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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 22, 2019 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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♪ >> the relocation of the u.s. military on okinawa all this week on "france 24." ♪ >> the u.k.'s new prime minister, boris johnson takes his bid to get brexit concessions from berlin. emmanuel macron said a no deal brexit would be the u.k.'s fafault, not the e.'s. the new prime minister for suit on -- sudan. he previously worked for the u.n..
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there is also o a new sovereign counsel. the trump administration moves to indefinitely detain migrantt famililies who illegegally crose southern border. right now, the limit is 20 days. hello and welcome to the e "frae 24" newsroom. i am claire pryde. -- force j johnson and emmanuel macron set to talk about the g7 summit and brexit. woulde -- macron said he seek clarification from johnson as the exit date nears. johnston was challenged by angela merkekel to find a solutn to a no deal brexit in the next 30 days. let's go now to ararmen georgia, he joins us from the palace.
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macron evencrone -- before johnson's arrival setting the tone of this meeting. armen: president macron ahead oftough pose this meeting with boris johnson. he said britain could become a vassal of the united states if the u.k. tries to replace the relationship with the e.u. with the relationship with the u.s.. vassal, pretty strong words. britain would have to pay the 43 billion euros to the e.u. even in a case of a hard brexit. one senses president macron is foreshadowing the blame game. he said britain -- a hard brexit would be entirely possible britain's -- entirely britain's
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fault. whatems to bee preempting many speculate boris johnson will eventually do i in october, to blame the e.u. for a no deal brexit. claire: tell us more about the substance of today's talk. armen: the french government now says no deal is its central scenario. with thahat in mind, what do the men have to talk about? the particularly problematic aspects of no deal. one thing macron will seek clarification about is the leaked british report about an end to freedom of mow -- movement, which would have implications for french and travelers on thers on euro star and so forth. fisheries is another potential flashpoint, something that could
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see a standoff in october and november. that is something the men will try to manage if they can. having said all that, the french presidency also does not want to be -- this to be a completetely doom laden relationship. that refers to the fact that whatever happens on october 31, france and the u.k. will work together and they will continue onbe partners in the e.u.3 the iranian nuclear deal, even if britain is no longer in the e.u., they will work together in the united nations security and nato where the is one of f the biggest spender. they don't t want this relationship to sour, but that means they have to manage no deal as much as they can. muche: thank you very
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indeed. nownuel macron is preparing to greet boris johnson. in the meantime, let's go to our guest, john, a p professor of politics at t the universrsity n the u.k.. thank you for your time. i must start by warning you we might have to cut this interview short when boris johnson arrives, we are expecting macron and johnson to address the media . i apologize in advance for that. what is boris johnson hoping to achieve on this visit? is it about looking to -- looking good to a domestic audience by making french -- the french look intransigent? convey thating to -- if suchvernment
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deal cannot be reached and try to underline the opinion that the u.k. has that the termination. secondly, he is clearly trying to see if there is some room to maneuver. claire: i am sorry, i am going to have to leave it there. for this first visit to france after becoming prime minister, we have had telephone conversations in the past, notably after becoming prime minister and i am delighted to have the opportunity today to have lengthier discussions. the relationship between our two countries is, in my view, essential and indestructible whatever the time and whatever the circumstances. notably with regard to foreign
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policy, defense, and i can see in your choice of visiting paris, the need to sustain this privileged relationship. this relationship has had a long and deep history. there are treaties that have been assigned which go beyond the limits of the european union and there are deep commitments in different currencies and questions such as iran, the fight against climate change, education, the involvement of our countries has always played a key role. the g7 will be beginning in a few days time. the meeting will enhance coordination between us on those issues. we will also discuss brexit, of course. you know my position, which is clear and i know you are spending your nights and days thinking about this, mr. prime
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minister. my position has always been to respect the sovereign choice made by the british people to leave the european union. i regret this decision. democracy is based on the sovereignty of the people, so i fully respect the british choice and it has to be implemented. my position is to strengthen and protect the european market, our decision for a stronger and more sovereign europe. that is why i have adopted the position we must not weaken the european project. finally, we need to preserve and deepen our bilateral relationship looking to the future. it is in this spirit that the e.u. has negotiated at length a withdrawal agreement with the united kingdom. i am not going to dwell on the details. no country of that you alone can
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negotiate or renegotiate this agreement, but i would like to say the key features of this agreement such as the irish backstop are not mere technical obstacles, but they are indispensable guarantees for preserving stability in ireland, the integrity of the single market is the very basis of the european project and part and parcel of this agreement, which was signed after long negotiations by the e.u. and the u.k. the e.u. has always said it is available to discuss future relations, which are key and will play a key role for our future. we will be discussing all of this with the prime minister. i would like to say as a friend and ally of the united kingdom that it is up to the u.k. alone the waye its destiny they withdrawal and the
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foundations of the relationship with europe defend -- depend on the u.k. we will be preparing for all scenarios, including a no deal october.ithdrawal in it is our joint responsibility towards our citizens, our territories, our businesses to be ready to be prepared and that is what we have already done. i know the future of the united kingdom based on our histories and values is in europe. in geography is opposite this regard and i am confident when i say that the future will inevitable -- the of foreign affairs, those are the few words i wish to say. i express the pleasure of welcoming boris johnson, mr. prime minister, to have you here.
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thank you for the wonderful welcome. in view of what you have just said and in view of your remarks overnight about brexit, i want to come to that point. i want to be clear to you, to the french people that of course, i want a deal and i think we can get a deal and a good deal. i was encouraged by our conversations last night in berlin with our mutual friends and i know with energy and creativity and application, we can find a way forward for all our businesses and citizens. avenue -- as you have just pointed out, it is vital to trust in politics that if you have a referendudum, you should act on the i instructions of the musts andnd that is why wee
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come out of the e.u. on october 31, deal or no deal. then, of course, we can take our relationship forward and when i say take it forward, i agree with you wholeheartedly that it is a extraordinary friendship. at this moment, french troops are being conveyed in british helicopters as we work together to fight terrorism. as we stand here together side-by-side, british troops and french troops are side-by-side protecting the eastern borders of nato. assad'segime -- when regime used chemical weapons, it that showed revulsion in the west by taking out chemical weapons facilities. together, we built the world's
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first supersonic passenger aircraft and a tunnel under the channel. -- hold out hope of curing the diseases.ctable at the g7 you are chairing, which i am sure will be a success, the u.k. and francnce will work hand in glove to tackle climate change, the tragic loss of species and biodiversity and ensure that every girl in the world gets 12 years of quality education. i think whatever happens with brexit, it is our joint ambition , u.k. and france, that we .hould deepen and intensify french buses ply the streets of london thanks to the openness of the u.k. economy and it is a
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stunning fact that your v's run on steel steel.s made by british the british ambassador did not know that until i just told him. there can be no more powerful metaphor i think for the cultural, the economic, the political partnership between our countries and i am proud to say in spite of the negative predictions over the last three years, our capital city in london remains one of the biggest french cities on earth remain. may it so i know, of course, you will want to treasure and support the hundreds of thousands of british citizens living here in france as much as we in the u.k. will treasure and support the e.u.
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nationals, including french citizens in our country. let's get brexit done, let's get it done sensibly and pragmatically in the interests of both sides. let's not wait until october 31, let's get on now in deepening and intensifying the friendship and partnership between us over lunch. [speaking french] >> we will take a couple of questions now. >> what does leaving without a deal actually mean? does it mean trading on wto rules for the long-term or is it back to square 1 with negotiations and in that sense, isn't no deal a bit of a con? angela merkel showed some flexibility in berlin last night
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over the question of changing the irish backstop, don't you think you should cut the new prime minister a bit of slack as well? libby.k you very much, a great deal of work has already been done to ensure the transition on october 31 is as smooth as it can be. there are already agreements on aviation, financial services, many other sectors and what we 71t to do now over the next days, we want to make sure we do the necessary work on both sides of the channel to make sure that weather we get to an agreement or not, our exit is as smooth and pain-free as possible for citizens and businesses on both sides and that is what we are going to do. >> regarding the question n you clearly inid it very
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my introduction with the irish backstop. it was negotiated given the geographical realities of ireland and the politics. it guarantees the stability in ireland and the integrity of the single market. when we talk about sensibility, i want to be clear, those objectives must be respected. we must find a solution that assures the integrity of the single market and we must guarantee consumers, businesses, and citizens of europe that the rules of the european union will be complied with. people who are no longer members of the e.u. and enter the e.u. have to be subject to control. the good friday agreement, of signed in relation
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to the political situation in ireland and our relations with ireland. we must respect the negotiations concluded in the past. we must keep in line with the framework already being negotiated. i would like to draw your attention to another point. we talk about the withdrawal agreement. there will also be an agreement on future relations, so we have to do things in the right order. clear, to make it very that under no circumstances s wn yoyou look at the border with northehern ireland, just repeatg a point that bears repeating, under no circumstances will the u.k. government the instituting imposing checks or controls of any kind at that border. we think, and i understand your desire to protect the integrity , of coursele market
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we understand that, but we think there are ways to protect the integrity of the single market and allow the u.k. to exit from and entire and perfect, as it were. it was interesting to hear some of the positive noises that we are now hearing about the ways that can be done. we look forward to developing those thoughts in the next few weeks. french]king >> do you believe with chancellor merkel, who wants to find an alternative to the backstop in 30 days, mr. prime -- what alternative options are there to the backstop? >> what chancellor merkel said yesterday, which is in line with the spirit of our exchanges, we days.isibility within 30
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ofs is also the objective prime minister johnson. nobody is going to wait until the 31st of october to find a good solution. if we don't find a good solution we cannot overnight solve all the problems. the next month, we will be mobilizing michelle barney i --- barnier and his team of negotiators what can help us find -- overcome the obstacles. the withdrawal agreement has already been subject to o a lotf hard work and was a result by a unanimous decision by the members of the e.u. i believe our collective intelligence and desire to be constructive should allow us to find a good solution. i have always been described as .he toughest member of the gang
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because i have always clearly that a choice has been made, we have to implement the choice. that is not by wasting time. it is not because we are going to try to get around -- we need to clarify the situation. must clarify things and arrive at an agreement. in the next month, we are not going to find a new withdrawal agreement that will be very different than what was already negotiated by michelle barnier. stability in ireland, integrity in single market. otherwise, it means the problem is deeper than that to do with british politics and this is not our negotiations, it is a
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physical choice the prime minister will have to make, not us. merkelink what angela was saying last night, i was standing next to her, she said --we can do this in 10 days we can do this in 30 days. i think the technical solutions are readily available and they have been discussed at great length. you can have trusted trader schemes and electronic clearing for goods across the border. under no circumstances will the u.k. be putting checks at the front. we don't think it is necessary from a point of view of the e.u. to do that to protect the integrity of the single market. we have adequate time to do it, let's get on and do it.
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as i say, there are all sorts of proposals that have already been -- i might direct you to a paper being done by greg hans and --er mps in west monster westminster that goes through the ways in which you can check for rulesband, check of origin, but n not have checks at the front tier, that is the .olution french]king claire: britain's prime minister boris johnson visiting emmanuel macron at the french presidential palace, they just addressed the media before going in for talks. armen georgian is there for us
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and we can talk to himim now. a very upbeat, you might say, press conference or addressed to the media before heading in for talks. really, it will take time before they are on the same page. armen: yeah. it to be honest, the first 10 minutes of this sounded like an acceptance of no deal. they were talking about the future relationship post october 31 talking about cooperation on tariffs and climate change, guaranteeing education for girls . really, sort of implicitly accepting they will go their separate ways perhaps with a hard brexit. then they sort of warmed up a little bit to the discussion about the backstop. certainly, it is far too early to talk about any possible
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breakthrough. they have a lunch lasting about an hour. outlined the points he made yesterday in that press conference with angela merkel about alternatives to the backstop, the trusted trader schemes, the electronic devices. emmanuel macron was not willing to go there. he did not want to go into those details. he was staying on the preprepared talking points about the -- protecting the integrity of the single market and the political status quo in northern ireland. he was not willing to go into any of those details for its johnson kept throwing out about the alternatives johnson thanks could break this deadlock. emmanuel macron seemed to be rearing back against those details by not engaging with
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those particular points and he was at p pains to point out this agreement had been negotiated over many months and only after a unanimous decision was reached . therefore, it would be difficult to come up with an alternative agreement in one month when the previous process took more than two years. claire: that is something they all seem to agree on. ,erkel, johnson, and macron that they want some kind of visibility in a month and not the end of october only. yes, there are going to be more contacts between the british side and michelle barnier. that is the point boris johnson mentioned in the press conference. we can expect, for example, this
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cross party report that johnson mentioned that came out done by a british mp and colleagues that detailed alternatives to the backstop. that is the kind of detail that will be dis
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