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tv   DW News  LINKTV  August 27, 2018 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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germany's chancellor is condemning the far right as she says are hunting down foreigners. anti-immigrant protesters cost -- clashed with police. the violence sparked after the stabbing of a german man. they have taken a syrian and iraqi national into custody in connection with the killing. people go live for the latest. coming, investigators call for genocide charges against myanmar's military meet leaders -- leaders in a report that you one says the attacks on the muslim may constitute a war crime. 4 in somalia, the procedure is done by a cutter. i have no idea what they're doing, they have a knife in the cuts. the cruel practice of female genital mutilation, of the from somalia who's desk let her country to seek help at a german reconstructed clinic.
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president trump holds a revised trade deal between the u.s. and mexico. will not have to leave canada and the cold? -- nafta leave canada in the cold? ♪ >> it is good happy with us. police and the germans the of chemnitz say several people have been injured as protesters face off with counterdemonstrators/ some protesters have been wearing masks and carrying stones, according to police. tonight's unrest follows barbre protests which broke out yesterday -- far right protests yesterday after a german citizen was fatally stabbed. two suspects, a syrian and an iraqi have been arrested in connection with the killing. our correspondent joins me tonight from chemnitz where
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there are protests. good evening. we know that the police have said there have been some injuries. what have you been seeing? any sense that the protests are coming down? >> good evening. please tweeted that there were a number of injuries. we did see protesters throwing fireworks, stones. that is a short time ago. there were hundreds of barbre protesters in the square behind me. across the street on the side of the road were counterdemonstrators. they were hurling slogans and insults at one another. as the far right protesters started their march to the city, tensions began to rise. please had to send in water cannons. we can see those being you -- we did not see those being used. they were a deterrent.
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tensions were very high. most of the protesters have now dispersed. . the concern is what happens next. they were confined to the isolated spaces behind me and carefully watched i buy a police in the middle of the street keeping to set the part, they were under control. when they spread out onto side streets, there is a worry the situation could become volatile. >> you have had the opportunity to talk with people there. what have they been telling you about the situation? >> we spoke to counterdemonstrators. one woman said that she was from lebanon originally and have been in germany for a long time. she told us she was caught up in the violence yesterday. >> i saw huge groups of people with a racist mindset, a right wing mob, roaming around freely
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and chasing migrants. they took over the city. >> that back up claims and reports that we were hearing here about yesterday. far right protesters were hunting down people, migrants. she stressed that she was keen to come back on the streets today and be part of the county demonstrations. she did not want the world to see hundreds of far right nationalist. she wanted to say that there were also hundreds of people counter demonstrating want to make clear that refugees are welcome in germany. >> we understand the suspects are in custody tonight after the stabbing. we understand that touched off all of these far right protests. how much do we know about the suspects tonight?
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>> police initially were vague about how the killing unfolded. they said it involves people of several nationalities. that feel the tension on the street yesterday and again today. we have started to hear more about the two people they having custody. one suspect is an iraqi national and another is a syrian national and both are in their early 20's. police have said they do not know the motive and it is not clear how the attack unfolded. they have said that people must avoid speculating as much as possible, avoid spreading rumors. there are a number of rumors on social media and there is real concern that rivers can escalate tech -- tension and. -- in time it's -- chemnitz. >> charlotte, thank you.
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we want to stay with the problem of right-wing extremism in eastern germany and take you to the neo-nazi village. the village of now know desk has been almost entirely taken over by far right sympathizers. there is a notable exception. the wil myers. every year in august, the courageous couple takes a stand against extremism by staging a music festival promoting tolerance. mario mueller reports. >> the village has 11 houses with roughly 60 residents. it looks idyllic but it is anything but a german -- normal german village. once a year, jamel residents organize a festival in their backyard. it is not your average gathering. it is a protest. 12 years ago when they started,
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they wanted to take a stand against neo-nazis. in this case, that means almost all of their neighbors. for years, the couple says they have been terrorized. until, one day, their barn caught fire. it was a direct attack. >> we have become very vigilant. especially after the arson attack. we have installed security measures. it is a very difficult situation and there is a constant sense of danger. the burnt down the barn was located a few meters from their home. >> behind me is the property of the family. hundreds of people are enjoying life music in a form of protest against neo-nazis and others with far right views. meanwhile, we turn around and can see on the opposite side of the village, another party.
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and a tory is right ring -- wing extremist -- notorious white -- right thing wing extreme and invited his friends ever. it is clear whose turface as. the flag of the german right is visible. it shows the residence vision of a german arian family. a signpost points the way to adolf hitler's birthplace. to leave no doubt, 88 is neo-nazi called dashcode for hell hiller. -- hail hiller. these are only a few of the nazi symbols we found in the village. he is the own -- unofficial boss. his criminal record includes possession of weapons and assault.
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>> over there, they are leftists. we have to listen to nazi is out the whole evening. at my own garden fence, i was told to get out because i am a nazi. i said i live here. they play music against us. we have a nice day barbecuing together. we will do this every year against the left wing. >> the crowd store at the festival does not care much. they are here to support the message of tolerance and democracy. >> the united nations investigators have released a report on myanmar's military, calling for the prosecution of the commanders for crimes against humanity. investigators say the military orchestrated a campaign against the country's muslims with genocidal intent.
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myanmar's crackdown against them began last year. akaka -- campaign of arson, rape, and murder prompted several thousand people to flee to bengal --. -- been with us --b. >> they must pay for what they have called genocidal intent. >> criminal investigation and prosecution is warranted, focusing on the top generals in relation to the three categories of crime under international law, genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes. >> the u.n. used to call the treatment of them a textbook example of ethnic cleansing. monday's report is the strongest condemnation so far. based on interviews with over 800 victims and witnesses, the report details the list of crimes committed against the
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muslims, murder, and disappearance, torture, and hanged rape. >> the sexual violence in myanmar is particularly brutal. take it from a formal -- this scale, fertility, and systematic nature of rape and violence indicate they are part of the desk deliberate strategy to terrorize and punish the civilian population. >> investigators are referring to the brutal crackdown myanmar marched -- wants against muslims last august. 700,000 of them have fled to bangladesh. they are combined to crowded camps. -- combined to crowded camps. >> i am happy about this news. myanmar's government has killed many of our people. we want justice.
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they must be punished. they tortured us because we are muslim and we read islamic versus. they have nothing against any of the other 135 ethnic groups in the country. we are the only muslim community and they do not want us here. >> u.n. investigators say six military leaders are the priority subjects for prosecution, including the commander in chief. impunity in the country had placed the military above the law. the impetus for accountability must come from the international community. >> what happens now that the world has this report? i am joined by a former member of the u.n. human rights committee and the international commission. this investigation by the u.n., it to place without the assistance of the myanmar authorities. we know the state counselor
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refused to cooperate. what does that mean for the credibility of the report? is it possible the military can simply continue to ignore as it has been doing? >> the credibility is not a -- affected by the refusal of the authorities to let the commission into the country. they have so many pieces of evidence. they can listen to witnesses, people of experience about what happens. >> 700,000 refugees. >> they are now in bangladesh. it is easy to access them. and to get first-hand information. >> what happens with the un security council? do you expect them to prefer myanmar to the international criminal court? >> i do not think so because myanmar has strong backing from
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china. for china to transfer someone to the international court is something they do not like because it could happen to them one day. >> it is important for a country to have a strong backer or allied. mia -- ally. myanmar may have china but we do not see a u.n. investigation into syria. that is because russia stands behind him. >> it is the same issue. you can have an investigation. but what is the outcome, finally? you have the facts and you can say some years later, the person may be charged before an international cap -- tribunal.
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if they are outside the country. >> what about the u.s.? it has not joined the u.n. and accused myanmar, the military, a genocidal intent. how important is that? >> this confirms the very cautious attitude of the u.s., in particular over genocide. it is not well accepted. it is not welcome in u.n. circles because people feel that entails a lot of consequences and countries of power should do something about it if you say this is genocide then it is a call for action. nobody wants to act and to send the military command mark. -- myanmar. >> if these generals and up an icc, it could be a question of years.
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as always, thank you. we are hearing other stories making headlines around the world. russian opposition leader has been sentenced to 30 days in prison for organizing a rally in january against the country's presidential elections. his its spokeswoman said the sentence was clearly timed to prevent him from attending another protest, which he has called for next month. police in berlin are cracking down on organized crime and targeting members of and it ended lebanese family suspected of drug trafficking. police have made stubble arresting confiscated vehicles and properties. the family is expected -- suspected of carrying out high-profile robberies, including last year's theft from a museum were dashboard 4 million.
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the nottingham carnival held seconds of silence to honor the 72 people who died in the tower fire last year. the fire, britain's worst since world war ii, swept through the 24 story tower in west london last summer. the deal donald trump called a ripoff has been renegotiated. you go from ripping to renegotiating. >> to putting it back together in a form which does not look like nafta as we knew it. it basically is dead. we know the trump administration and mexico have reached a preliminary deal to replace the north american free trade agreement, according to the u.s. president. donald trump, he has been a harsh critic of nafta, calling a job killer saying it encouraged u.s. companies to move production south of the border to exploit low-wage is. when it comes to the deal, trump
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says it will help manufacturers and farmers on both sides of the border. >> donald trump welcomed the overhaul of the trade pact as he suggested a new name, if canada is not included. president trump: they used to call it nafta. now it is the united states mexico trade agreement. we will get rid of the name after. it has a bad competition because the u.s. was hurt badly by nafta. now it is. a good deal for both countries . >> u.s. negotiators push for a sunset clause requiring the renewal of the deal every five years, but the mexican side of the deal once a 16 year lifespan with the review every six years. 75% of a product must be made in the u.s. or mexico to receive tax-free status. trump said a try deal with canada is possible, that likely
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ottawa will have to agree to new terms on the automotive sector. he has put the car industry at the heart of his drive to overhaul the trade pact. president trump: we will start negotiating with canada soon. they want to negotiate badly. one way or the other, we have a deal of canada. it could be a negotiated deal. frankly, a tariff on cars is the easier way to go. the other would be better for canada. we are looking to help our neighbors, too, if we can help our neighbors it is a good ring. >> the u.s., mexico, and canada do more in a trillion dollars of trade annually. all three countries are hoping to finalize a deal. >> let's get the latest from financial correspondence in new york. the news of an initial deal between the u.s. and mexico, what made it look like and what do investors make of it? >> what we know so far,
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especially in the car industry, more cars and car parts are not supposed to be many had -- manufactured in the u.s. this deal is supposed to get reviewed in six years -- every six years. other than not, we are short on details as the u.s. president said the new name is more elegant than nafta. those were the words from donald trump. for now, it is mostly a rebranding. it is actually some change and can -- change from nafta has so far to be seen. the market reacted positively. the s&p 500 was an all-time high and the dow jones industrial average across the 26,000 point mark for the first time since february. >> where does this leave canada?
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>> some people collect a bluff we are seeing from donald trump that the intention is not a bilateral, but a trilateral deal. he will try to put pressure on canada to join the agreement. canada's foreign minister is cutting a trip short to be in washington on tuesday. a new deal should be done by friday. that is what we are hearing from the white house. if it is realistic or not, that remains to be seen. that is the plan, to still have some kind of nafta, going with a different name and slight changes when it comes to details. >> thank you very much. back of her two friends. -- back to brent. >> the women's rights
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organization estimates that as many as 65,000 women and girls living in germany have been subjected to female genital mutilation, fgm. the figure has been rising because more migrants are coming from countries where gm is practiced. adding dass at a reconstruction clinic in berlin, we met and affected woman who has joined the call for an end to genital mutilation. her name has been changed to protect her identity. >> i was about 11 or 12 years old. several people helped me down. they cut me. they laid me on the table. i still picture it. it was horrific pain. then they sent me together. -- soda me together.
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sowed me together. they tied my legs together for a month. >> types of mutilation veryv --vary. in some countries, it is considered a right of passage or for marriage. >> it is done by someone called a cutter who has no idea what they are doing. >> after two and a half years in germany, she'd sought advice at the desert flower center, which offers reconstruction -- reconstructive surgery for women affected by fgm. the doctor advises those affected that germany services and expertise in fgm are limited. >> when i studied medicine, fgm was not covered in the subject. i know this is changing and i hope that trend continues. i still meet colleagues who know very little or absolutely
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nothing about fgm. >> according to her, they found 65,000 women affected by fgm are living in germany, an increase of 12% from last year. >> this is due to the increase of migration from countries where female genital mutilation is particularly prevalent. for germany, this means country like somalia, your treo, and iraq. >> in a statement to dortch avella germany's family and women's ministry destroyed -- described it as a human rights violation. the ministry also plans on working more closely with germany's youth welfare offices. when it comes to parents taking their daughters back to the home country for a vacation circumcision, there is little authorities or the german government can do. volunteers and teachers play a huge role. >> the only way to gauge what is
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going on is to have a vigilant society. that means people who work in close contact with families who might potentially subject their daughter to fgm. these people should be attentive. we estimate that 15 and a half thousand girls living in germany are in danger of fgm. this woman's three-year-old is among them. >> my three-year-old daughter has not been circumcised yet. if she goes back to somalia, her grandparents will make her undergo the procedure. >> for her eldest three daughters, it is too late. >> that was our face, those of us -- face. --fate. i am a fighter and i hope this rich. . -- ritual will stop. ♪
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>> it has been a dramatic start to the u.s. open in new york. simona hallock knocked down by estonians player. she cannot cope with the power and dropped the first set six-two. the battle to stay in the game, the estonians took the second set 6-4. a much better opening day for 15th seed police, the belgian he was made to work against japan's player. she took the opening set 6-2 and dropped the second by a slight margin. she won the third step 7-5. in the men's, there was light work of players, storming through the first set six-love. 7-6 in the second set.
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the americans have booked their place in the second round by taking the third set 6-2. after a break, i will be back to take you through the day.
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