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tv   France 24  LINKTV  December 11, 2018 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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twenty four only two hopes honestly course [inaudible] the world [inaudible] actually -- insistent on going going is the frontrunner these are the headlines lines please please do up enough skill. level level --
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didn't come john schultz. this market distanced from from. which is just a i'm i'm going okay this is an ongoing -- again this is wrong the fleecing of the french french all calls draws draw. a man and a large legally blonde on jump shots. in the city. lately have has to be a lost love. lives eleven at least have have room to the christmas lost. traction instructors bowl ways. with nick loeb local people and answer this is a great
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way sacks and they should be should live my life and it's a safe distance in. twenty twenty sixteen n no no -- sign has yet anybody's and they should. have done see saying things. going going situation -- because we see everything on it only has houses get as christmas. and it it is an indian restaurants junior now now bye bye. three goody goody you. earn your trust rose bogie tells us the situation. well well well if you mean in the way we when you look
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at the film. it is every area and i don't know if you know your aroun. after a little. that that you have you have a hundred and you want anyoyo even her front theree there's start off. with the little fella following like during that gesture. full one one my mom and a new look for the longer you know. yeah of course. hi how you couldn't get a long long. long long get along with all
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the colorful. actually. after to get. me in a little. there are there on the main. and he did hotels and need need lab and actually think lies within the the main main hall hold on to come off looking. around here online. the country dream and and and and then if we mean right now right now. and and the central heating. the war will only be able to
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and in the end you can learn me ha ha. and then the because they have it still eleven at an overly easy to go to the party that he had been in an accident. and that and then then that he he that loveth knowledge all go away and i'm thinking he would. leave a i really like. the idea of a field and and thank you so much you can have an it and to instruct restaurants on twenty twenty four at the scene. he just he just. today is not exactly right
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now i can. see coming into my life fro. thank thank you cannot bring in. young a young man who is -- from from a still donia who who's joining us now my lif. give us give us a sixty seven cents and what she was she was young young could you -- hospital. a safer they join join us i'm can you tell us tell us about your reaction. this is the game again [inaudible] thank [inaudible] yeah. i don't go anywhere and a little. i know i know. hello hello. hello.
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i like i get a few several local local -- the fact that today -- all all and i know it won't happen. and i can't let that go for it -- did you hear. the who. is he she filed. part of that of that. yes my friend can tend. to as an investigation into this is s. ass in sam i just like to let you know later lately getting gettiting at here i'm a situation where i am i am i think the old -- your your apology holly holly go out a lot you too event every. ball since incident [inaudible]
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hello [inaudible] i i like the it will it will it change it a lot a lot of and i know that i will but the problem remains that good good good good okay but one of the one of the most. because that will that will. okay. and the the the the and the and the only. one that it is pretty much the at that age don't. because some people. here and to me i know the eight they get elected.. to the to the conflictt with bn
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bon a little [inaudible] awful. your question of there is. a little little ticket like like. two hundred but you are you in look. and then the water that's what i like i believe that it's not something to do with. i mean the all of zahn was very difficult to go by trying to trying to do is as you see get into the head to head on some. i'm going -- to structures and and you will die die drugs drug use out of that is because we don't be thinking that way. but what i what i how how
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how how do you. happened go and what i would like. i got a little. homemade made it and that i. going. to be the lead. and the the little older. i might go to do i'd like you i think the better than a california fad [inaudible] friday [inaudible] and is. i had a feeling just kept a daily on the one i don't think it's going. to happen opal week we would simply mom gone down. i wanna love a they are the
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level of yellow yellow. like like. and then just to survive model. may may just just doing doing this at the situation wishing that we have not recovering this is. on the on the ram ram leslie line. from broadcasters we can see these images coming coming in -- obviously lost money. town says same amos frank frank she see that. issue she please please and and come come. come come has that same thing to do to get his exams and i let let them. down we hear from french french here's here's a street that that. the gun the gunman may melt have haven't denied so so. it's a bit of information
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asian cities comes comes. she was very very much an ongoing sense. i'm sorry street. well well on capitol course and separately at as ann informatioion matches t that says that the little. engine jet -- by. but that that. is going to judge. that stand. alone on is is still. and if you like just just remember -- and has hasas hounded exacty only only to yeah also. terrorism incidences in such
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a sizize and a kind of lost markets but not not seen from. that at number twenty three at at one fifty six six a local search engine just -- yeah [inaudible] one at the end a fifteen fifteen yeah happen that the that. the that i i dot com on the and you should. as i usually am and then. going on november twenty
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fifth at the end he two hundred field. there is a terrorist attacks here. and then as soon as the other. she says that unit around rounds and sort of eleven lots of is one of our owners and a and that is that your you always draw straws has to offer exactly place or resources. to to to to to to join -- bass ladies of one of the first christmas it seems he's advising us. by some government open the file. within the tenant to enjoy some sense to look at that and and that'll. who didn't deserve some flames james james jones is james james meeting says
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what he found? because the fact that i have in house in dissension jim a lot a lot of love a lot of strasbourg seriously but two three on three hundred thousand police come from france. history history of one by one by one for german journal found the symbol. of unity the heart of hearts recipe center and we can we can call calls of sugar adults over the christmas market right now. from from the city. it's it's you have. killed by a layout and city city center river river simplistic and where you were be sent in the same
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funeral girl at rendering the city streets and the water is likely to come this way way. three or more frieiends a and to run aroud once a month and sensitivity yes yes and even the setting up any of the owning warnings at the situation which is. still ongoing whatever energy and it is a good to go to the fourth for security. meaning and and at that the yeah yeah yeah. song often off don't don't share share formation actually with which accounts under sure sharing some of these images. of this or that at the righ.
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so it's a mystery. and went on from south central which is which is the address right our hours at the national training center this is not a model and is there a reason and then he he from austria and he thinks it's a little on the on the cultural should read measurement. please listenn to slate's we objection hold on on on the on the wrong proper i'm thinking he could make it a character and i don't. have the the the you know you're the only licensed down given given it a little bit down to a lot of knowledge elements. regulating season a sort of a house. yeah yeah less less when the sound on the incident saying size class you say say james quite a distance away in the data center.
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you live you live. for one year you're just because he was. likes likes what sort. mark market is free on the operator to get exactly what you what you might not perfect christmas mis informed terror attack it was it was years years ago on the part of the target is the high. density of the visit is ending them and the difficult time josh and my mom had a check check full hold people. in and out. things in and how how many money just allow the conviviality. congeniality outlets of of kind of kind and the bank is eighteen years and and change it if you if you were to put in place this is probably how these things
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are not side since. since it's a state of emergency seals. and sea attack. existed this is from the french french lace isolating the database they're on their own to people that that. james is on the phone right actually a this is a different device by the time the one one two two that that. property for you for the sports or that that on nine eleven there's a resume to jersey. ito still using that that has a ticket there that this has been rescinded as sort of a sort of a terror in first first.
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even though even considering that these guys as it contains rates are getting ahead of it has also resulted. put your and interior. but this is a letter. yeah yeah he's he's. tongue seems to be exact satchel sure right right and so i just just about to enter. take take on all of this is the second educational skills again again support more. right french french count countdown to please the customer starting. with a technician on job. creation up front. with you about as well as the reason. is often the cleaning on that on how you have.
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at some level. in france with our with our hours or something on the on on simple seminal sack so so far. what? is in essence an easy instant [inaudible] around. jeez jeez being too is now is this since the nineteen to one of them but the t. team and one of the easiest mismas mostly in europe. the tension engine is the st louis resident that. incident was was on way way saying saying they were in
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when a mage would would follow with the sensor on the wrong on residents were it was twice a day and a little. the stress does movie gingery frank check check cool in residence not notices read read any animals always moving thihi. regions lifeline from pharmacy. christmas awestruck in the old downtown -- well get a delay slices looking for from the system if you have. to do some shows your changes to the last line of my lines just you'll enjoy being with my friends of drug resistant and as s soon as our higigh and i meant it opened fire on two two
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people. the service to to a s satele lice. and letting them be how have we didn't it now we have. found out that the the mathematical fine finee. a mailing well they've been did it. in the process of doing this coming coming down the information nation french french in. a new corolla here what is now nine times does this is more about the suspect. just just the fact that the authorities yeah. and i'll tell you to the seasaside they had not yet yeyeah -- this month on it. that says i love. you. to do that in central tool - restaurant --
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on and then he was it was judge it. as a as a result i thought can can you can you can. go back about mascots ran it and after get evidence also. she is just as before so this is a class act at that not not just just. happened catherine at salicylate showers house crowd shouting at it and found out a lot. and they you can send [inaudible] hello hello. into the town.
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if god is not. going -- for the money in the red re. one of the main hall. and then people people deal in. i mean you can get. someone. down there. being that. they were doing [inaudible] for the okay -- then he hi i'm from where we're looking at five and the and the line item. because he's being told. and and agents. and they can actually
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sitting in the cool cool when i when i the filler. i can i can. getting getting ahead of them and you have to wait a week. going to be on going. through the now now. majeed into to try try to find of course if you can. they say say i think she should. have the power source to kentucky to assess them because we are the ones that stand on a long way away additions using taste like. anything on the situation as well as you see right right now in front front and the whole place place in long long distance and stress
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stress around brown's. down you see see social downtown on on the street street and van* anybody. tell tell the story should she be christmas must not a celebration of not not as easy to terrace harassing. and on this is a safe place ages and using complete lockdown down. you wanna watching -- from france have. more success
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12/11/18 12/11/18 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from the u.n. climate summit in katowice, poland, this is democracy now! augustchohool statarted in this year. i set myself down onon the grou. sosome people say i shouould ben hool. some peoplee say i ihould study to become e a climatee scientiso i can salt the climate


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