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phones a twenty four. we start with a serial as strikes ahead the rebel and play the solution on friday. this is the fifth straight day of the bombing campaign and is killed more than two hundred and thirty civilian. and in every allows him into an estimated four hundred thousand people. surgery has been on the scene for five years now. of the syrian government stepped up its is sold to retake it on monday. the united nations has called for an immediate humanitarian see science area others least a month also urging an end to the on going as rice. falls as a defense minister feels badly
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who said on friday it was unacceptable that civilians were being targeted. isn't it reports of chemical weapons attacks. soulful house ripples. since monday easton king says suffered heavy bombardment by syrian and russian forces. some four hundred thousand people live in the suburb of damascus. in four days more than two hundred people are being killed and hundreds have been left injured. the u. and his label it's a humanitarian catastrophe on surprising given that i have been on the witness reports of chlorine gas being used which washington have confirmed. in may two thousand seventeen french president in on you in a call for active military action in cases of chemical weapon usage. and reiterated to russian president vladimir putin his commitment to the syrian people. the president of the republic has expressed his concern about indications of the potential use of chlorine gas against the civilian population in syria on several occasions
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in recent weeks. he's also emphasize that france is fully determines as far as you can see on checks use of chemical weapons. this government is still awaiting evidence to confirm the use of chlorine gas and for the time being stressed the need to provide emergency aid. in several you're calling for humanitarian cridors to be opened just because after all this is a civilian population that is being partitioned off easy humanitarian corridors which favor the intervention of international ngos said as many civilians as possible can be evacuated. an ideal solution if the un security council had already given the go ahead but after an emergency meeting they did not come to an agreement. noticeably juicier russia's refusal. city on the status of that is to go we would like to see a ceasefire the in the woods. with with the terrorists i'm not sure the.
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will be used how he's. in a new and not call blood in it houston have agreed to increase for interrogation cooperation but whether this involves the terms and in the conflicts is yet to be seen. a lot of energy. nike has resumed as strikes on the end table african animals in stereo where according to the kurdish ministry. seven people have been killed. correspondents on my cell what has been on the ground fling unleashes the developments for us. people are comparing frustration with what the consider lock offices of acts from the coalition to stop a fleeing a salute i spoke elier it into the hot. off the kurdish arrived crescents he told me that during the last few days of a people have this false sense of safety so they return to their hes thinking that. the turkish air strikes had ended definitively so when the strikes resumed they were unab tolee before that that you were living in basements and sometimes in
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caves. enough in the region he explained to me also that tw groups offer medics are working twenty four seven nfc in its raw ying to hop wanted to people about yesterday they were unable to reach certain neighborhoods. in the city this hospil oering is receiving wounded from the city itself and from the regions around doctors there are speaking already eyeballs and a lack of medicines. and equipment anyway to work off the medical corps is not guaranteed in these area we know with that last month engine that he's about said basically southwest of
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heavily in an ambulance his. moving on to asia bridges launched a security operation i gaze and terrorism criminal elements across the country. the nobel sam on the rolls in sinai peninsula armand slates of terror she told it is. as they are of course the homes is is an islamic state group is insurgency. agent has been under a state of emergency since april twenty seventeen off the two suicide bombings. charges it claimed it but it has aims of franny has moved. images from egypt's state television and now seeing you and see tara current sound body on forces. is not clear how long this will last for how many troops are involved. but what is clear is that the country is on the highest state to security alerts just weeks for a presidential election.
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egypt has long green battling a militants insurgency mainly in is northeastern's sinai peninsula. islamic states operate said. it's the targets of this latest ministry posts. wishful also strike groups in an hour delta and the west in texas. the world gorge in continuation with the efforts of law enforcement officials. elements from the apples have talked his hideout weapons and ammunition storage is. which is used by terrorists targets ministry and civilian targets in north and central sinai. the navy is tightening its control. how cc is running for the presidency again an election this is widely expected to win at the end of march? nice opposition figures of fully crossing of aids amid concerns interests vanness. the president says he wants the militants beaten up by thend of february. that deadline came out to
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the bombing of a mosque in the sinai killed more than three hundred people. thes kind of attacks have surged since symmetry ousted mohammed morsi as president. insurance he says he. nextel across the* or at least two people have been killed and more than seventy five region train bombings indecency on benghazi. is they don't have a mosque in a busy area those know media's claim of responsibility. now this is the second attack targeting the city's houses of worshi. less than a month. moving on to germany the leader of the country's social democrats multinationals abandoned a plan to serve his foreign minister any new coalition governments. this also coming under intense pressure from his party to give up the pace schultz said on friday. that he hopes that by giving up the role you could bring an end to the personal discussions
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in sight in the sp. now the policy is it putting the coalition deal reached on wednesday. whose solution for its four hundred and sixty thousand man this. now which was on friday witnesses to a historic commitments. the system became the first member of young and a really nasty to set foot in south korea. this is the highest level in victory in contact in more than a decade. comes the twenty eighteen winter olympics kickoff in the asian and nation. catherine vh brings you the laces. the slogan for the two thousand and eighteen winter olympics is beyond the wall a fitting theme is north and south korean athletes march together under the same flag at the opening ceremony. earlier this south korean president welcome the north korean delegation to the games shaking hands with kim young nam north korea's nominal head of state.
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north korean leader kim jong un is not attending his powerful sister is. she shared a historic handshake with the president. while the south korean government is helping the games can. diplomatic tensions not everyone agree. i. want to. of those who. he. making. yeah that then so we we. okay. the noise colors are flying over peeling chang especially in the olympic village. killing yang has made headlines around the world in the past few months with its repeated ballistic missile tests and its nuclear program. and the trading of insults and
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threats between kim jong un and donald trump and added fuel to the fire. in a surprise move at the start of the year pyongyang de escalated the situation by sending a delegation to seoul. washington remains conscious but while us vice president mike pence sat in the same box with the north korean delegation he did not talk with them. pants also avoided shaking their hands at the opening night reception hosted by the south korean presidents. because you had a number of look at twenty eighteen wins a games kicked off this friday bringing the world's best athletes into town trying. to the south korean city and that record numbers the sum is the highlight of the koreas off others it's an opportunity to provide schools diplomacy even they say. and i want to nationalize a regime that contradicts the olympic spirit. they are of course such working about north korea. positivos okay this
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because sonny sent us this report. the italian ski is morning joe puts a smile on the faces of the south korean volunteers. john chang has never welcomed the full say many athletes. visits as a learning the ins and outs of this small town in the mountains. with the french by athletes you seem a bit lost. some of feeling the pressure of the events but not a quasi frimpong. honest us get it's an athletes take part in the olympics. for a given job was about fifty years you know you get here with. the job is not done yet but definitely we were able to. conquer my fear to conquer the struggle the challenges you live is not just about winning metal but overcoming your fear arm in a challenge the on known you stay persistent and. it all it's already a win for my country to be here by now without disturbing inside as well. lindsey for masella here so i must not forget all just some of the big names to travel to south korea of course sale want to cringe a
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gold medal. in the strong. a winter olympics where people have been talking more about politics than sports with the wrap presents of north korea. and many south koreans are angry to see the communist regime sent a delegation. the government is heavily criticized by the conservative policies. opposition spokesperson says that north korea's dictator. is manipulating soul. owning a a. game it stays in the olympic games are worldwide event that permits schools mentioned it in a way diplomacy. that north korea is the opposite against peace liberties and freedom. they have nothing to do withhe olyic spirit with on. how you? need three thousand athletes from ninety two countries are competing in the counseling games. it's a record number in the winter olympics. a good politics aside and focus on one thing. schools.
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was it is friday congress moved and a fine alan gun and shot down the second in three weeks. off the donor from signed a sweeping budget bill. signing was announced by the us president on his twitter account related spending bill however. zeros about the government is funded through to march twentieth that this means there could be another shot down in just six weeks. that said i get more with a course on indefinite crowd in washington. philip can you break at this is an angel down for us. yeah well there are two things. that's it was signed into law by the us president the first one is a funding bill that's what you just. discussed it keeps the government running for another six weeks that was probably the most urgent matter here that's why that was a five our government shut down here during the night while most people were sleeping. here in the united states but added to that funding bill that keeps the
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government running walls eighty possibly budget a spending bill and a very very big one to one that had bipartisan support in the senate. what that does it increases military spending massively by hundreds of billions of dollars that's what kept unaltered republicans happy and certainly us president all trump his was a very enthusiastic cigna signatur? on this bill then there's also spending included here on the likes of infrastructure on humanitarian aid relief and all the things that kept democrats happy. hence why this walls despite all the trouble that was last night and a little government shut down a bipartisan bill that made its way through the senate and the house of representatives but there was opposition from democrats they would have like to have. a tax immigration reform with thi. spending bill would manage day but able to advance to the bill as some republicans
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didn't want such an enormous spending bill which adds to the us deficit by a very very large margin. as close as i mentioned earlier the showdown came within three weeks of the previous one another one may be on the card. doesn't a great freedom from does it. willow usually when a government shutdown happens the person who is at fault for his reputation might be questioned is the us president and when you look at all from statistics it and all great even though this was just a five and a half our government shut down during the. night didn't have much of an effect still black on white this was the second government shutdown in just sixteen days and the second one during the trump administration the last us president to have two government shutdowns. yes these are pretty normal occurrences in the u. s. these days that was a bill clinton back in the day. bus this time around the us president got something he really really wants is and he. has been talking about this massive military
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spending bill he is the president he says he will make the us military great again to use that. senses use on the campaign trail by him and talking all the campaign this was a promise by him to bring more money to increase the budget for the us military. he has succeeded in doing so so all in all the white house will be pretty happy with what happened despite the rather embarrassing fact that the government ran out of money for a few hours. the reporting for us from washington dc. time now for business with our an anchor line kate seems like it's been a very tumultuous week can you tell us how the market so that he now. mostly is high and investors are on the edge of their seats missing out very clearly and straining session on wall street. after closing in correction territory on thursday morning ten percent lower than their january high points. another choppy session on wall street toda. all three indexes opened in the green of a struggle to hold onto those gains see
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sawing in and out of the re. dozens of swung nearly eight hundred and fifty points in the straight session. at three pm eastern time it was just below the flat line nasdaq and the s. and p. five hundred both hovering above the flat line. despite this dow and the s. and p. both on the on track for their worst week since the fall of two thousand and eight. elsewhere in the world asia and europe so dismal friday training as well. with all indexes closing in the red. harris's can't count taking the brunt of the losses. in europe closing down one point four percent. but despite global markets in the red market analysts aren't you concerned. they say the volatility this time is very different from the twenty fifteen market crisi. strong employment which you mention has been at all time lows. although the metrics that keep this market comin. are still out there any excuse spectator correction we we were going up a thousand points a week at one point there so overall this is not bad we're at the
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levels we read in december so i'm not they go were fin. member of the transition talks hit another hitch today meanwhile theresa may it met with japanese business leaders in london. including executives from nissan and panasonic japan is a huge business partner for the u. k. with eight hundred and eighty japanese companies employing one hundred and forty two thousand people across the country. japan's ambassador to britain warned the japanese businesses in the u. k. expect continued access to the european single market. after the divorce. there is. the ability of the new. operation. okay. the japanese only no. the question is whether. the arrangements that. would be reached between the two sides. . these companies. willing and. in some ways
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that they need to continue to operate and you pay. to allow them to. make that happen. the big story today the challenging olympics and the political started doing the north and the south. now some south korean business leaders hope that these games could also bring the korean peninsula together economically. more than one hundred and twenty former factory owners are lobbying for the revival of the case on industrial complex. park just north of the border between the two koreas were many south korean owned businesses thrive using north korean labor. complex was shut down in twenty sixteen arrogant he has the story. two years after their factories in north korea closed. south korean factory owners make it their business is back. the case long industrial complex financed by south korean businesses and manned by north korean workers was close to twenty sixteen. after soul accuse north korea of using the workers wages to fund its nuclear program.
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but with the thawing of relations between the two countries comes hope the case on complex could be reopened. handy able in here and take it is all i hate the olympics will be attending points in a cheating in security he's and speeding up the reopening of the case on complex. that. is just. built into thousand four to stimulate cooperation between the two countries the case on complex is often seen as a barometer for the state of north south relations. at its height complex employed up to fifty five thousand or create workers. whose pay provided the north with much needed hard currency. the project's contributed almost two billion dollars to pyongyang's economy. when the complex was shut down north korean officials that sees the factories and the owner's assets. that's what i did with a most of the factories are shut down. unbearable pain to define t past two years. voices trivia opened the case on complex be had.
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you know the number of public opinion. optimistic about improving relations one hundred and twenty four former case on factory owners set up booths at the junction olympics venue. while the south korean unification minister has said it now is not the time to discuss the revival of the complex. the factory owners whether government permission to visit the north after the games to continue their lobbying efforts. thank you reporting now south korea expects the olympics to bring in around forty billion dollars to the region in prison spending alone over the next decade. that's offset by an astronomical costs estimated at thirteen billion dollars to organize the games. now let's take a look at some other business news we're following for you this hour. reached a surprise settlement with google's self driving car units in a trade secret case that allege the ride hailing firms stole self driving car technology. hoover will pave way mode two hundred and forty five million dollars in shares equal to about a
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third of the company's valu. ceo dara because our show i apologize for the way you were handle the situation before he took over the company from travis kalanic. singapore based broadcom offered to pay its rival qualcomm anight billion dollar termination fee if regulators walked the proposed merger between the two computer chip giants. this comes after qualcomm rejected a record a hundred and twenty one billion dollar bid as too low. welcome accepts the offer it would be the second biggest break up fee in history. france and germany are taking on big points. in a letter to g. twenty finance ministers of france and germany said cryptocurrency could pose substantial risks for investors. and it actually is a long term financial stability. the letter was signed by the two finance ministers from those countries and also has the bomb. and the bundesbank. background rises however stay mostly stable despite the greater market volatility. and finally for me it's
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snowing again here in paris this part of france is so unprepared for winter weather. heavy snowfall has wreaked havoc causing traffic jams and forcing shot the eiffel tower no. yeah tells us more about the economic impact this could have an industry in the paris region. while some are having fun in the parisians no. others were desperately trying. to keep their businesses a float. this company in the east of france's facing a dilemma. whether it should accept orders for deliveries it's not sure it can complete is awful nice from what. information regarding which writes i know not changes every two or three hours. so we can get the green light to send a truck and but when it gets the the righis claims to be venomous obligat. unusually heavy snow fall because the major traffic disruptions in e north of france ts week. leing authorities to ban heavy lorries from using the main roads and highways in the paris region.
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a decision that's impacted industries and businesses that rely on the delivery of goods. france's national road transport federation says the snow was already costing around sixty million euros a day. for freight companies ale. really endangers small businesses because the content of profit. the problem is likely to persist but the government said it was working on a series of measures to offset potential losses. these include plans to temporarily waiveorking hrs requiremts and extends tax paymts deadlines. officials also said they were considering allowing lorries back on the roads this weekend. is our members say one other thing about it has hidden place. right on and thank you very much for that age is a business update now and take a short break. do stay tuned for more news coming up for it
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