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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 13, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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france twenty four correspondents around the world. you're watching fronts twenty four we are live from paris these are the headlines this hour. france twenty four exclusive the desperate plight of african migrants rescued at sea and then sent back to libya our forces witnessed firsthand how people of being sent to the world country. thanks use a different tool. the trump engagement enquiring goes public two senior us diplomats to testify against the president i mean he still to leverage aides to ukraine intend. for information on his personal life i didn't. and the death toll rises on this the second day of fighting between israel and the palestinian
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islamic jihad hundreds of rockets. and find it is available at strikes dogs that have killed at least twenty three . and we begin with the latest in a series of special reports from libya from twenty four was reporters have witnessed first hand the horace that's being suffered by thousands of migrants who was stock in libya trying to get to eueurope humuman r rights groupe denounced the legality of forcing them to return to a conflict sign. catherine norrirs trained to do double hoff and about a month call we managed to get restless teach while they were embedded with the libyan coast caught his that report and a warning some viewers may find it disturbing. we're a hundred and thirty kilometers from the libyan coast. i'm within. forty of
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malta sunchon rescues and- the libyan coast gonna responding to an alert from malta and italy. asking them t to intercet a boat full of migrants heading for europe. okay okay . a hundred and twenty six people. including children. the been the eighteen hours. some
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believe that being rescued by an ngo . they climbed in with no food. water life jackets blanket. yeah but i don't live in the home with little more. the migrants risk the tool to
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escape libya but as far as- being taken. . where they will face away some nicice. the vast majority of those brought back today a from saddam. the toll of the real deal is klia. with filming one of the migrants asked to speak to us without being identified. yeah of reprisals if you would be able. to. q. monster too much but you can see. they wait on the dog over three hours the weakest
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treated for hypothermia by medics from the international organization for migration. one the authorities are overwhelmed. a lot of kids. the film secretly of libyan officials trying to work out what to do . we told my quincy often through themselves back into thehe water to try and escape. finally at eleven thirty pm libya's immigration brigades decide to take the man away to overcrowded detention centers. and tensions mount. thank god money is gone all filming is
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clearly disturbing usual proceeding. usually there are a few thousand migrants on libya's cecenters. but i have a rule the figure is way higher. there are thought to be nearly a million cocool top in the cha. the. not approving catherine norris trent and her team and they will be another full from libya at the same time. tomorrow now fighting between israel and the palestinian group islamic jihad continues for second day of sources in gaza say at least twenty three people have been killed. in israeli air strikes israel claims that twenty of the dead were members of islamic jihad. nearly two hundred rockets have been fired at israel with dozens of israeli civiliaians treateted for mild injuries catherine viet test the latest. this pit of concrete and metal
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is all that's left of the building in gaza where this door of family used to live. according to the israeli army it served as a command post for the group islamic jihad. the family says ahead of the strikes and israeli intelligence official warned them to evacuate. i would line as lean. as we were leaving the house he stayed on the phone with me. there was no caller id he told me that they were going to hit the house with a drone missile. test if there is anyone left inside. i said no unless when they hit the house after a a couple of minutes a second missile hit. the latest round of fighting began early on tuesday when israel launched an air strike on gaza killing a top islamic de hi commander. hi i have l. ida as well as his wife. since then the two sides have been exchanging fire which is deadly in gaza and lead to injurieses in israel with severl hundred rockets intercepted by the country's defense system.
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i've already said that we are not looking for an escalation but we are respondingg to o evey atattack against us. with a very sharp attack and response. i think thatat islamic jihihad bet understand that now rather than when it's too late. hamas which controls gaza has joined the islamic t. hiding condemning israel for its actions but so far the group has refrained from joining fororces and launching rockets of its own. to washington now with the first public hearings in the impeachment enquiring into president donald trump or on the way the top us diplomat in ukraine has claimed that trump was date leverage us eight in order to pressure the country's presidenents andnd ski to investigate. political rival joe biden trump has always maintained there was no quid pro quo and bill taylor's comments are likely to be seized upon by democrats who are pushing for trump to be
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removed from office. take a listen. and turkey is also watch by mid july it was becoming clear to me that the meeting presence lynskey wanted was condition. all the investigations of a response an alleged crane in interference in the twenty sixteen u. s. elections. it was also clear that this condition was driven. by the a regular policy channel i had come to understand was guided by mister guiliani. well we join now by eric me son of former federal prosecutor and legal expense and joins us now from washington thank you very much as always for being with us and now. i'm back to the taylor gave that testimony a short while ago i think that give the democrats the ammunition they needsds if nothing page john because they will need the republicans for that but to convince americans that they should not. vote for donald trump next year. while laura good question because we're jumping ahead to the elections which are just- a
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year away not not even quite a year away- the end that is often a very hard one to answer but- i think. we can safely say that- the more this goes on and the more this testimony and evidence comes out. there is going to be some sort of erosion a continuing erosion of support for the president because we're seeing that already. in the polls it may not be huge it may not be enormous but the president never had the support of a majority of americans to begin with. remember he was only elected because of the peculiarities of the way the electoral college system works in united as has ever. lost by. yes that's right now that what was different this time was- he lost by almost three million votes which was by far the greatest margin of defeat. in the popular vote for any winning president the electoral college that will be his path to victory again if there is such a path. but so every vote
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is going to be crucial this certainly is not going to help him i think it's a foregone conclusion that the evidence here is strong enough that all of the democrats are 99% of them. in the house of representatives will vote to impeach that is to send this into the senate for trial and in the weeks or months to come will see how that turns out. because that will be much more difficult to get the twenty republican votes in there that are going to be necessary to. to get the democrats but this is not a good look for the president what he's doing here right now trump says he's too busy to watch- the impeachment proceedings- the- the question is will american voices of the watching because- we've kind of been here before me. with with robert muller do you think that if i just might be a bit fed up with all of this with these hearings in these. long. day long testimonies on on capitol hill. so voters are others are.
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very interested so we have a polarization on that front and you are correct that there's- a little bit of a fatigue because- the way the mahler hearings went to was not. conducive to really holding people's attention and making them understand the issues. here it's a simpler issue it's really just extorting a foreign country. a not a good look for the united states to be holding up the authorized military aid. for purely personal political benefit of one person the president. so most americans can understand that and i think more of them will be following this. but there is certainly- are hard core base for the president- maybe 30% maybe more i'm not sure. nobody can say precisely that is going to be very very difficult to move. but among democrats and independents- this is going to be very closely watched and is- according to the polling having quite a significant effect.
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right now and many people are watching today's testimony and it is fairlrly c clear as to the condnduct that went on now the front runner in the democratic race is of course set at the central of this. of all of this joe biden is there a risk. at the- merge is going to i'm going to kind of see that this is not at the bar you'll phrase a good look for joe biden other. given what was happening w with with hisis son and you cried. right that's clearly a big talking point for republicans and nobody's reallyy defending what hunter biden did and hunter biden himself o on on tv. and was fairly honest thahat he shouldn't havee done it however it's also very clear that joe biden. himself did nothing wrong and it also throws back attention on president trump's own children who are orders of magnitude more implicated in- it move murky- profiteerering using- government leverage.e. that hunter biden ever was so it's hard to see what the effect was there's a lot of democratic candidates- thahat je
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biden has t to contntend with. s true we probably hasn't dealt with this as forceful as forcefully as he- could have and so to that extent this- the president's attack here. might have heard him but i think b by the timee e everythining comes o ththe election h hter bididen hihimself will be much much less of an issue. than he is today how does rudy guiliani fit into all of this because his name is come up several times today he is of course a- donald trump's pass no law yeah and is there a risk for him that he might. end up going the way of another of trump's previous noise. could he be taking full for all of this yes there's a. a well he could be i think there's very close ties- obviouslyly that between him and the president and that's what's- helped him and there's the that the president has what's called the pardon power. it's controversysy able to it what are the limits of it but he that this president certainly is exploring what those limits are. and we know from
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reporting- it seems to be basically confirms that giuliani is under criminal investigation so for him this is very serious and somewhat extraordinary. that he could land in prison just as you've pointed out the president's previous lawyer michael cohen. is currently in prison and giuliani could find himself there now two of his very close associates that are being talked about today these. ukrainian american businessman who were indicted for making illegal campaign contributions and have been implicated in some of this ukrainian extortion- they- are. to some extent giving statements to authorities this is not going to be helpful for root of rudolph giuliani. and it's not in the long run helpful to donald trump either given their close connections. so giuliani is a central player in this he was a driver into in what is look being looked at as the impeachable conduct here. and it may land h him- very well in jail all right eric he stand
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great to get you inside thank you very much indeed for joining us. well as i mentioned donald trump says he's too busy to watch those impeachment proceedings he is instead talking to techies president- do one at the white house. he arrived at in the soft inane and his visit comes just weeks after trump threatened to destroy the turkish economy. over ankara's decision to send troops into northern syria and attack america's kurdish allies. this was only made possible off the trump withdrew us troops from the area. today the trump insisted the two men were good friends they are expected to hold a joint press conference earlier we will bring. . you that's- when that begins but now. anti government protests continue in lebanon one day off to president michel our own told demonstrates is to go home and they blocked major highways. using burning tie is about to stay put until the government stepped down and in a worrying development has been a second shooting. days a man opened fire in one town north
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of. roofs and capital yesterday a protester. was shot and killed. thee route traffic at a stand still ass protesters blocked roads throughout the capital. burning tireses barbed wire act as makeshift barriers is angry demonstrators repeat their demands for a new government but now we want a future for the growing up. we're going to die from hunger where youth with no future. it's been nearly a month since nationwide protests kicked off over proposed tax and whatt sap phone calls and a a televised speech by president michel allen tuesday evening did little to apappease the protesters anger. how gloomy the gunman composed only of technocrats cannot manage the country's politics. if no one likes how the country is being run away they just have to emigrate. his remarks struck a nerve. mission again we've come
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to tell him that we are not going to emigrate that we're going to stay here. our requests are known we want a government of technocrats without anany political affililiation cscs. and we demad to some of the money that's been stolen b. returns the government should run so the people can live. not just work for the politicians. heeding the call put out on social media protesters marched on the presidential palace. security forces blocked the roaoads leleading to the buildining with barbed wire. large a areas of hong kong let paralyzed by anti government p protests for third day in this wednesday transport hubs schools and many businesses remained closed as police warned that the bonus was becoming increasasingly deadly charlie james has moved. lunch time in hong kong central bubusiness distrtrict dedescendo chaos. on wednesday around one thousand protesters blocked roads march and curled bricks
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until police in make arrests. these weekday standoffs m mark a new phase in thero democraracy protests the strategy is called blossom everywhere s small g gus popping upll over the city to cause maximum disruption and stretch police resources. is forced schools and shopping malls to close as well as lalare chchunks of the vital tree network police are adapting their resesponse c cracking d dn harder no political. dimond can sparanyoyone from m legal liability. please resespect the rule of law everyone at home paul has the responsibility to end violence right now. north of the city students at the chininese university of hong kog stretched their protest into wednesday holding their ground overnight to targrg pololice thy had to use petrol bombs javelins and bows and arrows. whwhh i gueuess i would pasass n every revolution and changing society relies on university
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students people who have received high education to bring about true evolutionary change because we have a a highr moral standard we have an obligation to do so therefore we must protest. yeah in response to demonstrators tactics the central chinese government reiterated support for hong kong authorities as well as measures to severely punish crimiminal activities. this is a business use we now k. meat is with us in the studio and a good c case for germany because tesla has chosen it to build is because that's right the next generation of f car production- berlin rocks are the words of ceo you on moscow's he announced that expansion. what is the explanation later on was a little bit more nuanced speaking to the industry magazine also express he suggested that the u. k. would have been a top contender but the briggs it made it too risky. he e also praraised germany's engineering. prowess as ellen gains for reports.
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beating off the competition the name is set to host europe's fussed major tesla factory. known as a gift factory. the plant will be buililt on the outskirts of the city near its new airport which is opening next year. and manufacture batteries and vehicles. tesla also plans to set up an engineering and design center in berlin. german officials have denied offering financial support to the family cleaning will companies investingng in te countrtry receive the same treatmentt. it is p. c. initially bubut- so o far subsbs haven't be d discussed. it's clearhat tesesla will b be treateted the same way as all other automobile companinies. if it invesests in germany and create jobss here. that's to say that we will treat all players invevesting in germrmany equally and w without discrimination. to of the inbox and invest you. the news comes just weeks a aftr ththe government announcnced inincentives for buying electric
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vehicles a move that would benefit tesla. the subsidy concerns calls with up to forty thousand euros i will be in effect until at least twenty twenty fivee. germany is home to some of the worldld's bigiggest automaker is until long set the standard in the industry. it's been overtaken by the us and china in adopting electric vehicles. john the notion make is a number you sing to catch up the industry is investing sixty billion euros in the technology ovever the next three isis. industrial production across the eurozone expanded slightly in the month of september defying expectations for contraction. factories produce just point 1% more than in august but there have been a significant drops earlier in the year and so output was still one point 7% lower than it was in september of twentyy eighteen. you can see some of the figures from the past six months or so the data from eurostat underscore concerns about weakness across the
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single currency bloc. frontss on the netherlanands werere among e strongestt performerss all traditional powerhouse germany continued its slide towards rececession. the 1% drop i in manufacturing in septetember. as you can on the day's trading action now the major european indices closed slightly lower as investors watch for signs of possible easing in trade tensions between the us and e. u. europe's banking sector meanwhile dragged down trade. commerce bank and deutsche bank losing six and 4% share in ththeir shares respectively. wel she's been hovering near its most recent. records and the dow jones has in fact now hit a new record high. it's been pushed up by disney which is seeing it shares rise about 7% a day after it premiered its video streaming service. meanwhile there's been a little bit of pressure there amid a report the negotiations between the us and china have hit a roadblock. over purchases of us agricultural goods wait and see what comes of that. with the
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closing bell in just over an hour's time. moving on from the days of the business headlines now. china and brazil have signed bilateral agreements on trade to transport and agriculture. their leaders seek to improve ties. travel scenarios hosting shooting paying on the sidelines of the- summit. five so called emerging economies which are meeting in brasilia. ali baba is preparing to listed shares in hong kong as well as new york. chinese e. commerce giant has filed an application of the hong kong stock exchange despipite the ongoing political unrest t ther. could raise nearly thirteen and a half billion dollars according to analysts. and google is reportedly breaking ininto the worldld of banking te wall strtreet journal was the fifirst to publish thahat move would seek p personal checking accounts and even a small credit union made available. news has been met with some skepticism from those worried about the tech companies having even more access to individuals data. and now finances. there is not to french entrepreneurs
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who run a mail order and online classified ads website recalling the f french governmet to introduce a tax credit for those who buy used goods it't's an effffort to reduce waste it s unlikely to win government support though. as simon harding reports. a a proposition to cutut t taxes by buying secondhand goods suggested by two leading entrepreneurs in france the concept is simple. buy second hand we'll get something repaired in exchange for a 15% tax credit within a three thousand euro yearly cap. for example if a used table was bowl for fifty euros it would give the bias seven euro fifty tax creditt an idea which is appealing to some customers. of acetate is all it's going to encourage people to spend in a different way. it's interesting economically. and it's also good for the planet and the environment. despite popular
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enthusiasm the french government says this proposal is unlikely to see the light of day. they fear that it creates another tax exemptiti at the time when authorities are trying to eliminate them but the sponsosors of this idea arge would slow down the mass production of reusable products. and in many ways stop over consumption the architect of the proposal the ceo of france's biggest consumer to consumer online platform says the reform would also benefit of this sector is. saddam's regime to money would be re injected into the economymy people save money they will spend it elsewhere on other prproducts and services we believe that the father is in the seats initial testers. the current market trends to point towards a potential growing opportunity over seven billion euros with spends on secondhand goods in france this year and the market keeps on expanding. in two thousand and five only 17% of french people purchase use goods where is that figure has not increased the almost two thirds of the population.
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furniture clothes and smart phones but. the most popular products currently being resell. i want to see if that idea gains any traction of course a lot of opposition b but it could certainly have some resesults could take offff what u might see
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11/13/19 11/13/19 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from new york, this is democracy now! >> the president must be held accountable. no one is above the law. pres. trurump: it i is just a cocontinuatition of the witchhu. amy: as the house intelligence committee holds the first televised hearing in its impeachment investigation of


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