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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 25, 2019 5:30am-6:00am PST

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♪ welcome to france 24. we are live from paris. break out in hong kong as pro-democracy leaders followingf the seats elections. the results have been labeled a democratic tsunami. announces government measures to fight domestic violence. edouard philippe adding there is no lack to tackle what is bebeig called francncis national --
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france's national shame. the chinesese state is locking upup ethnic minororitien secret in the hopes of rewiring thought and language they y bea. -- the language they speak. ♪ the pro-democracy campaign in hong kong won a resounding victory over the weekend. carrie lam set her government would respect the result and listen to the people. pro-democracy leaders have calledhe vote a democratic tsunami. take a listen. achievement in the district council election. it is the effort of all on kongers thatl hong
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paid the price, sacrifice, or spend time in the protest movement. this s is not only a referendum, but it sends a strong signal to the government that they are not happy with how to deal with protesters so far. between the last five months, police brutality is over-the-top. the hong kong people should leverage on this result to ask for more democracy in the future. >> with more on the district council results, here is oliver. changed the landscape of the district council. today, in the hands ofof beijing, all but one have switched sides.
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it has been a victory for grassroots here. whoany of the candidates dislodged district counselors, by some of them who held their seats were more than 20 years, are very young. the new contenders, there are stories of recent college , and in a case reminiscent of alexandria a casio cortez, these are people of effort andot did not have the resources the pro-beijing party had to campaign. documents reveal how beijing is locking up ethnic minorities. in the past, the government said the detained were being housed in voluntary job training
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centers. show the centers are run in secret and designed to rewire thoughts and the languauage people speak. >> a series of leaked documents that could shed light on the innerworkings of china's vocational training camps. >> the number one priority is to prevent students from escaping. it gives detailed instructions about how to lock doors, surveillance systems. >> china has been accused of building a large network of over onemps, detaining million muslims. former detainees have come forward to denounce what they say is a system of mass surveillance and arbitrary ofest, as well as the use torture and brainwashing to wipe out an entire culture.
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to sayhe morning, we had things like, thank you, xi jinping, long live xi jinping,, otherwise, we did not get food. class, they would tell us we were poisoned by religion and islam is an infectious disease. >> inmates spepend a minimum of one year in the camps and earn freedom by showing ideologicalal transformation and discipline. contact barely afforded with the outside world and are kept under surveillance for up to a year after their release. beijing has denied the existence of these camps, but was forced to acknowledge them after the emergence of satellite photos and of a flood of testimony. authority say no human rights violations are taking place. preventative measures. it is nothing to do with eradication of ethnic groups.
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the treatment of chinese muslims amounts to the largest internment of an ethnic religious minority since the second world war. today is the international day for the elimination of violence against women and the day the french government announced measures to engender violence and feminist side. this in a country where women have been killed by current or former partners. dedicatevernment will over one billion euros next year to policies promoting greater equality between men and women. this includes 350 million euros for the fight against domestic violence. the funds are here. they are massive. they will help victims and those who assist them. there is no lack of money.
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>> the government has been in government'sfrench plan has been in the works. emmanuel macron called the statistics a national shame. allison sergeant reports. >> it is a list of 50 measures aimed at combating violence that kills over 100 and france each year. among them, the cofinancing of rehabilitation centers to house men who commit nonfatal acts of domestic violence. one center in northern france saw the rate of repeat abuse for from 60% to 20%. policies will suspend parental rights of those who kill their partners. it will give authorities the power to confiscate weapons and make the helpline dedicated to violence.s of
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the price tag is not what counts. >> w we will dedicate ththe resources and the public policies will be financed. the fight against domestic violence does not come down to the issue of money. it is a question of willingness and priorities. another measure considered is loosening medical confidentiality laws. a move some doctors oppose and others say is necessary. >> i had a patient who came alalone with her nose broken, a blackeye. i fixed her up and she came back to remove the bandages with her husband and he says well done, it is pretty, i have to shake his hand. her do not, he might hit again. >> expectations for the new measures are high. over 150,000 people took to the streets across france, calling for action.
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has become --de femicide has become a growing issue in france. story of a young woman who was kililled in her h home r pariris in 2017. >> [speaking french]
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>> [speaking french] >> [speaking french] >> [speaking french]
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♪ pope francis calls for h help fofor the victims of the fukusha disaster.. mass. shinzo abe and held secretary fired richard spencer over how he handled a case of a navy seal convicted of misconduct. edward gallagher one the support of the u.s. president. donald trump intervened in the case. james wilson reports. richard s spencer andnd donald trump seemed to agree on one edward gallagher should
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not be fired from the elite force after a military jury acquitted him of killing a fighter in iraq. he was convicted of posing with .he dead man c corpse he was accusused of trying to negotiate a deal too help gallllher at the whihite house behind the back of his boss. when the dealings became public, he was asked to resign. in a statement, esper said i am troubled by this conduct shown by a senior depapartment of defense official. determined, i have secretary spencer has no longer my confidence to continue in his position. became agallagher celebrity for trump. trump tweeted the case was settled and this month
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overturned his demotion. review this, a navy board was scheduled to determine if he could remain a navy seal. in another twist, secretary review wasnced the canceled and gallagher can retire at his current rank. >> olivia's interim -- bolivia's -- since fledent to mexico and has labeled his ouster a coup. pen, the stroke of a election is declared null and for apaving the way return to normal after unrest. > this was my main goaoal. new elections in the shortest
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time possible. we are going to restore democracy with democracy. protests multiplied in the wake of last month costs ballot. the death toll mounted and pressuretep down under and d fled to exile in mexico. every lens, authorities struggled to clamp down on the unrest. they negotiated with protest leaders to end demonstrations and roadblocks. it should see the military pulled off the streets. >> all the fighting we have done overall this time.
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constant fight over all these abuses. yet over.ot accusations and charges of extradition. >> the presidential election is too close to call. >> two lion cubs and several crocodiles, birds, and cats have been found. >> this is the first discovery
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of its kind. the lion cubs were around eight months old. 2600 years ago, they would have been worshiped, a symbol of power. >> how many we found, hundreds, the most lovely discovery, the scarab. >> the statue made of stone is thought to have been the largest in the world. of mummifiedens animals, including cats, birds, cobras, and crocodiles. to preserve mummifified
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them, animal mummies were used as offerings to the gods, giving historians and insight into ancient egyptian beliefs. over 70 catts found statues near a temple dedicated to the cat goddess and statuettes of egyptian gods in bronze and wood. this is the latest in a number hopes discoveries egypt to tie roots back to the country despite political instability. >> celebrations breakout in hong kong. pro-democracy leaders take nearly 90% of the seat. the results have been labeled a democratic tsunami. the french government announces measures to fight domestic violence. there is no lack of fun to tackle national shame.
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>> the chinese government is locking upup people in secret in hopes of rewiring thoughts and the language they speak. time for a look at the business news. lvmh has announced it is buying tiffany's. the deal was clinched over the weekend after the conglomerate upped its offer. to 402 eurosd 1.7% a share. lvmh is having breakfast with tiffany. ththe f french luxury groupup confirmed it is buying the u.s. jewelry brand. the biggestn, it is acquisition for lvmh, which owns louis vuitton and dior.
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expand the u.s. market. lvmh's owner has invested in the u.s., opening several factories, including this workshop. theheant to thank you for job you do. you are one of the great busisiness people, b but vision. i know a lot of great business people, but they are not visionaries. >> tiffany's deeply rooted in new york culture and known for its engagement rings, became iconic after "reckless debt starring audrey hepburn. it hasas trailed rivals in terms of sales growth.
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touristsd to cope with spending less. it has suffered a decline in sales asia. >> huber will not be -- uber's license will not be renewed. is a khan says safety paramount concern. let's look how markets are trading in europe. bringing those boards up for you now. you can n see it is positiveve acssss the board.. london ftse upup 9/10 of 1%.%.
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novartis has agreed to a cash deal for a cholesterol drug maker. they will pay $85 a share, drug will help boost sales. the inventor of the internet announces his new plan to make the internet a better place. >> so much of our society action is determined by how social networks or.
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this is new and there is no book written. this is the first time we have had a rulebook. responsibility is being shared. urges internet companies to respect data privacy. elon musk has said tesla's new cyber truck has received 200,000 orders, which is not true. 187,000 preorders, which may not equate to purchases. this is despite an impressive mishap after its launch last week. they tried to demonstrate the unbreakable windows, which does not t seem to haveve put off perspective buyers. it has been more than seven washs since omar bashir overthrown after protests against his rule. hopes were high.
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havees of mismanagement left the economy in ruins. he was takenere that to the sudanese capital. he is still waiting for the chchanges he and his workers brought about. > some earners little as 26 u.s. dollars a month. a countryay worker in where the railways have been left to rot. in december, he was among the first to take to the streets. it would take another four months to topple omar al-bashir before they agreed to a power-sharing deal. want to revive the
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train network. protesters are determined to have their way. are organizing projects. we want young people to learn how to run the institutions. we have to rely on them. they made the revolution happen. for the a tall orderr prime minister. decades of mismanagement coupled with sanctions have ruined the economy. the majority of the people are hopeful the e revolution will br fruit in the future. theisney hit gold with sequel to frozen. its opening in weekend. it is the third-highest opening of an animated film ever after the incredible stew and finding
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dori -- after the incredible's 2 and finding dory.
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man: it's been described by the un as a textbook ethninic cleansing. woman: bangladesh has called on myanmar to allow the return of hundreds of thousands of rohingya muslims. they can't cope with the scale of the humanitarian crisis. rape and torture at the hands of the myanmar army. i'm alex crawford, and this is "hotspots." tonight, we're gonna take you behind the scenes of some of the world's hardest-hitting stories. we're in northern iraq, where stuart ramsay has an amazingly lucky escape. ramsay: the chance of surviving that, a flip of a coin, i suspect. crawford: our cameras are rolling when things get out of hand in spain.


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