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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  November 14, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> varying their dead. mourners marched through gaza in a rural procession for a family of eight killed overnight in an israeli airstrike. ♪ hello. you are with al jazeera. also coming up, a global fight against isil. tricky to port seven suspects to germany as more than 30 nations meet in the united states. antigovernment protesters gathered in the center of chile's capital for a 28th straight day.
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demanding a radical overhaul of the government. of new report on the downing a malaysian aiairliner o over easterukukraine inn 2014 finds a strong link between top russian officials and separatist rebels. ♪ >> we begin in gaza, where a fragile cease-fire between israel and the islamic jihad seems to be holding despite rocket fire. a barrage of missiles fired into israel hours after the cease-fire was declared to end two days of intense fighting. four palestinians have been killed in israeli airstrikes including three women and eight children. mourners attended a funeral procession for eight members of the same family killed in one of them. >> the single deadliest moment in 48 hours of fighting. destroyed airstrike
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this house in central gaza, killing a members of the same family, including five children. the target was an islamic jihad commander. no warning. usually they do. this time they kill the whole family. it's not right. the mass funeral followed, eight buried, thousands on the streets. the rockets and airstrikes had given way to a cease-fire. islamic jihad saying it wanted important concessions. made by islamic jihad on behalf of all the palestinians. the conditions are to stop assassination operations, protect protesters, and to start implementing steps to break the siege. correspondent: many in gaza struggling with desperate poverty as well as violence, tiring of such claims. >> i'm not satisfied. there is no benefit. cease-fires have happened many
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times before and were useless. >> rockets were launched from gaza city. two intercepted by israel's air defense system. israel reopened border crossings. >> the government and the idf achieved its goal in this mission. we illuminated the terrorist that was -- eliminated the terrorist in charge of recent actions against israel. we will do anything necessary in order to avoid. correspondent: since israel onassinated a commander tuesday morning, it has shifted its long-standing policy that responsible for all rocket fire out of gaza, instead stricking islamic jihad targets almost exclusively. said it stood with islamic jihad in the battle, but held back from launching its own
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rockets. perhaps concerns about wider escalations. as night fell, israel said it intercepted another rocket fired out of gaza. communities around the fridges -- fringes have decided to close schools on friday for fear the cease-fire will not hold. citizens arean suspected of being part of isil and have arrived in berlin after being deported from turkey. and a childr women, departed istanbul in the latest wave of repatriation that started monday. another 23 european nationals suspected of involvement are expected to be deported the next few days. says 1200 isil fighters are being held in their prisons. 30 nations are meeting in the u.s. capitol to discuss the way to defeat isil. it is the second time the global coalition against isil has met
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this year. the meeting was called to review strategies after the recent death of the isolator. more from washington -- the isil leader. more from washington. correspondent: the commemoration of the soldiers who lost their lives in service and speaking at a veterans day event in new york, donald trump highlights what he regards as a signature military victory. pres. trump: a few weeks ago, american special forces raided the isil compound and brought the world's number one terrorist leader to justice. warriors,american al-baghdadi is dead. correspondent: the killing was welcomed by all members of the global coalition to defeat isis. less enthusiastic about another development that has major impacts in northeast syria. the unilateral withdrawal of
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u.s. forces from the region, which led to a massive military operation by turkey against kurdish militia that had long been fighting alongside coalition forces. the kurds for sisal out of northern syria -- the kurds forced isil out of northern syria, losing 11,000 troops in the process. now the kurds have been driven from their song holds -- strongholds by the turkish military. they are turning to russia and syria for support. thehe ground, at least, global coalition is beginning to fragment. the division intensified by president trump's decision to redeploy u.s. forces to guard oil fields in northwest syria. pres. trump: we want to bring our soldiers home, but we did leave soldiers because we are keeping the oil. i like oil. we are keeping the oil. correspondent: the shift in the objective is of deep concern to the coalition.
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some contending the seizing of oil facilities in a sovereign state contravenes geneva conventions. >> russia has an excellent propaganda point. president trump has made the u.s. mission of the coalition about securing the oil, taking the oil from them. moscow is going to have a heyday accusing the united states and its allies of stealing oil and being an imperialist war. it will be at the heart of discussions at the u.s. this week. all agree the situation has grown more complicated, but many members of the coalition argue this is a consequence of unilateral u.s. action. the seizure of oil fields a particular point of division, one that could threaten the unity of the group that is held together in five years since it was formed. >> more now on that meeting of the foreign ministers in washington.
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. the issue for foreign ministers in washington was what to do to keep isis from ,estarting its presence in iraq syria, and other parts of the middle east. there is the general agreement that even though abu bakr al-baghdadi has been killed by u.s. forces, his ideology is very attractive. members of the global coalition have to figure out what sort of military support, diplomatic support, and financial support should be given to countries that are considered vulnerable so that isis cannot reintegrate into their society and start controlling parts of their territory. the other big issue which came up, what to do about foreign fighters. there was a general agreement havethe region might not the judicial capacity to actually try and imprison those who took up arms on behalf of isil.
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there was a general agreement these people need to be sent back to their home countries and prosecuted there. there is also the question of rehabilitation and reintegration into their home societies. it is not just for people who took up arms on behalf of isil. it is their loved ones. spouses, children, people who may not have been involved in the active fight, but who could face ostracization when they return to their home countries. a very big problem, a very expensive problem, one which members of the coalition agree they have to work on and they have to work on soon. ♪ >> four people have been killed in the iraqi capital of baghdad in the latest antigovernment protest. 62 others have been treated for injury. many of those choking on teargas or hit by rubber bullets. more than 330 people have been
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killed since unrest began. iraq's government has made some concessions, but protesters wanted overhaul of the political system. we have been told daily that there are going to be substantive measures discussed and taken in parliamentary sessions. really, they have yet to transpire. the parliament continues to meet. there are expectations by multitudes of protests on the streets that they will hear, perhaps, some news that would indicate the government is taking their concern and their demands under consideration. discussing them in parliament. and yet that does not seem to be the case. yesterday as well as today, it had been expected that electoral reform would be taken up in the parliament, that perhaps ways of combating corruption would be taken up in the parliament.
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it did not happen yesterday, despite the presence of the head of the united nations mission in iraq. it has not happened today. as far as what we have been told , there was a draft law that was completed by the president's office with regard to electoral reform that was then given to the head of parliament. rather, the cabinet, and then has gone to the president of parliament, and that it will be discussed at some point. we just don't know when. that's one of the reasons people day after day continue to protest despite the threat of violence. that's one of the reasons they keep coming out. usedlice in chile have water cannons on a crowd protesting in santiago as antigovernment demonstrations continued for the 28th straight day. protests began in early october over a metro fair hike, but have grown into widespread anger at
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the government. -- toters plant 18 protest the police shooting of a young indigenous leader. expected torotests take place today. a very busy scene. tell us what is happening there now. more people are arriving. just a few have left because they have been pushed away by the large amount of tear gas and pepper gas, not pepper spray. by trucks.ed right police trucks. it looks as though they are sending teargas, but it is sprays -- it is pepper and water cannons. protesters have responded with rocks. there are a few running battles taking place. not only in santiago with protesters, but also in the port city.
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this is the place in chile where the largest number of indigenous people live. they are very angry about the assassination of one of their community leaders, killed by a police man exactly one year ago. while all of this happens, the congress is meeting, or members of congress are presenting different political parties are trying to hash out some kind of agreement to call for a referendum for a new constitution. they still have not agreed or been able to agree on it, even as many people same -- many people say time has run out. it is a critical situation. we are seeing more and more people injured just a little bit behind me. people being shot by rubber pellets, rubber coated lead pellets as well, rower bullets. asrubber bullets, as well
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molotov cocktails being thrown by more violent protesters. >> thank you very much. protests continue in santiago, chile. you are with al jazeera. much more still ahead on the program. equal pay day in the u.k.. at thelook -- thent-elect presidential election as people head to the polls on saturday. ♪ ♪ >> good to have you back. things are getting better in terms of the fire weather. temperatures are coming down as well as the winds across much of this area. containment should start across the area in terms of those buyers. temperature wise, it is white
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warm. brisbane at 32 degrees. down across the south into melbourne over toward hogarth, it is still the winds, clouds, into the teens across much of the region. rain could be an issue as well. toward the west, temperatures are coming up. we are going to be seeing the wildfire threat increasing as well. 35 degrees on saturday. the three day forecast does look like this. very warm friday. dropping to 35 saturday. by the time we get to sunday, a little bit of a break. we do see 26 asas your normal h. we are going to be watching carefully. across the north and south island of new zealand, one weather system has pushed through. windy conditions across much of the area. winds toward the south, christ church, as well as rain. auckland as we go toward friday, 14, warming to 20 by the time we get to sunday.
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back. a fragile cease-fire between israel and islamic jihad appears to be holding despite sporadic rocket fire. 34 palestinians have been killed , including three women and eight children. german citizens suspected of being part of isil have arrived in berlin after being deported from turkey. the latest in a wave of repatriation. foreign ministers from more than 30 nations meet in washington to discuss the way to defeat isil. police in chile have used water cannons on a crowd protesting in santiago as demonstrations continue for the 28th straight day. protesters are planing together in 18 cities across the country on thursday.
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the 2014tigation into downing of malaysian airline flight 17 has found strong evidence that connects russia to ukrainian fighters in the east. the plane was shot down over eastern ukraine, killing 298 people. investigators have released phone call recordings, transcripts of those calls, they say between separatist fighters and russian officials in the weeks leading up to the attack. >> for the families of those killed on flight mh 17, there are so many unanswered questions . why did their loved ones become victims of a conflict below their flight path in eastern ukraine? the investigation team led by the netherlands has reconstructed the crash and events leading up to it. in june, they proved an arms group was in contact with russian government officials about your military support.
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show russians influence went further than just support. they show contact was almost daily. one call from july 1, 2014, 16 days before the crash, a dpr member tells local commanders men are coming with a mandate from russia's defense minister. [speaking foreign language] >> if confirmed, the tapes would provide additional evidence the kremlin had direct control of the separatist leadership and mamaged to transfer an antiaircraft system which detonated above a passenger jet and brought it down. russia denies any enforcement and is questioning the recording.
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>> what are the conclusions based on? the publication of evidence which immediately turned out to be fake and some of which does not check out? we have been through this already. >> the minister of defense and other high-ranking russian inicials publicly mentioned relation with the downing of mh 17, the investigation has reached a new level. low ranking russians and one ukrainians were listed as suspects. important step for the relatives of victims who died here in ukraine five years ago and the search for justice. >> china's president is saying mounting protectionism and dutch leaders from five major and leaderset -- from five major economies meet.
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leaders issued a joint declaration where they set out big issues like their commitment to the paris climate agreement and the wto. >> some of the main points we have seen have been a reinforcement of existing policies within these five countries, the five bricks countries, a strengthening of partnerships when it comes to international security, questions of climate change, a few of the main points that came out of the plenary session, the signing of a wide-ranging diplomaticne being a a diplomatic for solution to the crisis to the ongoing conflict between israel and palestine, another reaffirming the five countries' commitment to the paris climate change accord. this one is especially important
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given the president of brazil's previous stance saying he would back out of supporting the united states in that regard, backing out of the paris climate change. that.s a reversal on pledging a commitment to the paris climate change. lastly, a desire to have a more prominent role within the united nations. document, thee last nonbinding but sort of a guiding star for the summit. protesters arey occupying central hong kong for a fourth straight day. they are angry over escalating violent confrontations with police. protesters are blocking major roads. schools have been kept shut until sunday. the government has denied reports of curfews. pro-democracy protests have been going on since june when the country tried to introduce an
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extradition bill that many thought would stifle dissent. >> the polytechnic university in hong kong has become a rallying point for a growing number of protesters and students who blocked themselves in the campus behind me. this number has been growing throughout the day. they have created a barricade. you can see the students hiding behind that waiting for the police to arrive. they also blocked off major thoroughfares. these roads, scattering breaks as well as nails, stopping police from entering. protesters have blocked more than 20 traffic arteries across hong kong. sections have been closed, with more throughout the evening. police have described this as mob behavior, one step closer to terrorism. protesters are concerned this particular weekday protest
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general strike action targeting the transport system that will continue and friday will be another day of general strike. >> two people have been killed and several wounded after a high school campus shooting in california. the suspect used to be a student of the school in santa clarita. he has been arrested and is being treated in a local hospital. the sheriffs office says they believe the gunman acted alone, but they are still evacuating -- still investigating all leads. show hospital waiting times are at their worst ever on record in the u.k. state-funded health service have propelled the issue to the top of the agenda for campaigning for next month's election. boris johnson has blamed demand, but the opposition party says it is budget cuts by the government. the national: health service is a crucial battleground and these statistics from nhs england illustrates the reality many
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health care professionals described as a crisis. one in six people waiting more than four hours for emergency units in europe in october. 83.6% were treated or admitted within four hours. the target is 95%. a target that has not been met since july of 2015. the latest figure is the worst ever performance since the target was introduced in 2004. the data showed in september the nhs is still failing to hit its target of 92% of patients starting treatment within 18 weeks. the conservatives would love to keep the focus on brexit. but a visit to a primary school thursday saw the prime minister failing to avoid questions as to why nhs targets keep being missed. >> what these figures show is the huge pressure there is on the nhs caused by demand. that is why we are making colossal investments.
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just inside being prime minister, 34 billion pro-government investment. >> very bad nhs statistics have been released. labor preempted them on wednesday by announcing plans to spend an extra $33 million on the nhs. that is $8 billion more than conservatives have so far pledged. a close to decade of underfunding, after axing 15,000 beds, after the brutal slashing of social care budgets and a failure to address chronic workforce shortages of 100,000, our nhs is crying out for a financial rescue plan and real change. the nhs and its future is of enormous importance to the british electorate. according to a recent survey,
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77% of people want to see it maintained and 90% support the founding principles of care being free and available according to need regardless of ability to pay. a party which loses the public's trust on the nhs will struggle to win the december 12 election. >> a big weekend coming up in sri lanka. people are preparing to vote in a presidential election. the brother of the former president is a front runner. he has campaigned on national security after the easter sunday suicide bombings that killed 200 623 people. people. mahinda rajapaksa is not running for president, yet he is the man these people have waited in the rain to see. .t is his brother politics is a family business for the rajapaksas.
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he announced his candidacy after the easter sunday suicide bombings but targeted churches killingls, telling -- 263 people. >> we want to make it a safe place. >> we are hoping he can save the country for our children. ands defense minister japaksa arethe ra credited with the civil war. in peacetime, they borrowed billions of dollars from china for infrastructure projects. sri lanka sits in the middle of strategic indian ocean shipping lanes. china has a 99 year lease on a port on the southern coast. concernsters have about that, they have been put to one side. to make theured, assumption i can go out of my
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house, i can send my children to schools, and there is no question of imminent threat. rajapaksa has promised infrastructure projects if he wins. they will need to win some votes of the minority to secure victory. that vote is being courted by their main rival. the candidate for the ruling coalition also has support from the community. he has a wider appeal among grassroots. muslim voters are worried about the return of the rajapaksas. but he serves in a government presiding over a storming economy and has been found responsible for ignoring intelligence warnings that could have stopped the easter sunday attacks. overcome if he is to achieve victory.
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