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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 15, 2018 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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i would however. five like facebook [inaudible] we will [inaudible] sorry i you know so that a dental llc [inaudible] five she three men meditate.
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and i and i and i yes wrapped off of fishing. would would be fine fine. continental test as a drop all right right. our hearts out reservation agent judy right breaks and just dawned on the law. i did and drive drunk sex in the house on minnesota some. as she also vented on an older version change change saying cd this is not about to make the right decisions on note taking easy one wants.
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yes yes difficult. sometimes uncomfortable decisions have had hyundai. i own my own understanding what the response on run around. with those those consequences. but this video delivers it was what we were searching and demanded his national dinner fast. and we will return it if we run the night time i usually agreement. is coming up and i guess yesterday. if we do what we have to a line on an yeah we jesus christ. expecting doing is is this kind of women for more on one person. to me today and i i was never able to write. if it.
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was me [inaudible] that. in the in the because then we would let let [inaudible] yeah. yeah i know. exactly what. the reason. how are you really? have. those e are the kind of bre. because because the new you know whether or not. is this didn't know the case was it would be the easy part is it doesn't point point. he seems to know a little that data summit on intends the twenty twenty seven out of amber [inaudible]
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yes. greg greg secretary to it only if you can actually sign a new deal but have had one of okay system such as this is the as far as the as the you can go. to the five five five da da da and and just. other other you cap kelso's. sixty three just overwhelmed with the duty.
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because they have to help. because he was in ireland. and others this means a lot of because because we just. don don. ready to move this this doesn't. i want to just just died he was very very good i had a house dot dot. and we're just. saying what i would have. yeah date did you want to bring that also sells the
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killer had had landline unit costs. our sources awfulness measurement for it. israel's involvement in order. she saudi saudi arabia public public ostrosky right around there. death dental penalty [inaudible] for five march. and i won investigation us up on the whole thing. john when they try to consider monomachos shoji resistance and can send an email night on three three groups negotiations and tell the taliban soldiers and i'm just a shinjin was sent. on the m morning run f from place. the lady came in and saw that.
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shoji so he can. run and then on that. they had they had a lot. this . more details about about real real [inaudible] feeling. well. we finally. to be a very favorable. but we'll we'll find. so so gay or your they're the real real [inaudible] did you. the less less insists judicially gins and efficiently alien pendant -- aside this case using the
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dennis will. usually some of any timee tetemperature because it [inaudible] comes into [inaudible] still. did you want whatever i needed to bring bring the old for about about advantages in presidential jet is actually it is yeah non was broad running on a get out of that. this there's a thirty day vogel come with courses in different from all of us. in this. in total -- so. you know josh josh.
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use these the means imports awesome sits means you know little or no not just. every every day yeah i'm under the old. yeah -- no no i i i yeah. nice nice as well as well. now plans to load okay you have time. to go. glad wrap [inaudible] six the plan and one point bein. one one nine nine zero zero jeezy's [inaudible] just.
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this is on thursday. hotels as again against any and you have to send them back back [inaudible] we we the money's return on on we will. when i when i would make sense [inaudible] thanks. we'll take take [inaudible] hi. many many originally ordinary rape murder in four tries to advance in the in memoriam army in with were you went around my neck lends raising in. side. they were they were in jail down to one hundred sixty ready right list list in the first [inaudible] rejection.
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as for your hand hand lantern. one one hundred fiftfty day damian marley mark. the hundred let him headed letter tells a lot about him hands at a back. to y you wn whenen held. againsnst you rejection and human right rightht and he's he's held on stream to review [inaudible] man's. back [inaudible] for more. ring ring is in. middle solicitous and i went home and i should mention that refuse yes yachts obviously thank you very much. missile program what's what's wrong with. that trash usually remain gregory basically john legend should mar. as you can sort of weather report for my mom if you
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just don't want your insurance. and then doing things the decisions -- on google they were they were in turn. the alarm off at this is all what what. as the commission is on the on that they're there to provide advice they say and then you might find a riche. and and most all schools and most most when inputting thing that. has to be of levels and that's usually how have you. site i also. it's an individual decision whether whether they say yeah yeah okay cancerous or not -- we have had that that access to something. in the record okay anything and mama. somebody. and the only reason you have a way. to be transparency citizenship and another. place like this.
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because the states and is not dead dead price five off of easy some kinds of right right. says access to education to help help within. she has told call on on this guy and i told. now but not not stressed ou. because what is what is going to change between now and the i mean in my lifetime movie weeks. read return -- made made and can get as usual for many many. and and in many many situations during during professor between forty four he's he's when when the condition was rather intern and this is why we ask.
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for i simply sign sign greenery minimum annual you we've we have marvelous only for you and you and and and and and and you you -- to these rendering sex it is yeah yeah yeah your contact. assess the situation and and the technicians but the collision. would also. allow. hypoxic since you seem to really does a social show you. we need to to to make make the make the decision easier for the related i turn turn
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again that just last year you know you don't. go do united i didn't have it on to the kerry out okay. cleansing zing. they say i signed the grand room with with us and and you and you and he asked. me to work with swarthmore's this condition. although do during during but alas houses on the end yeah exactly says everything freedom of movement -- yeah access is initially sheep about. in terms of right where the reason he's a call from from because they have to have a little transaction leaders yeah yeah they are they are more than. hundred jobs on the flat land.
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they where where i am right- hundred thousand reviews more yeah yeah yeah than any any one one million. you know there's that may mean you being being a nine one one camp camp which is because i don't i don't come which is not not the because because can. and will will but where women. like like he was young. and all all right now is working with their their get together with all the nonsense firsters louise white light too easy easy the little villages. but it was like china and use those tools resources. that even even more than jesse jackson says. help help us assistance. we're going to work words and should remain should
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have access to cation -- there is there is less what it means i'm terms are meant to mental. color namame meaning that exams and yes this also just almost a hundred thirty people. may say saying. that russia russian. mail television residents may have a lead left behind when one now now now what's in the house i live in this kind of kind of the idea of trying to trying to get a copy of your feet. with the gun in her home she'll she'll fly californi. sales and internet line likely place. a war will parking lots now not on how those those if they have it have it does the note in oakland california town destroyed by why what fun. and when i hotels. thousand
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homes and ultimately. does does night in over a hundred channels missing in the state state at this. the town was lovely land tensions and with many many town c council i don't havea tighter now i only. this is likely going to be at and your choice. everybody's great great i i can't [inaudible] november. a minute a class class colonia five to age in the
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annals account codifies. it is contained a color coded as a visually shells and since i'm tonia there with the real deal as the hello hello file. legally contained the my about fifty this medicines on st and the numbers yeah. five five california has also sort of a wildlife lies the this is easily leases a moment in this destructive of as a c.. it's not it's not for the business. has has now dropped. as the seasons if you. rob has had only four hours or so so. the political developments. fairly.
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now last night night have you had attacked back. deal and then plummeting there as i grow tents are going down my brother dr. during the reservations at a at is it because he gets one one draw laws totally teen teen. count erepreneurs were showing showing since the referendum at downtown about when six years ago dollar dollar. against your own room and made millions dot stock markets closed for for prime ministers lated late on elements -- they did it is mostly downtown exception of a few one hundred hundred typically in a minute nasdaq rising out about one one point 4% apple six does not losing losing streak. earlier i took right going to and then. head to head organisms this
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morning thanks europe about about [inaudible] listen. yeah about set would. allow a lot of twenty to forty and learn learn learn that may make it has to be an alien. more formal technical sales help have -- i'm most most. with. my face terminal [inaudible] for you know. line ninety nine between -- committee meeting. so how do you measure. how? to get annoyed we're
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over [inaudible] one point. good good. good good. like once a week and no no drinks like single held out. there that says it doesn't. which would you know that i've been an energy loss loss. and this and this will be a fresher and our viewers for stand. this is based on the from -- study that is the thing is you can't call me bass bass current arsenal leaving using accidental but at thi. point -- from once into.
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right to protect act as a protective hard currency the pound pound underneath my mondays you need to talk a lot about the referendum and have her to cut the confidence in. that that i'm back out to you how our good good call call more british the measurements which drive drive up. model judy greer has a longer than expected one point if the feds and alloww for some stuff in it -- direction. twenty one of me. and according and bricks right. any any between two one a one to two sentence agd if the vote that surround around. twenty to on a on a mental
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level has dropped to a to a lower level level with the nineteen ninety seven and ninety eight judges for for ten cents. a one million may be more more more jokingly feces some of a vase issue number number one one one three three let let the hey hey. come down this is in that in that. little vision for want of life i had it it. to produce a change in my home and the other one and one and then build. eighty eighty three to deal gap gap at the ending my graduations and this is just go entry three or more. almost all the major discuss
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objections like lunch. time at the indian businessman. a six accounts on says others have lifeline now no. walmart. is it is a strong. order world world. investigating an online presence better better. i was on county county. it is s. as in a in a progress. for for for ththe
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contentt. jack jack postal services [inaudible] so something. there's a little tiny. no right side street ring and the dog dog is faced by right. work was with you zsa zsa against a special how old. is your show. of shows sounds and the ceo has
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11/15/18 11/15/18 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> this is unprecedented in american history, never, never andthe speaker of the house the majority denied a member of congress a vote on matters of war and peace. amy: house republicans block a resolution to end u.s. military support for the saudi-led war in yemen by sneaking in a one line


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