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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 2, 2018 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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claire: welcome to live from paris with me, claire pryde. soldiers patrolled the streets of harare and zimbabwe's president reaches out to his main rival after postelection protests turned violent. the results of monday's presidential poll are expected in the coming hours. donald trump urges his attorney probel to end the russia on day two of the first trial stemming from that investigation
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led by robert mueller. bemba returnsrre to the country to register as a presidential candidate probe onmilitia he wants led. we speak to some of the victims of the -- once led. first to zimbabwe and the tensions in the capital, harare. soldiers are on the streets and -- shops are this is due to protests in response to the electoral commission. party -- then a pf ruling zanu-pf party has won a majority in congress. it is still not known who out of emmerson mnangagwa who has called for an independent probe
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and nelson chamisa won the presidential poll. the electoral commission has until saturday to announce the results. >> mayhem in harare. the streets of zimbabwe's capital may be eerily quiet. residents are still in shock after wednesday's deadly violence. hundreds of opposition supporters took to the streets on wednesday to protest against parliamentary results giving the rulings on a pf -- ruling the opposition- has accused the government of tampering with the vote and of
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deliberately delaying the results of the presidential election. on twitter zimbabwe's incumbent president and zanu-pf incumbent emmerson mnangagwa has called to restraint, promising launch an independent investigation into wednesday's killings. he also said he had been in communication with his main rival nelson chamisa to discuss defuse thediately situation and maintain dialogue. international election monitors have condemned the crackdown on opposition supporters. the commonwealth observer commission blamed police forces for an excessive use of violence against unarmed civilians. >> we asked the zimbabwe electoral commission to expedite their announcement of paul results. --ays create opportunity >> the commission has until saturday to release final results.
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claire: attorney general jeff sessions should stop this rigged witchhunt right now. donald trump is referring to russian meddling in the 2016 election and possible coordination with trump campaign aides. attack on the investigation came on date two of paul manafort's trial. man who once led his election campaign is being treated badly. peter o'brien reports. crexendo donald trump's most direct demand yet for an end to the russian investigation. president trump has called on his attorney general jeff sessions to stop the ripped witchhunt right now. in tweets attacking mueller investigation into whether the trump campaign conspired with russia to sway the 2016 presidential election. conspired with russia to sway the 2016 presidential election. later his press secretary clarified that it wasn't an order to the justice department. >> the present is not obstructing. he's fighting back. the president is stating his opinion. he is stating clearly.
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>> his lawyer stressed that he used the word should, not must. said goodness come here saying the same thing we said. i said it about two weeks ago. yesterday on fox that we believe the investigation should be brought to a close. >> former fbi director mueller has already charged dozens of people and her guilty pleas from at least three former aides to donald trump. including congress some republicans have said the investigation needs to run its course. close president is coming to actually committing the crime of obstruction of justice. >> president trump also reminded twitter that the paul manafort case has nothing to do with collusion. the former trump campaign manager's trial is the first to arise from the investigation.
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is accused of hiding millions of dollars from u.s. tax authorities. money earned lobbying for ukraine's pro-russia former president. prosecutors didn't mention his work for the trump campaign or russian election interference in general. virus hase ebola struck again in the democratic republic of the congo. just a week after officials said anan outeak inin the norththwess over there is now one affecting the northeast. the health minister sayays they don't appear to be connect to. the new outbreak has killed at least 20 people. the world health organization sending staff and supplies t to ththe area.. when jean-pierre bemba arrived back in democratic republic of congo on wednesday after 11 year absence many people gave him a hero's welcome. in june the icc overturned his conviction for war crimes and crimes against humanity. now he wants to run in december's presidential poll.
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the government says he should be to clarity inevitable because of a corruption conviction. invalidation of his candidacy could anger supporters in the democratic republic of the congo that's what victims of his in the central african republic are hoping for. this report from our team on the ground. surviving central african victims of jean peers bemba -- jean-pierre bemba's private army are disappointed that he dashed for crimeses against humananity chargeges. received several flaps simply because we told them we hadd nothing. when they found some money on us we were badly beaten. warlord -- former warlord judges in the--
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hague who allowed his return to the polititical fray. >> members release is a big surprise -- been the -- member -- jean-pierre bemba's release is a big surprise to me. >> 12 kilometers away from the of his are the victims militia gathered. one of the central african villages mostly affectcted by rampaging congolese troops in 2002 and 2003. >> the trial is over and we can no longer appeal. >> for the close to 5200 victims throughout the country a new battle has just begun. the director of the structure has come personally to reassure those waiting to be compensated.
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>> after his acquittal the icc decided to compensate the victims. they will get one million euros and all which will cover their medical a and psychosocial need. it is our responsibility to assist them as soon as possible. >> even though the initiative sounds reassuring it is not clear how the money will be partitioned. for the victims the fight to be compensated has just begun. donald trump has once again thanked kim jong-un on twitter for returning what is thought to be the remains of 55 americans killed during the korean war. in hawaii on wednesday after spending five days in south korea. the repatriation was agreed at june's summit between trump and kim jong-un. attending the arrival of the boxes in hawaii where the remains will be thoroughly examined was u.s. vice president mike pence. >> some have called the korean war forgotten war.
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but today we prove these heroes were never forgotten. today our boys are coming home. for more on this we crossed to senior research fellow. thank you for your time. just have significant is this repatriation of remains yet -- remains? event but iymbolic think it is also meaningful of a of a trust building process between the u.s. and dprk. this time kim jong-un -- which was included in the singapore agreement signed on june 12. but still i think this is beginning to long-term trust
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building process. -- good political achievement for president trump to gain as the u.s.rt people feel proud of those government actions. you talk about building trust. really this doesn't take the u.s. any closer to the main issue which is denuclearization. or does it? >> the negotiation for denuclearization process is really now very slow. the main reason for this i also think it is there's no trust between the u.s. and dprk. the dprk has close to
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some of the missile test sites still there is a long way to go to achieieve denuclearization. koreak this time north handing over the remains of u.s. soldiers could play a facilitating role for future denuclearization deals. showed this time to keep this promise and contributed to the trust building between u.s. and dprk. if it turns out the remains aren't actually of ?merican soldiers months orake experts years to identify these remains.
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>> as i said earlier this is a symbolic action. is a gesture of goodwill. tried to keep their promise. tried to keep their promise. i'm not sure actually. but maybe we can see one of those boxes the u.s. soldier was not real bodies. maybe it could be something else. but i'm more see the political action as a long-term process of denuclearization. thank you very much indeed for your time and analysis. turning our attention to germany where once again refugees with a
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lower level of protection than full refugee status. are allowed to bring their relatives to the country. the policy was suspended two years ago after germany took in record numbers of migrants. the resumption of this partial since the number of relatives allowed to come to germany is limited to 1000 per month. >> he left his wife and two young children in jordan heading to europe from syria three years ago. he thought it would take a few months for them to join him in germany. but he has only seen them by video call since then. with them.n contact without social media i wouldn't know anything about them. ofnow he is one of thousands asylum-seekers in germany who have the chance to be joined by their families. itscountry has lifted freeze on family reunions for asylum-seekers who don't have full refugee status. those who do have a constitutional right to stay with their families.
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the new rule will allow 1000 close family members a month to join their relatives. >> the process could take more than five years. who is first and who is last? -- it's a gamek of luck. notiskiness unfair and it's clear how the 1000 people a month will be chosen. >> on the one hand it will be about the humanitarian aspect. not clear how the 1000 people a month will be chosen. if they are diseased or disabled or if there are small underage children that will make for a positive decision. on the other hand we also want to see positive integration assets. if they are diseased>> the far d the new program will send a fatal signal because it will encourage more economic migrants to enter the country. angela merkel suffered big losses to the anti-immigration afd in last year's election. claire: you're watching live
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from paris. soldiers are patrolling the streets of harare in zimbabwe's president has reached out to his main rival after postelection protests turned violent. the results of monday's presidential poll are expected in the coming hours. carroll.d by stephen we are starting with google toch may be going back in business in china. >> the search giant is developing a new app which wilil give censored search results filtering terms and websites that are banned by the chinese authorities. according to reports google has already shown it to chinese authorities. one official invasion telling reuters that it was very unlikely the project would be approved this year. of china ind out 2010. the majority of its services remain blocked there.
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claire: the latest news by the white house on the trade dispute with china causing waves on the markets. >> the shanghai composite closing down over 2%. after donald trump totaled his trade representatives to look at more than doubling the proposed text on $200 billion with a chinese imports. european shares also trading down sharply today. shares in the franco dutch telecoms from our down 13% after it reported a full -- falall in sales. the bank of england is raising to dust rates in wk to its in the u.k. highest level in more than ninee years. the bank has been raising rates.
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monetary policy committee says it expects future interest rate rises with the gradual and limited. the carmaker is showing signs of a turnaround. burning through less cash and its model three car is starting to make money. losses at the company doubled in the three months at the end of june to over $715 million. investorshas assured the company will try to profit this year. they have been reassured by the increased production of the model three after months of struggling with delays. --managed to reach its target rate producing over 28,000 cars in the past three months. that was enough to send the company. there are laws being passed that give people who resigned from their jobs the right to claim unemployment
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presidents -- benefits. clicks it was a promise from the president to those who want to change jobs. there are some conditions to the benefits. at france's national assembly -- unemployment benefits. but just how closely do these measures resembled president macron's campaign promises. >> every five years i want refugees to have the right to access unemployment benefits. choose to quit. >> until now the only way to be entitled to out of work payments was to lose your job choose to . redundancy with or bosses. the latest reform won't exactly open the benefit to anyone who wants to resign. law states the person will need to have held a job uninterrupted for five years. they will also need to present a
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project for their professional future development. the commission will decide how much if any is to be awarded. >> what we are seeing today is a bit different. >> it seems logical to me that the law sets certain conditions. otherwise everybody would decide that instead of working they would simply prefer unemployment benefits. >> around a million french workers resign every year. -- receive unemployment benefits to 75% of the salary. >> if the demand is high there will be more professional projects accepted. >> opposition on the right describes the new law is unrealistic and expensive even with the agreed restrictions in place. the program is set to cost some
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300 million euros per year. facebook is helping its users who feel they spendnd too much time on s social media. >> how many of us does that count yet -- county? giveis a tool that will you the option to set a maximum time that you would like to spend on the app before it sends you a notification. there will be other options like snoozing push notifications to try y and start to click and one more time during the day. facebook did this after consulting mental health experts . a study in the u.k. today saying people check their smart phones average every 12 minutes. i definitely check mine more often than not. >> the only thing that is difficult now is remembering birthdays. thank you very much. time for the press review. here to take us through the
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papers is dheeptika laurent. we will start with reactions in zimbabwe to the deadly postelection violence. >> robert mugabe's successor emmerson mnangagwa is claiming victory. clashes with police and claims of electoral fraud from the opposition. the zimbabwe and paper is not surprisingly pointing the finger at the opposition leader, nelson chamisa and his mdc alliance party. the paper says as the alliance goes on a zimbabwe and paper ist surprisingly pointing the finger at the opposition leader rampage the opposition protesters as hoodlums, drunk, drugged and armed to attack people and property. that's in this opinion piece from the same paper. the writer also takes aim at nelson chamisa.
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it's unfortunate that to me so thinks he can subvert the will of the people. you have found an independent paper in zimbabwe telling quite a different story. is newsday.ication they say the soldiers drove their armored vehicles into the streets and indiscriminately fired at anyone describing the protesters as singing and dancing. so far from the menacing portrayal we just saw. also some interesting analysis about mnangagwa himself. he has gone to great lengths to open up zimbabwe to the world and if he claims victory and then cracked down on the opposition it would undermine his international credibility so it appears his reaction for the moment is to lay low and play for time. google is allegedly censoredg is -- a
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version of its search engine. >> it's pretty scary. these revelations coming from an investigative website called the intercept that says this search engine would block terms like human rights, peaceful protest and religion. this is a crime to documents procured by the website from a whistleblower. this project has been in the works of probably since last year. obviously the main issue being the implications for internet freedom and freedom of information. one researcher telling the website that it would set a terrible precedent for companies who are trying to do business in the lucrative market that is china and also resist censorship at the same time. >> here in france there are two rappers being questioned over a brawl at an airport. >> in a nutshell two rappers getting into a big fight at a french airport. this article from the huffington post looks at internet reactions and how they are poking fun at the ridiculousness of the
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situation. many users leaving a scene from that fight. one reader feels humbled by life. in the other picture you will note it is a photoshop image of emmanuel macron from the world cup celebrating. that picture itself went viral a few weeks ago. it appears to look like he's also partaking in the broad. i do feel that picture is going to follow us in many months to come. maybe the heat got to them. not everyone is coping very well with the heat and friends. a french tennis player has been fined for an epic on court tantrum. >> he was in the u.s. where it is also very hot. hurray. is bernard let's have a look at the video.
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you will get an idea of just how epic his meltdown is. he loses a point. he then goes on to smash his record -- rocket four times. then he walks over to his seat and he will pick up another record -- brackets and slammed that one on the ground. stomps there and slams a new record. and takes a seat. happens to the best of us. happens to the best of us. an epic meltdown. he also tanked the last point and lost the match. it was a first-round matchups are probably a good thing he didn't go too far up in ththe tournament. he blew kisses at the crowd as he left the court. not enough to waive a fine. the washington post says you $500to fork over 16,000
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for that tantrum. talk about being hot tempered. reminds me of john mcenroe who was known for his on court tantrums. if you missed someaaaaa
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