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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 28, 2018 5:30am-6:01am PST

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genie: this is france 24. time for 60 minutes live around the world. i'm genie godula. these are the headlines. russia says it is sending a new hardware to o the crimean peninsula. ukraine begins 30 days of martial law. the latest as tensions over a naval showdown between the countries continues to grow. a new round of peace talks on syria begin today in kazakhstan. the meeting organized by russia, iran and turkey.
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the french prime minister offers to meet yellow vest protesters blocked roads and held demonstrations over rising fuel taxes. with new protests planned for saturday, that's an olive branch they may ignore. business, why carmakers pushing electric models in the united states might be worried about one of donald trump's latest tweets. in australia saved from the butcher just because he's a norm is -- enormous. first our top story live from paris. russia is set to deploy new surface-to-air missile systems on the crimean peninsula. this as ukraine introduced
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martial law in parts of the country for the next month. tensions the chewing -- between kiev and moscow have been on the rise. >> under the threat of full-scale war, i 's timeme for martial law.w. ukraine's president went on national television to address growing fears of a reprisal of a military conflict with russia. number of russian units deployed along the entire length of our border has dramatically increased. after the incident, we had to provide ukrainian forces with resistance capability in case there's a large-scale ground invasion. >> the flareup of tensions comes after russian forces fired on ukrainian ships sunday. they seized the vessels and two dozen sailors s on board. jailedve been ordered for two months pending trials in russia. to counter the increasing tension, the ukrainian
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parliament voted for martial law in 10 regions along the border for the next 30 days. it allows the government to mobilize citizens with military experience. control local media and strengthen border controls. it's a step that has been met with mixed reviews. >> knowing there's been attacks from the russian side, i think it's positive. we have to be prepared for the worst. >> martial law was not declared before in 2014 when they were selling my native city. the question is why now? i think it was done because elections are soon. ismoscow says poroshenko trying to drum up his popularity before next year's elections. kiev has blamed putin for the very same thing. his approval ratings are at their lowest level since they dramatically ring crease -- increased after the annexation of crimea. genie: that conflict pushed donald trump to say he make -- may cancel plans talks with
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this the kremlin says it is still planning on those talks. wasy donald trump said he waiting to get results from his national security advisers before deciding whether to have the meeting at all. negotiators from russia, iran and turkey are in kazakhstan's capital for peace talks on syria. the meeting today and tomorrow is meant to preserve a fragile 10-week-old truce in the northern province of idlib. it is the last major rebel and jihadist stronghold. the talks will also focus on creating conditions for the return of refugees as well as rebuilding syria once the conflict ends. rob parsons has more. >> the fear that is beginning to unravel. it was agreed in september when there was serious fear that the regime was about to launch a major offensive which could end
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up pushing the hundreds of thousands of refugees in idlib province into turkey. that was averted by this deal which created a buffer zone. but part of the deal was that the jihadist groups inside the buffer zone with leave by the middle of october and take with them their heavy weapons. that hasn't happened. last weekend the accusation came from the russians and syrians that jihadist groups in the buffer zone using those heavy weapons to fire on aleppo. using allegedly chemical weapons, hospitalizing over 100 people. in response for the first time since september, the regime and the russian air force bombarded idlib province. the fear is that is all beginning to unravel just as there is hope that they make some political progress.
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they have to be able to back up that pressure they are putting on the jihadists with the threat of military force. the question is are the turks prepared to do that? genie: this is the 11th round of these peace talks. are we truly getting toward an end to this war on syria? falsere have been many ones in this process. feelingy there is a that there is the possibility of a peace deal. the regime really holds the best cards at the moment. the opposition is pretty much defeated. there's no longer any talk about gegetting rid of the regime. there's not very much talk anymore about getting rid of assad either. iran, turkey are the main players in the peace talks at the moment. the u.s. is prepared to let russia make the running.
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so there is the sense that a little bit of progress could be made and certainly the russians are pressing for progress on the issue of the future constitution and the creation of a constitutional committee. it should have happened before now. it should have happened by the end of this year. hoping to getre the issue of the constitutional committee settled for the next year's of progress can be made. what they are talking about is two main things. first of all the composition. the turks have put forward 50 names from the opposition. the regime has put forward their 50 names. there's also meant to be 50 people from civil society. the proposal came from the un's special envoy on syria. the regime isn't happy with him. the other big issue is the remit of the committee once it has finally agreed on the composition.
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the regime wants its agreement to be limited to making amends to the 2012 constitution. the opposition is not having that. turkey is not having that. they want a new constitution. those are the central issues. it's just a little bit of hope that they might make some serious progress. genie: british newspaper the guardian is reporting donald trump's former campaign manager paul manafort held secret talks with wikileaks founder julian assange. he denies the report. u.s. prosecutors said manafort had violated his plea deal by lying to the fbi. what did donald trump's former campaign manager have to do with the founder of wikileaks? that's the question u.s. prosecutors are asking after the guardian cited sources saying paul manafort met julian assange three times at the ecuadorian embassy in london.
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the third meeting was apparently severalarch 2016, months before wikileaks began releasing a stash of emails stolen by russian military intelligence. assange's group denied the stories. it will give bob mueller something else to look into as part of its investigation as to whether russia tampered with the u.s. election. manafort had broken his plea deal by repeatedly lying. he was convicted of a number of crimes ranging from money-laundering to unregistered lobbying. may leaverevocation him facing a decade of prison time. he could be holding out for a pardon from the u.s. president, who has clung to the same message for at least a year now. >> there was no collusion.
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>> no collusion. he cranked up the vitriol against mueller to its highest level yet. >> the phony witchhunt continues. mueller and his gang of angry dems are only looking to one's died. -- one side. mueller has said nothing about his ongoing investigation which is already netted guilty pleas across nine places. wants toesident trump ban asylum from anyone caught crossing the u.s. mexico border illegally. the move has already been struck down by u.s. courts. migrants are now dealing with life at the u.s. mexico border. crestfallen, these are the tears of a lost dream. making it to the united states.
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and migrant from el salvador has decided to leave the u.s. mexico border and go home. >> i'm returning because they are not letting us through. the president doesn't want us over there. i'm going home because i don't want to die either here or crossing to the u.s. --many of the new early nearly 6000 migrants are wondering what to do now. after more than a month of trekking up from central america. living conditions at the border are dire and overcrowded. after the violence of f sunday's whenfor the border fence, u.s. officials used tear gas on children and families, many wondered if they should return home. the other options are equally unappealing. waiting months if not years to try to cross the border illegally. paying a human trafficker or staying in mexico.
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i'm going to request permission to be here to be able to find a job. increasinglyre stacked against them. in tijuana there's a waiting list of more than 5000 names just request asylum. some days only 40 people are called to meet border agents. to the long minds there are rough odds. 7000 asylum requests are pending in the u.s. and historically only 20% of them will be granted. a long shot for some that is worth it. many have fled not only poverty, but violence at home. genie: in france there could be more trouble this saturday on the champs elysees. the yellow vest movement has vowed to hold a new day of protest this weekend. their declaration comes after two spokespeople from the group met with the french environment minister. offered tolippe has meet with members of the movement who slammed the government for being out of touch.
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>> if there's a delegation of yellow vest representatives that want a meeting i will meet with them. me on thelip was with set earlier and told us more about the yellow vest meeting with the environment minister yesterday. >> it came shortly after the french president emmanuel macron made an hour-long speech in a witho quell the situation the yellow vest protesters asking for tax breaks on increased petrol prices. yesterday withet the environment minister. those talks came to the conclusion with comments by emmanuel macron if they didn't go far enough. they are going to go back out and protest again this weekend in paris because they say the
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government is not going to reduce petrol prices the way they want. genie: we already saw these pictures from last saturday of flames burning on what has been described as the most beautiful avenue in the world. are we looking at the same thing again? or not theds whether government is going to let the protesters go back. there are two very bad things which have come out of this. these pictures of violence which have been televised around the sales.nd have hindered go to doe scared to their shopping and several shops have found their sales have gone down by 35% to 50%. they are trying to avoid that from happening one more time. i think the government is rather scared that this protest
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movement is going to carry on a long time. the latest opinion polls said that 80% of french people said the government is going far enough with that and 78% said -- why is the government doing this? the government wants to push people to buy more eco-friendly vehicles to get away from using diesel fuel and petrol. saying this will push people to change their vehicles. a lot of protesters saying the vehicles are too expensive and we can't afford it even if the government is helping us out. genie: extreme weather in australia dropped a month worth of rain in sydney in just one morning. dozens of flights were canceled as well as hundreds of people being left without electricity.
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that was in stark contrast to australia's northern state of queensland. thousands there are being evacuated to escape raging bushfires made worse by a scorching heat wave. you're watching france 24. russia says it is sending in new hardware to the crimean penance to let as ukraine begins 30 days of martial law. the latest as tensions over a naval showdown continue to grow. a new round of peace talks on syria today in kazakhstan. the meeting organized by russia, iran and turkey. the french prime minister offers to meet yellow vest protesters who have blocked roads over rising fuel taxes. that's in all of ranch they made nor. -- an olive branch they may ignore. here's stephen carroll. you are starting with the british government's assessment of how the brexit deal w with
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affect the economy. >> this is part of an effort by theresa may's government to drum up support for the deal. the assessment drawn up by experts from across various ministries in the u.k. says that under the deal agreed with eu leaders, the british economy would be 2.1% smaller in 15 years time compared to if the u.k. stayed in the european union. deal scenario the economy would be almost a percent smaller. donald trump's tweets about general motors and electric cars. >> he wasn't happy about the job cuts announced by g.m. this week. he said they are looking at cutting all subsidies to the carmaker, including for electric cars. shares in general motors fell after those tweets on tuesday. it is not clear what other federal subsidies the company actually benefits from. the electric car subsidy is a
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tax credit which goes to the consumer, but not the carmaker. the industry is gathering for the los angeles auto show with electric models at the forefront. show,the 2018 l.a. auto it seems like the future is already here. carmakers are flaunting ambitious goals to produce more electric vehicles. in particular suvs and crossovers. debuting an all electric pickup. >> it has not seen any innovation for the last 50 years and it has largely been unchanged in the way it looks and the way it performs. what we are doing with our pickup is to redefine the segment and take it to the new audience. >> the market share for plug-in passenger vehicles in the u.s. remains low.
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electric vehicles accounted for just over 1% of all cars sold there. american appetites for big cars might prove a barrier for change. general motors is the country's largest automaker and suvs now account for three quarters of its sales. the national figures are also skewed by california which is leading the charge. it's program requiring carmakers to sell a certain percentage of zero emissions vehicles has been picked up by nine other states. the federal government also offers and rented. -- an incentive. the customer gets a tax credit. tesla has already reached this limit and general motors may do so by the end of the year. so the incentive to disappear. potential good news on the
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trade front from the white house. could do a could do a deal with china -- saying they could do a deal with china. things a little flatter in europe. ftse 100 just nudging into the red. gains in paris and in frankfort. let's take a look at business headlines. states says it is open to resolving the trade war with chihina at a dinner meeting with presidentnt trump saturday. saying president trump is prepared to increase tariffs on chinese goods if there is no breakthrough in the talks. external auditors at nissan say they repeatedly questioned
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transactions relating to the former chairman and were told that were appropriate. the auditors were told by management that the purchases were properly reported. he remains in custody in japan where he is being questioned over suspected underreporting of his income as a carmaker. new zealand has told the telecoms firm that it can't use -- used by huawei. the intelligence agency follows a similar move by australia in recent months. genie: it looks like netflix may have won a golden ticket. site secured ag deal to the roald dahl stories. netflix will begin making the first animated series based on his books next year.
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the deal includes titles like charlie and the chocolate factory and even my favorite, george's marvelous medicine. genie: thank you for that look at the business news. time for the press review. dheeptika laurent is with me on the set. you're going to start with reactions to paul manafort, who is denying he had secret meetings with wikileaks founder julian assange. to sue theing now guardian newspaper that reported that paul manafort allegedly met julian assange in 2014, 2015 and 2016. around the time he joined donald trump's white house presidential campaign. wikileaks released a stash of democratic emails stolen by russian intelligence. manafort is already in prison on money-laundering and tax evasion charges.
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he struck a plea deal with robert mueller. manafort agreed to plead guilty but would provide truthful information to mother's investigation for a lighter sentence. mueller's office says he has violated that agreement by repeatedly lying to them. what on earth was he thinking? that's what the new york times is wondering. outline three possible hypotheses. trump may have a plan to pardon manafort anyway so all of this is sort of a mood point -- moot point. or he thought he could lie and get away with it or manafort given his lifetime of shady dealings fears being killed on the outside and so would prefer to stay in prison. the new york times admits that is outlandish. genie: papers are being pretty critical of the french president's new ecology plan. >> he is listening, but he hasn't really responded.
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that is what the papers are saying. appreciative of his efforts to be more understanding towards the yellow vest movement. but they are critical that he hasn't really announced anything concrete or immediate. the french communist party perhaps delivered the most searing criticism of macron today, lasting the deafness of a disconnected president. a one-hour speech that doesn't answer any of the french people's expectations. only contempt can understand the inability -- explain the inability. hindu temple have denied claims it was racially motivated. >> the issue stems from a land dispute between property developers and devote to use of --indu temple -- devo tays
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devotees of a hindu temple. they wanted the temple to relocate by november 22. certain members refuse the agreement. criminalsis week attacked and injured devote to, racism and calling for and putting ethnic diversity to the forefront. the surge is that malaysia should not give in -- this urges that malaysia should not give in to race baiting. there's a new report that's already outlining travel, food and fashion trends from next year. >> 2018 is nearly over. let's look ahead to 2019. according to marketing firms report coming out this week, 2019 will be the year of a
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filipino citrus fruit being hailed as a wonder fruit. a mossybe the year of fungus with a host of medicinal properties popping up and butter, pesto and granola bars. and moving away from all the pop colors we have seen this year. trendticular the noir influencing crockery. top travel destinations, bhutan. also tel aviv in israel. genie: another good news story from australia. it's the story of a giant bull who has been saved from death because he was too big to be butchered. >> knickers is his name. bulla 7-year-old steer
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with enough meat on him to make 3000 burgers. he hovers over his fellow bovines by his sheer size. he has been called the michael jordan of cows.
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