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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  November 21, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> benjamin netanyahu charged with fraud after a corruption in the. -- corruption inquiry. the world news from al jazeera. >> our support for ukrainian resistance became overshaaowed. >> more revealing testimony in the impeachment inquiry of donald trump as public hearings go into the fifth day. police firing tear gas on a
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bolivia were violence over the political transition turned deadly. taking aim at the government. thousands of indians protest outside parliament against plans to evict. we will get to the impeachment inquiry shortly. israel's attorney general has charged benjamin netanyahu with corruption. bribery,ing charges of fraud, and breach of trust. israel's longest-serving leader could face up to 10 years in prison if he is convicted of bribery alone. the attorney general decision comes as israel faces a political standoff following two inconclusive general elections this year. informed benjamin netanyahu about my decision to try him under an indictmeet that includes three charges.
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the attorney serve an indictment against day sitting prime minister for crimes is a heavy and sad day. >> benjamin the first israeli prime minister to be charged while in office. the first case concerned allegations he and hisswife worthed guest -- gifts more than $250,000. the second accuses netanyahu of doing a deal with newspapers for better media coverage. he promised to slow the growth of the rival paper. the final case involves unfair favors to a telecommunications company. he has been charged with frauu he denied any wrongdoing and describes the charges as an attempted coup. he has allo insisted he will not resign and is not legally obliged to do so.
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>> tonight ww are witnessing an attempted coup against the prime minister using false accusations in a tainted investigation. the decision was published with unprecedented speed at the most sensitive time since the establishment oo this state. prime minister netanyahu says he is not leeally obliged to resign and he is not going to. is that the case? it is certaanly a matter of legal debate. the supreme court may well have to decide on that. there is a law in place that mandates every government -pminister to step down if indicted. includes the prime minister. obviously netanyahu is saying no, he is under no legal obligation to resign. there is another question
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legally as well, which is, a member of the israeli parliament should have the righh to appeal to thee-- appeal for immunity if indicted. because of israel's political crisis, there still is not a committee in place that would hear such an appeal. do we have to delay everything until we have a functioning government??6 c13 c1 then we start examining netanyaau's case more properly? or ould there be a ccmmittee in place especially to hear this issue right now? there are a number of legal issues, to put it milddy. we have been expecting this, everyone has been expecting this, knowing it is coming, for months, if not years. and yet the psychological impact of hearing the attorney general say those words, that he is indicting netanyahu on such an important charge as bribery as really shaken things up. the question is, will he still
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party to stay in office?own thank you. hard to ignore. more from prime minister netanyahu. he went on to sayythe authorities were not after the truth, they were just after him. investigationd against me should worry every citizen. we have to put an end to this. the public has the right to a clean investigation that seeks the truth and only the truth. the only way to restore public faith in the system is to establish an outside independent committee that investigates the methodd and puts an end to this. it is time to innestigate the investigators. it is time to investigate the investigators, and it is all the witchhunt, apparently. which country are we talking about here? >> if i recall, it is israel, but it is familiar.
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long impeachment hearings in the united states. clearly it similarities between what is happening ii washington and jerusalem. quite paradoxical, i would say. look, what we have here is a longer than any other israeli prime minister and is still unfair to him, which is really aaazing. hh did every trick in the book. most un-kosher coalitions, ifhe you will. he bombarded gaza. he solicited the help of donald trump, so on and so forth, and he still could not muster it. the judiciary system still could indict him on fraud and breach of trust and most importantly, according to the prosecutor
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general, he basically used hhs office for his own personal benefit. that does sound like what in the united states. however, unlike the united states where the ssstem is quite protective of a veryystrong presidency, in a parliamentary system like israel, a prime minister does not have as much protection as an american president. that is why i think you will find it diificult to resist the political ressure coming forward. and the political pressure is forthcoming. netanyahu will not be able to stand. the question is, will he or pardoned by the president and he just steps aside and does not go onjail, or he insisss pursuing his political career
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and looing and in jail? actually have a functioning government anytime soon. %netanyahu could not form a government. neither could benny gantz. now corruption charges. what chance does israel have of getting a functioning governmmnt? >> as we spoke earlier, in the 90's, israel changed six governments. think at this point, after 10 years of netanyahu, israel found it difficult to create an alternative. more peoplethat, meet in the center right in the radical riiht then one can
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imagine looking from the outside. netanyahu steps aside, which he will probably do, you a coalition ase possible. of redlines when it comes to the palestinians that are the same. their approach to the important quustions of settlement are the same. and theproach to gaza -pssege of gaza is the same. before elections or after, we are going to see israel willht in come together and form a government as soon as netanyahuc steps aside. >> thank you. ♪
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donald trump impeachment inquiry delivered more dramatic testimony. ukraine officiil in heard between president trump and the eu ambassador where they discussed an investigation. the former white house russia expert dr. fiona hill as well. both of them testifying. examining whether donald trump withheld military aid to ukraine . he allegedly wanted an investigation into joe biden in return. holmes said he was at lunch with gordon sondland as he spoke to the president. holmes gave his recollection of -pcall. sondland's phone was not on speaker.% i could hear the president through the earpiece of the phone. the president's voice was loud and recognizable. ambassador sondland held thee6 % phone away from his ear,
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ppesumably because of the volume. i heard ambassador sondland greet the president and explain -phe was calling from key. aabassador sondland was in ukraine. he reelied yes and went on to state president zelensky, quote, loves youu ass. i heard president trump asked, so he's going to do the investigation? ambassador sondland replied, he's going to do it, adding president zelensky will do anything he asked him to do. >> reporting from capitol hill, more on that phone call. says that is: he first-hand because he heard it with his own ears. -pwordd that came out of the president's mouth that he overheard on this very loud phone call. the ambassador to the eu ordinance on lind had made thhs call to trump -- euugordon sondland had made this call to trump.
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after he hung up with the president, holmes saii, frankly% he had never seen anyone just called the president while having lunch before. what else was discussed. he heard from the ambassadorr6 1 phat trump, quote, did not give -pan expletive bout ukraine, tt he only cared about the big stuff. when asked what this big stuff was, he said, like the war ukraine was fighting against russia, he said not like that. the big stuff is the% which would help trump politically. the reason this overheard the president is that it is some of the very rare first-hand information that e have that sheds light at least about what the president's mind was. what was his motive when he was withholding security aid to
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ukraine at the very heart of the accusations against the president that may lead to his impeachment in an effort by the democrats to remove him fromm6 1 office. is this question of whether or not trump had corrupt intent. >> the director of political studies at a center-right think1 tank is with us. i think we have covered david holmes pretty well. you said you haae dealt with her in the paatt i was fascinated by how strong a testimony it was and the way she jjst almost challenged the committee directly ann said, i pould ask you not to promote politically driven falsehoods about ukraine. >> she is as strong as titanium. she knows what is at stake. what is at stake is a process of almost 30 years of the united states trying to build up the
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traditional integrity of ukraine. so that they function as a of russia. she also knows wwat is at stake is our unity as a people. with great succcss attempted to mount a propaganda campaign against us. i campaign of disinformatioo in the 2016 elections and the 2020 they want to get ussto lose unity, in the validity of fact and objective truth. based on these impeachment pearings, they are having a great deal of success. who do you think republicans you are a republican yourself. what do you make of their strategy, which appears to be can i call it that? i t seems scattergun, but think it does add up to a
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stronger narrative than it might appear. they areeessentially saying that over and over again, it is juss hearsay, no one can prove anything. therefore, it is further ciddnce of democratic to -- oup. i don't think this is going to convince anyone behind the republican bubble. but i do think this is going to help strengthen reeublicans in their resolve to continue to paint this as a completely partisan process. if not a single republican steps up to the line on tte impeachment vote, they will have achieved their goal. >> but the impeachment would likely go ahead, wouldn't it? >> the impeachment would go ahead, but they feel it would it were to be seen as strictly a partisan proceeddng. >> thank you for your time. we appreciate it. still ahead, we are looking at
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plan for the next election,s including brexit. and how the war in yemen is making life more dangerous for phildren. ♪ >> adelaide hit 42 on wednesday. melbourne hit 41 on weddesday -- on thursday. hot weather on its way through,1 but it has dissolved. sydney is still quite warm. high teens at ow 20's around victoria and south wales. a few thunderstorms maybe. burning. still a bit of a breeze. it looks larrely dry.
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further wwst it is slightly warmer. the extremes have gone. zealand, everything piling into the south island. high teens for wellington and auckland. looks lovely. sunshine, clouds concentrating further south. rain isappears, leaving clouds on the west coast. the temperature rises by saturday. inood dig into winter temporarily things have pushed back. vladivostok,re in there is rain on the edge of honshu. ♪ ♪ >> you are with al jazeera. hasel's attorney general
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indicted benjamin netanyahu for corruption. charges of fraud and breach of trust in connection with three separate cases. he faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted of bribery alone. fiona hills and impeachment inquiry into donald trump. holmes described a phone calllhe overheard between the president and the eu ambassador. bolivian wright police have fireddtear gas to break up a funeral procession in the ause. -- there ison began a debate in congress over when to hold new electtons. bolivia's interim government is hoping elections will defuse street violence that has killed 32 people since october. think, that ongoing
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political process is only fueling the unrest on tte street. >> that's right. that's why people are very angry at what is haapening. there is uncertainty as to what will happen here. party members have agreed hold elections. they have named last night members of congress. i think it's going to be in january. is having thousands of people in the streets of bolivia every day. today was a particular day because the prooessers, the --chers werr coming from
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walking nearly four hours to reach the perimeters offthe presidential palace. vigil. he two days ago, they clashed with the army. the police and the army were protecting a fuel plant. people are very angry. the coffined to bring to the presidential palace because thhy say the interim president should be held accountable for the death. they want her resignation. allows the police and the army, that they will not be held accountable in their effort to impose security in the country. it was very sad to see those coffins on the ground as people
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fled the gases as the police fired ttar gas at thousandd of protesters, leaving coffins behind on the ground. very sad to see that scene come out. fromanks for that update la paz. thousands of protesters in columbia have marched against plans to introduue pension and tax rrforms. students gathered in the capital of bogotaain has been descriied as the biggest demonstration in recent years. protesters blamed the government for failing to prevent the activists and widespread corruption. three weeks before britain votes for a new parliament, thh opposition and labour party hasn't published its manifesto pledging a radical program to transfer of the u.k.. among the policies promised by jerrmy corbyn, plans to renegotiate brexit within three
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months, also to create a million new green jobs as well as a windfall tax on oii companies. paul britton reports. >> a radical manifesto because u.k. problems need radical solutions. that was the message from jeremy a supportive audieece of party faithful. the labour election manifesto promises to include a plan to introduce a minimum living wage before the state benefit system aad social care for the elderly and bring energy companies back into public ownership. wins, the ppnsioner wins.nurse the young couple wiis. we all win. he set himself against what he calls rich and powerful vested interest, quoting frannlin d roosevelt, he
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said i welcomm their hatred. >> i expect the pposition i accept the opposition of billionaires. they will pay their fair share of tax to fund world-class would renngotiate brexit within three months and put the new deal to a second referendum.% after campaigning in bedford, boris johnson attacked jeremy corbyn's reluctanceeto say which way he would vote in that new referennum. cuee completely missss his for what we want to know. what is his plan to deliver brexit and the deal he wants to do? which side what he vote on that deal? >> students will bb a key ddmographic. many were too young to vote in
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a straw poll of students in birmingham found them unimpressed so far. >> i am not conservative or labor. -- the best thing for me to do right now is look at the mps in my local town. >> i know whooi'm going to vooe for. politicians throwing >> with three weeks to o until the polling date, labor is lagging behind. latest ggregates suggest conservatives have 42% support. labor, 29%. a mountainyn has to climb. .> this is a radical strategy jeremy corbyn urging the public to judge how good this manifesto ps by how strongly opponents attack it, reflecting the
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criticism back at the critics. paul brennan, al jazeera. >> is the world market international children's day, the youngest victims of yemen's civil war are struggling. the world's largest tea military in crisis. humanitarian crisis. children exposed to daily attaaks in yemen. dozens gathered outside ttee6 c1 united nations demanding an end to saudi airstrikes and its crippling blockade. according to the u.n., tens of thousands liie them die every year from the effects of the crisis and starvation. for a day at least, there is rest bite for some through football. football. of through%- >> we urge everyone to work
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together to end the war and be united. qatar totravel to watch the world cup. >> the sound of gunshots nd explosions have become an everyday reality for millions of yemenis. young to understand the unicef says yemen is the worst place in the world to be a chiid. this is the scene shortly after a school bus was hit in an airstrike last year. 40 children on board were killed. activists say for children, the% conflict is getting more dangerous. >> more than 7500 children have% been killed y direct targeting. many other children and women have died because of the spread of diseases and without access to medicine. 200,003 hundred thousand patients are in eed of treatment abroad. one million people are at risk -pof getting cholera. has been raging for almost fiie years.
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those children caught in the middle can only hope they will not be forgotten. >> five people have been killed in fighting between protesters and security forces in baghdad. police used tear gas to disperse the crowd getting too close to the green zone that houses government buildings. demonstrators are occupying a bridge leading into the area and two other bridges. more than 300 people have been killed since protests bbgan..6 1 thousands of people in india's forests are protesting a government decision that could see them evicted. the government is trying to amend laws meant to protect their right to their land. many indigenous people have no legal documents to prove ownership. >> 2000 indian people have gathered in the ational capital today. many more have been protesting across the country over the last few months demanding they are
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not thrown out of their homeland. people who live in forests or near forests say these are their ancestral lands. in 2000, the indian government passed the for its rights -- forest rights act tooprotect people. a recent petition claimed or rather alleges these people are -- so the supreme court is saying those who cannot prove their ownership should be evicted. the supreme court of india sooo after said the state governments have not followed proper% government should follow proper the next supreme court hearing is happening on the 26th of this monthh all of these people have cooe here because they want to be heard by the politicians here. they want to be heard by the courts.
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