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comes to she wants you north of paris. that macro spoke of rewarding and substantive discussions mody pledging india would back fronts on climate issues and help show the way to a prosperous and safe world. cashman was the topic that the world is waiting for them to speak about india's imposed a curfew situation that with fears of a full moon the tree clamp down. back on said it was an issue that india and pakistan to self. additional support from the fall so we had a deep and honest conversation about kashmir. prime minister described the situation as it stands after india's decision to abolish the special status of jammu and kashmir. is he from above. public at the high
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said again that it was up to india and pakistan to resolve differences bilaterally and that it was the responsibility of the two sides to avoid doing any damage that could lead to an escalation and to make every effort to and the organization of cross border terrorism. i don't either through the kitchen table. i'm in gonna cagey. india in its culture and traditions. has always protected the environment. i'm constantly v. environments to suffer b becausese of the e decs tataken by humanity. h hi so toe able to participate in the g. seven summits in france is a great pleasure for in there. chris more than following mode is does it for france twenty four. my case really off the difficult subjejects and the eay ones for a manual macro on and the red dress multi matt called talking up cooperation between the two on the environment as
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they prepare to head down to be average for the g. seven get totogether. sayingg that the hep of nations l like india is going to be a vital going forward also talking up the ministry in commercial ties up between the two countries remember fronts is selling. in just thirty six rafael fighter jets delivery of that has been held up on several occasions we were told the efforts will now be delivered the next couple of weeks corporation to on civilian nuclear power another day which has got stuck in the pipeline we're told has been progress on that. in terms of the subjects which are more difficult to talk about well kashmir and a manual not calm that offering a bit of a an offer of a mediation saying he would be speaking to the prime minister of pakistan. at the same time saying this was ultimately something which india and pakistan i need to sort out between themselves that despite the great concerns being expressed by human rights groups about what's going on in the disputed region. the
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efforts of pakistan to internationalize dispute. chris moved to selell the shuttle to shanti. amanda michael had another high level guess this thursday and he e waved off the u. k. prime minister boris johnson afterwards there was a clear message to him of a breaks it might khan told johnson the irish border backstop is indispensable. cannot be scrapped ms johnson is demanding. a hastily planned trip to paris by britain's prime minister. a month into his new job boris johnson is pleading his case to reopen brexit negotiations as the end of october deadline fast approaches. we canan get. a deal and they could do i know who that with energy and with creativity and application we can find a way forward. the french president acknowledged he's adopted a tougher stance when it came to brexit even though he left open the door to britain finding a solution to its main sticking point the irish backstop. don't look in the next month we're not going to find a new withdrawal
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agreement which is far from the original if elements from what was originally negotiated can be amended and conforms to two objectives stability in ireland in the integrity of the single market. we'll find it in the next month if not that means the problem is deeper that it's more political a british political problem. bush johnson's meeting in paris comes a day after he met angle americal in berlin. during those talks the german chancellor through britain a bone by suggesting solutions the backstop could be found. and on thursday she extended that time line even further. i said that what one canan achieve in two or three years can also be achieved inn thirty days. put it differentntly one can also achieve that by october thirty fast. so thirty days was falling the thing that it's possible to acachieve it in a short period. safin guns and- while boris johnson has reiterated the uk's. ready to lead the blocks with or without a dealer's hand. we acted
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positively to news harrison berlin are ready to be more flexible than before. early on this one i spoke with tom professor of law and government dean of don law school i asked him if brits of any recent optimism after johnson's jones to build in a paris. i think of boris johnson w went into these meetings so basically trying to i think point the finger. at the new for in trying to blame the e. u. for i know deal that outcome. the you know he was he wawas asking for. paris and berlin to be more flexible to be open minded to not be. to work with pretend and to try to work with britain. in trying to resolve a way out of this crisis and i think he was. going into these things f franky experts we get a cold shoulder. and then surprisingly i think was was snookered on the first. on his first visit to being told by anglo merkel sure you know you've got to you know who will be open minded about. how you might be able to solve the
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i have a solution to the irish boxed up. will give you thirty daysys or so and my question dae you know. it be boris johnson if you think you can solve the problems of the border you know we're very open to seeing. what that might be but everyone knows that boris johnson doesn't have any thing new to say. are there isn't anything and he got a new solution to the problem on offer and i don't think it's really going to amount to anything. no one's changing the deal. i think it's all gonna come nothing. it's elise president to set a deadline of next tuesday for parties to form a majority. president sergio mattarella those words came two days after the disintegration of the- dysfunctional coalition government to the to the- deputy prime minister lindy tamayo. has said that he's pushing for five star majority government act would sideline the far right meets main player. m matteo salvini comes how lionel migrants took enough this week when it. ruled that ninety marcus stuck at sea for two weeks. should be allowed to land that my producer. let's
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listen to its knees president sergio mattarella. welcome temple or you delete it. i have the g. t. to request. in the interests of the country the quick decisions. for marvel holds me consultations which will begin next tuesday in order to reach a conclusion. and to make the necessary decisions. a performance and visual imageges sonya. noww this book with our cocorrespondent in rome for the will and i asked him how he thought the situation without. things are really hangingng in the e balane say here at the moment. yeah it's a very uncertain situation that. commentators of being calling it says to bring a little at that school crisis. and in fact no just a crisis of the government. yeah but a crisis of the italian political system. i think they do have a point. the five star movement. is being a container of. hi good okay system this man to
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gay sits on a political system. and it said did extremely well in the elections in march of two thousand and eighteen. but the consequence of that tasted tape to is a container of all sorts of different views and opinions. so it is fairly extraordinary that chat. they can break up but a couple of days ago with the- i. d. f. right wing they have to eat my grant. very politically incorrect in many ways. and now they're taking a make an alliance with the democratic yeah left wing establishment liberal party. and then looks at the yeah. holds the league as as fairly extraordinary that they can be now give talking and negotiating. seriously with johnson that's cool. but that does seem to be the case it really is a strange turn of events and surreal is the word he used and i think that's how it sounds i'm- seriously
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someone like matteo salvini who's never been out of the news lately sidelined. hey does that i think he's asking so now he's made a terrible miscalculation. on top of that he said decision to. hold on the government that has seen too much when he was at the beach yeah and being a dj and drinking while he turns and that. and is a swimming trunks and i think people have baby are wondering whether. he was perhaps a little bit exaggerated and not really. concentrating when he decided to pull down the government actually. eight in the middle of summer when everybodydy was away o on holiday. he he expectd that he would get to us not lectures in new york to. and he would capitalize on the popularity of his party. but maybe that won't happen. and maybe come to regret the decision. and he's already being that indicating that the doors open that that. and the
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yeah i saw movement could d come back and they could geget team p again. and all would be forgiven i which again is an extraordinary stage of fans in man h. yeah european country one of the largest economies in ththe world and the- way the politicians to be performing and the spectacle that. they put on in that recent case. a is really yeah. every a disappointing and choking i think of the taltsts themselvevs will be very worried with the important things coming up in relation to the european union. in relation to the budget it doesn't. seem that aviation status in the house of. very competent pilot said just a moment. well i'm not correspond to and from. the art more processing hong kong against chinese intnterference to s sits taking place at the main railway station the students also said to boycott classes to two weeks sittin continues in
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hong kong. demonstrators gathered outside this train station are in search of the truth the month off to protesters were attacked by a white church of mob. on wednesday scuffles broke out with police pushing some to call for calm. people are fighting for what they want the trtruth is some of them might be a little bit and then doing that. the protest so suggestions you might be thinking about salt the civilians field. inside call dollar that we really want to find out the truth. whether it's a lease or and against our our clock rate or something we just want to know the truth thursday season comes days off to one point seven million peopople t took t to the streets sunday show force elevated the protesters calls for greater democracy in hong kong and triggered a reaction from the u. s. president i hope it works out for the humane way. and i
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think the presidency has the ability to make sure that happens demonstrators have been taking to the streets for over two months in a bid to safeguard the region's one country two systems policy. and while the extradition bill with china which spearheaded the protests has been suspended authorities in hong kong and beijing have so far refused. too scrap p the legislation enentir. brazil's federal prosecutors sought to open an investigation into the surge in deforestation and wild fires in the amazon.n. well this is the wilill concern growows for the fate o of thee amazon r rain forestst. the aman is the lungs of the world and it's going up in smoke. there's been a surge of forest fires this year an increase of 83% on last year. this nasa satellite image shows all of the fires burning o over the last twenty four hours. and this shows them along with those from the loss to seventy two hours. and finanally every whether to sing
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burning in the space of only one week. environmentalists say this is due to rampant deforestation which is s being coverage by azil's preside shaveln aeady to prote agricultend boost t ecomy on ssbelson ari investating the fires. but lacks the resources to properly fight to them. he also added to earlier c commentss saying that environmental n ngos h have deliberately set the. fire is out of anger off he cuts the funding. everyonene is a suspect but the biggest of the ngos. did i accuse ngos directly i just said i suspect them i'm not looking for here is responsible for what's happening in brazil. on august nineteenthth thehe skies over brazil's largest citity saoao po itit turnedd dark as the wind te smoke that from wild fires over two thousand seven hundred kilometers away. experts agree that the situation is drastic and we must address some keel coursess that are pretty major it is a situation that i
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consider a crime against the homeland. and a crime against humanity because throughout the history of brazil we have had difficult situations but this is the first time we have a situation almost encouraged by the government to come each offiziellele manangy seem to rie the p people within. the a azon is a a vital s store of carbonos is seenn the lost buffer agagait climimate change the world wiwildlife fund says that almost 20% of the amazon forest has dissipated in the last half century. and this is only accelerating. just one of the stores are watching very closely here on fronts twenty four stay with us. france's national education system the system school there is a source of fascination around the world some say the quality of learning is exceptional and indeed studies show that france is over twelve million students
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are smart and well educated so some say the system should be copied by other countries but others say the system is rigid strict. old fashioned it only encourages people to be the same instead of promoting individuality so what is it like to really go through the french school system and just how smart or french gets. grab your book bags and join us for this french connections plus . france is the education system is highly centralized and organize it's just like in other countries it's divideded into three stages so you have. ofteten you more pre med primary education also anymore c circle that secondary education and also you will see better yeah higher education a whole other kettle of fish will explore another show. that primary and secondary educacation that we're
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focusing on today are regulated by the all powerful ministry of national education and the ministriries cheap objbjective s to set the national curriculum so that goes for. public schools of course but also the vast majority of private school. at the primary and secondary levels the core curriculum is the same for all students at any given great the idea is for people to get an ststarting o out with the sasame educatation. former government ministers you fifty is widely credited as creating the modern french school nickel. in the eighteen eighties he passed laws making education freee publblic and second place. cooling today is obligatory for children between the ages of three and sixteen if you're familiar with the saxon system the e names ofof frenchh grades mimight seemm cononfusing primay education is divided into two sections the card but the lead with great. six one six two.
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odod in a momove thatt. simone since in sececondary educationos divivided into two other secect. middle school the gogoes fromm season to towards end and the city high school three years ago yeah in the final year. in france students or mostly graded out of twenty a and the sysystem is notoririouslharsh. teachers i in public primamary d secocondary schools are civilil seservice nearly a million memberers of staff t the ministy of national educationn is france's largest employer and education the government's biggest budget the driving philosophy behind french education is in getting everyone should have thehe same education and that goes as far as everyone having the same hand right it's funny june because this is something that foreigners tend to pick up on french people don't really seem to notice the fact that they have the same. hand writing at least w when they're little. whn you grow up kind of growing. writing but when you're learning how to write there's a special kind of hand writing that you learn and it's a special kind of hand writing the teachers use as well. and moreover everyone here learns
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to write in ink not even events all right in france if you use a fountain pen and allll your homework is hand written it's not written on the comomputer ad then printed. that goes for essays in n high school as well in fact is a special kind of paper that you use in france that has. squares essentially and lines that you basically have to take your hand right. to and this is one of many school supplies the french willl take very seririously. i'm here with a live and s savannah two sisters so lived there going in to see. the equivalent of second grade and savannah you're going into c. m. do. the equivalent of fifth grade. and you're gonna show us what's in your backpack you mind if i take a look. i actually have your- list of school s supplies for this year and i think it's the it's- quite long here and quite detatailed i have nine.
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tenths of cases. the first one is for fans to write with and the second one is. for colored pencils one two. three for the books and engine does write down your homework the motion. mulder's. the folders on your list never ending very cold cold as they- because. paper and leaves you you read on this kind of paper to. the album was bored there's one thing missing though in your bag. books so on top of on top of all this you'll have books as well. seems like you've got quite a heavy load for when you get to. school so good luck. thank you. at the end of high school french students take a state exam called the baccalaureate or the back for short now this is a monument of french
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education that's been around for more than two hundred years and pressss people love to brag about the baccalaureate and just how difficult it is becausee it implie t that f freh children. are very smart the other three kinds o of baccalaureate so that you can pass there's the professional baccalaureate that prepares you for r about eigighty wide rangig profofessions from cooking and carpentrtry and also dentistry o many professions you a also hav. the technological baccalaureate the focusss on sciences and computers and then you have the general baccalaureate as well the back has a few core subjects that everyone has to take things like philosophy or even sports b but for those students who take that last back the back jenna hotter. they have to choose one of three tracks and these are called yeah in french at you can see the three of them here you have the- s. which focuses on sciences and math. tests which focuses on economic and social sciences and then you have at it which focuses on literature and the humanities and arts and what's interesting
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is here in france there's an unsafe hierarchy between these three feet yeah. it's considered to be the most prestigious followed by. which is which is very good for smart students but perhaps not thehe nerds in the classss and then yu have l. which is considered to be the back for slackers whichch is really unfaiair and a complee exaggerate. what is true is it be very careful when you use wikipedia intake because in frfrance you put a an academic d then a capri much a career track and i it's really hard to jump tracks afterwards so you pretty much have to decide. what. you want to be. you are just. sixteen years old. value of the baccalaureate if everyone seems to pass changing the national education system though is a hot button issue successive governments have
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tried to reform what's been called not ma'am. but just how hard iss it inside a french classroom flow you want to find out more. so i'm going with peter gumbel here were at the they cut a school in the heart of paris and peter you've written several books about the french education system. they shoot up school kids don't they for instance elite acacademy french school a without tears what would you say characterizes the f french styte of teaching. one one hand freree schools all very demanding they have a veryy high standards if you come out of the french school with the bottle out the classisic at school leaving exa. you're very good at lotsts of things even i if it also featurd at mass you have a good general education. on the other hands you also have a very high failuree rates a lot o of kids s one in four. really struggle a t
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schohool. and whehen you looooio why that is you discover quite quickly that they're important differences between the culture of french. schools and cultlture in many other countrie. in the anglophone world. and those difffferences are primarily the role of the people and the rerelationship. with the teache. for examample. the classic thing that encouraging and motivatatig of helpipi kids prprogress and saying you know you can get that. which you finind in n engh and amamerican schools. is realy quite red hat you have much more this idea that you have to fit into a mold. in france you play a much more p passive r roe in the classroomom as a child you're there to seep in ininformation from a from the teacher what consequences does this have on french students. there's a lot of stress in the system thehere's some. test by the every city the p pizza tess we show the french kids alll more s stress than anybody. else
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in the world about french and work especially in math. anand overerruled you can see that kis come out o of french schooools s willing to participate. less sure about their abilitieses. ad this. plays a role this this takekes a toll on on people's egos and psyches no equality is a driving force inn french education andnd yet there is massive inequalities within the system what do you think this is due to. well this is one of the great paradoxes of the system is not t the words. a daily take qualilies a actually writitten. on the front of many many schchools a around the country. and yes when you look at the statistics. t the number ofof kids who f fail it's particularly kids who are from disadvantaged bacackgrounds who too badly. and there is a sort of a situation in the system in the school system. off the cost structures of if you come from a recipe well off famamily you'e gonna do relativelyy well. in in school and if you don't then you weren't in fact i iyou l lok again at the a at the in the e . d. statistics is national statistics. you'll see that the
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french school system is one of the most unequal. in the world do you think it's possiblele to change the french education system. what we've seen is thatt over the last twenty years. there's been a realization thatt the system i isn't working you know education everywhere is incredibly difficult to change parents and teachers have high expectationsns. they have membes of their education so changing anything it's always complicated. but what's importantt is that the french themselves o othat side. the system doesn't work anyway justt to. its its balancing and mole it's seriously damaging toto society. have an e education system o or a quarter of the failing. and some people are saying is changing and finally we get on with it. i will have to leave it at. that thank you so much for being on our show
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for inspections plus. muscle in schools now up public schools meanwhile are of course secular which means there are religious classes but students learn about religion world religions. in a kind of trance di
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08/22/19 08/22/19 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from new york, this is democracy now! >> i know i have made mistakes. i am sorry for harm i have caused. i have listened and i have learned a lot. amy: at the first ever native american presidential forum, senator elizabeth warren apologizes for using the results of a dna test as evidence of her family's longtime claim to native american ancestry.


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