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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 21, 2019 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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tool king you presented by katharine nicholson. france twenty four france twenty four .com. family to use welcome to live from piracy on fronts twenty four i'm margot in these are the headlines. even netanyahu has been charged with bribery fraud and breach of trust. israel's attorney general has brought the case after a three year investigation. the first israeli prime minister to face criminal charges while still in office. five a benny gantz school at a very sad day to israel. strikekes i in colombia widespspread anger against arriving government if you don do que has spilled over into the streets protests about persistent economic inequality as well as violence against social activists will l be speaking the editor aboutt
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spanish channel. about sierra in bogota in a moment. amnesty international's issued a scathing indictment of the world's dominant internet corporations are getting and you report that google and facebook should be forced. to abandon what it calls that surveillance based business model because it's predicated on human rights abuse . thank you very much for being with us israel's prime minister's been indicted on charges of corruption it's a move that will cause further chaos in the deadlocked political scene according to the indictment netanyahu. benyamin netanyahu accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars of champagne signals from billion at friends offered to trade favors with a newspaper publisher and used
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his influence to help a wealthy telecom magnate. in exchange for favorable coverage on a popular news site. but even if he does the first israeli prime minister to be charged with a criminal offense while still in office. he denies the charges. in a press conference the cast a dark cloud over the future prime minister benjamin netanyahu's career. israel's attorney genereral avishai mandl blitz did not mince his words. your day in which the attorney general decides to serve an indictment against the soonest primee minister for serious crimes of corrupt government actions which is a heavy and said dalee because of the israeli public. and for me personally the devil finishing. less than an hour earlier the justice ministry announced the country's prime minister had been formally charged with bribery fraud and breach of trust the first time a sitting israeli prime minister is charged with a crime. the most serious charges are connected to so called case four thousand netanyahu is accused of passing
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regulations that enable h his friend a telecom magnate of receiving over two hundred fifty million dollars in benefits. in return the company's news website published favorablele articles about netanyahu and his family. in another press conference the embattled leader who was also caught up in an unprecedented popolitical. crisis call the indictment. trente. caroline of within. tonight we are witnessing an attempted coup against prime minister there is a false accusations. but to systematically tainted and biased invest on cookie work was on in the government. netanyahu is under no legal obligation to resign it is now up to him to decide whether he will waive his immunity as a membmber of the knesset every indicted top official in the past few dececades has done so. if he follows suit israelis can expect the first hearing in the trial in the next few months if he does not he will certainly face increasing pressure to resign or even be removed and the legal process will likekely enter a long. drawn out battle.
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in minutes you know just to reiterate- denying the againstt him of a corruption. it was marked as our correspondent in jerusalem. i would say a unity government i is now off te table that was always the apartmenents blew on m march t e political parties who oppose netanyahu. i always said they will not sit with a bat and a prime minister charged with criminal. charges a and t that's what we have tonight so i'd say that's off the cons in israel will be going to is the direction. that's the first thing. interestingly this is funny bc news writing no or this bakery which means that if you're as a member of parlrliament in your charge you must step down. if you will the prime minister in your charge you d d't need to step down. so that's why netanyahu has been fighting so hard to retain the problem in this issue it changes e everything from his popoint of europe- and now. if
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he's policy doeoesn't. it well well if we could pass he stands behihind him he cann be believed he can even with these chargess going to fight the next election. and even with these charges stand as prime minister the question of immunitiess sosomething that will be discussed. next august thatat's normal accccounts right now. it was maxwell correspondent in jerusalem out one more line from benjamin netanyahu he said described it as a a aattemptedd coup-- raised against him. just imagine he sat facing corruption charges. after a three year investigation. thanks a lot from paris to more key witnesses have been giving evidence in the impeachment hearings against the us president donald trump. hello from white house adviser david holmes of the state department both made clear that they thought trump's personal lawyer rudy giuliani was pursuing political investigations of democrats in ukraine. this contradicts president trump's claims that the center the scandal the allegation the presidentt trump is four
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hundred. and nine dollars a congressional approved a crane as leverage to force president blood ms lewinsky to open an investigation on trump's democrat rival for the twenty twenty presidential election. joe biden as well as his son hunter let's hear from fiona hill ukraine did i'm really much right now russia's security services on their proxies have geared up to repeat their interference in the. twenty twenty election. we're running out of time to stop them. in the course of this investigation i would ask that you please not promote politically driven full services okay advanced russian interests. because the impeachment cari continues. next protests in the streets of bogota the people of colombia voicing that anger against the right wing governmentnt of yvone do q que condemningersistentt economic inequality and a long list of complaints is also violence against social activists thousasands of studens teachers labor union organizes gathered for what could be one of the nation's biggest
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demonstrations in recent years testing on a popular government. is on breast whips the region. they've taken to the streets with a long list of grievances. iman's maintaining minimum wages for young people and granting universal rights of pension to everyone. i also government if for us workers give us what we deserve andnd pass it just salarary so that he can have stabityty. rest grit some other latin american countries in recent days police this week rated social activists on a magazine. the maids only added fuel to the fire. colombia's conservative president even decay acknowledged demonstrators had legitimate concerns. more violence would not be tolerated. i see a book ever gonna say most we recognize the value of peaceful protests but we must also guarantee public order we will defend with all the tools at our constitution grants as-
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the right of colombians to live in peace. the government has deployed a hundred and seventy thousand offices to beef up security and closed border crossings. forty two dozen venezuelans accused of entering the country to instigate rest. columbia is one of latin america's most stable economies with robust growth. but hi inuauality remaiains a m major prproblem. the country's three richest men reported n nearly a tenth of its gdp well more than three hundred chchildren d diedf hunger lost yet. the president't's approval rating hs down from close 254% to just 31% over the past year. the ticket has repeatedly denied rumors about pension andnd tax reform. is so far failed to quell public discontent. bolivian right please find tear gas to break up a massive funeral procession the march turned into an anti government demonstration in la paz thousands of indigenous people
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marched into the capital from neighboring at el alto. bringing coffins of five of the eight victims killed in a stand off on tuesday with security forces demonstrations of the generation to clashess since i t moralilis was forced out of popr on the band d the tense at least thirty two peoplple. havave lost their lives the highly criticized interim president jenny and yes has a stability is congress to approve new elections morales will be barred from those no date has been set but the anger of the indigenous people. who saw moralis manages that representative is something that he set yet to see any comic and as you see these images. very much telling the story. of what's happening right now. next amnesty international has issued a scathing indictment of the world's dominant internet corporations. are looking in your report the google and facebook should be forced to abandon what it calls the surveillance based business model because it's predicated on human rights abuse. t the global rigs groups said. the sixty page report pubublished this thursday that the business model of what it calls the surveillance giants. is
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inherently incompatible with the right to o privacy.y. gooooe faced a lot of ice t threaten rarange of otherr rights including. freedom of expression and the right to equality as well as non discrimination no facebook issued a statement to disagree. a google is yet to comment. will face the founder mark zuckerberg faced the us congress in october. over the issue of pololitical fake news n his social media network. burgrgs also faced. congressional greetings before notably over the issue. o of the personal data of eigighty seven million.n. face bececause- of te height of the cambridge analytica. scandal. let's get more on that the story bring game from honesty joe west who is the- tech research and adviser jo thank you very much for being with us. i'm have we all then signeded a sort of f fy how stian packeked when w we age to sigign to o gon socialal mediaa. well that't's why the problem. and that we face is that facebook in google's business model means that they are profiting from. people's
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nice internet. in information- and then. what this means is that the- dominance of these platforms- results in enough being tracked in this corporate surveillance machine. whereby we have. no choice butt to consenent. to a system predicatd on surveillance and that's why. we cooling full and- a at the- and- g governmentsts to overhaul the business mododel live at facebook and g google- that is based on surveillance. and move to an internet which is what's respecting. it's very spooky when you're talking about say with- with you make getting a particular brand of rugby bootots. and then suddenly those actual boots. with the studs old leaving g you turn up on yor facebook page. . is that t the d of right exactly i mean those are. designs that follow you around the internet the annoying cookie notices dots and the tip of the iceberg
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realally y you know what not. ad hi thihis iss a huguge architece of surveillance which i is usin- being usesed t to nd of gather and capture datates for my momot intitimate. and lives and then you start dates it to you to target this i into seles islanas i mean. and it seems that every weekek there's's a there's a new example of how thihis iss really undermining the veryy essence of the right to privacy jusust last week there wasas a an investigation. showing how healthth websites was shaharing hihighly sensitive data includig medical symptoms fidelitity informationn witith a whole rane of advdvertising companies-- including of course facebook and google who sits in the hearts of the- people w who is sharing thahat informatioion online. you know there's no way that they are consenting to you. that that that puzzle it dates the h highly sensitivee medical l data being strandeded.
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not t . i'm i'm m not sly you knknow. read the fact that companies are profiting from all in some information has got to be over hold google haven't commented facebook has to basically say you know you'd be patient m money it'ss asian chae basically. do o every from that the moxico but doesn't the cat. what i think facebebook's reresponse is intereresting they they they pointnt to the fact that. you know anybody has. an ability to choose. whether o or nott they have a facebooook account on on one level thatt is true of f course but- r rlly it is now virtutually i impossible. avoid thehe web of sururveillane of t these two companies they domiminates t the channels which people rely on. to engage with the digital world search.h. social media video that small signs browns's. in somome parts of the world i in some countries facebook is the internet that people don't know any different and. waitss i in accesss the internet other than three three face but so the idea is that
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people have a choice and that there's a way to o you in a box out of t this that this webb off surveillance is frankly. unit. luludicrous in this inin this digitatal age that we built. joe wawas speak of amnesty international thank you very much indeed for your time if your analysis and of course we'll keep an eye. on the- weiss any replies from google well from facebook to a what we've been saying thank you very much indeed. time to business and i'm pleased to announce in the house kate moody. good evening to you mark. as unrest continues in hong kong businesses say that feeling pressure to oppose these demonstrations kate please explain what we heard more and more of this over the last few months mark- companies are trying to discourage their employees from hitting the streets. some like cathay pacific can even fired staff members. expressed support for the movement. analysts say it's a clear sign of beijing's influence as to long distance of reports. opportunity to test.
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hong kong's metro operator but also clothing retailers zara and french bank bnp paribas. both the domestic and foreign companies are on beijing's radar chinese state firms had threatened t to boycott businesses whose employees are suspecteted of suppororting theo democracy movement the city's flag carrier has let cool for around twenty stuff since the protests began. rebekah c. was a flight to send. and she certain she was fired at beijing's behest. there's a clear picture for the hong kong people that chinese china government is chinese government's doing something to let you know you have to learn a lesson. you have to be good you have to follow what they ask you to do. many companies in hong kong have been criticized for touring beijing's line. according to this consultant china wields enormous influence with the city's business community. so i'm gonna go see amomong companies in hong kong we can say there is what we turn out
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white terror employees feel they can no longer say what they think. the impact has stretched beyond the city's business center. the pro beijing owner at thihis recyclig facility sat down with his employees individually. to dissuade them from taking to the streets. mister lowe told us that we can support the movement in private but don't protest. the long running on breast has pushed hong kong into recession. authohorities have prompted two and a half billion dollars to cushion the hardest hit sectors including tourism and retail but the government argues there's only so much it can do to stem the slide if the protests continue. france is a national lottery operator has made its debut in the stock market. i is part of n annual medical school for controversiaial privavatization drive he's trying to reduce the state's control of the fox's vision or f. t. j. as well as the airports around the cat french capital. monies supposed to go toward the fund for innovation and start ups well sure is listed at nineteen years and fifty cents they
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jumped over 16% on their first day of trading. closing at twenty to seventy that brought in about two billion europe the french state with finance minister calling it an immense success which he says balances risk and reward for individual investors. many of whom were buying stock for the first time. as opposed to i think the french people who have invested in the forces they should know very well what they're getting themselves into. they getting themselves into the success of the company which is solid. which has shown its capacity to adapt in recent years. i think this is a good investment it's a good investment because if you look at other investments. what you have today is low interest rates. that's a case of europe and the rest of the world in a situation on a list to do more. of course there's a risk but in this case the receivers balance it's. reasonable because the fosters injure is a solid companies. speaking earlier. a ticket on the rest of the day's trading action now trade tensions still weighing on investors aroround the e world. major european indices lost b between one tenth and one third of a percentage
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point. sharess of g german engineneering giant thiesessen grououp plunged fourteen percen. as it rereported a net loss for the last twelve months. read on wall streeeet as well as s stocs extendnd a t three day losing streak. at dow j jones sliding abouout a hundred points. the nasdsdaq down nearly a a quartef a percent. there is s still confusion about the state of tradee talks between washington and beijing. one report suggestinghat amerirican negotiators havee been invited for another rouou of talks. others indicating that there is in fact little progress on the horizon. one is in france and around the world are celebrating a beaujolais nouveau day. on the third thursday of november some producers released their youngest wine from this year's harvest. and only in barrel and bottle for a few weeks. but this year vineyards have been hit with a 25% tariffs on bottles that are being exported to the us. growing market for this particular vintage. some producers manage their shipments before the trump administration's taxes took effect. others said they would absorb the higher costs themselves to encourage sales.
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but all are worried about the long term impact on their business. it's clear that if wee didn't h have a presence was ths year's beaujolais nouveau papa is on it could disappear from ththe u. s s. markets all togetr despite- it t was crucial that e save this campaign. in the future it's the entire two thousand nineteen production an entire region an entire sectors threatened. and it's extremely complicated and worrying. the only. lots of questions mark about the impact of these tires on beaujolais nouveau andnd the wine industry as a whole. two questions well about the quality of the one that people are drinking tonight but no question that it's a fun night out and t. and you notice cake didn't bring the bottle to the studio because- it's not allowed in frenchch broadcasting but. to move the pity i sent. to make up for after. okay thank you very much today great to see a movie with all the business. change the tone now full of focus on july the fourteenth twenty sixteen. thousand people wrote
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celebrating busty down the streets of knees went a chin is the amount of liberty drove a lorry through the crowds eighty six people lost their lives many more. still trying to deal with the trauma that they experience and the soul that day. as the international congress set for the victims of terrorism opens at index we meet some of thohose now f fighs to get their lives back on track. what you're seeing and green shovel with h this. the pullman nowadays only knees since twenty sixteen this tourist attraction is also remembered as a scene of mass bloodshed. on july fourteenth of that year. jerry the my lost his twelve year old daughter and me. the writer quickly began to put into words how we events unfolded after the tragedy. the book's title nineteen cons the reference to the weight of the truck that took the life of his daughter. along side eighty five other people. and l left a father reeling from pain. check this
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was always the i needed toto build what i call a literarary tuned for my daughter who's died so violently. it was like a more dignified burial than what she had. i contains about telling the story for death in a more gracious way the issues. the book has h helped him to mourn her death. seven bebecause of water i had an advantage compared to o other victimims id a book to wrwrite. but now i fid myself in exactly the same position at them meaning that i lost my daughter and i don't have anything special today of. yeah he's communications agency will soon close down as he's been struggling to keep his business a aoat. like many survivors of a terrorist attack the tragedy has also taken a toll on tnt's professional life more than twenty three hundred people are now officially recognized as victims of the niece attacks. while couountless people and families have been affected many are mourning in solitude. such as you can
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sometimes find warms in this mass of people who are also affected but often times it won't keep you warm there's no doubt that the relationships between victims are complicated. we're talking about people who are in pain traumatized physically and mentally exhausted. the same thing will nott necessarily make everyone feel better at the same moment in time so it's difficult to be in phase with others and this can happen to families. and couples. no study has been conducted on the matter the many couples split up after the attack. and movies was one of them. the only time she ever goes near the promenade is when she's vivisiting a memorial erected by her association and a small garden. not far from where can he for twenty seven year old daughter was killed. the picture to change that the baby since. and has now found comfort in art. because your
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phone is. when i'm painting think about teaching you she is very special she's along it's as if we will warn you can make with shoppers like she lives inside may i have this feeling that she's the extension of my hands. okay brushes and the colors. has a life i content faces that her anymore so i paint a portrait i don't. she had never held a paintbrush before but now her home has been transformed into an art studio she says she is determined to overcome her sadness. he did the whole she bang measure because i was uncomforortable with the image i was giving off. i told myself this call go on this is not what life is about i can't keep on being like this at the top high speed is out of respect for others. i was shutting people out tell me did i just flush. and it's out of respect for her if i've decided to remain among. other thing i
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must embrace life and not pretend. if i cons well i know what i'll have to date thank you for fatty. but if i decide to live. i have to get on with it. actually for her string saved her life. suicide attempts have been reported among survivors and three years later psychiatrists are beginning to comprehend the scale of the trauma. in knees thirty five hundred people have consulted a psychiatrist including one thousand children. the children's hospspital opened a special unit dedicated to cases of deep trauma. the only unit of its kind in the country. or nel us saw w the truck as itit plowed o the crowd. a moment she'll never forget. today she has an evaluation of her mental health. the story is true but i feel better now. the hate has gone away. ended up i had this feeling of hate in me because of what happened. but now i don't really know how it went away. well i have a little i
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dear you felt hating side because you lost the life you deserve. but now i think you realized that you can find for you are i live your life. the majority of children in this special unit have developed sleep and attention disorders. they have a hard time containing their anger or leaving their parents to go to school. physical activities can provide relief did h he reminded can speak from experience his passion for a keto has allowed him to live with the pain. only set by the- you don't try to avoid the act of aggression your insurance. and then you try to move with it. to find harmony when you have a care in order to retake control as much as possible look. a song of. that moment fall death of a child in all the hardship that fell upon them. there's nothing
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you can do against it. i keto taught me to not even try to fight against it. but to accept it thanks to move with it. and reposition myself to survive. extra evil. surviving that's what thousands of victims are fighting for their numbers keep growing. here is for those who are in mourning the road to recovery will be long many challenges lie ahead as the victims learn how to live again. i reported the from these in the wake of a that attack in nineteen eighty six it was very clear that many people have been marked. possibly for life by what they saw what they experienced. and i'm not surprised people still strongly but the hope is that people can begin to rebuild their lives and signs that in a report. that that is happening awful to everybody it makes. she'll break and then nothing use continue stay with us
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