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tv   France 24  LINKTV  July 11, 2018 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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i iact. keke this one here. >> thesese are the local rubbish bag sold through the council. 10 t tes mororexpensive than what y you find in france. criticicthis is an official back. traraportation. it may be e more expensive but t means we don't ne t to raise taxes elsewhere. twowo expensive system at euros for a 35 liter bag. her rident has to take rubbisish back home.e. >> my tax bag isn't fully get.
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y y.ll >> it kekeeps custom o officialn their to. always on the loout for flyly tippers. >> you said you had nothg to declare bubut your trunknk is fl ofof trash. yoyou had to be honest. >> this traveler r d to pay the 150 euro >> i fort i had myubbish in the boot. >> 10 tons of unauthorized waste and the trenends growing. toto catch those who made it through, a lococal council set p a 24 hour cctvtvamera. a arrives personn cayiying it with two bags.s. there you go.. >> the fooootage will bebe sent the swiss authorities.
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this iwhere wleave e u wi t this ditionon. stay tuned. ♪ > carrying a rifle is necessy ittequired ououtside of towown, due to polarar bear's.s.
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> d d't be full by appearancs he is aa hunter, scscntist in a town where there is more polar bear span inhabitatants. he specializes i in arctic pepermafrost. totoday, his teaeam is carryinio aa tesest. >> it is s the same as what you wowould find anynywhere else b t is frozen. >> tempeperatures incrcrease twe as fast. these e ove it.t. >> it hahas increreased over the past t two decades.. and whwh has been seserved is that the w warming of the ground by something like .5-onee degree celsius. .> he takes us to his lab ththe furthest n north in the e. we can lolook. >> this is probabably on t the r ofof 3000-4000 y years. permrmafrost is lilike a time
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capspse. if something is within permafrost then it is preserved. > it may lookok pristinanand barren but this is not void of life. in the soil bebeneath my feet, there is a w world of mimicroorgismsms. it is like a mamassive freezeze. cold and dark without much oxygen the ideal p place for viriruseso susurvive intactct for thousanaf yearars. openining panandora's s box with u unpredictablele conseque. >> a few hundred meters away, th local priest shows us the cememery and its unusualubeses. over one centu oldld. >> this is t graraverd. with the special croes.. and you can see.
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from the917 or 1918. >> this epimic kild 20 llion pele arounthe worl incling seveminers. since they have become a scientific c curiosity, a team f scientiststs exhumed bododies ad found examples,s, hoping to f fd traceses of the virurus to no a. >> in the laststew years, this has en developing again. just up the hill from here, there was recently a landslide. >> y yes, coming d down, stones. and d is dangerous that it will hit the graves in the graveyard. >> p potentially, , the grou i s tickingng time bomb. >> the consequences of c climate
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change are not an isolated case. remotegust 2015 in northern russia, and outbreak killed a 12-year-old boy and sent dozens of people to the hospspital. it i is believe a a heatwave fud the disease. soaring temperatures melted permafrostst exposing this carcs in thehe tundra. it may sound potentially apocalypse but don't panic yeye. notlliruses survive when an thght. asas f as we know. and scieists hav't reactited the moanangero causet is band by ternatiol law. it is mu too ris. but ere is sll a cau for concern aorording ta french speciast. mainin time traveling viruseses. on thone hand, infectious didiseases l like smallpox or
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tubercululis could beevived,, but there e are all of the diseases we know nothing about. seases that may have c caused thee extinction of ththe neanderthal maman. it could pottially b brevived. >> local authorities are aware of the risisk. ieiele s say it is illllegal to t in reality it illegaloo be b buried here.. and it has b been since the 1970's. >> for some e people, it c can e quite tough. it isn't the easiest thing. but that is the framework. and everybody else, right here. ♪ >> here are a lot of crazy pictures of me. a veteteran here. she e owns the polar rig, a locl
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institution. >> [inindiscernible]e] she spent 20 years here. at thehe age of 70,, she startro thinink about retetement and she knowss the ruleses she can't stay. but she jokekes about the e to's reputationon. here.die they say you cannot die here. you have to go -- and died. therere are no retirement homes, geriatric services.s. when the timime comes, shehe pls to r return h home o on the norn cocontinent, leaving behind thte town where p pple never die but living witththe threat of permafrostnd time treling epidemics.
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♪ t the grammy awaward-winningg singerer and songwriter who h ha globalal statuss is at m my guet today. thank u for joing us. ♪ diva hasswerhouse given 's to the classic talkingng heas albubum. the groundbreakingng record was released 40 0 years ago anand sl reverberates today. ept the orinal spirit
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but has bebeen taken bacack to rica. bringingng in the polyrhythms. oh. thananyou so much for being here day.y. of the possible iconic albums you could have reimagined, you chose thehe talking heheads. why? t t first year i arrived d in itt at an heard impromptu party. and for me, i was in the mood of longing. being back home. and in my head i was saying to myself, what was that beat, i want to bring it back home. anand it stayed d with me. knowthat time, i i didn't t evn it was a s song from -- i didn't know who the talking heads were. >> t there is a an interestininy ofof french peoeople tellingg y,
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no, thisis is rock 'n roll. >> y yes, when i s started --- everybody, y you have somemebodo makes stupid jokes. who know everything. better than anybody else. they know better than god. and they said, well, this is afafrican music.c. not sophisticicated enough h for this.. i said thahat you are entitled o your opipinion. >> i'm guessing that you guys on friends? a never saw those people again. iad just arriveved. i didn't kn m many ofhem.m. frfree food and d you are a sts? >> you just t go. let's take a look a ayour versn of this ng. ♪
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>> you wororked with a g gat tem on this recocord. this s superproducerer and an et be a legend. just to name a couple. what was the processss of turnig these songs on their head to brbring them bacack to africa?a? guy who said ity was rock 'n roll b but roc'n roll isnsn't popular inin afric. i discovered rock ''n roll in africa because my otother played roing stos, needl, a cove band.
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and itppppeareto me e at it wawas sothing g om another part of t t world but jusmumusic me. so this brings rk ''n roll back itsts ogin. he talki heads fnt men joinedo one sta last ye at a soldld-out concertrt. what wasas that experirience lie perfororming that iciconic songh the origiginal singer?r? >> o one of the rereasons why id the guts s to say to myself i iululd do the albumum is becaue wanted to dodo it on stagage ane how the public react.. it is such a an iconic album. you don't touch themem lightly d you betttter do it in n a placet people likike it. the reresponse was o overwhelmi. and en i went. at o point, i went tthee public a m my hbaband dve mee all th way.
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and i asd him, wld you le to comon stageith me, s ey lit up. so i came ck down n d i called him on sge. and he dropd d my microonone. microphone. the nit beforewe knew tt bettetework. >> the is a a nse of social disqet to o e song. do y youhink i it s relevance toy given the currtt litical climate? > idoes. to remomove the anxieiety you feelel in the origiginallbu. the e anxiety in t the era of rn when it was under siege by the government. and we have institutions today. so what i bring to table is thee resililience and thehe beautiful spirit of ththe african pepeopl.
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the jojoy of life. i want t people to knknow that pepeople come anand go. the importatant thing is s whate dodo with our lilife. how dodo we respond d to hate or lolove. how dodo we prevai we wantnt a better woworld, we have to be thehe worlde wawant t liveve i ththe people we e put in power understand that we lend them the power. >> inspiring words. besides a glittering music career, we must talk about your work as an activist. you have been a unicef activist for years now. bill clinton once wrote that the ononly thing bigger than you and your voice is your heart. so what is thehe cause closeseso yourur heart rightht now? > t the cause thahat is closo heart i is j justice and l lovg one e another.
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becaususe i grew up p in a housd where i i was taught r relentley a human b being is not t a matter off color.. that we are allll one human f fy even though we a are all uniquq. the challenge we have as a human family i is to celebrarate diversitity. which h we haven't been n leo do if w we are able to accept t tht the peperson that wewe are sayig hahate to has a father a and mor and a plan for h his own life es much as you d do, we have t to a willll to see eachch othther inh other shoes.s. we have toto beal to swap andndl for each other. that is whwhat is close to my heart. and i i use my music. it has been my backbkbone. the place where i go o find the truth. to f fd the strength to comeme back o on s stage withoutut beig bitttter or angry.y. bringing l light. we are thehenes who hold the keysys to the clos doors.
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we arere the ones you tetell pee s stage thatt it is okok to fel bad. it is ok to feel weak.k. it is okok to fall. but you dodo have a respsponsiby to rise. whenou ris youave totohink ouout ho you le yoyourife. how you p pject yourself in the fure if you don't fafail thewant to talk out one of youother prects. your tribu to celiaruz. w does t queen oafrican music ay a mosh t to e queen of ssa?? wn i was a plalay teenagag. shblblew mmind awa salsa is h huge in westt afrfra. prettyty much everywywhere in afafrica. the alblb cover was only mamale. but when theyy comome to play, y are a a male band. so foror me, singingng salsasa r crosossed my mind.d.
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but she is the queueen of sals ackup singer.a she t the front w woman i said that i had to go a a see that woman. i'm is whatt i'm gogoing to be lilike her. >> let's take aook at one een's to another queen. ♪ you are currerently on tourr here in frfrance and youou lived herere for many y years. what d do you lovove about frenh audienceces? >> when n i came to frfrance in
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1983, i i restarted mymy career hehere. 8 's, i haveee sustained a public herere. my family is here.. which is reallyly important when it comomes to my shohows. because i i could have input on what i do. and the french public knows music.c. in ththe place wherere they are e lucky enoughgh to have evy kindnd of music comingng here. anand i like theiversity o of thesese couountries to. it is my sample for me. we come together in o our differenences and we c celebrate huhumanity. > we'll a always ask ouour gs toto what ece e of m music, ara, cinema or literature is enthralling them right now. and you chose the new album -- why? been waiting for that day to come. i think that we are just in generaral, not africican or eurn -- wee arere the voice o of the
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peopople. have the duty. we havave the responsibibility. to use music to tell people -- watch out. be mindfulul. be carefeful. she didid that by sisinging and talking abouout the suee of mimigrantsodayay. >> we leleave you withth a clipf the song. thanank youou for being here. an absbsolute pleasusure. ♪ can catchr that he her on tour hehere in franance. her lalatest album i is out now. culture news, head to our website and stay in touch on soal media. ♪
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>> welcome. this e edition featutures a sony -- who he been to the palestinian territories to take a closer look at how the anniveveary of the state of israel is being seen t there. predictablbly, it is not positi. it is called the catastrophe.
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the 1993 also records divided israel into three zones. a, b, c. landnd and homes a are under isi admininistration. this is s a precursor r to the administstration statete that te is no sign of that becomg g a reality. we go ththrough the dadaily livf palestininians and thehe mistreatmement they had d to enr -- goes back to the home that he lost. childrenen are taught t in scho, little more than a hot. a treatment by border guards is barere humane. ♪
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[music] announcer: dhaka, capital of banglaladesh. there are already 13 million people here. that is set to almost double in the next decade, making this city one of the most densely populated places on earth. all these people are coming to dhaka because their rural homes are being destroyed. atiq: bangladesh is the front line state of climate change because of the multiplicity of impacts. announcer: cyclones, bursting rive, torrential rain fallll. climate change is felt here momore than anywhere else in the world. climate refugees from all over the countntry are pouring into dhaka fleeing for their lives.


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