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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 12, 2019 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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>> flights canceled in hong kong because of pro-democracy protesters. they are accusing police of using excessive force. teargas was fired into an enclosed metro station. updates fromtting our reporter in hong kong. to decide if the prime minister will face a no-confidence motion. conservative elected president of guatemala. he has criticized a migration deal which would turn his
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country into a battle zone. welcome back. flights have been canceled in hong kong for the rest of the day. some 5000 pro-democracy protesters flooded the airport after a night of police violence. officers clashed with protesters in several districts. teargas was fired into a metro station and police were filmed beating people. protesters accused of escalating violence and beijing has spoken of terrorism. let's speak to our reporter. what is ththe latest? standing 10 to 15 minutes away from terminal one.
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about 1010 minutes ago, theheres a huge flow of proteststers leaving g the airport onn foot o walk to o the closest bus stati. they told me they were part of the state in taking place at the airprport and part of why they because theiras jojob was done e and they got te flights canceled and they y made enough o of a statemenent here t unjust policedis brutality that took place sunday night. some protesters are staying at the airport. it is not clear how long they will stay for. >> the language coming from beijijing, gegetting harsher ase weeks go on. >> a absolutely.
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ago theyof weeks started tatalking abobout t thec law, hong kong government c can call on the liberation army to a and andto restore law the global times published a video from the people's liberation army showing tanks and armorededehicles and military e equipment being testd for drills on the other side of kong -- thed hong other side of the border here in hong kong. there is no sign of beijing caving to any of the demands of the protesters. >> thank you for that update.
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italy, senate leaders are meeting to decidide if the prime minister will have to face a no-confidence motion. snapo salvini called fofor a election, saying differences with the five-star movement cannot be mended, bubut it is up to the president to decide whether to dissolve parliament. >> it might be the middle of the summer holidays, but matteo , there could not be a better time to start campaigning. beach ofde the southern italy whose local stage. no longer a government, no longer a majority. getonly solution is to italians to vote. vini's -- matteo
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salvini's party filed a no-confidence motion. salvini's hoping to capitalize on support for him. five-star has more parliamentary seats than the league, but the other has twice as much voter support according to opinion polls. plans for early elections have been m met with defiance were politicians fearing holding a vote would bring about further instability. salvini, ando italian brexit is not entirely impossible. i am pro-european. we must fight with our eney to prevent this scenario. >> the senate meets to set the date for a no-confidence vote against the government.
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be upgoes ahead, it will to italy's president to decide whether to dissolve parliament. joined by christian in rome. senate leaders are meeting later to set a timetable for a no-confidence motion. what can we expect, when you consider the league does not have the largest numbers of mps, the five-star movement does. other political forces will try to prolong this and quick- to avoid this very vote. date mid october, both the parties, the president will try to find a solution that
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-- though. it will have to come much later. snap election. a different majority might form after the democratic party and the five-star movement is still alone -- is still around. would have to overcome their own credential, their own credibility, to find a way to avoid that. we will have the league government. they will try to swap out this option. to gete else e is trying things a bit longer than cell vini wants.
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matteo salvini wants. >> are you saying if they do not dissolve parliament, the the-star movement, ththey are ones in the best position to form a new government? it has a lot off expereriences, the techchnical governmentnt. there was another technical government that had the support of various political forces. there were experts coming from who wereons and people not classical politicians. such a solution might be possible with the support of the five-star movement and the democratic party. tos would be a solution bring through the next budget.
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we have to face important decisions in the next month. the government is needed. getting through [indiscernible] will be very difficult in the next month. >> the timing would not be good. if elections were held and cell vini became prime minister, -- and matteo salvini became prime minister, what that -- what would that mean for europe? >> see is clear on his stance for europe. trying to findis different alliances. he is close to putin.
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he has favored the agreements with china and he is trying to put pressure on the european union, to provoke the european union and to say we will do what we want. the european union has to decide whether it has to come to some or, if it will find a decision to expel italy. that has never happened. it is an option that cannot be excluded. foran -- he can go on several years with his policy. -- he needs activity and escalation to keep his populist .upport
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he will try to find new escalation modes. >> thank you for joining us. havee elected a new president. he opposes the agreement and says lawmakers should have a say. >> it would categogorize guatema as a safe third country. the trump administration promised there would be no taxes imports. the new status means central american migrants will have to apply for asylum in guatemala.
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it is one of the solutions to the flow of migrants arriving at the u.s. mexico border. among them, men, women, and children threatened. >> they came to tell me i have not do itand if i did , my life would be in danger. i did not do it. >> he was arrested in mexico and forced to return to guatemala to apply for asylum. many observers believe the country lacks capacity to taken thousands of u.s.-bound migrants. 60% of guatemalans live believe -- live beneath the poverty line. >> they want a roof over their head, a job, education, and security.
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guatemala does not fulfill the to people who are seeking asylum here. >> they knew president elect to has assured the deal would not become a law unless it is ratified by lawmakers. guatemalans make up one third of people arrested on the u.s.-mexico border and 1.5 million of them live in the united states. indian -- kashmir. the government revoked the agion to special status and lockdown was imposed. >> the marketplace is usually packed with thousands of sheep. only a couple hundred are up for sale, a consequence of the curfew on kashmir. they loosened their travel and
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trade restrictions to allowow residents to get ready for the major holiday. overwhelmed with customers and businessmen expressed optimism. >> t the atmosphere was tense bebecause of the c curfew. good job bynt did a easing restrictions today. reinstated tight restrictions. residents were only allowed to pray and smaller mosques so no big crowds could gather. >> we were going to a prayer event. officicials started d firing ter gas and rubber bullets.
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kashmir has been under a lockdown since india decided to revoke the autonomy. sent troops to maintain order in the region. and 500 militants university professors have been arrested by indian authorities. it for this addition. thank you for watching. >> he is selling crystal. we are going to catch him red-handed.
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it. quickly. this is all in a days work. for three months, they have been tracking down dealers. he thinks he may have colored a methamphetamine dealer. the drug has flooded the iraqi capital. it is a dead-end. they have not got the right man. sometimes, the drug squad offices feel overwhelmed. >> our sources were telling us this person comes twice a week to exchange bags.
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when we searched him, we did not find think. we will get him next time. when it comes to safety, discretion is everything. there are just 30 officers on staff. there is a briefing on current investigations. >> this is how we will do it. forill stay here reinforcements. >> the section chief alternates shifts, ready to leap into actition.
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>> i am tired. can i take a break? >> of course. take a rest. >> we were specially chosen as officers. we have been in this building for three months. over that time, we have arrested 60 suspects. >> with dealers at all levels, police have followed suit in an effort to track them down. >> we are one big family here. we live together.
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we spend more time in the station than at home. there is no line between sunni and shiites. we are all iraqis. that is the secret to our success. there is no division. >> years of war and attacks have left iraq with ptsd. one of its main symptoms, rampant drug use. levels have gone up over the last three years. -- synthetic drugs are easy to synthesize and sheep. >> it costs about two euros. it is all the rage withth kids d it is not expxpensive. cannot meth, even i
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afford it. >> another symptom of the danger to public health, the countleles -- countless vic comes -- victims. mornings are often -- for the ts.ient >> have you taken your medication? did you sleep well? visible enough, but the psychological ones less so. medical staff has less to work fledglingththe police's drug unit. >> this isis all wee have two ce for addicts. it is absurd. we cannot take new patients.
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>> he has already hit rock bottom. found himself fast addicted. >> i started using because i was in bad company. i could not control myself anymore. when you wake up after, you regret everything. critics it will take about a weekend i have to wean himself off the drugs, the first step on a long r road to recovovery. >> i praray to god i can get off of it. i regret it. addiction is a beast. i ask all young people to stay away from it. >> after his treatment, his dream is to marry and have a
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family. 80% of drug users are less than 30 years old and a rock. it has authorities concerned, with the government setting up a prprevention scheme for young people. this morning, this man is visiting a private school in baghdad. >> the last two years have seen this phenomenon spread. new u users.ind after universities, it hit high schools. the market for drugs extends.
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why am i here? i am here for prevention, to keep you away from this phenomenon. that is our role. the role of the school and government. >> i have heard about it. it happens in groups, when you are among friends. young people our age want to try everything. all you need is one offer of a free try. after that, you look for it by yourself. >> some people take it so people
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don't make fun of them. they are easy to influence. starts, at the beginning, they don't notice, but it is too late. >> the head teacher gives us the tour. >> you have to go home. >> with around 100 students, private schools are an exception in iraq. >> it is not the case in our school, but we have to take care. they are teenagers. they need to -- they are sensitive. all you need is a drop in morale for someone to take drugs. we keep in touch during holidays to protect them.
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>> we head back to the narcotics division. this man was arrested at home as he woke up. officers think he could be part of a network of dealers. for security reasons, officers cover his eyes with a blindfold. undergoes an he investigation from the unit chief. >> what is your name? do you know where you are? >> the drug squad. >> do you know why? >> i i do not know. why do you think you are here? >> i have not done anything. why are you here?
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take him away before that. take a blood sample. >> he is denying everything. he will be here for some time. we have proof against him. himill keep confronting until he confesses. we have witnesses and the judge ordered him to be detained. >> after two days on guard duty, he can finally go home. >> hello? >> far from the greedy business -- the gritty business of the capital, he now has time for family.
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>> write the letter b. what new letter did you learn with your mommy? >> i am afraid for my children and all the children interact.
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man: it's a completely different level, off-the-scale violence. man 2: less than 24 hours previously, 8 people had been killed. man 3: they act a behave as you would expect mafia to act and behave. [echoes] i'm stuart ramsay in mexico, and this is "hotspots." tonight, we're going to take you behind the scenes of the world's biggest and hardest-hitting stories. i'm in acapulco, where the narco cartels are out of control. thousands are dying. now, this is where someone has been killed, right? dodging snipers in southeast asia, r team reports from a


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