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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 29, 2019 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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>> it is time for 60 minutes live. these are the headlines. the u.k. is reeling from boris johnson's decision to suspend parliament. two archrivals unite to block the far-right. the movement is set to form a
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new government today y after a failed gamble from matteo salvini. the latest from m our correspondent inin r rome in a w miminutes. bril a agrees to acceptt 10 million pounds in aid from the the to stop fires ravaging amazon. on the way, in business, apple is apologizing for a privacy lapse with c or he that exposed personal customer details to contractors. ancient ancestor lucy has an older relative. more on that, coming up. getting directions.
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genie: an emergency debate on brexit next week after boris johnson decided to suspend deadlinet ahead of the october 31. more than one million people signed a petition against the move in less than 24 hours. i have douglas herbert with us on set. the queen has granted his request to suspend parliament. there has been backlash. might the people have the final say? >> it will have toto come throuh some popular people's effort. this backlash is spawning itself
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around this sentiment growing across britain that this is an assault of parliament and the unwritten constitution. is severely undermining democracy. even if it was technically legal what boris johnson did, it smacks parliament, of something that looks like there is something rotten in downing street. no deal was ever proposed in the referendum in 2016. of the british public are opposed to britain crashing out, leaving the european union without a deal. an overwhelming majority of british parliamament are against leaving without a deal.
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you have a sense that boris johnson, unelected by the public, elected by a handful of way, a is acting in a dramatic way, as if he commands the majority. even a mandate in the country when he has the slimmest of authorities right now. a prime minister people think should be treading lightly given the fact brexit was about taking back control and part of the control was to strengthen parliament. that is why you see this backlash. it could be growing in the coming days.
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there is precedent for it. it is rare. you have to go back to 1948 for a precedent which a member of the house of lords, in which they prorogue parliament in order to circumvent parliamentary opposition to government policy. if boris johnson isn't admitting it, this is what it is trying to do. boris johnson steps in says, now is the time i want to promote my new agenda. to suspend we need parliament. britain has not done this in a long time. for all theresa may might have -- she respected
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parliament even though she disagreed with it. there is not this five week suspension we are seeing possibly now. italy's president has given a new mandate to see if he can cobble together a new government. democratster the joined forces toto form that new government. they are trying to block matteo salvini.
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>> today i will begin consultatations with all thehe paparliamentary groups. it will be a government for the good of the citizens to modernize the country and make our nation competitive and also more just and s supportive. >> josephine mckenna is keeping . close eye on this from rome we heard the prime minister speaking about inclusivity. is this born out of reaction to thee hard-d-line stamp on immigration. >> one thing that unites the the united opposition
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to matteo salvini. are we going to see a change e n policy? i am not sure. he needs to create a more inclusive society. that is the message we saw from the prime minister today, who expressed can leaearn about youg people and trying to make everyone in i italy pay taxes, trying to create a country more competitive to deal with the global crisis and the slowdown in europe. from this prime minister. one newspaper headline said you need courage because this will be very tough. the fifirst tough thing he had o approach is getting the coalition in place and getting
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the parties on the same team. genie: the five-star movement is different from the democratic movement. are they going to be able to find common ground? >> that is the question. saiaid this is going to be a coalition government that will be controlled by the french presidident and the german chancellor. i would not go that far. we have a situation where these parties have had a difffferent approach. they are positive about russell's. are we going to see conflict over simple things like drafting the budget? .hat is an urgent thing
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brazil, bolsonaro has accepted 10 million pounds from the u.k. to battle devastatingg forestst fires in ththe amazon. initiativeeeed to an to -- the amazon. with over a a disagreement emmanuel macron. visit from sebastian panera . host agreed on the need for a common south american policy with the first meeting set for next friday in columbia. >> as for the government, the
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fact of him callingg m me a liar and d calling into question the soverereignty of the amazon, ony after he withdrawals what he , once thatmy person happens, no problem. we can talk again. comments cast doubt o on whether brazil will a accept and aid effort.t. brazil''s own authorities continue to battle fires in the amazon. for the indigenous tribe in the forest, it is not happening fast enough. worriedovernmenent is not about this. the government wants to keep destroying the forests. they do not want to know about the environment. they do not want to understand what a digninified life is. they do not want to o know. city on envelopeded the
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wednesdaday. the defense ministry insisists e situation is under control. genie: tensions flare on the lebanese-israeli border. crossed into airspace. rare forircraft, it is them to get as far as beirut. >> this soldier is pointing at what the root said was -- at what beirut said was a drone. warned it would not hesitate to respond if israel continues to spend -- to send drones into lebanon. >> the lebanese have a right to defend themselves by any means against any attack. afterer hezbollah
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accused the jewish state of killing -- of carrying out a drone attack. >> i have listened to the remarks and i suggest he calm down. he knows israel knows how to defend itself and make its enemy pay. i want to say, be careful with your words and more careful with your actions. >> the leader of an elili unit of revolutionary guards. israel suspects them of carrying out drone attacks on its territory. the drone war is spreading to iraq. the shiite militia forces accuses israel of killing one of their fighters with a drone. >> the indications are israel is behind the attacks.
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the country has said it would take action. the united states and israel regard the forces as an extension of iranian forces. >> military confrontation hasas been confined to parts of syria. it is spilling over to other fronts. >> in yemen, forces loyal to the government have pushed into aiden and taken thehe airport fm separatist fighters. clashes represent a new front in the civil war, addingng sepaparatist demands t to the complex battlegrounds fought betwtween who the rebels and government -- between houthi rebels and government forces. severalvideo shows
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fighters showcasing a picture of the country's president. there evidence that they have pushed into the country south. andhey secured the palace they impose full control o over the district amid public satisfaction and welcome. >> it has been under separatist control since august 10. the city has denied reports the city has been retaken by the government, claiming the city is still under the government -- under the -- the airport is still under the control of the city. >> the situation is under control and the south is taking hold. tensions took hold in 2017
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both parties being allies in the fight against the rebels. who these control parts of northern yemen and the capital. >> a new report says there has been a dramatic resurgence of measles in europe. genie: the number of measles for the samele period in 2013. the number, which is only for cases up through augusust, is te highest number of measles cases reported globally since 2006.
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we have not completed the yeaear yet. countries lost their measles elimination status. scientists have made a landmark discovery. they found a nearly complete skull of an early human ancestor that lived re-.8 million years ago. it shows the two species may have coexisted for about 100,000 years. t this site that researchers made the landmark discovery. of an mrd, it is a skskull ancestor that lived 3.8 million
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years ago. >> this is a game changer in a lot of ways and answers old questions we have had lingering for decades. >> it belongs to a species that first appeared 4.2 millilion yes ago. it p possessed a mixture of apapelike and humanlike characteristics. the species is considered the lucy, which dates from 3.2 million years ago. int skeleton was unearthed 1974. it joins lucy as a key to understanding eaearly human ancestors. until now, the only skull
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remains were john fragments and teteeth. the cranium wawas cruruci missing piece. it shows a an evololution that s not linear, but more side ice by . the two species co. existed for about 100,000 years. >> they overlapped in time. that changes the evolution. >> it would be more than 3 million years before they gave rise to homo sapiens. step closerre o one to understanding how we evolved. look at the business news with brian quinn. you are starting in argentina, where the government is asking -- to extend the payment. the countries economic crisis
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continues with massive demonstrations to protest austerity or measures ausustrala -- argentina's blame on --. to extendna is hoping the payment period of $101 billion worth of government that cash seeks to reserve reserves for default. payments due to restart in 2021. >> we ask them to initiate dialogue. it has to conclude in n the next term. >> the move comes two months ahead of argentina's presidential election. of president's chance reelection are looking slim.
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with anre unhappy economy in crisis. inflation is that 55% and nearly one third of the population lives in poverty. many point the finger at the imf. a stringuts came with of unpopular austerity measures. thousands protested against this on the streets. >> we are here to protest.. >> it brings back bad mememorie. many blamed the measures for the previous crisis. european indexes are surging as investors see underwhelming inflation data as s a sign the european central bank k is likey to launch stimulus measures.
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in france, data shows the economomy grew 3/10 of a percent in the last quarter. the dax and frankfurt gaining midday. the trade conflict between japan and south korea. >> japanese officials visited the south korea foreign ministry to discuss the relations between the two. tradewngrade of seouls status took effect this week. has unveiled its most aggressive spending plan in the face of mounting economic challenges. the downgrade is due to the mishandling of the weapons programs. a court decision orders japanese forms for using korean slave
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labor during world war ii. >> the japanese government is trying to rationalize its -- as frequently as necessary.y. it is clear the japanese government has links to economic matters. japan is stepping up its investment across africa. has a strong presence in african nations. with the seventh tokyo onernational conference development underway, japan is looking to change the game. in africa.g action
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shinzo abe is counting on the prprivate sector to boost his country's presence. >> from companies founded more than a century ago to startups, investors vary by a great degree. they all seek value in africa. plan aims toous inincrease private investment in african countries and offer 3 billion euros worth of loans to infrastructure problem -- infrastructure projects. japanese to attract companies. >> we are willing to do business and are making a decision quickly. there are numerous opportrtunities. japan hopes it can compete with china. in 2017, chinese investments
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times morelmost six than japan's 7 billion. debt andcompanies with invite -- and ignoring environmental i iues. japan is hopintoto distinguishsh itseself on such matters to promote quality infrastructure problem -- infrastructure and trends parity -- and trance parity. genie: a number of privacy scandals. it is apple's turn in the hot seat. >> they are apologizing for a program in which it hired contractors to listen to and transcribe recordings of customer interactions with its digital assistant. the contractors regularly heard confidential medical details, drug deals, and sexual encounters as a transcribed audio to improve syria cost
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functioning. the company says it will no longer retain recordings and customers will be able to opt out and in from the theory sirivement -- from the improvement system. you for that. a look at the business update for you. coming up, the strange case of the werewolf bababies in spain. the details in the press review after the news.
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