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host of the party to. people at the top. the best day of the day at two am et. smith thousands take to the streets in protest shortly on to their account allow to attend mosque on friday this comes after a five day curfew implemented klein daily the predominantly muslim region was stripped of much of its autonomy on monday. following the decision of from the indian government. political crisis in a silly it's interior minister cools was not actions during the parliament's summer recess. not to sell the knee has repeatedly clashed with his lifestyle movement colleagues in the coalition government. it's now
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up to the senate. to decide on a vote of no confidence in the coming days. and the stock market takes a hazy new you'll commit an ongoing trade war between the united states and china. donald trump says the two countries student tools but not ready to sign a deal yes the space of *-*- for tat news from both countries have prompted financial. concerns beijing g and washington. welcoe back to the newsroom head out from twenty full i'm an idiot sells all winspear. in kashmir thousands of people have taken to the streets in protest on friday following a decision from the indian government to scrap the region special constitutional status. bringing it fully on the denny's control this comes after a five day curfew was implemented in kashmir which eased off briefly to allow residents to attend press a local mosque this evening. the state is disputed between india and pakistan and up until this week was ruleded
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honestly for more on the situationn in kashmir we can now speak to go to cbs and how all the school of oriental and african studies at the university of london. thanks for joining us missin out.. what today's protest i in kashmir shw just how c contentious this decision by daily is for many living t that can you sketch out fofor those. not familiarar with the e region why that is. well article three seventeen which has been withdrawn by the more the government is basically the legal and constitutional instruments through which question. is connected to india. this was negotiated at the time all. right off the independence in nineteen forty seven and in. nineteen forty seven and nineteen fifty. now the fact remains that from nineteen fifty three onwards the perkins all up tony meet as initially envisaged. hi i've been attenuated. however and as a result of that they don't need that to you that could talk about is far less than
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what he could be. however the cashier has not had any elected representatives for some time now. its government was dissolved seven months ago elections that would do would not. so this decision was taken almost unilateterally without taking into consideratation any questioning politician. without speaking to any m members o of e oppositition. and is ththerefore highly democratic secondly. it also reduces the status quo of question you from that office stayed within india. to the union territory which is a political unit withihin india whichh has far less political clout. than a normall state within the country does. thihis alsoso seems to bebe really stre given the prime minister's speech yesterday. the outlines that he g gave. justifying thihs decision seem quite bizarre and sitting in for example that the withthdrawal of articles he seventy will usher in development in cash me bill all this the freresh meat is much
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better developed. than many other states in the country. including states which are owned by the bjp. so it is a highly undemocratic movove it is a move that seems to have little to do with question here policy. but seems much more. just a carrying onon all threeee the monthth and the like being represented by the prime minister. have had in the bloody. manifesto in twenty fourteen and twenty nineteen lecture. and something that they have had. in their agenda for close to fifteen years now. so it seems to me to be a highghly ideologicical move at a time of greaeat economic and social chaos in. so that perhaps on the part of newer enter my tea but h he has said
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hihis decision aims to put an ed to what he calls quite terrorism and separatism in the region now if his motives almost political what you think his strategygys here. i'm not entirely sure and i don't know if the in in establishment julie knows on the indian press really knows if there is a strategy. one fails that in his speech yesterday he was already softening some of what. his whole minister. i i mean shot hd spoken on monday when this particular decision had been announced.d. on the question of terrorism. i'm not sure what the link is between article three seventy and terrorism and i doo not accept we increase this was linked in prime minister among the statement. recall that when the had initiated a disastrous economic reform in twenty sixteen. d. monetizing the indian currency. ththe argument i died point was that it was against terrorism. and in fact many of his friends lateter on said. that it is because of that that tererrorism
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in question y y had come down.n. now if thatt is the case whahat kind of terrorism is he e talkig about. that t needed t this kinf a drdraconian draststic onn democrcratic actction. to be brought down so i feeee thahat e terrorism argumentt i is a red herring.g. thehere have been.n. attacks in between and that is no secret. but obviously the response to that wouldn't be in to takehehe peoplple of question you into confidence. to trust them to exercise their democratic rights and the democratic voices no one likes to resume. in such a way that peace and prosperity. good return to catch me soso i d do t accept. the argumenent that this has any connectionith the reduction off terrorism. rememember t that during the prprevious government where you did have. either anything any continuous democratic government and you had hiked a notete for venus c constantly actionss and the like. thahat yu had d the semblance of civil societety a and youou had. a mu.
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greater participation in politics that that has been the case. so i cannot see how a an undedemocraticic actioion. thah. nono mandate from the people of course you. can. be seen as an answer. to terrorism which my movies own statement was solved by his previous economic reform of demilitarization. it seems to me a very strange justification. thank you very much. for that analysis on the situation in kashmir from a. for its ruling coalition and called for fresh elections matteo salvini wants to reform the government following repeated clashes with his fellow deputy prime minister luigi de milo. and the deepening political crisis could see the parliament returns from its summer recess for a vote of no confidence james the xena hustle. each
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tool that resembles a campaign trail. it's a these deputy prime minister matteo salvini is clay he wants to become the country's new leader as soon as possible. because of the most useful thing to do the most dignified thing iss to vote as soon as possible about it prettyty much. notice he shouldn't say is i read in the newspapers thatt senators and mps confidence because workers. he's on sentences most sketching gear and come to phone. so the nissan league about the motion of no confidence against prime minister giuseppe kansei on friday w which under senate ruls must be addressed within ten days amy so send me any but with both houses of parliament close for the summer. savini is having difficulty rallying politicians back from the holidays. his coalition with that ice storm movement a lapse after a string of clashes
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reading as you say you're not over a high speed rail projects salvini cold for elections hoping to gain a majority. only fourteen months after the coalition was formed. it is like being under the same roof but with a husband and wife who in reality are divided. usually sit on the leftist so i would be against the government like this. but see i believe that we can improve it silly if they can find positive solutions so be it. facts by 34% of voters some of the knees being policy came out some hope in may's european elections. with alternately it'll be up to president sergio mattarella to decide whether to dissolve parliament and call elections. hung kong's chief executive carrie lam has undnderlined her concncerns about the economical comes of full out of two months of protests especially since this unrest comes as china's trade war with the us continues. with donald trump has said the two countries a
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student talks but are not yet ready to sign a deal here's more from the us president speaking idea about the standoff. china we're not ready to make a deal. but we'll see what happens we call them on. manipulation and they brought their numbers back. then they brought it back rapidly and they were able to do that because they manipulate but- that's not gonna mononetary manipulation not good. but what happened and what's happening with china now we have an open dialogue we'll see whether or not we keep our meeting in september. what in hong kong thousands of pro democracy protesters are keeping up thehe pressusure on the authorities would sustain demonstrations they've now started a three days they send out the apples in a bid to attract international support full them basements. meanwhile beijing has warned employees of the cafe pacific airline that any involvement in the protests.
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would see them suspended in any ripples. she each crowd still the arrivals rule at home called international apple it and not waiting for anyone in particular this staging a season. on connie's protesters hate to inform the foreign visitors of. their grievances and raise awareness that cools. that's not we asked you here. we have the state. phone call. the anti beijing movement is demanding greatest civil right. an investigation into alleged police brutality and the resignation of the city's chief executive carrie lam the embattled leader renewed focus on the economic consequences of the protests this friday this after meeting with thirty three business leaders a tax haven. we should do what is right for
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hong kong and that this moment whatat is riright for hong kongs we have heard all our thirty three business representatives told us is to stopp the viviolence. and to say no. to te chaotic situation that hong kong has xperia and in the last few weeks so that we can move on. demonstratations in the chinese controlled territory have at times become violent. police and protesters clashed frequently in the tent city several countries have issued a travel warning to that citizens including the us and japan they see still plan on visiting the financial help this week will be greeted by protestors distributing flyers that the arrivals hole. the station is planned for three days and. the visual safelite should operate normally. two russian next where president let imitation is celebrating twenty years in power he rose to prominence in nineteen nininety nine when formrmally to boboris yeltsinn appointed him as prime
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minister. at the time he was a little known newcomer to politics my two thousand he had taken the reins as president and the country has been stated by putin in one way or another ever since. he's russia's second longest leaders since stalin was an automation has more on his legacy and what could cocome next for r the sixy six yearar old president. after two o decades of consolididating power could not amir putin's tight grip on russian polititics be facing a bit of uncertainty. well last week hundreds of protesters came out to fight for fair parliamentary elections a crackdown and shoot some eight hundred were arrested. last week's protests in the many even larger ones before that are not thought to have dramatically shaken the kremlin's grip. but they and the sinking popularity of putin's party combined with a shrinking russian economy widespread corruption and the search for putin's successor when his term ends in twenty
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twenty four may be taking their toll. that's according toto this politicaananalys. from the web id to potential banality wawaiting is notot a a completey different. to the one he had before posted by guest previously. peoplele actually worshipped him i'motot just support. now his popularity is based onn the absence of an odd sentencess on the principle of as long as it is not any worse the way. she many russians praise putin with returning the nation to prominence onn the world stage after thehe fall of the ussr. and for guaranteeing stability. for others thougugh putin rules with the cruel and iron fist. there are many opportunities that i enjoy and i'm grateful to our president for that. may he killed him. right this is g. serpent power they wanted it so they decided to. of metal greatly afraid of the sovivi governmenent. when vladimimir putin wasas first nae prime minister in nineteen ninety nine russia was about in
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democracy now the sixty six year old is their second longest ruler and stolen. but his grip is at a crossroads as he manages discontent at home while looking to his legacy and for his future successor. not so f for this person please stay with us hey on france twenty four this morning is coming up in just a moment . four four says a step above twenty bucks all these initial on your international stocks s a more personal.. daily preserving of
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political social movements we have to adapt the forest and the trees. to the new climate we experience here in front. hello and welcome to france and focus today we had deep in the frfrench countryryside to exploe the state of france's forests. now across the world all green spaces are under threat the shrinking under the pressures of climate change deforestation and rapid urban development. from style is blocking the trend hit there is sixteen million acres of forest up and down the country and they're only getting bigger. france is known for its lush and the magnificent forest. over the past hundred years they've more than doubled in size. this was largely caused by the rural acaccidents when french people fled the country site for the city. the industrial revolution
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but it's also due to the development of intensive modern agriculture. which demands less space request to harvest. these two key factors allowed french forests to slow the reclaimed their space. today nearly a third of france's territory discovered by woodland and even if the trend has slowed over the past thirty years. french forests continue to branch out. some ninety thousand hectares of trees emerge from the us every year. the service area nine times the size of paris. france has the fourth largest foreststs in europe behind swed. finlnland and spain. spain's planting new trees that's an impressive great but not necessarily for ecological reasons a large proportion of something's on test destined to be cut down and tended to paper critics say the help spread the forest fires that devastate
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suede's spanish woodland every year. the u. k. meanwhile is planning on planting some fifty million first over the next twenty five years great to fast new forest in the north of england. photos are among the best trees. style sign. to get some more in depth look at how fronts is green spaces and doing in twenty nineteen i came here to power is his biggest com the one divine sent to meet at least five rounds she's the forest manager. the ngo from nature. hi as me hi not thanks for joining us today we are hit in the blood of on set in paris but tell us in general all over france. all forests at risk. no plea for four says missile but really the remote. french forests and not really in danger we didn't have deforestation problem in france but we do have the issue. there has been a loss of biodiversity and d franz i i'm forrest key
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habitats the b bio diviversity.s other habitats disappeared you to agriculture for examplele his use of pestiticides homes the soil foror is the startining to have great thehe bio divested. book that's why we must continue to protect forests because of in flight booking to europe because of this and did you have to think. why is it so important it protects green spaces like this is i it primarily about fighting climate change we yes. the kids forest a so called carbon store if. they're able to catctch a co two from the atmosphere than storage in that trunk in that area ge government on the wrist okay dollar off cooled off as i bought a free i co two is responsible for climate change. french for us capture about 10% of france's annual emissions so it's really important to protect them to fight against climate change because of it political social movements now we know the government is at least considering plans to cut down thousands of trees at to use the worord. molly it's not o
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dangerous. i don't know it's based in danger and an opportunity. to separate their north of trinity the danger is. obviously that if we cut down too many trees. the carbon store will decrease and fighting against climate change becomes complicated. however if you use with the materials to make furniture or in construction. the carbon capture during the trees life will still remain in the wood. indeed thank you. is a rag green oasis in the paris region but city officials have big plans for the space they want
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to create a so called leisure ryland and it sends a not involves knocking down around the side of the area's trees now q. as you can imagine fury by local environmental activists they staged a sit in last year to try and stop the bulldozers. ferocity foes david jim back went to meet them. they've lost the battle but are continuing to fight to save what's left of the cornish default. close to the public the poorest in the eastern suburbs of paris has grown naturally an old quarries over the last sixty years. yeah you could not tell also there was no human intervention the only architect is nature itself. one of. authorities decided to clear a third of the force to build a so called leisure island all companieses activists efforts to stop the bulldozers were in vain. i thought the-
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the bulldozers arrived on the eighth of october twenty eighteen that same day the intergovernmental panel on climate change *-*- leaders to plant more trees and forest what it is that with the fly. sad day a video off french singer catherine ringer drawiwig attention to the deforestation made the rounds on social media. but the forest fate was already sealed in which utc of morale we're losing a green space in an area where there are already lots of problems concerning the pollution industrial wastelands and so full of features. our campaign was just to simply let the force be it's been there for sixty years stop bothering me about it in with the- forests play a crucial role by absorbrbing co two emissions. bt environmnmentalists are also concernedd abobout the bio diversity already a rarity in the paris regionn that has made the green space it's home. developers say the project won't pose a threat to wildlife to date everything possible is done to make the animals on the stand. that they must migrate
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to war to protect its basic. supporters of the project say the forest could still be enjoyed in specially created outdoor areas nearby. areas of the former quarry that would be re filled with soil and made safer for the public this was a full legal yeah the subsoil is full of holes. i it's dangegeros for trust passes and for the forest itself. an argument rejected by local activists who say landslides in the forest are rare. they've asked to local officials to declare the forest a nature reserve and it worries that developers won't honor their p promise to protect some fifty acres from development. our next stop this forest southeast of paris we hit to meet stuff on our lanand the founderf reforestst action an ngo that encourages us offset our carbon footprint by planting trees. hi h hi so we ae hit in at what looks like an empty field but this place used to be full of ash trees what
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happppened here.e. yeaeah it wal of a ash trerees and they were damaged by a disease and we had to get them dowow because they they were quiuite hail and nothing could be done with these trees but it's not an empty field it's a forerest already because we did plants some oak treeserere. but that's quite leads or write. that one oh two years old and they come from a nursery a tree nursery. and they will grow for the next two hundndred years and why did you pick oak. trees had to replace the ash h ones that i would disease. that's a good one actually because the oak trees are well adapted to the land. to the soil and to the local climate. but also they're not impacted by the same disease of the ash trees. so that would be fine yeah. but we've we've printed oak trees but not only. as well fruits trees because we won't bio diversity in this forest. a
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wise biodiversity up so i posted beforore us like thisis. because i'd refer section we strongly believe that boys overseas the best life insurance for thehe forest. it increases the chances for thehe forestst to reresist to the clie change you know two storms. diseases to o insects and so on so. the more diverse too you have the stronger. the forest will be. how big of an impact in your opinion is. climatate change having on forests like this in front. it's already a big problem climate change i is herere already. we have experience jyj damages in in frowns on forests due to climate change. there is they'r're all very long summers veve dry sumummers a and the trs suffffer a lot f from these it's from the servers so we have to adapt the forestt a and the tres
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to the new client which we experience here and friends. a living will also talk confronts recently not just about deforestation but about byod re for sting of trees why is that a controversial issue e why is that a problblem. there are differert ways to apapoach forests andororest managemt.t. you're right most of the plantations are. done with one single tree species. it's easier. to manage to cut the trees when you have only one species. because they're all the same size so it's easier to get into t the forest and to do what you have to do with these trees right. seven holly at thank you very much indeed thank you i. thank steve watching fronts in focus we'll see you next week
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