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tv   France 24  LINKTV  February 12, 2018 5:30am-6:01am PST

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♪ genie: time for 60 minutes live. these are the headlines. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson kicks off his middle east tour in egypt, one day after israel launches airstrikes against the syrian forces. good jacob zuma be pushed out. the south african president in the hot seat as the anc meets today to get him to leave after
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he rejected last week's request to resign. am meeting today after a deepening sex scandal after in haiti. china's fireworks industry is blowing up, not in a good way here it that is -- good way. that is coming up. we will shake our way over to rio, where carnival season is in full swing. more on that but first, our top story. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is in egypt, the first stop on his middle east tour.
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from there, he will be headed on to kuwait and turkey. justnded in egypt sunday, one day after israel carried out major air raids in syria, against what it called a rainy and targets. it is the first time israel has publicly ignored should targeting iranian targets. metalk more about this with is a commentator. how could this complicate things2 --? >> the israelis have accused violation ofzen the syrian sovereignty -- israeli sovereignty. israel said it was retaliating against that and during its offensive, it lost afc d and jet
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, shut down by syrian air defense. this is believed to be the first has since 2006 that israel lost a jet in combat. what does this mean for the u.s.? the trump administration is completely aligned with israel. however, and of course the u.s. does not want a expansion of israeli influence in syria -- an expansion of iranian influence in syria. that support has caused major frictions between washington and turkey. washington could do without any major escalation between other outside powers in syria. genie: russia has involvement.
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it is finding itself in a bind. >> this escalation between iran and israel is even more complex for russia. -- as has emerged at the the preeminent outside player in the syrian crisis. the interesting thing is russia has cultivated the syrian-iranai ian dimension but it has also cultivated israel. the u.s. has not cultivated all besides. putin has built a report with military and israeli activity in syria has almost certainly been coordinated with the russian military presence in syria. an escalation between israel and iran is not good for russia
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because russia does not want to drop israel. continue those ties with netanyahu and continue its ties with tehran and damascus. it does not want to have to choose. genie: thank you. has claimed victory against the islamic state over the last month. rebuilding parts of the country ravaged by the fighting is about to begin. potential donors are meeting in kuwait. to announceected what they will pledge to help rebuilding efforts. this was one of the most famous landmarks in mosul. rubble is all that remains. activists hope the mosque can be rebuilt. will hope mosul
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reconstructed as sn as possib. we're optimistic about the conference. >> that three-day conference is taking place in kuwait city. qi officials will unveil their ideas for ruilding th areas of the country raged. international donors and investors have put the economy back on track after years of conflict. the united nations estimates rebuilding mosul alone will cost more than $1 billion. the prime minister declared victory against the islamic state in december. his government reckons reconstruction across the country will cost at least $80 billion in total. the work could take at least a decade. in the nextncing
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few days is just the beginning of this process. is accused ofxfam covering up misconduct in haiti after the earthquake seven years ago. staff paid for prostitutes in the scandal surrounding that report and the scandal prompted the british government to cut off funding. their meeting with the leadership today. toan apology and a promise do better from the head of the british charity group that saw its staff take part in sexual abuse a year after the 2010 earthquake that left up to 3000 people dead. behaved in a staff way that was totally unacceptable.
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led me responsible staff to make decisions that are seen as being marginal or inappropriate. >> at the time, oxfam kept the details of prostitution under wraps. all nine resigned or were fired. british media revealed the extent last week. matter whether you have a whistleblowing hotline. if the moral leadership of the top of the organization is not there, we cannot have you as a partner. >> oxfam is not the only charity implicated. and the children british red cross have been accused of abuse within the last year. that has left haitian authorities with questions. >> we are wondering how many of those cases are still open.
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we do not know. we are pleased her majesty has stepped in by summoning oxfam. wrong. to see what went >> the british authorities want to know that any previous cases have been dealt with. to south africa, where top leaders from the anc are meeting to discuss the future of .he president, jacob zuma the pressure has been on to leave office since december when cyril ramaphosa replaced him very -- him. despite the controversy, he is clinging to his job, rejecting a request to resign.
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let's bring in our correspondent in cape town. likely is it jacob zuma might be forced to leave office ahead of the elections next year? >> i guess, as they say, time will tell. as i speak to you, the 80 member national committee is meeting in pretoria to discuss this issue. they are discussing president jacob zuma's removal from the presidency. they have been trying to persuade him four days to step down voluntarily but he has refused. they will have is to table in motion of no-confidence in parliament. they're trying to avoid this so they are hoping today the anc will bring finality to this. yesterday, cyril ramaphosa told anc supporters that they know
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the country is anxious about the situation and they want to finalize this today. we are waiting to find out what decision has been taken by the national executive committee of the african national congress. genie: why is there so much anger targeted at jacob zuma? jacob zuma is the president of the republic of south africa and he is powerful. a number of criminal charges, including corruption, money laundering, racketeering. he is also accused of state to are, being very close family living in south africa.
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he has a lot of influence. the politicaln arena and he has aligned himself with people that are regarded as being unsavory. jacob zuma has become an embarrassment to the african national congress and eight liability. -- a liability. he is facing a number of court cases so the anc wants to get rid of him ahead of the 2019 elections. they cannot campaign with him at the helm of the presidency so they are eager to get rid of jacob zuma as soon as possible. genie: thank you. here in france, the former french budget minister is facing a retrial today. he has been sentenced to three
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years in jail for fraud and money laundering. resigned in 2013, after being accused of stowing away money in switzerland while in his government post. appealed hisld sentence, prompting a full retrial. he could receive up to five years in prison. in other french news, the daughter of french superstar johnny hallyday is contesting his will. he left everything to his wife of 23 years. the daughter contesting the will was stupefied and hurt after learning that she and her adult half-brother have been left nothing. instead, all his wealth and the rights to his records he sold
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joy, theo jade and girls he adopted in vietnam. it is carnival season in rio de janeiro. krewees are on the schools. 13 schools are fighting it out to be champions. a colorful face-off in real at the city's top some bus schools.- samba each school has around one hour to show off. i have been participating for seven years. i could not before because of work. since i retired, i am involved. i've always liked the schools.
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the residence of rio are persistent. we have faith in ourselves and this carnival is happening. it will be as beautiful as it has always been. the carnival will never die. conservative mayhem, the show has gone on without a hitch. spectators crowded in the stadium -- over 72,000 spectators crowded in the stadium. for now, the only worry for the performers is to stay safe and remember their routine. will openg school next year's festival and the one that comes last will be disqualified. no matter who wins, participants
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go home knowing they were part of the world's greatest show. genie: time for a business update. we apply in quinn -- we have brian quinn. >> some comments and optimism returning to the markets. s&p futures rising. it was a necessary correction to overvalued equities markets. probably was not the start of a crisis. that does not mean one is not brewing and that reforms are needed to head it off. wererket movements necessary market corrections. the markets have functioned well. there's plenty of financing available to finance the economy. i would not focus on what has happened in the last few days. i would focus on the imperatives
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of change going forward. i am ringing not the alarm single -- signal but the encouraging signal that things must be done and we cannot sit back and wait for growth to continue as normal. genie: staying on the subject, what are we seeing in the stock indices? >> european indices are rallying. investors keeping and i are the u.s., where trump is set to unveil a infrastructure plan later today. -- keeping a eye on the u.s., where trump is set to unveil a infrastructure plan later today. china is gearing up its fireworks. the excitement of lighting
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the fuse. the noise. the cloud of smoke. firecrackers and fireworks have been a tradition in china for 1400 years. they are used to chase away past spirits. the practice is and in over 400 chinese cities. the culprit, safety concerns and air pollution. l> it is still popular in rura markets and fireworks are big, especially when it comes to the chinese new year. >> demand is dropping. fewer orders and new safety requirements to curb accidents have forced hundreds of companies out of business. for some manufacturers, the restrictions of feel unfair. >> pollution is not caused by
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fireworks. it only feels like chinese new year when family set off firecrackers. the estimated $12 billion industry is being turned on its head. and firecrackers is forcing the industry to reform and upgrade and to come up with new products. remains of the world's largest exporter of fireworks. some companies have managed to stay afloat thanks to foreign orders. other companies have decided the future is in electronic fireworks. >> let's take a look at more top business headlines. australia has opened an inquiry into its finance industry. several banks have been accused of corporate fraud and money laundering. financial services are the largest sector of the economy.
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the serious fraud office has brought charges against berkeley's bank for unlawful financial assistance. it took a unlawful loan. the bank's parent company has been charged. if found guilty, the bank could lose his license to operate in different countries. the former ceo of a french oil giant has resigned. genie: the trump administration has plans for the international space station. >> the white house wants to privatize the station. the ministration plans to end
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but will seek to develop funding for successors. critics point out that handing the station over to private investors will be difficult and could jeopardize u.s. leadership in space. the u.s. has been privatizing low earth orbit for some time so that nasa can focus on deep space exploration. genie: thank you for that. it is time for the press review. let's start in south africa with our top story. the anc is meeting today to decide the future of jacob zuma. >> many south africans cannot wait to see him go.
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the headline on the front page of one of south africa's most popular tabloids. south africa is impatient. many have long tried to get rid of the president but he has managed to hold onto paper -- power. urges readers to put the final nail in his coffin. the leader of the anc is cyril ramaphosa and has said he would handle the matter. he is being blamed for trying to negotiate his departure. he is ready for a fight with the president, as you can see with this cartoon in city press. you can see him loading a gun. is in reference to his taste for expensive game. genie: this meeting comes one
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day after celebrations were held across the country to mark 100 years since the birth of nelson mandela. ensure that nelson mandel's legacy lives on. came to deliver us from white greed. cyril ramaphosa is to deliver us from black greed. there is a relentless war against corruption. genie: moving on to israel's air raid in syria. they're worried about an all-out war. >> let's start with the front page of liberation. appreciate the they are trying to say that this weekend's events with iran
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sending a drone across the border and israel retaliating by are a test air raid to see how the different parties in this conflict will react. as well as turkey and other regional powers. risking so, they all coming into direct confrontation. it is not clear how far they are willing to go. tensionsese latest come as rex tillerson is kicking off a multi-country tour throughout the region. he is likely to give confrontational talks at almost every stop. the most contentious will be turkey. have becomea increasingly critical of the u.s. support of kurdish militants in syria, accusing the u.s. of being an enemy. francelet's come back to
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where the former budget minister goes on trial again today. he was given a three-year prison sentence for tax fraud and he appealed that and that is what is happening today. was forced to resign in 2013 after a undeclared bank account in switzerland and he lied about it. it was an embarrassment for the president. it sparked the way for reforms. some say much more needs to be done. wealthy businessmen continue to take advantage of legal lee pulls to avoid paying tax -- legal loopholes to avoid paying tax. .enie: let's wrap up the carnival in rio is on. told all thatbeen sparkles is not a good thing for the planet.
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>> when you think about the carnival, the first thing that colorfulmind is glitter smeared on their faces. says glitter is made from tiny pieces of plastic the oceans and find their way into the food chain and back on our plates. scientists are working on biodegradable glitter. soon, you will be able to enjoy carnival without harming the planet. soie: -- genie: thank you much for that. you can get a closer look at any stories we cover on our website. coming up in the next half hour, eating a hamburger with a fork or never breaking eye contact when you toast. those are some of the french
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adequate -- etiquette rules.
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gar alperovitz: a place to begin. why in the world does anyone wonder about, is there an america beyond capitalism? the person who created davos, the gathering of the most powerful corporate capitalist structures in the entire world, this year opened the conference saying, "he thought capitalism may well be over." same message as occupy.


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