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two eighty k. hello and welcome to live from paris i'm charlie james it's ten pm here in the french capital we begin withth the e headlines. global powers boys regret the us government's decision to pull out of the paris climate accord several have expressed hopes that washington will back pedal and rejoined. iran set to resume uranium enrichment of an underground nuclear plants it's a major step away from its commitments made under the twenty fifteen nuclear deal.
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and the death toll mounts any rock with at least three more anti government protesters killed tuesday security forces continue to fire live ammunition and tear gas into crowd . now that the united states has formally notified the world it is withdrawing from the paris climate agreement concern and regret or being expressed by other global powers. regrettable the disastrous decision disappointing those among the reactions from leaders on tuesday the decision takes effect next fall and will make the world's second largest emitter of greenhouse gases the only nation to abandon the global effort that climate change. where t the view from
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washington friends reports kept among gorgeous sunny joins us now located on. hey does pulling out of this accord as the us is doing mean that the government is essentially throwing its hands up or our efforts to fight climate change still happening independently in the country. although this- the decision to pull out that doesn't m mean that thehe uninid statates o or simply just gonna stop doing anything to come backck- climate change. add my prom pale who made the announcement at yesterday's reiterated that and said that the us were already working on cutting emissions and that they would keep on a working to do that except he said. at that they would do that in a way and that keeps the economy growing because that's what's at the trump administration has been saying that this is a paris agreement it really is detrimental to the west economy so they're saying that they're
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gonna. keep a finding its climate change in their own way and there have been a lot of different movements coming out in opposition to the decision by the trump administration to pull out of that agreement- there is at the movement we are still in it's a movement of a local- governments of from the- as states- to cities or to businesses who have decided to. do their part to keep up with the- deep pledge to cut a those are greenhouse emissions and to be. really a more environmentally friendly and there has been an eight a u. s. climb into the lions and that was- just launched a by twenty five governors mostly a democratic governors but that does twenty five include two republican governors. who have decided to uphold the pledge of and that of paris agreement the question is whether all at these unilateral decisions- will be enough. to keep at the
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place that barack obama had done when he joined the paris agreement which is to cut- those- emissions of brian about- 26228% of buying at twenty eight twenty five. it looks like any. a concerted effort to might fall short of that. now as the reactions too this have started to roll and we have seen many nations saying that they hope the u. s. will change its mind and eventually re enter the agreement. is this a decision that is reversible say of a new president is elected next year. it is a reversible decision but it won't bee an asset easy as simply having a democratic or presidents- aftfter att the twey twenty elections now all. of the- the democratic a a candidates have said in s some way or another that they would- try to return to the paris agreements andnd most o of t the totoppling candidates came out after. at that monday announcements reader rates at
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their and support for that paris agreement elizabeth warren even saying that. as she would return to add to the paris agreements of from day one of her presidency and that's not going to be as easy as it sounds first of all because and be a u. west will officially. be out of the paris agreement on the day after the twenty twenty and november elections. and the new president if it is a democratic one will not be inaugurated until january and then- they will have to try to re enter and that agreement and it's not going to be that easy simply because- of the rest of the world. is already planning on what to do with that the united states and the us will have to prove. that they have very concrete policy in place. to rejoin the agreement and- to try to regain the trust of the rest of the world after a pulling out and proving that this will not be. just another pendulum swing and that this is
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a decision will not be changed- come the next election and the election year. on things for breaking it down for us and i want you to stay with us because there's another story. making waves in washington that i want to ask you about. ical witness in the impeachment inquiry against donald trump has now updated his previously given testimony. gordon son land the us ambassador to the european union. reveal that that he told a top ukranian official the military aid was contingent on investigating trump democratic rival joe biden. the disclosure confirm someone's involvement in essentially laying out a quid pro quo to ukraine. one that he had previously not acknowledged spring catch of anger to starting back in here to discuss the reaction in washington. canada how big of a surprise is this and. can you tell us a little bit more about what someone said. well it is a
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it's not a surprise at leleast a huge- new d developments in at this impeachment inquiryry is sisimply. because of a and d. a character of the witness gordon someone the eat at the us ambassador and to the e. u. who was seen as a one of the closest the witnesses and to a donald trump one of the witnesses. who actually has a testified and who is seen as an ally of the president is someone who would have. had and deter most positive testimony for at the us president back with that's what it looks like initially but then we as song visa for extra pages of a some wind and coming back on his tetestimony to clarify a few things. and as you said he really- explicitly says and that there was indeed a quid pro quo and specified that and
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that that happened and that he said it himself- back in september of that he told the ukrainian a top official a top aide to. the ukrainian our presidents and that the military aid would only likely be released if at those investigations into the bindings and into interference in the twenty sixteen election- were actually announced by the ukrainian our president at himself- gordon someone saying that he- really of. had his memory refreshed by hearing under and testimonies other at elements that have come out to the public and that's why as he wants to speak and it is. important to say that this could be also because- gordon someone did testify undnder oath and there were a lot of people starting to talk about possible perjury if it was proven that he knew and that he thought there was an actual- quid pro
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quo. there was another at transcript. . i have a donald trump but their testimonies really a coming to contradict at all and the things that we've heard from donald trump and from the trump administration as to their defense. in as what happened with ukraine was there pressure not was there a quid pro quo or not did that military aid and wasn't military aid released. only because of this all came out to white. it will be interesting to hear if the white house responds to this memory refreshment kind of anger to study in washington thank you so much for that update. now to other news from around the world on wednesday iran will once again reach the twenty fifteen nuclear agreement. the nation's nuclear
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chief announced tehran will start in reaching uranium 25% at a plant south of the capital. giving up all in richmond at the ford- plant was one of the main curbs agreed to as part of that. deal you for royer tells us more about the decision. deep underneath the mountain of the full day nuclear facility. one thousand forty full centrifuges similar to visa not dance i've been spininning empty for the past fw yes. this cancer landmark nuclear deal of twenty fifteen. starting wednesday iran will inject gassing to them to restart uranium enrichment. associated when are we are aware of the sensitivity surrounding the ford- facilities and its centrifuges you don't name. house the staff were taking is reversible ma'am. the iranian president says that his country will cut off the gas again when the other signatories of the nuclear agreement of holes that commitment. the latestst decisin
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marks with a wrong coles is fourth step away from the accord. with soul tehran agreeee to limit its atomic program in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions. the deal began to unravel of the us president donald trump unilaterally pulled america out of it and imposed renewed sanctions on iran in may of last year. washington also threatens to punish any country that continues to import iranian oil further crippling its economy. the move prompted tehran to gradually reduce its commitments in july a break previously agreed limits on both the quantity and the richmond level of its uranium stockpiles. it has also recently launched a new batch of advanced centrifuges that could enrich uranium foster. while leaving room for diplomacy by saying he remains open to talks rohani warns that iran could take a fifth step away frorom the deal if europe does not help it sell its oil of rules. at least a thirteen
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protesters have been shot dead by iraqi security forces in the past two days. it's a reversal of weeks of relative restraint by forces. strategy now appears to have shifted to trying to stamp out the demonstrations more than two hundred and sixty civilians have been killed since the unrest began in october. protesters see the government is corrupt and beholden to foreign interests especially iran maximize belkin with more. it's become a familiar sound in iraq in recent weeks live rounds fired by security services to clear the crowns now in the southern port city of qasr al. iraqi blood on the ground rocky blood is spilled on the ground because of this rotten government. ambulances raced from the clashes to the hospital. people have been
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killed so many have been injured we don't knknow the numbers the security forces still fighting. as iraq's pro democracy movement once again swells onto the streets across the country authorities of fighting to wrestle control of the city's key oil terminal from demonstrators who've been blococking it inin recent days. okay so is the country's main entry point f f imports of food and medicine protesters all determined to coles is much disruption as possible is a demo and an overhaul of the political system. and an end to endemic corruption. in the capital baghdad meanwhile hundreds of staging a road block at a key bridge closing off access to government offices what. we call upon the international community to immediately intervene because what we're seeing is a clear cracked down on demonstrators especially overnight when there are mass around. at least two hundred and s sty peoplee have been killed d during proteststs that began on the first of october. the prime minister has
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promised a number of reforms in a bid to quell the unrest measures which acted as insufficientnt by the crowds tht keep coming back. on day two of his state visit to china french president emmanuel macron took the opportunity to introduce his chinese hosts to some frfrench wine and beef. presidential taste test parar of microns efforts to increase frances markeket access to chin. the visit has been centered on talks of trade and climate change but mackerel and she's in pain also inaugurated a new branch of paris's pompidou center in shanghai. in many in micron and seeking be make a taste of the french wine and be. this is the second edition of china's international import export which fading hopes will help deflect complaints about the trade imbalance or about state subsidies given domestic
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companies announced that vantage. speaking as sees guest of honor the french president called on his host today more to improve market access. live we need a more open china and chinese domestic market. paul says all these businesses in french german european are expecting a lot of promises from china that are being discussed here. the chinese president reiterated his paroled pledged for better international corporation and lay with her ex. but his speech was short on specifics and did not directly address beijing's technology and other policies that have d drawn criticism from the west. hi john. we need to tear down rules not to wrecked wills. we need to sit on your firm against protectionism and unilateralism bambi and we need to continually bring down by say on there is. the french president then attended the inauguration of a new museum on the banks of the hunt the river. the shanghai branch of
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paris's pompidou center. it's the m modern and contemporary at museums fast outpost outside europe. a new landmark in china's financial hub of twenty four million people. billed as the most important cultural cooperation between france and china the galleries having being free from controversies. all the watson display had to be approved by the chinese authorities. although the museum management refuses to call that censorship. now it's time for business andnd for that kate moody joins me in the studio hello there charlie so it seems like we've been talking about this us china trade war. for however the classic on again. well so is it on again the looks like another maybe break through could be happening well both sides last week said that they were making progress in their conversations- and that they could potentially reach a deal later this month.. separate reports suggest the wasashington could be considering dropping some of its tariffs on chinese goods as those negotiations continue. but new data from the
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united nations suggest that both of the world's two largest economies are already suffering the effects of their dispute. clear rush reports. lose lose trade war. that's how the u. n. is descrcribing the ongoing terror of spat between washington and beijing. and it says one group in particular seems to be losing out the most what we find is that the least indonesia indonesia phase of the trade war. most of the cost of the diaries as being passed down. to the u. s. consumers of firms. american consumers may be bearing the brunt of their country's trade war with china. but beijing is hurting too its exports to the u. s. fell by more than a quarter in the first half of the year representing a loss of thirty five billion dollars. this acaccording to o tuesday's u. n. rereport which also outlined which chinese sectors have been the hardest hit. the top two office machinery and communications eququipment which
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saww exports to the u. s. fall by fifteen billion dollars but other countries are stepping up to fill that gap. mainly taiwan which boosted exports to the u. s. by four point two billion dollars in the first half of ththe year. mexico also increasd us exports by three and a half a billion dollars and the e. u. by two point seven billion dollars. washington and beijing have suggested that talks are progressing but few details have been made public. but if negotiations fail nearly all chinese exports to the u. s. worth some five hundred billion dollars. could be subject to terrorists by the end of the year. definitely the us trade deficit fell nearly 5% in september increasing expororts and reducing imports has been a key pillar of donald trump's trade strategy. while the gap does appear to be narrowing it also showed an overall lower level of trade direct result of global tensions. a little investors been keeping a close
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eye on all the developments in that brewing trade war major european indices rose slightly on tuesday. accounts gaining nearly four tenths off one percentage poioint at ththe cloe forty one hundred was up about a quarter in london as new data showed slight g growth in t the uk's services sector and in consumer spending. on wall street was on the dow jones managing another record high by the closing bell hoover shares dropped nearly 10% after another quarterinancial losses. boeing shares meanwhile rose about 2% after the aviation giant ceo said he would forgo his bonus this year. the company's chairman praising dennis muhlenberg saying he would not be forced out of a job or face a pay cut. as of today a french women are essentially working for free there's about 15% of that there's about 15% of the working your left- which matches the 15% gender pay gap in the country. symbolically ththat means that as a four fory seven n pm local time the remaininin work d ds of twenty
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nineteen are unpaid. axe murders duncan reports. tuesday at four forty seven pm women across from. urged to down tools a s symbolic moment o of protest against endemic salary in a quality. across the u. women are paid on average sixteen point 2% less than their male counterparts. that adds up to some seven weeks of unpaid work that is from now until the end of the year. and that gender pay gap only gets bigger as you go up the chain of command with women on the highest salaries owning some 20% less than men doing the same job. feminist groups and rights activists have been taking to social media to encourage women to mark this day of protest but his action is no mid gesture. it's also leads to concrete change elsewhere in iceland following a mass will count of women from the work force the country pulse little mandating equal pay for equal work. as for the
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front so whether the world economic forum isn't optimistic predicting french woman will only get what that jews in the year two thousand one hundred and sixty eight. westerly there's so many factors at play in this discussion of gender pay gap around the world- and crucially experts say that what really needs to change. is societal things including and crucially parental leave and child care right because it's when women become mothers that you really see that gap increase capability with our business update thank you so much. we're gonna cross the table now to james creedon who with a media watch update what's poppin online on social media. and you're starting with accusations made by a french actress against a well known director he said she says that he sexually assaulted her when she was a minor. that's right it's a obviously raise a lot of eyebrows and got a lot of reactions here in france that christoph hoosier- in one of his
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big at first big feature films cold out or the devils and she played a twelve year old autistic girl it involves a quite a long. period away from home and away from family on sash and she says that during that time there was set inappropriate touching of a sexual nature. i'm the sort of sexual harassment and sexual assault that went on over a prolonged period of time. and media part. what a well respected left. a left leaning. online newspaper spent seven month investigation this- they had- one journalist full time dedicated to a twenty three different people participated in quite a long- investigation- rusia himself i did not reply to any of media parts at. it with a request that he would participate or our response i
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and so as a journalist said in in a in a long interview that is also up on online and a video interview she said that this is it every word was carefully measured in putting this report together in other words this is not- as so much musicians of me to type- revelations at some accusations that you know it this this is just one person's word against another put up on social media put up online that is not the case here these were thoroughly. vetted claims and do journalistically investigations so at me to park on twitter of also been giving giving her a platform view this interview i have she's she's she answers questions about why she hasn't gone through the court system and actually at suit- mister regina and she says that she doesn't have enough faith in the justice system in france when it comes to matters of when it comes to rape allegations of sexual assault allegations she says that you know maybe one in ten cases makee it a lot of amer thrown out. on that the odds are stacked against women in these sort of situations as she also spoke about how the men
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who are responsible for the sort of- assaults sexual assaults on on minors- in this particular instance they're often constance monsters as a bar in much of me to base that those who work at the accused were copper report work were cast in many cases as monsters and what she says actually they are our brothers are our our friends our folders that these are ordinary people a lot of the time and- so it's quite a quite an intelligence at. i suppose our assessment over at the broader i issues surrounding sexual assault and a it's really counts is what went on and she does say that- i really- the fact that i can speak publicly. about this. is thanks to the fact that. at me to happens in the u. s. and as she put it feels that she is a responsibility today. to cast to help a spotlight people's on this aspect of the french. movie industry. and set to help kind of break the silence enough regard no just a little
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bit of context the- there was a hash tag that sort of mirrored the me too harsh tied. at some something or you know in in in the aftermath of me to call back on a stump or or squeal on you were. perverts you could loosely translators. the woman who put in that case as some cotton there who accused the tv executive office sexual harassment. i via text message at she he she was an accused of death defamation. i'm actually- lost a case and she said she had to delete the tweet in which she recounted- the kind of- well sexual her but she came to be such a rust and what he said was sort of loot. and heavy traffic so it's a kind of at the latest installment in los is i suppose. at france's sort of- the frerench chapters e two story. and so long after this the harvey wants dean incident- still seeing these come out all over the world. next story you're talking about the potential short list for the oscars and nigerian film has been disqualified. because it u uses too much english. this is- just quickly on this one it's the film is called lion
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heart. and it's actually it all but roughly eleven minutes of the ninety five minute phone- are in english no it there are. no jury has over five hundred languages in english is one of the languages that can keep keep the whole country together if you like. so with putting the spotlight on how- contradictory it is to have an award fart what they have now we named best international feature film is with us foreign language film. and then and in the case of a country like major river english is. the language they're sort of disqualified because of thought so a lot of people in speaking out against the decision to disqualify. this film at just saying well we will. are you pairing this country from a competing for an oscar. in its official language. so that has generated placement common today as well. right james creating the look at what's- hot online and on social media thank you so much. we're gonna take a quick break but don
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11/05/19 11/05/19 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from new york, this is demomocracy now! pres. trump: the paris accord would undermine our economy, hamstring our wororkers, we can our sovereignty, impose and putable legal risk, us at a permanent d disadvantage to thehe other countries of the world. it is time to exit the paris
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