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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 6, 2019 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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this coalition it today . thank youu very much for being with us the full out of the yellow vest protesters led to criticism of france. at the u. n.. united nations human rights chief michelle bachelet just calling a front to conduct a full investigation. into the excessive use of force against protesters the other vessel jimmy joan of taking to the streets the sixteen weekends in a row since late november. the demonstrated against fiscal inequality and government policy they are especially critical of
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president emmanuel macron. some of the protesters of taking part in the destruction of property and vandalize issue of businesses in the path of the protests. since i can't measure them with this. the french government must do better says the un high commissioner for human rights in a rare reprimand aimed at a western country. she said paris should investigate all cases of reported police violence against yellow vest protesters in friends. delete visualize wrong havining protesting what they see us exclusion from economic right some participation in public affairs. we encourage the government to continue dialogue. including follow up to the national discussions which are currently under way. and urge full investigation of excessive use of force. france's government estimates nearly two thousand demonstrators have been wounded since the movement began three months ago. protesters say the number is
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much higher. activists and journalists say over one hundred people suffered severe injuries. and the incriminates the controversial rubber ball launchers known as l. b. d.d.'s which firire projectiles roughly the size of golf balalls the domino this is a weaean that it's meant to be used to immobilize people and shock the. so that they leave. that's no will to kill. the problem though is that they need to light. and they need tomate repeatedly. they need to like every saturday in nineteen oh city. and we can do this and the police instruction manuals in france states that the use of leds should only targets the torsoo and lower limbs. but at least seventeen people have lost tonight since the beginning of the yellow vest movement. purina's twenty years old she's had to quit studying after being injured by a smoke grenade nine for the company to tool yes my left eye it was my sixty four is my right side as it moved on a page. and there's little movements
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cause excruciating pain. the french interior minister has in the past rejected claims that police may dispropoportionate ue of force. yeah there are hooooligans who come t to demonstrtrations justo break things. i don't k know a p policeman orr fifireman who by nature wants to attack protesters. don't know any they are sometimes you're i do not want to deny that. and d in thehe face of thesese d to be exemplary and to punish if there has been a full on soul sit for two yeah the intererior ministry says it has launched one hundred and one internal investigations. and found only four cases of protesters suffering serious eye injuries. no officers have been reprimanded so far but in the face of mounting criticism the government announced that officers equipped with l. b. dis would carry body cameras. prison guards blocked access to eighteen jails in france this wednesday the picket line to set up in protest. over working conditions and a
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full system into god's fine in may to the present in the momen. makayla she low is serving life amid he became radicalized behind bars as well as the wounding of the two concerts yellows female visitor was killed in the salt. he says he carried out the attack to avenge the strasbourg attack it should be she can gunned down after killing two people. and wounding thirteen and december chill shed a prison cell this chick at least of fronts. here from. twenty seven games with the story. i'm also he needs about the police and the just the workers pass. you. will have to use force. no one is getting policy striking prison guards. this is joseph. made the decision to block any injury. medical stuff can go in of course anyone else. management on there's no. the protest kicked off this
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wednesday morning stafa angry about security measures in french prisons. after two prison workers were injured in a knife attack the opened anonother day goes by without some of it has to stop. the incident took place this tuesday at a facilityy in conde still sucked in normanandy.. despite being one of the most high security. the detainees wife smuggled in a ceramic blade during a conjugal visits according to the paris prosecutor twenty seven n year d make his show no carriried out e standings to avenge the perpetrator of last december the time on the christmas m market n strasbourg. french authorities are treating the incident as a terror attack. you list of key it was clear from the very first few witness reports also in making you threw himself on the guards crying a lock box alike but sheila's wife was killed during the piece of souls. one of the guards suffered serious wounds to his chest what a second was stabbed in the face and back. surely was jailed for thirty years in twenty twelve for killing an eighty nine year old
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man he converted to islam in twenty ten before being radicalized in prison. thanks a lot from paris it's elise flagship welfare reform kicked off in. a busy bartel orderly fashion this wednesday thousands of poor and unemployed people applied in post offices. and tax assistance centers for the citizens income scheme. that's seven hundred eighty years amounts to help lift them out of poverty the populace feinstein which governs. along with the right wing lease. is long promoted this measure it's hoping for a boost in its fortunes on the back of this. at t the eururopean pound elects in may. from rome ha correspondent josephphina cap living to be living below the poverty line s. this is a great taste of the government's resolve and it's going to be quite costly as you know it's going to cost around seven billion euros this year. nearly eight billion next year
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and i i mean the following is so it's a huge risk by this government but as you mentioned a central plank of the five star campaign a year ago. and certainly something that they're using now -- in readiness for the european elections to try and winin back some of the banks that they've lost to the league here initially it is ambitious -- the prime minister t today saiat wass a unique way to offer soci- will fit andnd economic growth t the same timime social equity i think m many e economistss would disagree with that this isis a country that has spiraling dacian running around a hundred and 30% of gdp. it is officially in recession or was at the end of two thousand eighteen is s struggling to crcreate j jobs a and low unempt so it's a huge risk for this government. and it's going to b be very cos. choose the mckenna our correspondent that in rome. next v venezuelala's expxpel the german ambassador dananiel a
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cleanup w was among the group te welcome the opposition to the hole and quite though when he arrived back in the country having to fight a supreme court ordered not to leave. a canal also h hosted quite a german embassy in caracas. president nicolas maduro stop sasay that. expelled for meddling it comes from is a fast. on why the meanwhile is calling for more protests against the regime of nicolas maduro [inaudible] when you? the movement he wasn't sure what happened. and one with recording for those around him. despite his fears of arrest the venezuelan opposition leader and self declared interim president. was allowed back to address the national assembly. after tour of latin america when he campaigned for the overthrow of president nicolas maduro. but i you know what i'm going to the mobile unit [inaudible] latest on return return come back.
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those are the words but i heard the most from our nationals and countrymen. during our tour of latin americ. for the many. when going to head f flowing bak into correct kiss on monday when he was met by diplomats for more than ten countries? in response the venezuelan government announced on wednesday but it would explosion in -- placida daniel crema interfering in internal affairs. venezuelans. by an economic meltdown and a major political crisis a struggling to access basic goods including food and medicine. on wednesday the u. n. human rights chief said sanctions had one since the crisis this situation has been exacerbated by sanctions. and the resulting current political economic social institutional crisis is alarmin. the unprecedented numbers of venezuelans compelleded to leave their homes and country. also has seriousus consesequencs across thehe region. washington i impose sanctions on venezuela's state oil company
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last month. and said it was considering new sanctions a mature to give up power. france is closely watching the anti government protests and former colony algeria but it's full algerians to decide that own future. is the words of the french foreign minister shown even the detail speaking this wednesday tens of thousands of people. have been running in cities around algeria in the largest protest since the twenty eleven arab spring calling on president abdelaziz beautifully guy who is now. eighty two not to stand. in an election should jewel for april eighteenth let's see now the words of the dream. double digit he it to be. on jury a is a sovereign countr. yeah you sir it had to be certain. of young and it's up to all generations to decide its leade. and its fututure says that's because you're. the a french from mister jones eve the delay on that speaking
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in the assembly a little earlie. well the journalists that let me ashish is following the story for us it out yes. obviously the slogans held during the protests arere overwhelmingly. say no to the fifth amended but that entails. a total rejection of the region observers that followed the political situation algeria and know that the president will definitely is not the one calling the shots it's the people arounund them it's the wholole sysystem is the whole r. was been in power since nineteen sixty two is all do is independence from france and so when we talk about the president we talk about the people backing him which is the entire regime. and that's why people are saying it's not enough what if the time not to run for the fifth term because at this point it's very easy for the regime. to present another candidate who is who is who's wheezing back but was not necessarily -- openly -- back in the region where the the ruling party which is the fln party the national liberation front and so.
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although peoplple arere callingr the president n not to one fofoe fifth time they're calling for deepeper reforms and thatt the elimimination of the entire rege so we're talking about ministers were talking about people holding. key positions in key national institutions are key national companies -- let'ss let's's mention sonatrach then the national oil andnd gas company w was the country's ente richches are all -- basically in the hand of this company and its nationally owned and so the people running this company needs a goal also -- for for the national wealtlth te the the well the wealth i'm sorry the riches of the country to be equally disistributed and for the people to benefitt fromm them a lotot of judy is compound do we have to do by -- in the in the united arab emirates all we have. the same nationana resesources n terms of the w wheelingg gad
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looking where to buy is right now looking where an abu dhabi is right now look at all. yeah we're light years behind and so the entire regime needs to change for this revolution to be successful. journalist alarmist use that doing this a little elia from algae is. a collection of pages written by albert einstein many which should have been shown before in public and now on display in israel's this. of the hebrew university to which she agrees many of these archchives the manuscripts incle hand written letters to friends and family. and mathematical calculations behind the scientific research. the existence of most of these documents was previously known to research is the most of them of never been before d displaye. the reflections acquired through a donation from a foundation in chicago we're here to force a cat and a dunking with this. a new peek into the mind of albert einstein further revealing it not only the breadth of his genius. but also the complexity of a man grappling with the rise of *-*- germany. the hebrew university in israel
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has made public a collection of one hundred and ten manuscript pages written b by the world renowned physicist. these papers to reflect the way i understand were thinking the way i stand was working. most of them in his hand writing our mathematical during vacations mathematical calculations was very new to text. they are summaries of his old swim a bit he sensing strtruck m and nenew idea he said that -- immediately scripted it looking for its consequences. most of the documents are handwritten mathematical calculations behind his scientific writings. among them the solution to what's been called in albert einstein puzzle in the form of a formerly missing manuscripts peach. the writings also reveal einstein's he expresses fears of war and concern about the rise
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of the *-*- party. in another letter to a friend he confesses embarrassment over the fact that he did not spepe hebrbrew. albert einstein was awarded the nineteen twenty one nobel prize for physics but his merry at accomplishments didn't protect him from the risk of anti semitic persecution by the *-*- regime. he renouounced his germann citizenship in marcrch h ninetn thirty three he then settled in the united states where he died in. nineteen fifty five march fourteenth will mark the one hundred and fortieth anniversary of albert einstein's birth. okay the only -- einstein papers -- in jerusalem. time to business kate mood he's with the start of france's new measure to tax digital giants and just how effective can this be kate the question everyone's. asking mark this is really been a key issue for the macro administration as it pushes ahead with out the rest of the e. u.. 3% taxable applied to the digital revevenues of internet d technology companies like gooooe apapple and facebook which have
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global turnover of more than seven hundred and fifty your million euros.. or french revenue of twenty five million metric has been taking a closer look. five hundred million euros not so much the french tax man thinks the government could initially gained f from a 3% levy on digil sales in a move to bring internet giants like google amazon facebook and apple to heal. international cooperation is required i is reaeally trying tx the internatational t texas and prprotecting profits it's far to easy for companies to shift their profits around between countries. among those profits a pair in low tax jurisdictions is actually moving the place of taxaxation of where we gonnnna x googogle's profifits. to the ple where they make sales -- is precisely what previous efforts fallen down france has already failed to gain traction at the e. u. level off the low tax jurisdictions like islands concerned over a loss of investment blocked action. even germany was tested on the idea against itsts car industry
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should critics have said it doesn't go far enough t to addrs thee issueue on a wider s scaleo measure up the measure is more symbolic and comeses from a nee- to so the yellow vests protesters. who want more than anything else of farah the tax system? was i remember the digital giant's on experts when it comes to t tax optimization. whatever they do whatever we think it might look in morals but it's not illegal when the president got. fronts may have been leading the charge in europe though thank you k. spain and italy are working on their own versions of the digital tax and japan singapore and india are looking into the idea. to that leaves the pressure on it the cd and go see asians at paris to tie disparate national efforts into a global agreement. something fronts folks could be the case by next year. the oecd has once again it slashed its grorowth outlook f r major european economies in itis latest forecast the e economic policy organization predicted it significantly lower growth for
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the eurozone france. germany andnd the u. k. for next year it blames policy uncertainty over issues like president trade that gloomier outlook. from three fours in speaking t o the oecd's chihief economist los boonone about what it means for the u. k. in particular. we've revised down no protection fofor the u. k.. which is now supposed to add to thee to a bit less than 1%. and it's sad you to some extend to the brakes eaten the impact it has on on investment as we were mentioning. with abuse the the u. k. ease and o on the e economy and the tool so being dragged down. by the uncertainty created and to some extent the s slowdown in china which is another one of our concerns. you can see more of that interview and a more in depth look at how breaks it is affecting britain's finance industry.. on this weekek'seople and proro. another consequence of brexit the european banking authohority his family begun transferrrring itits operations from london to
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paris. on wednesday a signing ceremony was held here in the french capital which welcome at the hundred and eighty staff members of that financial watchdog. new office in the lead defense a business district just outside of paris but you can see there - will be opening its doors on march thirtieth that's the day after the break that deadline. medicines agency is also leaving london -- and will be setting up shop in amsterdam. the ticket on the days of trading action nowakes clothes for the major european indices - after that rather gloomy forecast from ththe oecd the tax was nearlyly a third of a percentage point in the red - -- the calculus slightly less heree in paris -- re shares fell 4% wallstreet notched up a three day losing streak -- the nasdaq was down nearly 1% as tech shares were under pressure c. n. b. c.'s been reporting that donald trump is urging us trade negotiators to quickly reach a trade deal with china. in order to boost us stock america's t trade defeficit hasd a ten year high.
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that means the us economy exported for less than it imported last year. the figures for dececember had been delayeded because of the government shutt down. they show a 19% jump in the last month of the year alone at bringing the total gap for twenty eighteen to six hundrdred and t twenty one billion dollar. wines share of that comes from china which sold four hundred and nineteen billion dollars more t than it bought --- despite the country's *-*- for tat tireses the gap with the e.. and mexico also widened. president donald trump has been fixated on reducing that trade deficit a citing it as one of the reasons for imposing trade tariffs on china and traditionol allilies. admininistratition o officialsle suggested thohose policies will bear fruit down the line but not immediatelyy -- and m markets worth pointining t that hours after those figures were published a still no officicial reaction from t the e house. we wait and we will see kate as ever thank you very much for joining us k. we do with all the business. time for me to watch the crush with warmed up ready to go on
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the outside of our studio. i'm starting with this very serious system of the united nations saying that france should hold an inquiry into how the police. are policing the lms protests. and to look at i want to go straight away to one photo this it out for me in the last few hours looking at various tweet pics and so on this just this one of a journalist doing their daily work is outside the same museum in paris in the center. this. posted by force what are the the journalists that continuing with his w work and the impacts on te cheek is a flash poll. which is one of the things that have come up in in terms of controversy -- the there are lots of ugly pictures out there i chose one slightly -- less brutal inn tererms of being able t to look a at it that thte impactss --- obviously on one side a beauautiful youngng personn - -- shee attendsds a prorotest and -
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the e impact in tererms o of hel righght -- therere are several people who'e had -- severe eye injuries and hand injuries as well -- so very much the debate to discuss -- the whole question of flesh pulls the monocled l. b. d. -- for weapons now -- they pool launches and then not widely used with the french police have taken them on and the message is that the friends and it will not be approving -- any moves -- to band -- bulldoze bulldog is this this is a different kind of weapopon i n inverteded comommas c citizens national run fully see something has makes a lot more impact is not it is that this just to treat that from. someone saying that t last month ththey were trying --- to usese of t the lamb technoloy within the the thehe flash full weapon -- itt to make it lessss threateningng- i couldn't afford ththe life o e
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i couldn't -- very scary in terms of the what we seenn w we seen that as the shock images of the shows that he's a being attacked but also - those people of individuals with this -- l. l. b. d. weapon because t that issue but they aimed at the head because of that that is something that's been spoken about the please such aiming at protest is. at aim for that hadn't seen by the injuries that you pointed out that that young woman suffered. a loss of the online because the genesis of the the cheek those bust open the see more people losing sort of part of that your those kind of things and it is a perfect situation -- you know maybe it is time for some kind of major inquiry sorry i'm talking too much you got. well into the rash we had -- official reaction from -- kristoff custom now he is the interior m minister of course ad what ce e up when n michelle bachelet a at thehe u. n. human rights chief in geneneva said tt well frarance s should bebe o os list it joinsns t lisist witith haiti whether of being forty one deaths. and with venezuela kristoff customary not treat thank a we
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on this post on the list is this acceptable. with -- haiti and then as well as well nicolas mahut does not want to give humanitarian aid to his people is that reasonable -- another an activist hit on to make a an an official investigation images like the images are shocking -- there are lots of them you can get them on twitter and the impact of course. and people into in people's own lives that's going to be a life long a lifelonong handidicap basically of course it's among people fronts across the country where human rights as a concept was. was originated with the mountain runs very proud of that. and then to be in this situation regardless of what mr castaneda isis saying. it reaeally makes you queuestion what's happening today doesn't sins of how thiss is being handled. i'm what needs to be done and i think you know okay it is time to sort of ask those kind of
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questions now. sorry. back to you so i'm going to move on to another issue out there -- to do with the climate change -- one hundred and forty eight organizations are calling for the march of the century for climate change the yellow vest will be holding that with -- climate c change activists -- on the sixteenth of march start today as they continue that purchase that you can see -- that --- ththere's a a lot to o not nowwg that --- is ifif.. nonotably -- in india there is soaring soul in new delhi -- bangkok -- andd that but it's sayingg t tht the alarm really is in india where t the worldld's mostt p pd citities seveven of t the top tr in i india kururigram t they'ree list -- iss -- actually just -- the tech hub just southwest of daily and the the just in not city alone just to and monitors
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for the whole city massive traffic jams. so we're way behind in terms of dealing with -- climate change -- we're going to see this much in the middle the middle of the month -- but this actually is a because addict yes the government's says give me your money will deal with it and *-*- of course terrified -- thought hope this another i mean the nasco tune but again the message is quite good. computers then on computers now what about we don't have a bit of it like progress you know not just talking about alleged concentrate ever get to see -- use that much but hello decades go by and suddenly -- we find with the with were recoil reliant which of course we know is a big geo political issue thank you very much indeed not just as a before we go there in the first part of your your ego item that we talk about the police and i said things. that maybe might be critical of the place but it isn't that the police to really hard difficult job we need to please. we'll see to ask questions about
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why these people are getting moved i think that comes to the the crux of the whole matter nick thank you very much you too great to see. it rushes mediawatch thanks to kakate movie as ever for the business. we went on a costa. okay thank you thank you thank you for watching
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amy: from pacicifica, this i is democracy now! >> it timime to ense e that althth caris a rht and t a privivilege, guaranteed to every pererson in our country. itit is time for medicare for all. amy: more ththan 100 demomocratic lawmakers are cosponriring a new hououse bill to dramamatally r revamp healalth care in the ununited stateses by creating a single payer medicare for a a
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