patrol. i'm on it.
8:48 am
excuse me, chickaletta. (cawing) (cawing) hey, come back with that, you birds! oh, alex, please hurry and call! (clucking) (beeping) yippie-yi-yo. yar, matey marshall. that is a fine cowboy hat. thanks, pardner. i'm mighty partial to ryder's baseball cap. batter up. hey, rocky, aren't you finished with your hat yet? almost done. i just need something cool for the top. hey, check it out, our old pull toy. i love tug-a-pup. (laughing) i love it more! hey! (laughing) (ringing) (beeping) oh, hey, alex. what's up? oh, the statue of my dear great-great-great grandpa grover. (straining) but not for long. you'd better hurry, ryder. we're on our way. no statue's too big, no pup is too small. paw patrol... (beeping)
8:49 am the lookout! all: ryder needs us! (growling) zuma, we gotta go. ryder's calling. zuma? hey! (cawing) let go, you silly birds! whoa! oof! whoa! whoa! whoa! look out! whoa! (crashing) i done got ambushed by a couple of lowdown birdie bandits. (laughing) (elevator bell ringing) paw patrol ready for action, ryder sir. mayor goodway's got a lot weighing on her, pups. we have to get that statue up and back in place. so, for this rescue, i'll need... rubble... (beeping)
8:50 am
i'll need your crane to lift the statue and keep it steady. rubble on the double! and rocky... (beeping) ... i'll need you to repair the base of the statue so it doesn't fall again. green means go! all right, paw patrol is on a roll! (barking) ♪ ♪ paw patrol (barking) ♪ go, go, go, go, go, go ♪ paw patrol ♪ go, go, go, go, go, go (barking) ♪ rubble! ♪ go, go, go, go, go, go, ♪ go, go, go, go, go ♪ paw patrol ♪ go go, go, go, go, go, go ♪ rocky! (barking) ♪ go, go, go, go, go, go ♪ go, go, go, go, go, go ♪ ♪ paw patrol, paw patrol
8:51 am
(tires screeching) ♪
8:52 am
"there has always been very great sensitivity as regards even the remotest possibility of publicity of the wealth of mr. simons and his family. mr. simons himself is exceptionally private." the guardian also reports that simons has publicly called for higher tax rates on americans he
8:53 am
has termed "rich guys like me." so you have these two political guys, james simons, founder of renaissance technologies, and and robert mercer, who took over from him. now according to buzzfeed, it is simons that has convinced robert mercer to step back because he is demoralizing the entire company for supporting the white nationalist and yiannopoulos and breitbart news. mercer has stepped back. but you have these guys covering the spectrum, supporting the various parties, and all but what they have in common is the offshore tax havens. >> that's right. it speaks to why a lot of people on the left are disenchanted with the mainstream democratic politics. this is a guy who gave $11 million to priorities usa, the ager super pac that backed the
8:54 am
clinton campaign. he is given millions more to other democrats in the senate and the house. as you say, he is storing billions of dollars offshore. as you said, it covers the spectrum to an extent, but it is the mainstream spectrum of u.s. politics and it is why i think a lot of liberals are disenchanted mainstream democrats. juan: i want to ask about the two russian state institutions with close ties to putin who are investing in facebook and twitter, but also through a business associate of jared kushner. >> so we knew the man you mention, a russian tech investor and also invested in a jared kushner company in the u.s.. what we did not know is a couple of his investments in facebook and twitter were funded by russian state banks, essentially. one is a bank and one is an investment vehicle. this is more information that
8:55 am
came out in the paradise papers. twitter has an investment of $191 million funded by the bank in moscow that has close links to russian intelligence. facebook has a $1 billion investment funded by gas pump, and oil and gas company in russia but it has a financial arm as well. we do not know any of this before these leaks showed us the way to find these investments. amy: talk more about facebook, twitter, and what you found in the paradise papers and then lay out what these papers are and is. this appleby company the front page of the time say it is a picture of madonna, bono, and the queen of england. elby are legal and accounting services firm. they have tax havens all around the world. they basically get paid by corporations and wealthy people to find the most tax efficient,
8:56 am
as they say, areas to put their money. the people who do this range from the royal family in the madonnacelebrities like to corporations like apple. all of them paying very expensive lawyers and advisers to find the new tax loophole, essentially, around the world for them to park their funds. apple, one of the most popular ubiquitous copies of our time am a parking tens of billions of dollars offshore rather than bringing it into the u.s. and paying taxes on it. they are a u.s. organization. they have employees using public services in california. they are an american corporation and yet they decide that they're going to park all of this money offshore. juan: appleby, a company from which many of these documents come, has insisted it has reviewed the allegations and is comfortable there's nothing illegal that has occurred here. what about this issue of whether there is anything illegal happening in all of these
8:57 am
exposes of the paradise papers? >> they are probably right. there may be a few cases around the edges, but most of this is going to be legal because this is a system that is in place where these loopholes, these offshore vehicles and all of these systems and schemes are within the law. as i said, they are the most newest, cleverest ways of exploiting the system. these kinds of systems are out of reach for most people. most people just get paid and pay their taxes. they can't find its of lawyers to find them clever loopholes in bermuda or the cayman islands to save a bit more money here and there. they are right. as far as they're concerned, they've done nothing wrong. this is what they do, if you like. amy: your colleague at the guardian has a new report out today. what about harvey weinstein?
8:58 am
>> he turns out to have been involved in an offshore scientific research company. it is a strange, to were several well-known people seem to have that money in. i think it is now ended, but as you said, this just shows what a range of people involved in this whole thing from political influence to royals to celebrities like madonna and harvey weinstein all involved in putting money offshore where -- away from the irs. amy: that means a lack of investment and infrastructure social services in the united states and other countries around the world. >> that is right. i think that is what concerns people when they read the stories. times are tough. wages have been stagnating for decades for the average worker. the backlash against the system, which we see with brexit and trump and all of these movements, actually perhaps part of that is because the medical be going into improving public services and basic infrastructure in the country been moved offshore. amy: jon swaine, thank you for
8:59 am
being with us. we will link to your pieces. he is part of the team reporting stories on the paradise papers. happy birthday kieran krug meadows! democracy now! is accepting applications for a
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