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tv   Earth Focus  LINKTV  July 18, 2018 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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announcer: on this episode of "earth focus," lessons learned during rrrricankatrtrinare ining puto t theest alalg the coastf f louiana.a. somereredictew o orlns wilil be bmerged t the d o of is centu. . the gionon's s svival epends oits abily to ada climatehange. i succefuful, lisiaianaay provide aluluepri foror oers arou the wor. [film advance icking]
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tucke t thereere e falies hehere.herere we kidsdsn the stet playi footbal right? therwere neibors. th use was e candy dy. as kid we would come down a s spendur q quaers anan sit he e on ts poporcand eaea it a j just joy y thatmospspre of the mmmmunit rigightand that ntnt awajustst ornightht ijujust g w washeawayay. [hlilicopt whihirrg] ma: : we a seeeeinscenesesike this o t throuout t thcity.. lieberm: : do y remememr if you told thm m thatthee vees habroken? bro: : i d't call specificlyly, buit w washat new oeaeans ifloooodi.
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walters:o. sit. knknock ovever em plalas on theirpoporchastst ght, h hh? ss is se e upsewithth y. a couple of months ago, we d d a raistororm, jusa ordidiry rainstorm in sththeast louisiana. it s s one those days tt t we tught, "hey, just l littlrain," b low anbbehol thehe cty floode t the dinagage stem w w nonot upo papar. tucker: l lovedurricaneas kids. i rememb w when e calm ca, we wou play ouin the water. was jusanother y off from scolol, rit, but n 's rrrrifyi.
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i's teifying walters: ts s is n a h ho. this is real. cmamate cnge e is rel,l, so w dodo wlive w wh it? i thk k in ts sesectn of ton,n, we'rere srting g understanththat wer a and clima c changgoeses hd in han hnson: new oranans ithee last 5 t7 7 yearhas s rely taken on g greatdaptptatn of climateesesiliee and cimatate chae. elevaonon is e ofof t maj a adaptionsns tt youu sometimes se i is th thehe ususes a raised gherer. ts is theenter fothe suainable gagementnd develoent. wehave rai gardenhere. weelelp communieses howo bubuilrain garden we alsoavave a
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orchard.ouou seever hehe, we have lemonsgeget usne o off here. aftekkatra, yohad alal ese toxins from e e wate soo at wentnto the il, and th's alover theower nin ward androbably lot in louisian evident, the pross of going through the trees to br r frui it t don' comininto t fruruitalso, , recommenabove-begardens wheryou can t fresh il to give yourops thaare not tainteditith th poioint aat w'vtried d do is help with theomommuni to o fit ucucate em b becse thth get coused about, you owow, is imimate ange a piticical issue. iitit rea we e ju try to give theththe fas. t thewe try tohohow hotheyey c be adococatesor h howe adapapto that clitete. cker: if we don't do sometining, l t thibeautytyof new orlns thatverybod love touristcome dowto see, eyey'll beookingngt just ter. th's it
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lliamsmsthe plane've relied on believes th w we cafight wat, , and youou've er been toto a ach h wh therer's a riptide ndnd youhinink u canan fit t wate you willelearn that y w willose e th battltl ggoner: th a clite adtation pn, youave a we stem and dry sysm, so en you eed to ft water out, youan do at, but en you ne t to let e e watein, you can let e e watein thouough tt systemnto o thse canals and cirlalate iaround the ci.. william i i me, sosomeeoplele mighwawalk pt h herand t tnk, "oh,eah. it's ju ovevergwn grass." no. it's s a lolyiying areththat h cererta vegatation it t th is thth
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perfect vetatationhen n yo want teter tobsororb d be able to dissipate a a mor gradual ra. . i me, itit dsn't look like a loofof nauralal scncnce, b theher's s lot of tturalcienencehat gogo into it. waggoner: cos l less havave green infrastrtuture bausese ths is lowaintenan. this is a model of part of ee ty as the main aiainageasinin. you veve an dergrgrod systst, the whe e lineundeder e eathth. thideaea w to gegethe waterntnto the pipipe to gege that werer to ese e pus andd push itutut. th wasas t method williams: trh h of t matatte is, the is no y to sol o our water issues thth jusourr pumps and tbibines.t's t enough. will ner be enoug waggoner: you know, deceses of doing the wrg g thinusually ll you.e got oudeath warning 2005. willia: if the was a liticawill to ke sure that isis citsees anher 30
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yersrs, itould meahaviving ery beatiful, ry aesthic ueways ong withreenways thughout t city, uliving ith wate so thathen that nexttorm com, because it's going toome--th's a ct-- thatater has place tgo otr than yr cars a your hes and t street. [film aance clis] reed:t some pnt after rricaneatrina, ople stted to get reallseserio about aastalssueues,nd they started tththink out risk reduction, ptetectinpeople froflfloodi, togegeer witit resrarations onone ing thth needs b be adessesed,nd soo wcame up with this coasta masteplan whi is a list of projetsts th hahavbeenn scienticicallyetteted,nd soo we veve procts thatredgdge maririal fm onone ace ananput it in anotheplplace actctuay
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build new mshshes wre t the' opn watert the mont. on the risk-reduction dede, we vve eenssivseriesesf levees and fododgatearouound some critalal coaal mmmmunits. t the are p pjects thawewe thi wilill rk, nono rrk no butut wk intotohe fute.e. man: thiisis skyne 5 547 novembe kolker: sta'' coaoast mastete pln n is a50 b bilon, 5050ear plan. i coidider melf f an oceagrgrapheand d a astal geolisist, s i lo at isises like why weinink inouisisia, dd i ao lolookt issusu like how we build cotatal landspepe. thbarrrrieislandnd are o of the rst lineof dense against storm, ght, so notichow thiss now prty ch contious. there'no chaels in t middle it. thiss an exale of a stored
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baier isla. all rig. . thenou c can see new leleans,o ththa's s e of the major pt-t-katra leveve impvevement so o thidea w w to baicicallyo wawallff thihiarea to prent a sto surge fm getng to thlower nih ward. levees areomometim buiuiltith eah, and setetimeshey'y're built wi c concre, b buthe core pntnt is at t theare alal a walththat ptectcts areaa frowawaves d ririsi waterer froaa sto. ththe ggest variable in thiisis seaevelel rise. ifhe seal vel rise rates aratat theow end othe spectrumf what pplple prect, thenouou cou rebuild large aas of thlandscap and pride flooprotecti foa lot ofeople. irates ar a at thhigh endthenen i ththink lot of eass wl be lost, even withhehe sta' bet t effos.
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al r rightwellll, lcome e cocodriethe e mter p pan needs aotot of put,t, a so thth kind owowork tt i i doeeds into theararamets ththathe tate needs as pa o of it masr r plan so, younonow, iust t waed too give y a a vieof w whathe sasa marss s arou herere ok likik you can s t that ere'e's marsrs for miles ithat dirtition. marshes prove e a loof b bufr from stm m ener, soso ty' a bufefer beeen n ouhumann civilizationndnd theea, so t sstoraon i invves pupuing sedime i into marsrsh ke thihi to raisehehe eletioon o allolo it b bettekeep pacwithth s vel rise and toilill inreasas that havereroded
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thiss ththe bba dodo structe,e, whi is s onof thehe major flooatates ithee morganza tohehe gullevevee system.itith a vee,e, o quesonon thayou u ha is who's iidee ad who o outside the leeee sysm. b by awingg this wall t the msh, , y'rere changi t the eirononme, butt you'rre al setetti down n sers s of pncipipleof whoho lives wrere andhe k kin of choeses thathesese mmunitits face inhehe yea aheheadsome o o whh h are ing g toe veryryvery tou c choic.
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alrtrt p. quinin: is arere used to be lerer's l lanbecausus therwawas trs alall er thehe place. yo c couldet i in re andd go hidbaback tre, , swe'd ssten mususicnd hananout wih h yougirlrlfrnd. y'y'all don'mmind i s sayhat, h h? all righ i i wasorn n anraiseded righ h herein n t tallllrass rig here. iuess it reprentnt whe all of ccesto was b bn and raed and dd, and aot is bued erer he, aas ll, sosoo me, it mea a a who bununch coardelle:he land importt to us cause i's where our aesestorsettled. tht't'wherere e famili are.. that'shere theeaeart owho warare i. itit's a apace that we becomone with
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albert p. naquin: e e indis were in t w way othe e whe man, t they l signgn treaties f m more nd a andore land, d ththa'sow we goto erer her thehe gernmenen chased , , so wsettttleover hee e and s happy,nd n now tther turere igetting awa brune t this my granarenents on my moerer's s sid my gramomothernd m my andfatatr right ther i i wasaisesed re whole fefe. y. isislee jean charl h has aays s be a wonderful place l live.he lland dn''t actctally open up to the rlrld fuy, n notntil abouthehe ear fififti when n r road was bui.. it was vy y easyo wawakep in the morng and s armadil in thearard orpossum oa raccn,n, yoknoow,rossing e
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yad or whaver, whaot. all that h c chang bececau, withth lo o of itust t beg watetenow, ee tre havave ed offffwhat you're sining isctuaualljust a skelen n of wt it useto be, younow? albert n naqui to o meit means almosti i guesyou u ca say, le e a faly m memr havivi cancer, you kn? ? it'ss bng eat a away,ou k kno where it's s jusa lilitt bit b blittle bi g getti desestred. nono the on things, the ece of ld is lasngng lonr ththanhe humum body can
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the one rit here ianan oil field cal.l. thre''s onee that sssses he. t the's o that passes aitit furer,, d d the's e thatatasses in thbaback, youou're e oking at water or salatater irusision coming omom theipelelincanalsls and theyesestroy thehe vegetion thawe u useto have. but, you owow, mo of f th opople wk fofor e oill compaeses. th' the e e tha'suttitingood ananpaying the rent a m mortges a andtuff likehat, so, as muchs s you tete the yoyouave t tlike them. dupre: le de je c charl is-s-- wha's t c comm sasayig?--t-t canary ithe mineieield. '
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seeg-g--oveherere, call l relive sea vevel ri. yoyou have the glol l sea vel l ri, whichs slightbubut abt 8080% ofhe sea level rishehere i because of suididenceso we both subsingng andou have e global a level se at th sa t time,so we a siinkg by,y, i think i's mililliters a a year. it don'n'sound li mu, , but u go int40 years, 50 years, d d you art to nocece difrencnceshen you'rre alady y on slighghy above thwawater ke i islde jean charl.. brunetinin theegininni, it was sslow ocess. iwas s rely not reallyototiceae, b buthen whever theater started coming inveven mo witith , it got b be me rarapibecauaue they had more teter cong in and theand did't snd a chance,
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so many pelele on eirr o d did me ththe cisionono go bause of e water. dena naqui m my damoveved f theslsland, wanant say, , ght before iasas borbecacaushe wasn' a able get to rk w wit the rd d floong a ande needed to work, but i am from th loxi-chitimacha-ococtaw nd of isle jean chles, and that's my riritagethatat imy dauteter'ss hitagegeyou know, that's oufamimilyegacy.y. bbert. nanaqun: yaaaa [laughte get a t the pple e whwill b b naeded. huy upup, rmer b b. a ilild waborn, eerybo wenent d visisi androrought gift. n it't's nott
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happening. thank you f t toda's unrisese den, yowant a iian name yes.our names s litt foxox. the disacacemenrealallyreallyly made a chan i in oucultltur now kinind live-- ha ha ha!-ikike the are no india, , ok? duprethe onlyay these coastal mmmmunits wiwill suvive intththe lar 2121st centu i is torotetecturselvlv froththe gu of f meco. ii alalize 30000 yrs, thth will problbly bell o opewater.r. i mean, the s w will ke u us l over. what 'm tining too wiwith e leveeystem, wt t i'm tring g too, i is y oursels two o3 generaons.
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it's jt t abouimpopossle to includthem inta a leve stem. it uld cost pbably 00 milln, and iwould be nearly impossiblbebecausthee salt nditionsre so ba u know, to build floodrorotectn prprojt, you hae e to he momoreenefii than ct.t. onehingng tt'not factored in e e costtheyey oy lok k at t cosost the h hes, the cost of thbubusinees, , th infrastructu, , but,ou k kno i do't ow w h you p pt a prie on it, but ty y do n cononsir the cost of a olole cuure. [film aanance ccks]s] [tom-toplaying] comaelelle: disisplementt eeps hpeniningnd wee
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just furtr r sepate o our communy,y, it'llll jt get t st. [mechchanti] man: turn to theefeft. comardelle: we ararned out t a national distster resilienc pln n compitioion,o we subtted ourlans. weorked to fit with the atate's master an, and they prentnted i andnd it got fund. sadeders: ght t no the w w rocationsypypical hapappein the united stat, we relon an individual y-y-out del, and s in otr words, somemee reivives se compmpsation
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go livsosomewhe elelsebut n doing so, we o o losthatat cututural bricic, we dod't really kw w if wcan n mo people clelectivy asas aroup cheaper anmomore eiciently than iivividua. mardelle: there's ve lilele posive e inhe fororof reselelementf pepeop. youu kno g goverentsts jt don'n't do it wel we prested a different mode community-degngned, mmmuny-ddrien. i thnk thaha was, hud loeded on at a and said, "etet's try i. lelet's tra pilotrorogramsee e ife can figurouout hoto do o is on n smaller alale soe cacan ange it for--wewe havso many communits s in t u.s.s. d abroad hat'fafacinghesese se climatessssues,nd tthinkhat't's why y many peplple arwatctchi, becacae it's like, ". . can reaeall gethis s rit?" becae wewe kw how impoanant its for th future of the wldld to t itit rig.. unet: tre'a reality there
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thaii do't li, but i' sometng that have to ce up to beuse, yosee, i hado go ere and make a dision to ave a place that's lwlways en home for 7 o8 8 genetions, a thatasn't easy tlet go o and, in fact,n n spitof anerining at q queion a a w time it still doesn't ma it easy. [fm advancclclicks comardel: : so ts isis t new eeferr sitite r the e land. this is wrere ourommumuni is gonna veve to.t'a beautiful ple.e. to , ththiss new life, nebibirth, ststainae plplac this s a healy y spac sasande: now, wdo u undstandd
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tt t thiss a a hioricalal iibal mmununit and w walso unundersnd t thapopulalaons havleft thi p partilarr locatioovover aerioiod time,e, and those fks who a successful iththis pjectct wl have an opptutunityo reconstite inin t newew locaonon, buour r prary sese ofbebenefiarieies e the e ople living on e e isla. wewe wt toicick uphe p peoe thatatre livinin this re scenio and eure thathey live somewhre that safe noand intththe fure. comardelle: h hope at t the iibe wld o ownhe lanan and actual, , we ort t ofike aa mid d ownehip.p. y know,w,he folksouould he fufullights s their nd, , buat t theame time, iththey we to go d wa t to mo offff oit, ititould revert bk to theriribe sthatat way, that lanwiwill bforereve sacr f for t triribeo haveve sanders: 'veot t to lk a prettyinine li by y whh we''re delopipingometethi that makes nnse f thihis mmunititbut also cldld be plicicab to a mucwider ary y of cmmuunies thamamay ben n a silar tuation.e simplyon' have a good anerer to at queionn
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yet comarlllle: iind d ths verer emperering.t'allowiwi us to eaeak do somome thosese culturababarrirs, , se off those ieief baiersrs tt's beenn n placfromom yrs pasas you dndn't e everealizizit. if evy y othehurrrrice seasas, you' havi to o reace caca or furnurure, y donon't h he a chae e to he sasavis, andndou don't avave a ancece talloww your kidtoto hava bebett nextt sp in lif startinout in this piecef f propty, , th ca h have homeme a a wayayo progress in t the fure.e. ii was tpoportrait o on endangerespspecielistst, is our birth whe wewe c arart ounew poputionon tget off that eangered ececies list.
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announcer: "earth focus" is made possible in part by the orange county community foundation and the farvue foundation.
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-george: i'mn n sibea, thcoldldesinhabibid place on earth. as global tempetutures se,, this enormous y y land isis mting.. thentire rion is blt onop of permafrost which is now awawing aat alarmrmg rate. the ground c collaing,g, tritional ys of li are reatened and largamounts prevusly traed methane g are seepg into the atmoserere. siberia's big tha could hava a catarophphic effefe on the tire plat. -(theme music pls)s) -is is reeye flig numr three three


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