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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 20, 2019 5:30am-6:01am PST

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> amnesty international confirms the death of morere thn 10100 people in protest across iran. ongoing internet blackout. the highest power saying the for securitys are issues, not from the people. donald trump's impeachment inquiry -- the president acted the ambassador questions marking the most consequential moment yet.
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emergencyeils .easures this amid eight months of strikes by hospital workers. the capipital of bololivia, whee many fear for their safety as tension continues to rise. aboutquinn will tell us the latest scandal to hit the australian banking industry.
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for w watching. protests have been taking place across the country. days of protests, and iranians continue to be off-line. representativen to aa explainow they cacame up with the figures. >> we have being able -- we have bebeen able to get eyewitness testimony, video footage, , bult .ases leleft on the ground
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>> today we have heard from the leadership. they are pushing the narrative e that the unrnrest hs the president made a statement in a meeting with his cabinet, congratulating the nation for passing the test and not letting iran's enemies take advantage of the s situation. statement of the suggests an effort by the
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areident that the protests over. state media with a similar message. the company one headline e was a pictcture of a security officicr shaking hands w with a little girl. a pictcture that attemptpts to convey the return of calmlm. state media says unrest inin 100 cities, banks and businesses vandalized and more than 1000 people arrested. state media reporting security forces were killed during the riots. burial services for one officer was held today. state media covered that. >> that is the line from the government and the country state media. we have been here before.
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2009, 2017. this time people are more angry. is it likely this movement will peter out? >> it is hard to say? thisis different with outbreak of unrest and violence is the information blackout. i have seen breakouts and antigovernment protests. i have never seen an information blackout like i have here for the past four days. ith the internet restricted, is impossible to collect and confirm information, impossible to report if protests are still going on and if so, what scale and what degree, and if they will continue. the best we can do is make phone calls and monitor the situation where we are and things appear to be quiet here. we will see what happens.
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there is an internet blackout across iran. we are hearing reports of the protests continuing across the islamic republic. the impeachment inquiry into donald trump continues.. emerged asland has the most pivotal witness. on tuesdsday, an official clclam ththe u.s. president made impror demands from his ukrainian counterpart. this, after trump asked volodymyr zelensky to dig u up dirt on jojoe biden. i would d like to bring in our commentator for analysis. somnolent is crucial. why is that? emergrging as a cruciall
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plplayer in what is seen as a a shadow fororeign policy condndud bythe trump administration his personal lawyer and god -- and gordon sondland. he donated $1 million to trump's inauguration. appointed as the european ambassador to the european union . what is he involved in? ukraine is nonot a member of the european unionon. last month in closed-door testimony, nine hours of testimony. two weeks after that, he chchand his statement. he revised it. testimonye subsequent
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by witnesssses refreshed his memory. he was caught in a lie. you can expect today the interrogators, led by adam schiff, to grill him, to confront him on what our contradictions, discrepancies, what are inconsistencies, what are giant holes in his testimony. he never disisclosed, until latr whenen it came out that he was privy to -- that he was on a in which they discussed investigating the bidens. that was july 26. that is one day after the date of the phone call that is the very heart of this inquiry. he leavendland denied that there was any link between military aid, bribery,
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andndion, or quid pro quo, investstigating the bidens. he later confirmed he told ukrainians the two were linked. the reason this witness is crucial is because a, he is at the center of it. he is a player, along with giuliani. he is part of the nexus of this shadow foreieign p policy, andn, unlilike the others, he could pk up his cell phone and c call the president, get through a and get past the white house operators and say get me the president and within seconds trump would be on the phone. > i want to move away from te hearing itself. whatat is the strategy republils have trieded here?
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case e in point, yesterday, we had a decorated army veteran, wounded in iraq, a purple heart , the republicans tearing into his credibility, citing people who questioned his judgment. , inrepublicans have not these hearings, been able to attack, because they don't feel comfortable doing so or don't know how to, attack the substance in the testimony. rather than attacking the substance, they have taken the low road, gogone after the process. they are going after the witnesses, trying to tell americans do not believe a thing
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this man says, don't believe his service to the country. he is not a credible witness. witnessesseveral key in this, including mick mulvaney, who are not going to testify because they are following instructions by the white house. that iss obstruction and that will probably end up as an article of impeachment. >> this is the second week of open hearings. very fiery statements from the witnesses. to what end? likely, not certain, the house will at some point m.p.h., they will vote by a majority on articles of easemement, which do not remove the president. viewers know by now impeachment does not remove the resident. americans are still divided on it. a slight majority favors
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impeaching the president, but they are not in favor of removing him from office. vote froms two thirds the senate. you have a house with a democratic majoritity. with ae a senate majority of republicans. you need 67 votes to remove him from office. they do not have those votes. >> tensions are running high after a resignation. supporters of the former president denounced what they said is a coup, while the southern neighborhood work -- welcome the change of government. we bring you this report. the family home was attacacd
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by hundreds on the night of the 10th of november. >> when they heard the explosion, my brother and a few people came to the side. they got the women and the elderly out. >> the family escaped by scaling the walls. >> they destroyed the kitchen. this is one of the children's bedrooms. is the director at the public university. >> the a aim of the attack was o intimidate people. >> people came to the police
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station and attacked it. they said it on fire. patrol their streets at night. >> we set up an alert system. if they spot anything unusual. such messagesish or not needed. we livee past, together. are going to we attack them, which is not true. we get told they will attack us. >> t the politicalal crisis hass igignited deep didivides. indigenous support the president. the mainly whites and mixed race
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middle-class on the others. question thes: to stability. recent clashes call in to question the stability. a 300 euro monthly bonus of the tough conditions they face at work. >> starting 2020, we will launch a 10 billion euro program over three years. is 3.3 billion each year to restore the financial balance of the diffusion. -- of the institution.
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himet's take a listen to taking us through the measures that have been announced. >> this was an emergency press conference to present an emergency program announced by the president following a major strike movement by doctors, nurses, and the hospital networks here in france. expectationlot of about bonuses, especially for those earning very little money in the paris region, especially fresh money. it came with this debt reduction , states will take third ofility for the
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the debt over the next two years. and isuation is dire acute. they are needed to be an emergency response and not only long-term plans that have already been announced. or notstion is whether this will be considered enough. we know the hospital workers, doctors were expecting increases in wages. this has not been accepted by the government, their bonuses, their are more means to invest. we are waiting for the response from the union to see if this will be enough because the government does not want this movement to continue. >> the main headlines here onon live from paris.s. confirmsnternational
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the death of more than 100 in protest across iran, triggereded by a move to raise fuel prices. the ayatollah saying the recent actions or security issues and not from the people. donald trump's impeachment inquiry. acted improperly by making political demands of ukraine. the ambassador to the eu faces questions marking the most consequential moment in the probe. france unveils emergency measures for hospitals, including an 800 euro annual bonus amid eight months of strikes by hospital workers who have been forced to shave some 9 billion euros off of their spending in 2005.
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it is time for a l look at t thp is this news with brian quinn. australia, the second-largest bank has been accused of breaches of financial disclosurere laws. >> it stands accused of breaking anti-money laundering and the fifinaiall agency says the bank committed 23 million suchh infractions, each h of which carries a penalalty of nearly 13 mimilln eueuros. the latest r regulatory salvo comes as they are rocked by malpraractice. eye to whereblind the money was coming from, even if it was child traffickers or high risk sanctioned countries.
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o of 23 million breaches of money laundering laws. there were high-risk transactions to the philippines. >> they responded, saying such breaches should never have happened. australian regulators are s for eachine breach. that amountsts to 400 83 trillin australian dollars. westpac will not have to pay that hefty fine. it amounts to over three times the global economy.
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four biggest banks were accused of malpractice. last year, the largest lender paid a settlement find of 700 million australian dollars. international transferors that went -- transfers that went unreported, they are in another level of misconduct. >> the trade war between china and the u.s. the stakes have been raised again. b billed as phase one.e. at deal turning out to be more complicated than either side expected. be removedts tariffs as a condition is leading to the
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u.s. increase its d demand. donaldld trump of a mind that giving u.s. concessions without achieving core u.s. deals -- goals is not a good deal. supplyhey don't, their chain will be killeded. we will see what happens. i am very happy right now. if we don't make a deal with chinina, i will raise the e tars -- tariffsea >> how to higher. >> h how are the marts reactingg to that? >> they y are losing ground. banking shares leading the way. ftse 100, london, off .25%. paris, off nearly y half a percent.
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>> boeing has struggled to land orders of the latest installment of dubai's largest aviviation tradeshohow. > they have e lagged behind airbus. boeing got just over $1 billion worth of sales compared to airbus' $30 billion. on wednesday, emirates a airlins announced an order for 30 of the 737 dreamliner jets. previouson from a commitment. thehe same time, they cut plans. a positiveed to put spin. here he is.
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>> it will complement our fleet makes by expanding our flexibility. >> the government is considering raising taxes on vehicles that are heavy polluters.. >> suv''s, in particular. up toto be slapped with 20,000 euros in penalties. critics say it does not go far enough. >> a road trip through the backcountry, driving down the coast. suvs are often advertised as being one with nature. mostare often among the polluting of vehicles. finance minister wants to make sure car buyers know it.
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is pointless millions of consumers are trying to pollute less while cars that emit a lot of co2 are not penalized. it is a question of efficiency and justice. taxes have long existed in france. electric vehicles are popular, so are suvs. in the past 10 years, the number of suvs bought by french drivers jumped from eight to 32%. the idea to increase the maximum a welcome first stetep for the grgreen party. >> it is a step, even if it just applied to 1% to 2% of all car sales. for less than a single
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percent of car sales, and to say the tax to appease nonprofits, it is not worth it. >> the government said it would help drivers by electric or hybrid cars. >> burger king is accucused of being insufficiently vegan. >> can you b believeve it? walkerking's impossssible is marketed as 0% beef. a lawawsuit says that is not enough. the plaintiff is suing for not disclosing these mosostly vegagn burgers are cooked on the same grills as beefef counterparts, thus picking up trace beef fats. burger king says a microwave
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opoption is available. if you are trying to be vegan at that level, may be ordered king is not the place to start.
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diep tran: i think people are aware of vietnamese cuisine, and most people don't want that cuisine to change or don't want to have their understatanding of the cucuisine to change. becaususe the cuisine is chahang l the timime. the idea of a, like, this unifying national cuisine, vietnamese cuisine, it doesn't exist. really, it truly doesn't exist. even a unified vietnamese identity doesn't exist. [dings] like, it's kikind of like s sayg italians--defined by tomatoes and olive oil. wwhat people see as essential,, it''s because they'y're looking from like an n outsider's point o of view, and it's not granular.


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