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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 12, 2019 5:30am-6:01am PST

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geninie: you are watching franae 24. it is time for 60 minutes live around the world. jihadikes target senior commanders. iran's confrontation with syria. the second annual paris peace forum opens today in the french capital. toe than 30 heads of state lead the world on change for good.
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to morales is heading mexico, leaving behind a political vacuum after his resignation. a new episode in the series focusing on the situation in libya. this is seven months after the fight for the capital began. we will look at what the fighting has -- what the fighting impact has been on civilians. disney joins the streaming wars. can it rival netflix? the details on the way in business. first, our top story live from paris.
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israeli forces carried out an attack this morning in gaza, killing a commander of the palestinian islamic jihad group. the military group is calling it an attack against the palestiniaian people. inre have been attacks retaliation from gaza in response. another official was hit b by an israeli missile. the european union demanding a rapid de-escalation. benjamin netananyahu address the attacks, saying the commander killed in the airstrike was plannining a new attacack. israeli defense forces eliminated the leading commander of the islamic jihad. leader was the main instigator of terrorist attacks launched from the gaza strip.
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he fired hundreds of rockets into israeli villages. in recent days, he was preparing new operations. bomb. a ticking we have more from jerusalem about what nine yahoo! had to say. >> it isis interesting he -- wht netanyahu had to say. you are allowed, under israeli law to carry out this kind of operation if you are preventing other operations. netanyahuy benjamin dedescribed hihim in that way. describedresting he him as the chief instigator of terror attacks into israel andnd
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attempted entry into israel over the past 12 months and that was thisasis for this attack, targeted killing last night. the press conference was held with the head d of the israelili army. they both supported that. ththey said it was theirir propoposition. they also said they do not want an escalation. we are looking at 70 rockets , extracome into israel airstrikes into the gaza strip. tell us about the group that w was targeted. and it is i iranian backeked funded.
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the more exextreme of the m militants groupup. beenof the attacacks have islamic jihad attttacks. they have been w wking in hamas has held its forces back. that is partly t t reason. element toan iranian this. we can see thahat reaction toda. top court in the european union has ruled eu countries must identify products made in israeli settlements. that is a decision welcomed by rights groups. it is likely to spark anger in israel. the eu has spoken out, saying it
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undermines the hopes for a two-state solution. israel claims it is unfair. in france, emmanuel macron kicked off the second annual piece forum. some 30 heads of state are into discuss the major challenges facing the world today. emmanuel macron stressing the world needs to come together to work towards positive change. here is more of what he had to say. >> the return to unilateralism is a high risk option. some people are tempted because easy to makes closing yourself off a solution. i do not believe in this option.
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we have tested it in the past and it led to war. genie: there is a lot of ground hope to be covered over the course of the forum. what are the biggestst focuses f the form going t to be? >> multilateralism is what emmanuel macron has been underlining, the fact that countries need to come together, there needs to be a pooling of countriesinstead of turning their back on the world half problem. the french president says ofmate change, the problems
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migration. they can only be examined if the nation makes a global effort. particularly the united nations. a lot of concerns on the part of .he french president a bid to pool her resources to come up with a solution or global solution to the world's problems.
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genie: this year is less well attended than last year. his macron l losing steam? macron losing steam? >> last year was the 100th anniversary of the end of the world war. he said 30 heads of state or here, a good attendance level. he thinks any effort to pool
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is already a good start. it is time for the second in our series of exclusive reports from libya. the conflict has been raging since april. the fighting continues with gunfire and shelling hitting the suburbs. the u.n. estimates at least 120,000 have been displaced by the conflict. this comes after more thahan eit years of violence after the 2011 revolution and overthrow of moammar gadhafi.
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>> this is a neighborhood in a state of shock. months, -- one of the tower blocks was hit. two children were killed as they slept. >> i it is terrifyining. >> both sides hunt down evidence of crimes against civilians. >> that is a part of the bottom of the shell. between the firing pin and the charge. >> these are imprecise shells. some date back to the world war.
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it is imimpossible to use them r surgical strikes. >> we are on the outskirts of the city. you can hear the sounds of the fighting. people tell us it happens daily. -- you hear more fire can hear mortar fire there. roadsides are stacked with mountains of rubbish. the main landfill site is blocked off by fighting and garbage collectors are involved in militias on the front line. at least 120,000 civilians have fled. in the neighborhood here, more than 1000 this laced families are sheltering. inormer teacher is living school with his wife and three children. they abandoned their home a few weeks ago.
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>> there was gunfire and mortar shells by us. my children asked me to leave. they did not want to stay. send a message to my brothers in the east and the west. andaround a table together find a solution that satisfies both sides. i want to be able to walk safely in the streets. wish shared by so many we have spoken to. since the beginning of this conflict, countless lives have been overturned. turkey has deported captured foreigners. other foreignpel nationals, as well. they said turkey was not a hotel
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for the fighters, criticizing western nations fofor t their reluctance to o take back citizens. the british founder of a group that help establish the white helmet help organization has died. his body was found monday with fractures to his legs and head outside the apartment building where he lived. >> police sealing the door to the building where he lived. his body was f found with fractures to his legegs andd h , lyg nenear his h home near istanbul. authorities have promised judicial investigations into his death.
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he was a former officer of the british army and the cofounder ofhehe white helmetsts, the grop is made up of more than 3000 volunteers in opposition held areas and is credited with saving thousands of lives and's 2013. >> there are over 2500 volunteers. they work from 96 different civil defense centers. they havet two years, saved over 15,25050 lives. people who havave been draggeded from the rubble of buildings that have been blown up. >> those pictures capture the world costs -- the world's attention in a film called the white helmets. the group has attracted criticism. supporters of bashar al-assad
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has accused them of being funded by the united states and working toto destabilizeze syria. her husband had been taking antidepressants to treat extreme stress. old. was just 48 years increased violations by iran of a nuclear deal. man-made uranium particles were tected. it is also confirmed the country has intensified its uranium enrichment activities.
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the first indigenous president has come under mexico's protection. the government supported him in the dispute of a vote that led to his resignation. >> it is a picture worth 1000 words. a mexican flag ononboard a mexican aiair forort leaving bolivia. president leftt on monday, 20 fofour hours after resigning from office. offerd his country would asylum. he thanked mexico on twitter and promised to be back with more strength and energy. he leaves a divided country behind him. clashes in a city now rife
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with fear. .olice are seen patrolling themselves, weg heard exexplosioions. at night, we could not sleep. >> clashes were reported in other cities. has vowed ton who -- his boots made an impassioned and a democracy to triumph. >> they will be the one to carry out the electoral process.
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that is still controlled by marella supporters. in hongsts continue kong where a flash mob wreaked havoc in the heart of the financial district for the second day on tuesday. police fired tear gas at a university campus. blocked roads near the city skyscrapers. protesters the extremely selfish. it is time for your busisiness update. you are starting with disney. >> the house of mavs is the latest to enter the streaming gagame with didisney plus.
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arririval offfferings from appld traditional broadcdcasters. it is expected to be wororth $60 billion. rere and more players are keen to cash in. > it is disney's secret weapn to tap into the streaming sector. star wars and marvel superheroes. since the disney plus service is short on new content, the company has pulled out it catalog of classics. prescription -- a subscription price lower than its rivals. >> it is like netflix for disney.
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>> the target, 90 million new customers by 2024. beforens operations australia and new zealand before it expands to other world regions, reaching europe by 2021. >> there will be a lot of players out there. >> the top layer in the field remains netflix, with its 158 million subscribers. amazon, apple,by and hulu. each service is trying to expand its catalog, investing in new original content. next to netflix, 11 billion euros invested this year.
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a a deal thatsigned will see it gather data on millions of americans. store and analyze data on their patients. patient information logged by doctors and nurses will be accessible to google. the idea is the technology company will be able to analyze the information and use it to helplp identify illnesses or suggest better treatment. statement,, they said they have complied with thehe strict federal laws and its use is limited. >> the boss of uber says he regrets comments he made about jamal khashoggi. he compared the death to selfems uber had with
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driving cars calling it a mistake. >> it has been a tough time for autotomakers. nissan i is thlalatest to give n update on its finances. >> they cut their forecast by more than a third. the net profits for the three months at t the end of september fell by 55%. the company announced a massive restructuring plan. trump plans to tear of cars
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imported from the european union. they could be pushed back by up to six months. that is the picture across london, paris, and frankfurt this hour. 1600 borrowers have banded together for legegal actioion to the divionon of thee french h b, saying thehey were told of the risk of taking out loans in the swift currency -- in the swiss currency. safeis couple w wanted a investment for their daughter. they purchased a one bedroom paying it and started off. three years later, they found out they owed more momoney to there than they originally borrowed. >> they borrowed 130 thousand euros.
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i paid back 100,000 euros. i still owe 153,000 euros. >> the reason for these rising contracactedan was in swiss francs but paid back in euros. as the euro has fallen sharply against the franc, payments have risen. customers are suing the division .f the french bank the bank chose a sales pitch thatat focused on switzerland's notbargaining ratete and did advertise the possible risk leading to the exchange rate. >> the bank says it warned its clients about the risks.
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>> the bank is facing hundreds ofof other cases over these loas as well as criminal proceedings. >> motor racing wants to become carbon neutralal by 2030. >> efforts would start immediately with moves to renewable power. there are 22 planned races around the world next year. that is 10 teams flying to all of the events. the engines and f1 cars are hybrid. they do lag behind the formulae racers, which use all electric vehicles. the carbonatefset uses by planting trees.
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>> thank you for that. coming up, the most influential art criticic you have probably never heard ofof. all about the exhibit.
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