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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 19, 2018 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> welcome, live from paris. these are our tops tories. -- top stories. president macron was quizzed before the senate this win a. -- this wednesday. footage emerged of someone beating protesters. and on the peninsula, north korea's leaders held an agreement, closing one of the main missile and test sites.
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alarm, over 5 million yemeni children and the country's ongoing civil war. speak to the organization's director. hour, theg up this u.s. china trade war heats up and we hear from american manufacturers hit by the trade tariffs. all that and plenty more, live from paris. but first, our top story here in france. president macron's top security aid has been facing tough questions before the senate committee today. was thrusten ali back into the spotlight in july after video of him beating demonstrators during the midday protest.
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the protest as an observer, intervening to help police and controlling protesters there. take a listen. >> ia was not his bodyguard and i've never been his bodyguard. when you have a task going between the candidates, you are in close physical proximity to the person.
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>> never crossed the red line. he was really respecting it. he was really obeying the hierarchy and this was important for the senators that were asking him because, essentially, there was this notion that something was wrong and it was much too close. the elephant in the room this morning will be the mayday incident where he was filmed
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hitting a protester. this is a subject of an investigation. and also for emmanuel macron to send the message that he was and probably not an accident or the consequence. >> the centre -- facing to cancel rating a woman in 2011, formallyns that he refutes. a member of the swedish academy which has been selecting nobel literature laureates since 1901. week'stponing this
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crisis. in pyongyang, willing to shut down a key test facility. announcement came after moon met north korean counterpart kim jong-un for day two of the summit, focusing on denuclearization. the agreement is a leap forward towards peace. the pair discussing plans to join on health care and potentially seeking to host the 2032 olympic games. here are the two leaders speaking earlier. >> they signed a military agreement in the history of tragic conflict. >> the first time north and south korea agreed on a specific step towards denuclearization. it is a very meaningful achievement. korea has agreed to
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permanently dismantle a missile test site and launchpad in the presence of international experts. reporters have been managing to flee the regime. there are around 32,000 north korean refugees. the majority are critical of the north korean regime and don't .elieve >> after being hit by a train, seeking refuge in seoul.
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>> it is skirting a fundamental issue. human rights. there are still present cans in north korea and people are continuing to death. i am speaking out for them today. washington and pyongyang on the verge of armed conflict. becomes known as the man who fled north korea on crutches and the south koreans are optimistic about the latest developments. >> i am very happy about a summit. they are aiming to influence the negotiations. they notice the regime firsthand and say it hasn't changed. some are still living in fear.
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i don't think they will give up the nuclear weapons because they see them as the only way to survive. the government is built on lies. >> north korea will not follow through on its commitment. record hasusan rice been sidelined so as not to jeopardize the u.s.'s fundamental goals. taste ngos have sounded the alarm, one in 5 million yemeni children in the ongoing civil war. and ththrough the data, they hae bebeen severely disrupted. as 2014. the troops loyal to the internationally backed resident against one another.
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the families may kneel now. the family ngo can save the children. they are accelerating the humanitarian crisis.
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>> and the most severe acute malnutrition, not average or at natural levels. severe. to thehe bone. this i is a dangerous s indicatr for the district. >> the united nations has warned any fighting can block through foodibution -- distribution. 10,000 have died in the conflict. >> let's bring you more on this story. the gym and country director of save the children joins us on the line from the yemeni capital. thank you for your time today. andeard in that report, save the children have said yemeni children are facing a triple threat. not just bombs, but hunger and
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disease. >> yes. it is a total of the thrhree ana half year war. and especially being hurt, the children. it is a repoport that youu have that r right now, 4.2 million children. it is the disruption to the supplies of food. and for the country. there are potentially more million at the risk of famine. the number of cases, they have increased over the last 12 weeks. they are more lilikely to die. -- if there is a
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disruption to the port, it no longer becomes functional. that can be much worse. >> this is an immensely difficult situation. they are suffering as you speak there. how the children is working to help the most vulnerable. >> is a wide range, but specifically nutrition or malnutrition, we work with the health facilities. these health clinics and hospitals.
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obviously, that is a very difficult decision. and how they spend the money. the support watching for their children, they can't afford it. , theme instances challenges. [indiscernible] >> and just a final question for you. and the children .esponse in human
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it >> extending the response right now. the areas displaced. >> thank you very much for your time. next, lawyers for a woman who accused president trump. supreme court nominee of sexual assault say that she will not testify before a senate next week. -- accuses brett kavanaugh a sexual assault back in 1982.
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those claims have been refuted by kavanaugh. the legal team has called for an fbi investigation. >> the white house says brett kavanaugh is ready to testify. in a make or break hearing before the senate committee on monday. accusing the supreme court nominee of sexual assault, she wants an fbi investigation first. in a letter, the lawyers argue that should be the first step in addressing the allegations. republicans disagree. it president donald trump is reluctant to reopen the background check. president trump: i feel so badly for him, to be honest with you. >> it will delay the nomination to supreme court until after midterm elections. something republicans are loath to happen. >> i'm going to hear her out.
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but what we are not going to do is kick this past the midterms. they weren't consulted before the hearing was announced and they want what willto avoid turn into a he said-she said process. >> if these allegations are it will be ok to do this .nowing >> refracting death threats and harassment since going forward with her story. >> the chief executive of a bank
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resigning after revealing 200 billion euros of questionable money that flowed through an estonian branch. came fromts involved countries including russia and the british virgin islands. the bank can't say how many of those transactions were suspicious. the involvement is one of the biggest money laundering scandals ever. tendering his resignation, thomas morgan said he deeply regretted the scandal and best for all parties that he resigned. finishing the investigation into the mcdonald tax affairs. >> they did not give a sweetheart tax deal to the fast food giant. it found the advantages were the result of differences in the tax system between luxembourg and the united states and did not amount to a legal state aid. the outcome is in stark contrast to the recent decisionons involving american multinationals.
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>> the latest on the trade war and the world's biggest economies rolled on. >> local support is needed for as his country plunges deeper into the trade war with the united states. announcing the tariff on $60 billion of american imports, the retaliation on $200 billion worth of chinese goods. will notse premier devalue currency to boost competitiveness. >> we feature tax reduction and regulatory reform. these are not fancy words.
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china,ng components from and the latest round of tariffs. it will cost some more. the sergeant has more. >> those that are produced in the u.s. are made with around 40% chinese parts. or in the case of this bicycle company, nearly 100%. the ceo says t the trump administration's latest round of tariffs set to begin next week will put his entire business in jeopardy. the raradical trade moves, a tit timeline.
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>> the tariffs on exports jump from 12% to 37% in july. >> some have. the trade wars bullet. threatenining another round of tariffs, they may not stay out of the crosshairs for long. >>'s take a look at how that is affecting the market today. european forces trading up slightly this lunchtime with investors taking them cheer that the tiny -- chinese terrorists were lower than expected. the warning that we are in relative count for the markets.
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>> facebook is facing legal action in the u.s.. >> the aclu has claimed the social network is allowing employers to discriminate against women through advertising. the complaint refers to three women in the u.s., they want jobs. they look forward to reviewing the details of the complaint. >> time now for the press review. . report into human rights
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>> refer for these allegations before, but this latest report by ewing human rights panel holds on recommendations last month in another report from military officials to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. it details the horrific suffering of the ethnic muslim minority. we're talking about people dragged out of their homes and their throats slit. trees by theirhe hands or hair, they are rate. -- raped. they are difficult situations and difficult details for the yuan to comprehend.
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they are not doing anything to stop it. she has lost the humanity. it >> moving to legalize personal consumption of cannabis. >> inspiring some pretty hyperbolic headlines today. liberation day is what the herald says. they are raving over the dugout ruling. hypes --tually lit up types outside the constitutional court. banning -- a pretty alarming
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article here. how high can you be on the highway? the ruling has raised concerns about how they will regulate cannabis use. >> up next, the death of a prominent champion in the u.s. is making headlines around the world. golfer was a spanish national staying in the u.s. state of iowa. year, athlete of the planning to turn pro next year. she had been studying civil engineering, the 22-year-old was brutally murdered on the golf course on monday.
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a crime that has put an end to her promising career. it is of course making news in the u.s. a young homeless man has been charged with her murder but there was no known relationship between the two of them. it has rocked, the university and spanish sports. a minute of silence will be held at an upcoming ladies golf tournament in spain. the internet is having a field day because the guardian is publishing excerpts from the stormy daniels book. paide alleged donald trump her to keep the 2016 affair a secret. written a book due to be published and excerpts have been released. it is a look about her life and difficult up ringing. focusing on "the least
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impressive sex i've ever had." that's not even the most salacious part. she also compares his nether regions to the mushroom "toadter "code" in the -- " in the game mario kart. says he never wanted to be u.s. president. but the timing is quite interesting. trump's pickonald for supreme court judge brett kavanaugh is facing allegations of his own. after bob woodward portray donald trump as being essentially incompetent and clueless in the white house. the book may not derail his
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political career but it will do nothing to improve his reputation. not a good day for trump and not a good day for toad. that is what nintendo says on the twitter page. his worst@ w?w?
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narrator: 2008, discontent turns ininto confrontationon. araround the world people e tako the streets. ♪ music momar: they use tear gas, electric batons, plastic bullets. it was a very, very hard day. narrator: protests like these in dakar and senegal spread to many other cities. there were similar riots in egypt and in india. in haiti the president was overthrown. the reason? high food prices. one of the major causes: climate change. villagers are leaving their homes simply to survive.


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