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tv   DW News  LINKTV  November 8, 2019 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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from berlin. germany marks the 30th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall. we go live to the city's symbolic landmark, the brandenburg gate. a joint installation carries the hopes and dreams of 30,000 berliners written on colored ribbons. a concert is scheduled for tomorrow. also coming up, america's top diplomat says nato must evolve or risk becoming obsolete.
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mike pompeo met with the german chancellor during the berlin wall commemoration week. and dying for democracy. a vigil in hong kong for an antigovernment demonstrator, a 22-year-old who perished after falling from a building. it was to die since the start of the campaign for more democracy in the territory. activists say they will escalate the protease -- protests. ♪ ♪ anchor: i am carl nasman. welcome to the program. we begin special coverage of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall. until the border was opened, the brandenburg bank -- gate represented the cold war standoff between the warsaw pact and nato. it stood between east berlin and west berlin, which was surrounded by the communist east , but part of democratic west germany.
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it was an ultrasensitive spot in the line between the blocks. that is why it later became such a powerful landmark, representing german unity. the night the border was opened, it was the site of deeply emotional scenes. that is where political correspondent simon young was earlier today. i asked him what has been going on as the city gears up for big celebrations tomorrow. simon: people have been coming down here again this evening. lots of tourists. lots of berliners seeing what is going on. behind me, you can see the brandenburg eight, and the stage that is set up for saturday evening's big show. there are projections being displayed at the m minute, pipictures from the era of t the berlin wall. you just saw one shot with a little boy kicking his football against the berlin wall back in those days, a reminder of how habituated people became to the existence of division in the city. you have to remember, as i think
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you said, where i am standing right now used to be the death zone. you really could not enter here coming from the east, where i am now, going to the west, or the other way around. people are coming here today, enjoying the atmosphere. it is a little bit rainy here, but people are having a look and celebrating the change that has happened in the last 30 years. carl: this is such an iconic landmark, berlin's most symbolic one. take us back to those emotional scscenes 30 years ago, when the wall came down. simon: well, yes, and people in november 1989 had had enough of east germany, essentially. as we know, november 9, the date when the wall was finally breached, it was more or less a mistake, an announcement almost off-the-cuff i one of the east german officials, who said yes, people can cross now.
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what do you mean exactly, minister? he said, i suppose now. he told assembled foreign journalists. east german started coming through all sorts of crossing points, or once they hoped they would be able to get through, it also here to the brandenburg gate, which as i say was completely a no go zone. people were demanding the border guards let them through. dust a few hours later, wee had those increredible scenes i thik everyone is familiar with,h, of east berliners and west berliners joining together i in celebration onon top of the bern wall, rigight here just on the other said of the date frorom where i am standing now, jubilant, opening champagne bottles. the rest, as they say, is history. carl: it looks like it is getting wet out there. rain or shine tomorrow, i assume there will be big celebrations taking place. simon: that is right. a big music show. there will be an orchestra, a
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dj, and i don't know who else. a spectacular. there is also a big arts display here, 30,000 messages of hope for the future knitted together in a big carpet. it is called the cloud of freedom. that is on display just a short distance from where i am as well. it is all something to see. carl: simon young at the brandenburg gate for us. thank you very much. we continue our special coverage of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall. there is no doubt that it brought about huge changes, but were they all for the better? that depends on whether you are from eastern germany or from the west. reporter: the events that unfolded on november 9 30 years ago were life for millions of gegermans. how do germans feel today about the fall of the berlin wall, and
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all that came afterward? germans from both sides of the former border were asked about the impact of german reunification on their lives. people in both east and west agreed that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. over half of western german say this, while 60% of eastern germans report a positive impact of reunification. it has been nearly three decades since east and west germany became one country. for eastern germans, nearly everything has changed. for western germans apart from berliners, that is not the case. what about achievements of citizens from former communist east germany? just about half those in western germany say the achievements of east german citizens are not valued enough. in the east, more than three quarters of survey respondents say their life achievements are undervalued. the freedom to travel beyond the former communist east bloc was a dream east germans could only enjoy after the fall of the
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wall. today they travel more often to the west then west germans to the east. asked about travel to the east or west since 1989, the people of western germany say they rarely go to the eastern part of the country. i contrast, eastern germans travel four times as often to western germany. 30 years on, despite differences in culture and perceptions, people from the former east and west say they still feel they are all simply germans. carl: dw of course has special coverage and reports of events that led to the fall of the berlin wall 30 years ago. we will have live coverage of the main ceremonies and commemorations on saturday, november 9. the u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo is in germany for a visit, time to mark the anniversary. the also came to address disagreements over current political and military
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alliances. reporter: the u.s. secretary of state came to berlin with china and russia on his mind. instead, wherever mike pompeo went, he was confronted with a question whether he shared emmanuel macron's gloomy view of nato, described as brain dead. mr. pompeo: some any good answers. so many cameras, yes. reporter: pompeo added on a more serious note -- mr. pompeo: if nations believe they can get the security benefit without providing nato what it needs to live up to commitments, there is a risk nato could become ineffective or obsolete. reporter: a reminder there is a price to pay for having the u.s. as partner -- a message heard a loud and clear in the german government. chancellor angela merkel expressed profound gratitude as germany marks 30 years since the fall of the berlin wall. ms. merkel: we will never forget
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that the united states of america, with its president, george bush, helped and supported us enormous lee on the way to german reunification. mr. pompeo: chancellor merkel has been a great friend of the united states. germany continues to be an enormous lee important partner for us. i saw the defense minister's statement about increasing germany's contribution to nato over time. we think that is powerful because the relationship with nato matters, and we need everyone working together to make sure that it remains a potent force for good in the world. reporter: pompeo was referring to the defense minister, who he met earlier in the day. his support for her vision of a more hands-on german security policy could also help her achieve her ultimate goal to succeed angela merkel as chancellor. carl: chancellor merkel also held talks with the european commission president in berlin
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on friday. afterwards, photo line said -- afterwards, he said macedonia and albania had made efforts to qualify for the european union. merkel has a stated wish to keep alive the balkan nations' hopess of joining the you -- the e.u. emmanuel macron had vetoed enlargement at a summit. a check of other news around the world. supporters of former brazilian president da silva gathered outside a prison where he is detained, awaiting his possible release. the supreme court has ruled that convicts should remain free during their appeal process, which applies to the popular leftist politician. he was convicted of corruption in 2017. clashes have erected between protesters and iraqi security forces in basra as antigovernment demonstrations enter the word week. 250 protesters were killed in baghdad and the southern port
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city of basra, many by live ammunition. brushfires in eastern australia have been burning out of control , with firefighters describing the situation as unprecedented. the affected area covers a thousand kilometers stretch of the coast. many residents have been told to evacuate. police in the u.k. have released details of the 39 vietnamese people found deadd in a refrigerated truck near london last month. two of the victims of the apparent human smuggling ring were 15 years old. the majority of them came from the same province in vietnam. hong kong is on high alert. pro-democracy demonstrators promised more protests after one of their number died. 22-year-old fell from a building, sustaining fatal injuries. hundreds have gathered where he fell, to mourn his death, vowing to continue to fight for greater freedom in the territory. mamatthey is: protesters held a
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vigil in a makeshift memorial near where he was first found injured on monday. events leading up to what happened to him are still unclear. but it is believed he fell from a multistory car park after police fired tear gas during a protest. he succumbs to his injuries on friday. prominentt activist joshua wong called for the people of hong kong to stay united. joshshua: we urge people to wear black t-shirts together today and tomorrow, to show the solidarity and unity. now is the time for the government to set up the independence investigation on the clash. we need to note and seek truth and justice. it is really insane and unreasonable how the government allowed this attempted murder of hong kong people. matthias: later, protesters blocked roads, set street fires,
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and vandalized subway stations. right police fired tear gas in at least two places, and have been accused of using excessive force, including the regular use of tear gas and pepper spray. protests started in june, initially because of a planned extradition bill to mainland china. shortly afterward, demonstrations turned to mainly demanding democratic reforms. more protests are expected on the weekend. the death could further heightened tensions. carl: matias bollinger is in hong kong, right at the spot where the young man fell. earlier, we asked him if the police promise to investigate that death will satisfy protesters. matias: as you say, they have already offered a version of the events, the timetable of the events, after some footage by a
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dashboard. the version that they had not been inside before he fell was wrong. this did not contribute to more trust in the police. we have just heard what joshua wong said. that is the opinion of many people here, and it is one of the demands for a long time now. people want an independent investigation into what the police have been doing that day and the weeks before, and anything else will not satisfy the protesters. they will continue going on the streets, as you can see. people have no trust in the police. there is no trust. carl: you are watching dw news. still to come, a former football pro who competed for germany committed suicide 10 years ago after suffering from depression. we will hear from his widow, his campaign since then to raise awareness of mental illness in the sports world. and a new production of a mozart opera being staged in rome, but
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it is a show with a twist. first, spain is holding another general election. on sunday, yes, another one, a fourth in four years. the socialist party won the largest share of the vote, but could not get a majority in parliament. after failing to form a government, he hopes to increase his share of the vote. reporter: miguel is fighting to defend his future. he is campaigning for the socialist party. it is leading the polls, but likely to fall short of an outright majority. >> the psoe stands for the aspiration of us young people, who want more social justice. we are fighting for better working conditions, against climate change, and we support feminism. reporter: the 30-year-old has
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been an activist for eight years. he feels that these elections could be more crucial than previous polls. >> if the center-right pp overtake us and come first, they will likely team up with the far-right vox, which is projected to come in third. that is really scary. they will put in place inhumane policies against women, lgbt people, and migrants. we need to convince as many people as possible to vote for us. reporter: but that won't be easy, especially since a supreme court verdict on catalan separatist leaders lead to violent backlash by independent supporters. it looked like voters are set to punish the socialist, conciliatory approach, and to use a far-right stance appealing
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to many young people. >> 40 years ago, we handed over catalonia to the enemies of the nation, who are now controlling its education system, police, and media. we need to submit all of our available police to suffocate this revolt, take back control, and suspend catalonia's autonomous status. reporter: v someone thinksox -- someone thinks vox is just what spain needs. >> we have a party that speaks without fear and ignores political correctness. we young people can finally say out loud again that we love our country. vox does not bow to this false feminism, which is so one-sided. we are the real feminists, even though we are brightening. we are pro-life, and defend family values. reporter: the 22-year-old is
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still hoping his party will get the upper hand. but it is likely that neither the big centerleft or center-right party will be able to shift the vote enough in the last two days of campaigning to win an outright majority, and that means they would again have to join forces with other parties. if there is one thing that spanish politicians have not seemed good at, it is forming a coalition. miguel is optimistic the socialists can still boost their share of vote. he is banking on the roughly one third of voters who have not yet made up her mind. if that is not enough, a different approach might be needed. >> politicians will need to take their share of responsibility. if we are not able to form a coalition, the other parties should give their technical support to the front runner, so that party can work as a minority government. reporter: that might indeed be an acceptable compromise for many spaniards, because the one thing voters seem to agree on is
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thatat the political deadlock in spain only needs to end. carl: germany's football community is marking the 10th anniversary of a tragic event that shook the sports world. it was a decade ago that robert anka, a former hanover player and german keeper, committed suicide. it was devastating for his family, teammates, and fans. his widow remains determined to raise awareness about mental health in sports. reporter: remembering robert anka a decade from his death. this memorial service was honored by a foundation set up by the former goalkeeper's widow. tickets sold out within days. the man-made eight appearances for germany. >> i can see that people still think about robbie. i am happy that after 10 years there is still so much interest.
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reporter: 10 years ago, rorobert took his own life. before the tragic news came through, few people knew that he had battled depression for many years. >> sometimes i feel sad and think, my god, he ruined everything, as though he did it on purpose, he was sick. reporter: he hit his illness from the public. in september 2009, there was an interview with no dictation he was suffering a depressive episode. >> it was the 40t0th minute. it went in and the first half, after we had a lot of chances, but failed to take them. as so often in football, when you don't take e your chances, u get punished. that happened to us yesterday. reporter: over 20 minutes, enke told us he felt good at hanover,
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the club he spent his longest span as a player. six weeks later, he committed suicide. a sports psychologist helped enke's teaeammates in the aftermath. he said the club was overwhelmed by the situation. since then, much has changed in the bundesliga. >> even in those days, there were incidents now and then, but you could see a caution or awareness has developed. that thinks like this exist and are dangerous. reporter: raising awareness is one of the robert enke foundation's main goals. three initiatives are honored for their work preventing and treating depression in sports. >> we want people to talk about it, break the taboo. that is the most important thing -- talking about it. it helps the people who are suffering. i get so much feedback from people, thanking the foundation
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for being there for them. and for showing people that anyone can be affected. this sickness is a sickness, and it has nothing to do with being weak. reporter: their work continues, in the hope that others may avoid robert enke's fate. carl: barbara moore from dw sports made that piece. she joins me in studio. during the piece -- you spoke with robert enke a few weeks before he took his own life. tell me about that interview. barbara: to be honest, i did not realize until i prepared the report. i was so affected. the news really shocked me at that time. i have been thinking about it a lot and there is one basic question i ask myself, if i could have noticed something. i have family members who have suffered from depression, so i have a sensitivity for the topic. but now that i watch it again, he seems so relaxed and so open.
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today, we know it was just a facade. he pretended to be something he was not. it was very tragic. carl: his widow is really doing a lot of work now. she has this foundation set up. what has she achieved so far? barbara: the main goal is to raise awareness. they built up a network of psychologists so that now, if you suffer from depression o or have a problem, it is much easier as a player to get help. that is what enke was lacking. he did not even know where to go. they are working together with clubs now. the clubs and every youth sports academy, they have to have sports psychologists working with the youth, to prevent things like that happening, and to work on mental health with the kids. they also invented an app and a virtual reality program that is supposed to give you an impression of how it feels to be
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depressed. and again to raise awareness and to help clubs to cope with the situation carl:. -- with the situation. carl: that my not -- may not change that for professional athletes it is difficult to talk about depression. 10 years after his suicide, as the atmosphere in pro football changed? barbara: compared to 10 years ago, definitely. we have had cases of players, of officials, talking about depression. we had one talk about panic attacks, stuff like that. i think this is a big step forward. we also have the awareness and the clubs. it's bigger. at that time when he committed suicide, robert enke, it took the team several weeks to realize the team had a need for psychological support. now, we had a case in 2015, another tragic case where a football player was killed in a car accident, junior malan.
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the club reacted immediately and had a sick college is working with the team. -- a psychologist working with the team. carl: you think the measures are helping? barbara: they are, but there is a lot of work to do. you can imagine nowadays with all the social media, it is harder for players to be the perfect athlete. carl: barbara moore, thank you. let's stay with football for a second. former uefa president has made a splash following the end of his four year suspension due to ethics violations. the three time winner has demanded compensation for legal fees, and backpay for his suspension. he was stripped of his presidency and suspended by fifa for accecepting bribes. he maintains he did nothing wrong. they arrived in italy and the
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most desperate of circumstances, but now a group of migrants is taking part in the most italian of art forms -- opera. 30 are taking to the stage at rome's upper house for a new production of mozart's masterpipiece reporter:. -- masterpiece. reporter: bella gottman is getting ready to go on stage. from nigeria, she has been in italy for four years. this production is the first step toward a long-held ambition. >> it is a great privilege. all my life, i always dreamed to be an actress, but since i have not achieved that yet, at least this is a steppingstone. reporter: backstage, her castmate are also getting ready. the production is aiming to raise awareness of migration and war. they are either playing themselves or soldiers. >> it's a story about migrants,
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about war, about everything. i understand it. i feel it. it is a message that speaks to me, and that is why i am also taking part in the show. reporter: it is almost showtime. ♪ ♪ reporter: the scene is familiar, but the setting is theatrical. for the choir of migrants taking part, it is just one more sign of how far they have come. carl: you are watching dw news, live from berlin. i will be back shohortly to walk you through the day. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪ ♪
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