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tv   DW News  LINKTV  October 31, 2019 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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berlin. making impeachment official. u.s. lawmakers approve the rules for the trump impeachment process. the resolution passed by majority in the house, with no republican support. what does this mean for the u.s. president? we go to washington to find out. hunting chill goes through hong kong's party district for halloween. police fired tear gas to disperse masked pro-democracy demonstrators.
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a new wave of consolidation in the auto industry. fiat chrysler and peugeout want to create the fourth-largest carmaker. the last day at work for the voice of authority in the bexar debate. -- brexit debate. >> border. -- order. >> john bercow, retiring after 10 years in the chamber. -- chair. ♪ brent: i'm brent goff. welcome. we begin tonight with a historic photo in the u.s. congress. democrats have taken a major step in their efforts to impeach u.s. president donald trump. the house of representatives moved forward with the
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impeachment inc. -- investigation with a resolution that sets out the ground rules. they begin the transition from closed-door sessions to public impeachment hearings. >> the resolution is adopted without objection. the motion to reconsider is laid upon the table. >> nancy pelosi, presiding over historic moment. as expected, the democratic majority carried the vote. precisely no republicans blocked the party lines. during the floor debate, familiar arguments divided the house. >> democrats are trying to impeach the president because they are scared they cannot defeat him at the ballot box. >> what are we fighting for? defending our democracy for the people. >> the impeachment probe centers on donald trump's efforts to pressure ukraine to investigate
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his political opponents. trent took to twitter calling it "the greatest witchhunt in american history. democrats were pushing ahead still. >> we take no joy and having to do move down this road and proceed with the impeachment inquiry. neither do we shrink from it. >> on thursday, the top pressure specialist on trump's national security council was the latest in the -- in a long line of individuals to testify. after a week of closed-door interviews, the vote means they will soon be able to hold public hearings. a momentous day on capitol hill, bringing a houseboat on impeachment one step closer. >> our bureau chief is following the efforts as this impeachment process becomes official. good evening to you. this is a vote that will go down in history. what happens next?
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>> it is entering a new phase. in only a few days, and 10 days, the first public hearings will start on capitol hill, where both the republicans and democrats will be able to invite witnesses to question them, and where also president trump's eagle counsel will be able to defend the president publicly. it is a historic day in the u.s.. it has happened only three times in u.s. history that a -- a sitting president was facing the prospect of impeachment. brent: a lot of people will remember the watergate hearings when richard nixon was president. we remember what happened with bill clinton. are we talking about the public being able to watch and listen to the witnesses being called to testify in this inquiry echo -- angry? -- inquiry?
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alexandra: the world will be watching, but what is more important is the american public will be able to see for themselves what the effects are. therefore, the vote today was so crucial for the house democrats, because they know that eventually, they need to convince the american people that president trump abused his power. according to recent polls, there is a small majority of the american people who support the impeachment inquiry and his removal from office. the majority is small and the democrats are hoping this is going to change. brent: the president today, called the vote part of the greatest witchhunt in political history. we know not a single republican voted for the motion. the senate will never have enough votes to remove and convict him from office. what is the point of all this?
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alexandra: the democrats say that they have to do it. we simply have no other choice. that's what jerry nadler said. they believe they have to do it to protect the american democracy, the constitution, and you are right that at the moment, president trump is still very popular among his base. votes today show that he dashes party are we -- are behind him. at the moment, we are just at the beginning of the proceedings. we have to wait and see if that will change. brent: many of the democrats say the president has even admitted to this quid pro quo with ukraine. they say that is an impeachable offense. there are some that say he asked for a favor, but there is nothing wrong with that.
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how do you brbring these two together? that is the conflict here. they see the same thing, but they don't perceive the same thing. alexandra: that's totally true. that proves once again how divided congress is. and american society, that you have democrats saying that president trump abused his power , and you have republicans saying that there was no wrongdoing on his side. it just shows you how divided the country is at the moment. brent: thank you. the trump reelection team is reportedly spending thousands already on social media ads. they won't be doing that much longer on twitter. twitter has announced it will be in advertising on its platforms beginning next month. explaining the decision, jack
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dodorsey, his s seat the ceo sad that elliptical ads force highly optimizezed and t targeted polil messages onto people. this, he said, brings r risks to politics, , where it cane used to influencece votes to affect e lives of millions. this is my colleague. it sounds like dorsey is saying that social media has become a platform where political misinformation can be spread easily. is that what this is about? >> we were number 2016, the u.s. presidential election. that showed that targeted political ads on social media can spread misinformation and can sway voters. anyone can buy an ad, which targets a specific demographic or location. or an interest. there are thousands of these data points you can single out. this is how political
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advertising online differs from put -- traditional advertising. social media companies know everything about us. they know what we love and hate and fear. when you take that knowledge an use it to deliberately spread disinformation is when we have a problem. brent: we know twitter is leading the way with this. as the competition going to follow? facebook uses political ads more than anyone. >> this is a question about money. facebook earns a lot more money on political advertising than twitter. what facebook has done that has raised eyebrows is the decision to exempt political advertising from what is quite rigorous rules of fact checking on what they post as ads on their platform. mark zuckerberg has this down to freedom of speech. this is what jack dorsey challenged today and his tweet.
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he said it is not credible for us to say, we are working hard to stop people from gaming our systems to spread misleading information, but if some one pays us to target and force people to see their political ads, they can say whatever they want. obviously a swipe at facebook. brent: there is an argument there. you can tell lies and untruth as long as you pay for the right to do that. all eyes are on facebook to see >> the pressure is growing, not just from competitors, from inside facebook as well. 250 facebook employees wrote a letter to mark zuckerberg, saying they objected to this policy. there is political pressure from the democrats, particularly in the u.s., including elizabeth warren, who is one of the democratic contenders. she recently challenged facebook policy by rurunning an ad, falsy claiming that facebook ceo mark
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zuckerberg had endorsesed donald trump for reelection. facebook did not take that down. that was a test to see how the system works. it's too early to tell what this twitter decision, what impact it will have. brent: we will see if any change comes. migrant cramps on greek islands are quote on the 8 -- "on the edge of collapse." officials say the significant -- the situation has significant a worship and. greece has become the main point of entry for people seeking asylum in europe. at least 10 people have been
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killed and dozens wounded and northern syria the turkish border. it is a mainly court -- kurdish enclave controlled by syrian rebels who captured the town last year. north korea has fired two unidentified projectiles towards the sea off its eastern coast. that is according to south korean and japanese military sources. if confirmed as a missile launch, it would be there 12 launch this year. it comes amid a deadlock in nuclear talks between north korea and the u.s. more than 70 people have died in a fire on the train in southeastern pakistan. the blaze is said to have broken out when a gas stove exploded. its passengers were preparing breakfast. the train was traveling north. it was headed for islamabad.
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local officials said most of the victims died after jumping off the fast-moving carriages. we do have a warning. this next report contains images some viewers may find disturbibing. >> this train had been carrying pilgrims to a religious festival. instead, it's journey ended in tragedy. officials say the blaze broke out when two gas stoves exploded as some passengers were preparing breakfast. cooking oil. by others caught fire. as the flames engulfed three carriages, those on board stood no chance. many flung themselves from the train while it was still moving at high speeds.. >> resell endure exploded and i don't know hohow the fire erupt. i jumped out of the train to save my life.
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there was s a line of people behind me, pushing. >> as pakistan's railways mininister visisited the injure, the prime minister offered his condolences to the victims. he has ordered an investigation. this was the worst railway disaster in over 15 years, but it's the latest in a series of accidents. a lack of investstnt has caused ththe systemem to fall i into didisrepair.r. some survivors have questioned whether the fire was caused by a cooking accident. they believe a short circuit in the train's electrical system might've been to blame. as questions mountnt, rescues wk -- rescue workers have begun the grim task of recovering bodies. brent: police have fired tear gas to clear protesters from hong kong's party district. hundreds of demonstrators filled the area that coincides with halloween.
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it's usually buzzing with people in costumes celebrating halloween. this year, protesters wanted to make a political point by defying a city wide ban on face coverings. >> street demonstrations in hong kong are hitting hard. it is just the protesters during the brent. hong kong's economy is taking a serious hit. the latest figures show is experiencing its first recession in a decade. five months of demonstrations seem to be pushing the city into an economic crisis. with the economy shaking by 3.2% in the third quarter, following a half a percent drop in the second. the tourism industry accounts for a chunk of that. it has been hit especially hard. busy streets and shops are deserted, with visitors staying away because of the protests. hotels are nearly empty. some staff are being asked to take unpaid leave during the slump. >> no one is willing to spend
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money. there are no tourists here. none. before, even if we were having a bad time in business, wd some cr places. i bumped into one customer who is from the philippines. it's difficult to do business. >> as the protests continue, authorities are turning to new measures to combat them. hong kong's department of justice has issued an emergency injunction against using the internet and social media for anything that could be judged to be inciting violence. the websites and apps named by the department have been crucial in organizing the leader -- the leaderless protest movement. it comes on the back of the government introducing a ban on facemasks, something protesters are defined. those protesting during halloween were critical of the new measures.
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>> this is totalitarian. even normal people and normal halloween, they forbid them to go. it's crazy. >> with no sign of the protesters backing down, and the government equally determined, hong kong is in a standoff that is damaging its academic future. -- economic feature. -- future. >> i am joined by an organizer of pro-democracy protests. you took part in today's protests. while you were doing that, it was announced that hong kong has slipped into a recession officially. you know that beijing and politicians in hong kong will be eager to blame the protests for the recession. is there any way it can work to the advantage of pro-democracy protesters? >> hong kong depends on china
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too much. in the past 22 years, we have been transforming the city to cater to mainland chinese, while all you see is jewelry shops, where you can buy medicine. these shops are not for mainland hong kong others. i just heard from that video that said there used to be some tourists from malaysia and singapore and the philippines. i would say that is not true. before 1997, we had many tourists from all over the world. but afterwards, we mainly target chinese tourists. that is not healthy. brent: i wanted to say, the importance of hong kong to china
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has been diminished since 1997. the percentage of gdp for china is now very small when you look at hong kong. are you worried about hong kong slowly becoming unimportant for beijing? >> i don't think gdp is that important in terms of hong kong's value to china. china still needs hong kong for refuge amount of investment the investment comes through hong kong to china. i don't have the figure. i'm not the expert on that. china is the number one city for money laundering of chinese capital. i'm not saying this is good, but china definitely needs hong kong. even if hong kong is not doing well with gdp, i don't think it will affect hong kong's status. it's the only city --
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brent: i was going to ask you about talks with carrie lam. the dialogue with carrie lam has basically stopped. our protesters trying to restart talks with carrie lam? >>? what do you mean stopped -- what do you mean stopped? there was a dialogue with carrie lam. 40 people were there. among the people who joined the dialogue, one of them is a police officer. when carrie lam has all -- a dialogue, it is only a political show. she does not listen to us. after the dialog, 30 people condemned carrie lam and the police.
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she is to suppress the freedom of hong kong. whatever she does is he's trying to show the international media that she is doing something. we know her too well. whenever she makes promises, she breaks them. i would not say we stop the dialogue. it was she who stopped her. not to mention the escalation of police violence. an activist brent: of the civil human rights front, joining us from hong kong. we appreciate your time and insights. you are watching dw news. coming up. >> order. >> he became one of the most familiar facaces of ththe brexit drama and the british parlrliament. speaker john bercow, he has hung up his robes and maybe his turning off his voice a little.
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the races on to develop electric vehicles. automakers are teaming up to boost their chances of getting a podium position. fiat chrysler and france's psa peugot say they will merge. a 50/50 split, with headquarters in the netherlands. >> the future looks bleak for the internal combustion engine. carmakers worry about getting left behind. fiat chrysler has failed to invest in new technologies such as autonomous driving and electric power that's why it has been looking for a partner for a long time. enter peugeot citroen. they have the tecechnology but e absent from the american market. together, they could be a dream team. the french government, themselves a shareholder in pew
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show, have given them a green light. >> this is good news for europe and france, because you know we have to face the challenges of automated cars and electric cars. in order to do that, you need to have champions at the world level. it would >> >> have turnover of over 180 billion euros. it would have around 410,000 employees. making 9 million cars each year would put it any differently. -- a different league. after volkswagen, toyota and another company, they would be the fourth-largest carmaker in the world. mananagement h hopes the mergerl generate savings of more t than 3.5 billion euros. for employeeses hearing a about cost savings set off alarms. many plants, for example, at fiat in italy, are underutilized.
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opel and vauxhall have been losing money for years. the two sides say their mergers should be completed without factory closures. brent: in the u.k., campaigning has begun ahead of the pre-christmas general elections on december 12. some lawmakers will not be running for reelection. that includes the speaker of the house, john bercow. he just finished his final day in the chair. he has risen to international prominence for his role during the brexit parliamentary debate. so much so that one word in particular is almost synonymous with his name. >> order! order! >> love him or loathe him. john bercow has become a british household name. >> don't justst acutely.
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don't write. spare us the theatrics. behave youourself. could be a good boy. -- be a good boy. >> he was first elected to the role of the speaker of the house of commons 10 years ago. it has been his job to chair debates and to keep-- >> order. >> the speaker must also remain impartial at all times. he has been accused by some of showing political bias. particularly when it comes to brexit. >> my ruling is that the motion will not be debated today. as it would be repetitive and disorderly to do so. i note the dilemmas you face mean that on occasion, you will sometimes have to please some and not others, but it is becoming remarkable how often you click -- please one lot and not the other. >> when he was getting the
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decisions in his favor, he was not grumbling. he is grumbling now because he does not like the judgment. >>'s rulings have divided the public. >> he is clearly on the remain side. his sole aim is to stop exit altogether obviously. >> i think he is standing up for democracy in parliament. >> on the very day brexit was supposed to happen, but did not, a colorful politician is bowing out of british parliament -- part -- politics. while some may applaud his departure, others will miss the man who tried to put this house in -- >> order. brent: here is a reminder of the top stories you are falling. lawmakers have approved the u.s. impeachment inquiry in the house. it sets out the ground rules for public hearings in the
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impeachment process. police have fired tear gas and hong kong's party district as protesters took over the area for halloween. the latest economic data shows hong kong is now in a recession for the first time in a decade after months of protests. you are watching dw news. after a short break, i will be back to take you through the day. sit around. -- stick around. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪ bottle prime minister is
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ready to step down . welcome back wee begin on capitol hill in washington where deeply divided house of rerepresentatives today t took a major step in the efforts towards impeaching the us president donald trump. what was the first formal test of support for the impeachment investigation the democratic controlled house voted two hundred and thirty two to one hundred ninety six to press ahead with the probe. however not one single republican voted to support taking the probe forwards. the p


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