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microbes seems to be for now out in the cold . thank you very much for being with us. south yemen the separatists claim ththey've takenack t to port ciy of eight and this is just twenty four hours after the news that the government forces had won it back. the role of the united arab emirates is coming under increasasing scrutinyny. so from separatist forces r rolled down agents main roadad t the nighthts off to the internatationally recognized government said and force the
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mounts. ngo doctors without borders says it's taken in more than forty wounded and ten day. during heavy fighting. it's tototal chaos here. those fighting in the city all day yesterday. things a page of calms down a bit this mornining. but we expect the hostilities to resume at any point. two weeks there's been in fighting between forces loyal to the governments and soften separatists backed by the united arab emirates even though that was supposed to be in an alliance led by saudi arabia fighting together against the who sees. the who fees control the capital sana and the north andover line with the wrong while the rest of the country is mainly divided between government forces southern separaratists and jihadist groups. the separatists want to restore the south yemen republic which merged with the north in nineteen ninety. for several years they've occasionally clashed with government forces with this month from aging you hostilities erupted. saudi arabia has cooled for summit to
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end the standoff but the yemeni government says it won't come to the table until the separatists handover. places they seized earlier in the month. let's get the analysis elizabeth elizabeth candles a senior research fellow in arabic and islamic studies. at pembroke college oxford thank you very much for being with us at this is in many ways than a new front in the war. but in many ways as well an old argument. yes that's right mark it's a new from opening up now in this current war but as you'll reports. laid out. it has old roots and t they go back decades yemen is united country is an old quote concept. it any united's in nineteen ninity and already. in nineteen ninety four just four r years latater e nortrth and the south w were embroiled in a civil war. so unless. the grievances of the south that's political marginalization economic mamarginalisation feeling that
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that resources. a a beieing unfafairly distributed in the north and not back towards them. unless all of that so dressed then this will never be sold and at the moment the international peace efforts on not bringing in the south. so it's not a great surprise to see the southern transitional council taking matters into its own hands. what role of the emirates. playing in this conflict and why. the irs and the conflict with saudi arabia in march twenty fifteen. in order to push back the perceived influence of iran. which was held to be backing the who's the rebels in ththe nortrth. very quickly it changed its focus to the south of yemen where do these have already been expelled. so that led to suspicions about what the u. eight might be doing in the south now it all to use that sketch in control of the south was necessary for security reasons because the jihad
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groups thahat you mentioned all mainly centered in yemen south. by parking let's go structure like t the southerern traransitl council a and bite along site that rececruiting thohousands of ldiersrs in the sououth.t does lookok like it't's more off a litical agegenda i'm not would fit quite well also with its- political agenda and security agenda across the horn of africa. it should also be noted states of course yemen's well six oil and its gas and export revenues all heavenly heavily concentrated in the south so suspicions run high as to what u. a. e.'s precise motives all. i called in the middle of cool sigh on civilians this is a humanitarian disaster there's no doubt about that. and many ways yemen being torn apart before the world's eyes. that's right yemen is being torn apart. and there's no end in sight we've spent months n now wrangling over a quite limited
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ceasefire just for the ports of data. and older that's largely held it hasn't been rolled out to the rest of yemen and meanwhile people in all the areas particularly in the south the getting in patients. they want to have a say i in yemen's future too. on the scene a more inclusive peaea talksks can happen the basset because right now we're in a situation where about twenty four million yemenis are in need of some kind offumanitarian assistancece. on n the you a ans having to close down programs owing to a lack of funding so it doeoes. actually look like things are going to get worse before they get passed on. liz with kendall thank you very much if your analysis at senior such fellow in arabic and islamic studies at pembroke. college oxford university thank you very much indeed we'll keep donald the balance on the situation. in that yemen right across the country because of the conflict has beeeen a raging
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on. and of was ththe civilians bearing the bruntnt of every twist and turn. gruesome as it seems along the way. next colombia's conservative president to yvonne to case said this thursday he will send a special army unit to hunt down x. fark leaeaders havave announced. they were taking up arms again this follows the anannouncement by a group of fungi is that they are going to resume that battle and they put it on my kids who was a key player in the peace deal. twenty sixteen in that same year colombia's then president on m mine was santos was awarded the nobel pepeace p prize for h. resolute efforts to bring the country's morere than fififty yr longng civil war to anan end. doublele the cost the lives of t least two hundred twenty two thousand colomombians. disisplad close to six mimiion people let's. hear from. funky that yvonne markets. but when we signed to have on their agreements we did it with the conviction that it was possible
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to chahange the livess of the humble and the dispossessed. the state has not fulfilled even the most important of its obligations. that is to protect the lives of its citizens. and in particular to prevent them from electrical reason. has he not though but i thought if only because going on a little bit does not accept threats of any kind. much less from drug traffickers may know the knuckle driving. the benchmark is out of the flock even do que the f. president of columbia let's go to bogota correspondence in many bruno it is awaiting us that. after his analysis of money getting to you tell us more about why these former fakta releases a taking up arms again. yeah well date date but they said thehe is partially to this side of the government didn't fulfill the peace agreement which is true. there are still thohousands of former getting yet as did a
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waiting in n e spepecial zones o know what the future is going to be. t they're w waiting for n up opportunities to study maybe to work and this didn't happen yet. so on the other hand thahat there is this other huge problem with cheese. that parked some of their former gave the address had been killed i've been access he needed. and that this actually is terrible in colombia. per se but of course it's terribible to because it actually takes us back to there but the time when that the former. the president peace process and dead andd they formed a a political party in is politital parties being. exteterminated still of course n decided they have they are right to say s so. but old so could be out well the impression is that therere i a beak separatation in the e farc like *-*- i divideded intoo two. bands only one is the one of ibn monica's to that we just so. we did the usual market and ththat the other part. is the people that a are right and my back the leader so the fox
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political pieiety. and it seems lilike these.. fractction of the father i is thehe onene that s.e liberal ideas and the other one is the one with that's morore. that's more communist idea and they had a fight and these piety the one that is in charge of the political party now. is the one that is the leading did. did the peace process the soul you know if you mix these two things i meaean day internal division of the of the former getting a crew. to get that with the for the fact that the government did did in full field the agreement. then you have an explosive situation and this is what happened today. and similarly i wonder what the reaction is. wide. at in colombia among people and politicians that. sure what what. day is depressing because most of the people they a lot
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of people really. f fault for ththese peace process the wire n the street to that we're promoting. da referendum when there was a referendum asking to the calamity if they wanted this peace process or not to dis peace agreement. and sold mostly young people they had the hope to live in a country without. a conflict to so today basically. he was like a bad waking up for them. because of course we had the dissident group of the focke spread all around the country. but this time we had like some very important commander even markets was the leader. of the negotiation for the f farc with the government of common was sent us. and now he was again on tv with the weapons and when uniforms talking again up to about four so. for the peoeople has been pretty stressful most of thehe people that supported the peace process. on the political side one man wasas sentenced to sasa that day government fulfill 90% of the agreement. as i said before this is hard to understand if it's true or not you and actually had a different opinion about that. the united nations. and then there is the
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other reaction coming from the call of a man to death from president actuaual president e n look a at which a as in b. s. nr been. okay supported of these peace negotiaiation dsps agreemement. and i is again as l talking about war once. again here in columbia a net worth the seems endless. you will love awaits you updates on the situation simoni bruno correspond of that in bogota the latest thank you very much indeed. next italy's president is given the recently resigned premia. decepticon say a fresh mandate to see if he can cobblee togegether a new.. government backed by the populace five star movement. and the center left the democrats this is the situation. decepticon see that who was been dubbed the quiet man of italian politics but more more he seems to be the key player. and recently identified as one of the most popular people. unless respected politicians in italy right now his resignation last week in the wake of the- collapse of the party's coalition cleveleys enhanced is that standing. this immediate return to the same office at
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some above the party rounds in many. ways i suppose the question is can he remained that affected. on one of the year and a half ago was a law professor with no background in party politics. he was propelled to the top after the five star movement. and matteo salvini as far right league party agreed to form a cocoalition governmnment in may twenty e eighteen. two five star leader luigi do meio shows him asrime minister. in the hopes he could mediate between the two paparties. contact promised to serve as a people's lawyer. sort of a sort of a i'm a professor and a lawyer. is cool so over my lifetime i handled the cases of many people. i am now preparing myself to defend the rights of all italians. and all the seats of power that is the european and international that's an id. conte as prime minister has been overshadowed in the media by t two mile in south vini leading some to label him a puppet. yet in recent weeks he has proven
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himself to be anything but- not only has he led italy's government through a startling about face he is also seen a surge in popularity. recent polls show him to be the second most popular italian politician after president sergio mattarella while salvini support has dropped.n his resignation speech last week contest slam cell beanie as a danger to democracy. the myth that the media give e me so let me say this the interior minister matteo salvini has shown that he is following h his own interests and those of his party. that video has since garnered two point five million views. the next test will be whether contact can retain his support at the head of another unlikely coalition. this time with the five star movement long time e enemies the center left democratitic party. tell yu politically soul go well that's the look k of british politics with seems to be. even more
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chchaotic jamie kolbe leader of the official opposition t the u. k. says that he's going to take a whole political action possible to stop the- suspension of parliament mr corbin as well as other senior political figures from all sides. say this is a plot by johnson boris johnson the prime minister to push through a no deal breaks it. well boris johnson announced the move set in mid september that we'll see parliament perot or suspended for five weeks. that been high profile resignations over this issue george young lord young leader of the e conservavativesn the house of lords has resigned ththe with basically choosing to follow the party line. on this woman leader of the conservatives in scotland has not resigned wrist davidson citing motherhood as well as the current. controversy reasons standing down. and from what you'll developments on those stories. infections and measles in europe of tripled over the past decade the world health organization searching countries to step up in occupation of children doctors are condemning fake news online
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is being blamed for parents refusing jobs for the kids. over three hundred and sixty four thousand cases have been reported to whl from the regions. that number which is only four cases up through august. is the highest number of measles cases reported globally in any year since two thousand and six and we have not completed the year yet the first time ever since the verification process began in twenty twelve. four countries who banja. czech republic greece and the united kingdom lost theheir muses elimination status. measles scattered across the world at the at the root of it it seems to be. fate use the dots the same chip which the parents will push parents to what turned away from vaccinating that kids will bring you more as it develops. now time to business can't really say as the italian prime minister speaks to foreman you coalition government she's been looking at the economic
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challenges ahead and i imagine they'll plenty. there are plenty the stakes are very very high politically speaking but of course economically as well. italy is europe's third largest economy but it has been struggling the official unemployment rate stands at just under ten percent. seven point five is the eurozone average for young italians it's three times higher. italilian economy is creeping dangerously close to recession stagnating at 0% growth from april to june. as the economy stumbles the size of the government's debtbt continueses to balloon. t hit a hundred and 34% of its gdp in the first quarter of this year. and that's the second highest rate in europe just behind greece. it is a heavy burden for the next cocoalition which has to present its twenty twenty budget proposal to the e. u. in the coming months. l last year's spending plans of course sparked a showdown in with brussels. it eventually agreed to reduce its budget deficit targets just about two percent. and the next government will likely be forced to stick to or evenen reduce that number further. decepticons i it has
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also vowed to try and block is scheduled rise in vat or sales tax in order to do that though he needs to find twenty three billion euros spending cuts or savings. avoid still further antagonizing the e. u. has outgoing government brought in a controversial b basic incomome schemes for the poorest italians earlier this year. and he's made that v. a. t. hike a key plank of his next platform. the possible new alliance to seeking more flexibibility from brussels o on spending a better system for taxing. digital giant and focus on in fire. meanwhile the french economy is performing even better than expected. he in se statistics agency revised second quarter figures up boards. from which to two point three percent. that matches the first three months of the year and outpaces the eurozone average which slow down to point two percent. figures are especially striking when compared to france's neighbor and your traditional powerhouse germany. just teetering on the brink of recession. consumer and is also remamained steady.y.rane
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despite the warning signs across the rest of the block. well friends have confirmed a timetable for an international deal to tax tech giants. earlier this year french lawmakers sparked a global controversy by proving their own version of the so called gaffe attacks. name for google apple facebook and amazon. donald trump fundamental microstructure deal at this weekend's g. seven summit w whih will see thehe firms get a tax crcredit of sorts once the international deal it's a great loss in corning has the details. france and the united states are coming together to reach a deal on a global digital tax by the middle of next year. the two countries wilill form a task force which will coordinate with the organization for economic cooperation and development or oecd. eight seven actually this will speed up the process the push issues. it took more of it the fact that we have two players here as well both the g. seven countries. will come together today in normal this will help
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us and negotiations. in good time. the legal system. french finance minister greenery mass said they hope to put forward a proposal by the end of the year with a possisible ratificatioioy all oecdcd m members i in early twentyty twenty. a major stickig point between the two countries was frances national tech tax which primarily targeted companies using consumemer data toto sell online advdvertisingnn thursday the mass of the national tax would be removed and a tax credit issued once the oecd deaf attacks is finalized. vq yup as soon as there is an agreement at the oecd even if it's not rectified by all of the cd countries we will replace t the national tax with the international agreements. thehe natational tax will apply in two t thousand nineneteen is being voted in by the french parliaments and therefore it will apply in two thousand and nineteen we just know if. not the implementation of the 3% french tax and prompted threats from donald trump about tariffs on french wine and it contributed to the tension between the two
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countries. during the g. seven summit last weekend. this is a good look at the day's trading action european indices rallied with stocks in milan climbing in nearly 2 2% is that thosese coalition talks c continued. accounts boosted in part by frfrench telecom giant week. its shares rose nearly 7% on better than expected profits. what street is closed higher as well the dow jones up about three hundred points. at the nasdaq one and a half percent there. this despite new data that revised america's gdp growth down slightly from two point one to two point 2% for the second quarter. investors around the world are still honing in on the ongoing trade dispute between the us and china. they were reassured on thursdays beijing said it wanted to resolve their differences calmly. meanwhile donald trump has told fox news radio that negotiations are set to take place tododay. quote ona different level. no clarification about what level that means and no confirmation about who is involved. mark this just the latest in a series of mixed messages. and
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unanswered questions that we have so far about where things really stand between washington and joe sponsors will come first from you i know you'll bring me to this can't really trust. thank you very much indeed great to see if. it's because the studio mediawatch emma james good evening. now then. you start with reactions to the political drama playing out in italy. i yes very turbulent times to say the least with the center left arm the anti establishment groups. forming a a coalition to basically force out the right wing matteo salvini. at who is very much a populist handed it. it's interesting that the italian version of the local that website has chosen the word of the day to be. so which means crazy it can also mean markman. is this a coincidence whether they got their inspiration from i couldn't possibly comment. at what i will say though is that matteo salvini has been very very active today on social media. this is one image that he posted on his twitter account he's calling for order talents to go out into the streets on the nineteenth of october he's calling it. a great day off the
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timely and pride. and the video is that he's posted on facebook he talks about demanding democracy. and respect for the vote armed rules he feels the what happened is basically. something of a queue at much is the same criticisms of being made in the united kingdom right now. and he's also blaming some very familiar scapegoats for what's happened he says it's brussels that went out to get him they want. to get rid of that pain in the neck salvini he is quoted as saying. and he also believes that under the medical and emmanuel michael very much willing the strings on this particular plan. and so he's goaded into basically brussels berlin. and paris sat on this nasa. loan there has a very different take the french newspaper says that i'm basically. he has no one to blame but himself they say he scored an own goal because he- was thinking that he could bring down the government. olson election and then that would put him directly into the prime minister's seat his best have failed salem owned. i'm also in the mold is going to use a call to you here. i'm
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self any of course. hugely anti immigrant it's probably what he's best known for. and plenty has drawn him head bobbing up down on a small boat. next. to my friend in the war he was saying. give up they. i'll never going to welcome you it's very funny but it's one of these cartoons it really cuts. a very close to the truth yes a very much to heart. i thought that is from interestingly there at matteo renzi on the issue off at will. will he be back he says at summers without the is also. but he says no he believes that is it for salvini this is a knock out blow. and he's willing to bet that in a few months even his best friends will be insulting him. so he thinks about it it. intends a frontline politics pool at matteo salvini has an interesting take but we know it's of course the government's change very freak and says we'll see what happens next. so watch this space for italian politics that's one to french.
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football our question is does it have a. with homophobia well that certainly appears to be the case right now because we're in at the very start of the season and we've already had four matches that have been suspended at the close of homophobic charms the latest one was niece fast as most say at not only with a taunting but they also have some bonnet said this is a very well prepared tia antigay comments being made at the stadium a down in the east and the content isn't necessarily the west you're ever going to see in this kind of context and they will clearly trying to be offensive. maybe thought they were being funny to you and basically branding that the club of marseille a gay club saying a foot away and makes the stadium gay and supporting lgbt club to fight against homophobia now the tone of the chunks was considerably stronger and along at along the lines of calling them a bunch of i can't say the word but it runs christie is other things that i'm not even going to him to what they were saying because they're just too offensive. and the coaches of both teams are she happy the
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play was suspended they felt that was the right decision not all of the plans agreed that which is interesting willow scipione who plays a niece and said we called stop the game each time some more rooms do something i'm against all forms of discrimination but you shouldn't stop the match for so little it's ridiculous and that is a debate that was saying a lost phone line this two she's as angry that the plans on taking it more seriously saying. that none of them condemned the child to the bonus i think just complained about the amount of time that the game was stopped for at this gentleman there commenting on the match saying there is a massive problem with homophobia in france i don't think the bomb that was an example there is a really lively debate about what constitutes homophobia and was this it and there is now an investigation has been launched into this so clearly the authorities. take him very seriously prosecutions could follow. is it any better
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anywhere else will that is. an interesting question look of his young interestingly says that. england without doubt have taken the lead in terms of dealing with homophobia and football stadiums. and their number of measures they've been implemented both by club somebody authorities to. to kick it out. this big kick out racism i was the original thing. it's now been broadened out to be all forms of discrimination is not she and- you can download onto your fighting for an english football fans. and it means that you can report someone sitting close to you if you hear a child. you can report it directly to the stadium authorities. anonymously said the people who. are doing it don't know it was you. i am it's interesting to see that they are actually using this there were four hundred twenty two cases. of this being used last year and the husband a successful prosecution was somebody being. bombed from status for three years and find one thousand two hundred pounds say. it'll be interesting to see what phones can do to address the problem indeed i've watched the report of the football for many many many. many years now and there's been a massive change. over that period but still more work to be done very clearly. thank you very much you get a chance of me to watch thanks again for
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the business as of a great to see. i thank you for watching without you. it would be worthwhile so please stay with us more to come here like in
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