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tv   Al Jazeera English Newshour  LINKTV  November 1, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> this i is "al jazeera." ♪ hello, i am barbara. this is the "al jazeera" newshour live from london. coming up, turkey and russia begin jojoint patrols of the so-calalled safefe zone e in non syria, filling the void left by the withdrawal of kurdish forces. mass protests in pakistan. tens off thousands rally in the capital, demanding imran khan's resignation. chile's capital engulfed in a
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rally as protesters keep up pressure on their governmeme. users data ises safe after google snaps up the forable technology company $6.1 billion. zealand, ending the rugby campaign with a win. they tried to beat wales. -- beat wales. and a look at saturday's final between england and south africa, coming up. barbara: welcome to the newshour. russia and turkey started joint patrols in northeastern syria where turkey wants to establish a so-called safe zone on the border. their mission is to ensure fighters have retreated from the area. this follows the turkish incursion into syria last month shortly after u.s. troops pulled out. we have a report near the turkey-syria border. reporter: the most crucial phase
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of a turkish-russia agreement on a safe zone in northeastern syria is underway. joint patrols will fill the void left by the withdrawal of the largely kurdish syrians are chromatic forces -- democratic forces. last month turkish backed fighters swept through sdf territory and control an area along the border with turkey. the joint patrols will be conducted west and east of that area. outskirts ofthe all towns and villages east, to the border with iraq. al-assadesident bashar said he will capture all the territory including idlib. even if it means going to war with turkey. andhe syrian land is won
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the theater of operations from the far south to far north. american agent in this war. whenever it struggled to do what it wanted, it left no option but war. this is obvious. we need to keep open the opportunities for the political process in all its forms. if it did not reduce results, we consider them an enemy. it will get to war. there is no other option. reporter: this was recently taken over by sna. they say the start of the conflict in syria, the city has changed hands many times. demand and those of our people is the downfall of the dictator who has killed people and destroyed the country. reporter: for the time being russia and turkey will have a bigger say in northeastern syria. the only reason, syrian government troops are struggling to bring under their control.
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russia backed bashar al-assad. turkey on the other hand back to the opposition and fears a permanent presence on its border. have a countries different view of the country and this may be an obstacle to finding a solution. russian forces are a key part of the new border patrol and how it is filling the void left by the u.s. retreat to be a powerbroker in the region. some analysts think russia may not have a clear, long-term strategy for its role in the middle east. we have the report from moscow. reporter: this was the moment russian troops answered the hastily abandoned u.s. military base in syria. this was showed on social media in russia as a moment of victory. an embeddedby russian war correspondent on manbich isentitled
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ours. it was a 10 point memorandum with president erdogan. that agreement put russian and syrian forces in control and pushed curtis fighters out. canned -- as putin can expand his influence, he will continue to do that. i am not a fan of domestic politics. to give him his he has succeeded and is given due even by those who strongly dislike him globally. reporter: while putin's success was discussed on programs known for pro-government coverage, it did not get the same coverage as the war in ukraine or russia's annexation of crimea five years ago.
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it suggests most russians are less interested in russians -- russia foreign affairs than at the height of the conflict with ukraine. number of people who trust state sponsor television is half what it was. [indiscernible] analysts warn to turn this when into a real victory in syria, a lot more needs to happen. >> what russia needs at the needs an exit strategy from syria where it will translate military into political gains. so far we have not seen that. it is not fair to say russia has achieved all the goals in syria. the game is not over. reporter: with a joint russian and turkish foot patrols, it remains to see -- to be seen if the countries can prevent further escalation. there is still no solution for
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the situation around idlib. it depends on the fragile relationship between turkey and russia. "al jazeera," moscow. thousands of of antigovernment protesters rallying in pakistan's capital demanding prime minister imran khan and his government resign into days. they say his leadership is illegitimate and propped up by the military. we have more from islamabad. reporter: tens of thousands of protesters from all over pakistan gathered on the outskirts of islamabad. the striped flag is dominant because it represents a party that leads hundreds. he began the march from karachi and made stops on the way, gaining people and momentum. they encourage people to reject the results of last year's election and what he called a selective government. opposition parties say because of the ineptitude of the government the economy is weak.
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and there is more unemployment among the youth. >> change will come. it will bury the politics of magic, superstition, lies. reporter: participants have been told to converge from the main gate. security officials have been telling us this crowd stretches on both ends, the largest crowd we have seen and arrangements are made to stop them from entering the red zone. the red zone is an area of his llama bad near the capital building and supreme court. the government says it provided the venue and expects protesters to stay where they are. it deployed more than 20,000 security personnel to ensure safety. saysrime minister's team his resignation is out of the question and called the opposition gathering away to avoid addressing corruption.
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-- a dedemand. >> the people have the right to rule pakistan. the government has two more days to address our demands. reporter: people have brought bedding and supplies to camp out. they say they will stay as long as it takes to ensure the government downfall. >> we will stay three or four days peacefully and if the government does not meet demands, we will go to another option. reporter: they say imran khan should follow the example of the leavening prime -- lebanese prime minister and resolve -- resign. it is the biggest test yet for their government. pakistan,taying in relatives gathered for the first funerals of the victims of the fire on a crowded train in the country. at least 74 people died in the
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blaze, making it pakistan's worst rail disaster in more than a decade. peopler: more than 100 gather after morning prayers for the funeral of a car mechanic from a small town in southern pakistan were many victims of the rail disaster lives. at least 42 residents boarded the pack train thursday morning bound for a religious festival. officials say many bodies were so badly burned they had to be identified through dna testing, a process that could take up to a month. for relatives of the missing, the weight is unbearable. wait is unbearable. >> many are missing. they can only be traced by dna tests. we can never forget them. reporter: the accident happened in rahim yar khan after the train's departure for -- from karachi.
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the fire broke out after a gas cylinder exploded. initial reports suggest passengers were using gas to cook breakfast. in addition to those burned alive, many died as they were trying to jump from a high-speed burning train. >> every time i heard about the accident i rushed home a media lead to console my father. my mother and sisters were crying. reporter: it is pakistan's worst rail disaster in decades. they complained about a lack of investment in safety standards, mismanagement and corruption. imran khan launched an investigation and relatives are demanding justice. we have the latest on that story from his llama -- islamabad. have a rate of 100 a year. many have been killed in train accidents. the railway system needs
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modernization. necessary, strict security measures have to be put in place at all the pakistani railway stations to prevent people from carrying in flammable material or gas cylinders on board. this is considered to be negligence on the part of the security forces, who are supposed to ensure the trains run safe and the passengers do not carry hazardous materials. the pakistani government has called for an inquiry. the opposition once the resignation of the railway minister. the resignation of the railway minister. they have to do more to make rail transport safer. over 70 million people in this country depend on rail services for travel. barbara: the israeli military say seven rockets have been fired from the gaza strip to its southern territories. the rockets were intercepted by
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a missile defense system. the media reported air raid sirens being heard across southern israel. there have been no reports of injuries or deaths. plenty more ahead on the seesour, including baghdad its biggest state protest. and the unrest is spreading across the country. a sense of normality returns to lebanon after weeks of demonstrations. the political road of head is ahead is still filled with uncertainty. and the new bid to revolutionize sport. details in sports. but first, u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi says she expects public hearings in the impeachment inquiry into president trump to begin later this month. meanwhile the testimony of an aid to the acting white house
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staff due friday has been postponed until monday. robert blair was one that listen to the call between president trump in the ukrainian leader in july. trump is accused of withholding military aid to pressure ukraine to investigate political rival joe biden. >> hopefully as we go forward with this for the clarity of purpose and procedure, clarity of fact, clarity of truth, about the truth, it is about the constitution. we will do so in a way that brings people together that is healing rather than dividing. >> they are trying to impeach the president of the united states less than 13 months before an election based on an anonymous whistleblower with no first-hand knowledge who has bias against the president. it is reported the president -- it is reported he worked with vice president joe biden.
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the american people see this for what it is because they are fair, just, people with common sense and they will not tolerate this. barbara: we have a journalist live in washington, d.c.. a pretty we heard impassioned defense of the president. democrats want to get on with these proceedings. what has the white house reaction been? rosalind: the reaction has been what it was before thursday's vote. that was, in the president's view this is nothing more than a political witchhunt, an effort to undermine his credibility and authority. especially at a time he is trying to run for reelection. as you noted, house speaker nancy pelosi is indicating they are trying to make the point of having a public hearing sometime before late november. no official date has been set,
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but they are trying to spend this coming week interviewing the last round of witnesses, those who choose to show up. the white house has been quite adamant in trying to prevent some of these people from testifying, but some have defied the white house efforts and have appeared before legislators to answer questions behind closed doors. all of this is happening as there is a new poll out by bbc news and the washington post. a sharply divided american population on the impeachment inquiry, as it has been commonly described. we are talking 49% of americans who were surveyed saying they support the idea of impeaching and then removing the president are office, while 47% opposed to both impeachment and the removal of the president. when you look at it along party lines, the survey has found that
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82% of democrats favor impeachment and removal. 82% of republicans are up -- are opposed to it. a couple numbers worth pointing out, regardless where they stand politically, 55 percent of americans survived think what the president did in his engagement with the ukrainian president was improper or perhaps illegal. but when you take it back to thele's political views, question becomes whether or not the president should remain in office. the next few weeks should be interesting as we get to the start of those very public hearings. barbara: they will be. thank you. of thousands of antigovernment protesters occupying baghdad's tahrir square in the largest demonstration seen since the unrest broke out one a month ago. protesters have converged on the
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capital to demand political and economic reform. we have the report from baghdad. the current iraqi government remains in power, but protesters say they own tahrir square. friday march one month since demonstrations in baghdad and other iraqi cities began against a government protesters view as corrupt, dysfunctional and oblivious to the needs of the average iraqi. thursday the president announced -- would resign and elections would be held, but did not offer a timetable. >> it is meaningless and useless. we want to change the whole constitution. reporter: the iraqi human rights commission says more than 250 people have been killed and 5500 injured in protests from baghdad to karbala.
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withreturned to protest gauze bandages on their arms, heads and legs. >> they threaten anyone they see, whether a woman, child or man. it makes no difference to them. their goal is to hurt them. reporter: in baghdad, bridges from the tahrir square to the green zone have become deadly standoffs between protesters and security forces. an amnesty international report says security forces in the capital are using military grade teargas grenades, more potent than teargas canisters. they are intended to kill, not dispose -- dispersed protesters. werecases of canisters found embedded in protesters' skulls in the last week. >> there is no crowd control need to cause such wounds. it does not matter if you are
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firing a bullet or a canister. the truth is, protesters are being killed in baghdad. report hashe amnesty been reviewed and passed on for investigation. earlier this week the chief of police in baghdad said his security forces are being attacked. yet, not a single bullet has been fired. he says excessive force has not been used on people, protesters. after the first wave of protests in early october, the iraqi government vowed to hold those responsible for killing demonstrators to account. now amnesty international is calling for an independent investigation into the use of teargas and the deaths of all iraqi protesters. "al jazeera," baghdad. barbara: antigovernment protests are continuing throughout chile, two weeks after mass protests calling for widespread social
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reforms broke out. voice from the u.n. high commission human rights in san diego investigating alleged victims of police brutality. we have more. reporter: a secondary school student scene being dragged out of his home by security forces, without an arrest warrant. another student leader taken illegally from her apartment building. formercent of chile's military dictatorship. a community activist has been sleeping in a different place every night since she filed a complaint with chile's human rights institute. for security reasons he asks to meet us in a park. >> i was beaten by the police and they talk to me for a long time. eventually released, but then nearly lost his right eye
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10 days ago when he was hit by a lead pellet during another protest. takeey operated me here to out the pallet that hit me here and got stuck in my eye socket. i am one of the lucky ones who did not lose his eye. i know some people who have lost both eyes. reporter: omission from the u.n. commission for human rights is in chile, investigating hundreds of charges of abuses by security forces. from illegal detentions to excessive use of force, to torture to rape. amnesty international says there been scores of complaints of sexual abuses, even against minors. accountust take into many are afraid to take legal action against those who abused them. even after the state of emergency was lifted monday, police continue committing human rights violations against peaceful protesters.
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rightsr of the human institute was shot by police with pellets this week while monitoring a peaceful protest. here in the capital demonstrators commemorated all saints day with a silent march to protest against those allegedly killed by security forces in the last two weeks of social unrest. areuman rights charges increasing calls for president piñera's resignation. and impeachment request has been presented in congress by members of the opposition. insist with rare exceptions security forces are expecting international protocols. abusesing accusations of seem to indicate otherwise. ," santiago. barbara: we are joined live from santiago, where thousands are on the streets.
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the protest have been going on for quite a while. they look like people will give up the protest. remind us where this itch -- what the situation is like. >> things are quite peaceful where we are at the moment. only about a half kilometer and the direction i am pointing in we just saw a good amount of tear gas being deployed against protesters to disperse the crowd of thousands of people. we are looking at possibly tens of thousands of people that have once again come out on the streets of the chilean capital. it is not the same scale as the march we saw take place when took 1.25 million people to the streets in peaceful protest. peaceful, it is more a military curfew and state of emergency has been lifted. we are no longer sing the military deployed on the streets of the city, but we see police
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using heavy-handed tactics like teargas, water cannons, against peaceful protesters. it is mostly a festive atmosphere. what we are seeing from protesters, despite today being a national holiday, dia de los dead, peopleof the say they have no intention of going home or easing up on these protests. not only are we hearing a list of grievances from low wages, unequal access to health care and education, even more deeply than not, they want a systemic change. we are hearing across the board from demonstrators they want the drafting of a new constitution, calling for a convention to make systemic changes to bring about a new chile. that is what people are calling for. they want the birth of a new country. what we are seeing now is waves of teargas.
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it is starting to affect us. as i speak, i can feel the teargas. it is about half a kilometer away, coming toward us. for the most part, the peaceful protests have remained quite peaceful. manuel, thank you. in chileng protests [indiscernible] including a summit. the u.n. confirmed that summit will be held in madrid. when we made the announcement earlier this week, piñera said he wanted to focus on restoring order. world leaders are hoping to agree on how to implement deals -- details of the paris agreement which calls for urgent action on climate change. you're watching "al jazeera" live from london. still ahead, the leader of the u.k.'s brexit party offers to help prime minister boris
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johnson with the december election, but only if he abandons his deal with the european union. i am paul reese in yokohama where england will take on south africa in the world cup finals, which could [indiscernible] ♪ hello, the weather is looking quiet. a very different story towards the west. bands of cloud piling in from the atlantic with a series of weather fronts, a v very messy picture. stormy weather coming into parts of western europe. warning fofor some areas of england, wales.. very strong windsds and heavy rn as well.
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weather affecting france, northern parts of spain and portugal. unsettled weather pileses its wy inin from the atlantic. further east it is lookingng quieter. rather gray. winds from a southerly direction. west, more disturbed weather continues to streaming. we are also seeing some of that wet and windy weather. northern parts of algeria, tunisia, could see damp weather as we head toward saturday and sunday. perhaps more so for algiers. might c catch an odd shower in n iro. ♪
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barbara: welcome back, a reminder of top stories. turkish and russian troops have begun joint land and air patrols in northern syria. it follows a deal between the two countries to clear kurdish fighters in the safe zone on the turkish syrian border. tens of thousands of antigovernment protesters rallying in pakistan's capital demanding imran khan and his government resigned within two days. they say current leadership is illegitimate. protesters in the chilean capital santiago marking the day of the dead, honoring those who were killed during antigovernment demonstrations. many have died since the unrest began. schools and banks in lebanon reopened for the first time in two weeks after antigovernment protests in the country. there were concerns a lebanese government will not be able to
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shore up its currency or pay its debt, particularly if there is a run on the banks. lebanon is one of the most heavily embedded -- indebted countries in the world. 150% of its gdp. the fragile economy means ordinary people are feeling the pinch. soared, reaching 6.1%, driving up prices for everyday goods. the world bank estimates it has pushed an additional 200,000 lebanese people into poverty and up to 300,000 have lost their jobs as a result. we have the report from beirut. reporter: after two weeks of closure the banks finally unlocked their doors. there are more people than usual, but no panic. >> there are temporary restrictions. long
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there are restrictions on the dollar reactions. they placed no restrictions on the lebanese pound. reporter: capital withdrawals and foreign transfers are a way to vent and outflow of funds. the economy is at the breaking point. schools and universities are following suit. most of the roads are open. a sense of normalcy slowly being restored across the country. by no means is lebanon's financial crisis over. you could argue it is only just beginning. for the third time since the protest again, hezbollah's general secretary and argue be the most powerful man in the country, addressed the nation. theaid he did not support prime minister's resignation and questioned the road ahead. >> what we worry about is a power vacuum. that is our concern.
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supposedly in the coming days they will designate a new prime minister to form a new government. all the lebanese bus cooperate to avoid a power vacuum. a new government should be the government that regains the trust of the people. that should be a priority. reporter: the president spoke thursday night, marking his three years in office. he hinted at a possible nonpolitical government sing ministers from now on should be chosen based on qualifications or not political affiliations, but for many, it is empty words. decades of mismanagement and corruption have eroded all layers of trust between the people out protesting and those who have run this country for decades. there was also no date set for the next step of the political process, consultations between parliamentary parties and the president. proposed to [indiscernible]
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caretaker prime minister, could be nominated again. the message from the street is that words and promises will do nothing to appease them. they say the only way to end this is through real, palpable action and real change. "al jazeera" beirut. 100,000 more than antigovernment protesters rallied in algeria's capital on the anniversary of the countries independence day -- country's independence day. mark the 37th week of demonstrations which first began in february and led to the in april.n indian workers and kashmir fearing for their lives after their autonomous state was scrapped by new delhi. many workers have been killed in the indian administered region
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more from indian administered kashmir. bullets, pocked with this wall bears the evidence of indian deaths in indian administered kashmir. they were pulled out of their home and shot dead. they were planning to go back home in bengal for the winter. instead, just their bodies were sent back. in the last two weeks or so 11 non-kashmiris- had been killed. many accuse pakistan of funding the rebels. but no rebel group has thus far claimed responsibility. they returned to work to a factory a day after the
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killings. mirias among the non-kash workers who returned after autonomy was revoked. he said the recent killings have stunned him, but he has no money. >> it has instilled fear in us. but what can we do? we cannot leave. is areer: many non-kashmir employed as workers. are studyinghmiris or working. a local rebel worker warned to leave if the country was stripped of its powers. it is not yet clear who is behind the recent killings. analysts say the attacks show emerging division between is.hmiris and non-kashmir
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assuredoyer says he has workers of safety to whatever extent he can. the workers say the locals are friendly. >> my entire business is dependent on them. they are more skilled at this task than the kashmiris. reporter: five truckers were killed, also in the south of indian-administered kashmir, and a rebel stronghold. >> this has never happened before, but we are scared now. reporter: shortly after our visit police visited the factory and asked the workers to leave for their own safety. delhi insists normalcy has returned, for non-kashmiri workers, the valley has become unsafe and their future uncertain. the leader of the u.k.'s brexit party offered to
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help prime minister boris johnson with the december election, but only of johnson abandon his deal with the european union. threatened to steal seats if the brexit deal is not dropped. he says they continue to follow e.u. rules and calls on boris johnson to form an electoral alliance. reporter: the odds are in. according to bookmakers, prime minister boris johnson's conservative party will win britain's general election. but do not count on anything. enter nigel farrage, leader of the brexit party. he wants to leave the e.u. without a deal and wants johnson to ditch his brexit plan and launch a leave alliance. he likened it to a used car, destined to break down. >> boris johnson, drop the deal.
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drop the deal because it is not brexit. drop the deal because as these weeks go by and people discover what it is you have signed up to, they will not like it. reporter: farrage proposed a nonaggression pact with johnson. constituencies where they have never won, he thinks his party can do better. especially constituencies under "al jazeera -- under labour control. johnson has ruled out a packed with the party. if the brexit party stands against the conservatives, they could split the leave vote and risk handing many seats to other parties. pres. trump: to be honest -- reporter: one person who backs the pact is the u.s. president, who had this to say on nigel farrage's radio show -- pres. trump: if you get together
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you are an unstoppable force. power, heets into would take you to such bad places. reporter: they accused trump of meddling in british politics and the health service and a post brexit trade deal. trump denies this. on the other side, remain parties are in talks. liberal democrats, green party and others could agree to avoid running against each other to mp's are-- to ensure elected. forget conventional calculations, this will be no ordinary vote. barbara: staying in the u.k. british police believe all 39 people found dead in a truck containing -- found in london were vietnamese. they identified families of some of the victims and are in direct
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contact. meanwhile police in vietnam arrested two people in connection with the incident and a second man from northern ireland has been charged with manslaughter, human trafficking and assisting unlawful immigration. another man was charged on monday with similar offenses. an inquest into the 2017 london bridge attack has raised concerns over policy within britain's security services. the chief coroner questioned why a priority investigation into the ringleader was suspended prior to the june attacks, which left eight people debt. -- dead. reporter: these barriers were not in place in june 2017 13 men drove a van into pedestrians on london bridge before jumping out and stabbing anyone they could. a damning is not document, but raises concerns. mi5 have been monitoring one of
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the attackers. but they dropped the investigation of couple times to reallocate reserves. counterterrorism police should communicate better with each other. arethe way vulnerable sites identified should be tightened up. london bridge was not considered one. the coroner will answer concerns the police have kept medics away from the injured for too long. he says those who could be saved were saved, and the police kept medics back because some areas were considered too dangerous. they recommend the london ambulance service and police talk with each other and that some police are given better training and providing medical assistance to the injured. newlso says there should be laws and possessing the most serious material. barbara: google is taking an
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expensive step in the fitness tracker market for by buying fitbit. the company was one of the first to sell wearable tech, but it has been hit by fierce competition. they insisted they will maintain privacy protection and will never sell personal health data. google stakeholder expected to be complete next year. for more on this i am joined via skype by a technology reporter for the daily telegraph in san francisco. think you for joining us. -- let's start with the business angle. why do you think google is trying to buy fitbit for $2 billion when you can say the company is not worth that much? was valued at just over half the amount google paid for it.
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it does not make much sense that it paid that much. facebook washat interested in buying fitbit. that may be why the price was bumped up. for google it makes perfect sense. the last part of its hardware line it does not have. it does not have a wearable at the moment. you can wear it around your wrist. it provides software for several smartwatch manufacturers. can bring it people theych more provide software to and collect more data than before. barbara: watching images of the different types of fitbit's, --fitbits, some are reminiscent
5:44 pm
of the apple watch. is trying to do? trying to take over, the dominance the apple watch has in that sector? there was a time it was crazy that google would launch a phone or laptop. now there is the google pixel, which is doing fairly well. critics say it is a great phone, great camera, great software. it is truly competing with apple. recently apple has been talking about how it needs to become more of a software company. [indiscernible] forle are keeping tech longer so you need better features and operating systems.
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now it can really lock in. i think there is room in the market. barbara: let's talk about data protection. fitbit has incredible access to people's sleep patterns, heart rate, resting heart rate. it is not just about how many steps someone is taking. you can see what the state of someone's help -- health is. they say they are not going to sell personal health data. do you think there is a risk in the future? wear a fitbit and will get ads on google searches that presumably you would need if you were having issues with your heart rate? predictive algorithms about your heart
5:46 pm
rate, it is terrifying. [indiscernible] they say they will not use it for advertising. there is a lot of regulatory scrutiny. politicians in the u.s. are calling for google to be broken up. you do not know what a company is going to do in the future. maybe they had never intention of signing up for an account or providing google with their personal information, yet, five years down the line, google owns it.
5:47 pm
[indiscernible] barbara: i guess one way someone can keep their data is private is not linking it up to their phone or computer, but most people i would guess use it because that is how you access what is best about fitbit. do you foresee a future where perhaps fitbit will not be compatible with an iphone? would become android compatible, and not be a generic checkable device anyone can wear, regardless of their phone? >> it is an interesting question. you presume this would be a good way for google to cut it out of the equation. system iserating compatible with ios and iphone.
5:48 pm
cutting that out would cost a large part of the customer base. it would probably be a bad decision. but it is an interesting idea. who knows in the future where we get to. potentially that might happen. [indiscernible] i think right now they want to keep as many users as possible. barbara: from the daily telegraph in san francisco, thank you for sharing your views with us. newshour, inn the sports, why trainers are nervous for their horse's safety ahead of the breeders' cup. ♪
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♪ doha forlet's go to
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sports. >> three-time rugby world champions new zealand ended this year's world championship with a win over wales. charging 25 meters to cross the line for the opening part of the match. tries and the 10 minutes before insured the kiwis -- 40-17 win. the main events, the world cup asal, takes place saturday england takes on south africa. sport's contrast to the white, upper-class roots. there are hopes a win for his team could inspire those across the african continent to take up the sport. is 24 years since
5:51 pm
south african's highest achievements and rugby was up turning point in the country's history. now a team of players born in the early part of nelson theela's rule or showing victory at199 was not5 a false , showing the victory in false start.a the squad was all white. apart from winger chester williams, who died two weeks before world cup 2019 again in japan last month. blacke teams first ever captain is leading a lineup started with stars from rural areas and townships. up coach achieving a step and performance alongside the
5:52 pm
transformation of the squad's racial balance. >> i have seen the team evolve. i have gone to see some many guys of color that have been excellent and deserving of their places in the squad. they have been honest from the onset. we will get a team that really represents our country. a south african win saturday could have ripple effects beyond its borders. african rugby leaders believe africant of a black raising the cup will give the rest of the continent the sporting icon they have been looking for. >> in africa, despite all the talent we have, there is not the same opportunity. we have a million players, it is a big number, but it can triple, quadruple. there is no limit. representing africa can attract our youth toward this idea of being the best in the world. reporter: blocking the way will
5:53 pm
be a formidable england team whose own diversity has been an advantage. players of nigerian and pacific island heritage among others making a traditional rugby powerhouse even stronger. england's performances so far make them favorites to repeat their world cup triumph of 2003 and avenge their defeat. with south africa straddling a traditional rugby territory and potentially huge new one, victory could mean lifting a continent as well as a cup. tennis, nadal competing for a made in paris title. the spaniard into the semifinals after a 7-6-1 on friday. the current number one novak djokovic. overtsitsipas.
5:54 pm tsits finals, into the last four. took the first set against simona halep 6-0. a semi final showdown with the world number one. during sunday's american grand prix in austin. a mercedes driver could win a six the world title. formula one announced a brand-new rules and a car design season in an effort to make the game more competitive. this follows two years of investigations. >> i think they are very well thought through. it is a turning point in formula
5:55 pm
one, one we are massively committed to. it will not be a smooth road. there will be challenges we will have in the future. it is an absolutely essential part. newew measures include the car design which they say looks better and allows for more competitive racing. for the first time they will introduce spending restrictions. team budgets listen to -- year.d to $175 million a they will free up time in the calendar for races to be increased to 25 more per seat. horse racing at the breeders' cup meeting has begun at the santa anita park resource in southern california. concerns had been raised over horse safety with 36 animals dying at the venue since last december. the safety record has improved since there were bands on medications.
5:56 pm
they will be checking each horse before the race. back to you in london. barbara: thank you. that is it from the newshour team. stay with us. we will be back in a few minutes with more of the day's news. thanks for watching. goodbye. ♪
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