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tv   France 24  LINKTV  February 2, 2018 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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once upon a time was top secret what is. seems to suggest and this is not what it says black on white in a memo seems to suggest that was political bias in opening up an investigation. into the donald trump campaign and possible collusion that that what might have been. with russia and the russian intelligence agencies what it does say and remember this is a partisan document written by republicans it says that the fbi and the department of justice that it they use the wrong surveillance methods around the used the wrong information that was. on the verified to be able to put
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surveillance on one of donald trump's a foreign policy aides his name is called to a page and that's unverified information that was used to get those warrants was the infamous dossier that was put together by. christopher steel a former a british intelligence agents that is essentially the crux of the matter republicans say that this is a now fate had to be out in the public space and the us president's anything's this is significant. democrats say this is clearly insufficient there is not enough information this is a documd its contents on the possible consequences of its release. recalls the washington and speaks are is and who's a legal analyst and former us
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federal prosecutors thank you so much. for joining us this memo claims of the fbi the justice department abuse that power they spied on the trump campaign a century relied on that famous now. report compiled by a former british intelligence official as its main premis. does not claim. in your view hold water from a legal standpoint. not really because first of all that. dossier has not really been demonstrated to be overall unreliable number one but number two and perhaps most importantly there was probably or so it seems a great deal of other information in addition to the dossier that was presented. in the problem with this memo is it seems to just want to focus everybody's attention. by misleadingly indicating that only this dossier were implying that only this dossier was presented. when really they were a great deal of other things in addition to the dossier. but
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to get back to the first point we don't know that this steel dossier was fundamentally inaccurate. in so far as it is key premises concerned which is that there were repeated attempts made by russian officials to infiltrate the trump campaign and indeed the fbi had already had separate informational george papadopoulos another foreign policy adviser. was approached by russian agents in london. on numerous occasions and that he had been sold at the after that the russians had penetrated hillary clinton's emails of the dnc emails so when all of that is put together there doesn't seem to be anything nefarious and wondering whether. this other adviser carter page it already made trips to moscow and was already identified on intercepts by american intelligence. as as having been subject of conversations among russian agents the effect that well he's eighty eight but he's willing idiot and so therefore this is our
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kind of guy. when you put all that together doesn't seem anything wrong and wondering if there's supposed to be a if maybe this is the person's activities should be surveilled. so all in all this does not appear to support the president's goal of trying possibly to ask. some of the game. figures at an apartment justice. okay did so you will be you don't think they'll be any major. implication any major for ousted in in this case. insofar as the department of all of justice is concerned. what it whether there will be is a separate question from whether there should be yeah i think? yeah i don't think there should be but that but that you know many things have happened that should not have happened which everybody recognizes right now that separate from what will happen the president is clearly. signaled. his incense to to try to remove some of these people and the reporting from people close to him as in the past that he's been very
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close to exercising his. of forty such as it may be to do that has had to been talked out of it. in vary dramatic fashion so there's no guarantee that he may not try to do that here and he has said he feels. that this is the efficient to reach a judgment that there's some sort of profound wrongdoing and there are those of his supporters and there are certainly numerous republican people in the house of representatives at least. that are willing to come to that conclusion not all but many. will use this as a pretext to try to take further action but it's thing rule is very very thin gruel and if something dramatic is done based on just this mem. there will be more storm clouds ahead for certain. it's difficult all the time from this side it lands a goody right you know why. a memo written by the president's own policy that he then declassified should be. of any particular interest all consequences it
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is without precedent in your view. i a yeah it is without president's particularly in the context of national security and what had been up to this point the sort of bipartisan approach. in intensive it to keep politics as much as possible out of these sort of counter intelligence in intelligence investigations this is really going on you territory. where you have the white house declassifying something against the wishes of the president's own intelligence advisors in own intelligence agencies because there saying look no good will come of this is very misleading? it may disclose sources and that is that we don't want to disclose so this type of a conflict is on president and if the president on the basis of this memo which as you accurately pointed out. is just second hand reporting of what could be thousands of pages of other documents that we have not seen.
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on the basis of this tries to take some dramatic action to remove individuals for the sole purpose of. the impeding the investigation against his own connections with russia. certainly. this will be a crisis the likes of which. we probably did not even see the watergate era. okay well thank you so much are happy that he so much of a sharing that with us every is and legal analyst and former. us federal prosecutor thank you so much and. for us and for. we will now full migrants fighting for their life this friday evening after being shot stirring series of fights which broke out of an ice in northern french city of cafe. this happen as a crowd of mostly every train an afghan migrants queue up at a food distribution center. any those camped out in the area hoping to cross the channel installed in your life in united kingdom. the french government schools the escalation of violence in conde unbearabl. to three fights broke out
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across the northern port city on thursday. around a hundred eritreans and some thirty afghans record shop in the violence. who? who left in a critical condition twenty two of his injuries? these brothers witnessed one of the fights. on thursday at five thirty in the evening. we're having dinner. it was certainly not his people from the african community. that grew out of hearing from nowhere with laws scrap metal so when this is of would. of the decided heeding everyone. hi afghans iranians arabs. only black people out whistle surprise off his horse half of it is a. kelly says it has become increasingly difficult to deal with migrants as they refuse help from the state but she reassured the city that the situation was. aka the residents ofeas.
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foundation not feel unsafe on. that site added security teams have been deployed. we have tightened safety matches the city it will pour milk glass. despite the migrants come being demolished last year hundreds of men are continuing to live in the shadows. in the hopes of sterling really on trucks bound for the uk. those month president emmanuel michael answer honestly theresa may selling to treaty for more humane and efficient approach will hunting migrants cases. well he is will be dead easy matter of calais had to tell france24 about the situation there not knowing versus. we had about a big. come at coal the jungle unified upward but circle to tangle. and house imposes well that we know how the bots hates hundred seven of the eight hundred. and. at the pro but the problem is still there and. we how this thing to be disregarded by everybody on
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the older governments in europe. because migrants are coming to kelly because it wants to join england. they don't come for college to kelly as a destination colleagues a crossing point so were of course we have a problem and. i think we'll have it for a long time we face different thoughtful problems. you how the smugglers and traffickers and after that you have some kind of associations were by some to be sore example are saying the migrants sides. they don't go to the facilities the government is offering and. you've got the smokers was saying that some migrants cycle to go to calais because they come across on reaching an easy. which is
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wrong of calls so it's very. is extracts of our report. everyone is looking saying strain. the one handed a bottleneck yeah. this schemes moved on the border with friends. after crossing the desert and the ocean. the body of the trees have a final ruling stage ahead. across knows. the. weekends across the mountains and then cross the border. if we're lucky enough to get going with a. this is. yeah says to. what we've
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already done this call was the not so issues? a lot more dangerous here people those shoes you. because it is a on the. an extra hour of all reporters program you wash that edition of reporters in full tomorrow. at nine ten pm central european thousand nine ten powers time he'll fanciful. the you a migration agency says that ninety people of his were of died off for a smugglers boat headed towards europe. capsized off because the ability of this morning. is on is that most of. us stricken vessel will pocket saudi nationals. people making that dangerous crossing across measured. is rising. levels up ten percent in january. this yeah this is a year. estimates two hundred and fifty those trying to meet across involves not. lost their lives or six. under iran's islamic law
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which was imposed after the nineteen seventy nine revolution. women are required to cover the happiest scoff and whether long loose fitting clothes lives you don't respect little face insults a fine. even arrests many being taken to social media and seeing the anger will base is interference in our live. one of the last few days some twenty nine arrests have been made. standing defiantly in a busy street in tehran voevoda heady removed head scarf beginning an unprecedented protest movements. a month later nagasaki repeated a demonstration in the same spots. both women were arrested by the images have been widely shed on social media. prompting dozens of others to copy that stance. concert you fools dylan as and so to day who explained why women including her client a protesting. every day when iranian women wakeup and decides to leave their homes they have to reckon with the fear that they could be arrested. of the watch they decide to
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whack. they risk being arrested in illegal and humiliating raise with insults and in many cases violence. since the nineteen seventy nine revolution women have been required to cover the head in public spaces. and could be arrested for flouting the rules. at least twenty nine people have been detained since the purchase again. and police in toronto patrolling the area in which the women a demonstrating. iranian officials accuse foreign powers of sparking the movement. women in iran if in fighting they had jobs nearly four decades. nature of the latest protests as much attention across the country. the french president emmanuel mac costing addressing a financing conference of the global partnership for education. as homes in hosted by senegal which aims to ensure access to classrooms hundreds of millions of children in dozens of developing countries. was he pledged two hundred million euros by with funding
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president michael said education is the only way to stem the rise of religious and political extremism around the world he added. the countries where democracy was most endangered by the very same countries where women and girls are the least access to schooling. overall thirty full stephanie on fun is that in dakar joins us now. stephanie just how has the french president and his message being received a conference in setting these capital. with ever was very well received a have to sentiment about goal was just behind me two minutes ago i'm studying right now at the french read it all in that god you spoke about for a go for it. you know how to put french languages in schools here so that was also interesting also part of the educational a program earlier there was this very big conference it was the third edition. and i have to say that front victory he gave a new step to its own tradition through the fall
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because as you said it's going to be. two hundred billion euros that will be the participation of fronts into the phone and you have to also know that france will also contribute to one hundred billion euros. just for senegal which is a bilateral aid in order to actually build a school but also finance education so it's a lot of money. the goal actually that needs to be rich for the phone is already board one billion dollars of that should be in two thousand twenty and apparently from what i've heard here there are differences on the right track to reach this goal. okay is a big numbers. that your hundred million. being given by from to thi. fun as a huge contribution. stephanie is the french
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president doing well see their in dakar had to leaves and it's a huge problem here you have to remember the many are off center was was actually paris for the global climate summit. love this summer and he asked in a call to come inside we instead ago. in order for him to actually help the country to fight ensues some kind of a reputation plans and that's what's going to happen tomorrow so it's a big another big issue for a better michael. because after education is going to talk about climate change and it's definitely the biggest topic here in said a guy i mean it's as big as the decision is i mentioned share. and it will be out tomorrow in century. yeah absolutely climate change very. much on the agenda very much. in the forefront of the mind all the french president as you say thank you very much for bringing us up to speed. studios on
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the in the senegalese capital thank you again. this time now offers a little business news stories i'm joined by you go right after i that you can. list all shall we with the virtual currency market because a. the domicile seems to be continuing business. of one hundred billion dollars worth of could differences lights off the market in just twenty four hours however that said that it's such a volatile market but it's difficult. to to measure the size of the market itself it that said. be klein fell below eight thousand dollars for the first time since november. and that's a huge humble from high of just under twenty thousand dollars a region me december it has since recovered slightly but it's still down eighty five percent. below the nine thousand dollar mark other digital currencies of also plunged. at e. theory emboldened twenty percent in one day the past month has been a roller coaster ride as you can see in this grap. at its is the theory and for your information is the second biggest of action currency market body. now why do you think tom this is happening well it's because
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governments around the world happy increasing regulatory pressure on the market. in here on thursday at said that it would iraqi cake use a special assets this of the china south korea and even russia that they've clamped down on the tray. me while japan's financial also carried. a spot inspection current crypto currency exchange coin check this friday the regulators that it had also assigned to fix flaws in the system well before hackers stole. five hundred and thirty million dollars december. the latess
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report from the labor department. that's the unemployment rate unchanged at four point one percent the lowest level is a kind of of twenty first century which is also a grew at the fastest pace in eight years. average hourly pay rose to twenty six point seven four dollars up two point nine percent from a year ago. okay strongly the most expectations analysts say the figures points to an economy. the points to economy that's on strong footing health by a part of a republican tax cuts minimum wage hikes a list. they're all over. we saw a pickup in construction pickup in manufacturing. also in health care even some of the retail areas did relatively well salutis implying is that the. economy as a whole is picking up and that tension and support.
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the lan offense indication that maybe we see first quarter gdp rise by more than five point four percen. well this strong jobs report however increased speculation that the federal reserve will raise interest rates sooner than expected. sending the yield on the ten year treasury bond surging now these goals the stock market a set off to accelerate on wall street down plunged more than two percent as you can see it. as you can see that offset the reports came out tech and energy firms also playing so results sharply lower. as yet says in europe finished the day in the right across the board as well as on his thirty one hundred capping is west trading week. since last april some more of the day's
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business headlines for you now and little small says sales fell nine percent over yet. in the last quarter of twenty seventeen low in the biggest decline in history. i'm on the fence and lessons during this year it was apple that it is it something as the world's top seed smartphone maker. despite the drop in shipments o reported iraq is twenty billion dollars in closely profits. driven by the sales of its expensive i find ten. the sea is say he has announced he will step down in april. hazard here i has been instrumental in setting the japanese electronics on around cc took the job in twenty twelve. rise shifted the focus from los making tv business. and microchips. the finance office i can't eat or is she. also played a key role behind the scenes in the fans turn around we come the next see as. saying as chairman. generally says said that
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implicated in the recent revelations about exhaust system here in the monkeys that's spoken out. the i can university hospital that that's while tests on the facts of nitrogen dioxide million these carried out on twenty five healthy people. they had nothing to do with the kind history and related to that they safety instead. recent reports about testimonies and humans songs if i volkswagen dina and bm. socks widespread outrage. it's going to be a big weekend for american football fans some one hundred million people are expected to watch superbowl sunday when the new england patriots. and and the philadelphia eagles passing out. and that means big business. at thirty seconds* are going for five million dollars and this year's advertisers are staying away from sex or takes on controversy and playing it safe city a site has the story.
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that was as much and events as the superbowl itself from celebrity endorsements the special effects advertises a pulling out all the stops to capture the attention of an estimated one hundred million american football fans. forty million dollars for a thirty second spots companies on the precious as it relates. why are? that's only the beginning for advertisers they spend many millions more on production on celebrity. indoor stirs and so this is a major investment for marketers a teenager. they see a browns will be steering clear of controversy taking a nice it's hard in off the pool causing some politically charged ansel's chair. yeah. this. so to mountains you have teamed u with to resellers urging senate thing baffles
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starring morgan freeman. waldburger budweiser takes a look back at relief efforts it's organized following that for the sinuses last year. fewer people are watching traditional tv services. advertising spending for the superbowl continues to rise. he lost his and small schools in an estimated four hundred and ninety million dollars as. but you then also then. ibm was both an hour. is that in. superbowl but then it was very interesting sir i have with us here a little. bit full hundred million dollars in advertising revenue big money. so that wasn't. very much indeed thinking what with business i back in three minutes of the top stories
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