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tv   DW News  LINKTV  November 26, 2019 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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♪ >> this is dw news.
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a suspected contract killing. also, the hot for the thieves invovolved in a jewel heist makg off with gold and jewel encrusted artifacts. and an earthququake over albania stst night. ♪ >> welcome to the program. but again in malta where the prime minister and staff has set
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down in the growing scandal involving a journalists -- a journalist. >> the chief resigned in two other managers -- ministers left . why? the explanation regarding his chief of staff decision to quit. >> he said this would enable the government to go on quickly. >> some believe it was because a journalists e eosed cronyism. three men were arrested for the
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car bomb, but little more else was done. last week, a suspect in middlemen was arrested, but the prime minister granted a pardon if he helped find the mastermind . ththe very n next morningng, a businessman was apppprehended on his yacht. he is supposedly seeking immunity in exchange for cooperating with police. many say the government is corrupt. his family goes further saying he is protecting those behind the murder. >> welcome to dw.
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why do you think these three men have decidided to step down?n? >> at this stage, their position b become [indisiscernible] no government has its highest ranking ministers under investigation by j journalists d people say they should have resigned months ago because there had been indications that there were politicians involved. it has escalated with the killing -- the rest of the businessman allegedly behind the contract killing. [no audio] >> the govovernment as s a veryg
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majojority, but the political ramifications are big because the implications are quite damming with having the president's most trusted aide -- the prime minister's most trusted aid involved. the opposition leader has requested says the e labour par, should be led by another prime minister and they are saying the prime minister's position has been compromised by both beingng ininvestigated over the murder.
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>> on to the police investigation over the death itself, we have three men facing trials of setting the bomb and police are aware of at least two people who have inside knowledge of t the plot. what is your asassessment of the investigation so far? >> we aree expectiting at any t, the arraignment of mrmr. cynic - fennic. asas the masastermind behind the murder. the interesting role will be what role politicians played.d. totoday, srcrces said that hehes
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tipping off mr. fenennic about e investigation. impressive developments. >> good talking to you. hearing -- in germany, thieves made off with 18th-century jewels. police are still examining the crime scene, searching for clues. >> treasures that even king louis the 14th was said to be jealous of, material value estimated in the militants -- in the millions. >> it is a unique collection,
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the biggest sachsen treasuree of the 18th-century which is at the heart of our culture. >> a few years ago, the became director said it was -- the security was on par with fort knox. >> they entered through a window, cut through the bars, smash the window pane and targeteted a specific dispspy ce . >> surveillance video shows them breaking the glass case.
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>> i considered the security measures to be excellent and extensive. we can now see this wasn't the case. >> experts believe the alarm system may no longer have been state-of-the-art. >> one could have preventeted a break i in with a decent securiy strategy.. the security was not efficient -- sufficient. >> so what will the thieves do with the j joy? >> the thieves will break the individual stones out of their casing, jinin -- then chanange r cut so the origin is no longer recognizable and then they will try to sell them on the global market. >> one small consolation?
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the most viable jewel, the green diamond is still on display in new york. >> a press conference earlier. what did we learn? >> so far, officials and police investigators are pursuing all avenues, but one area is the question of whether thihieves my have had ann accomplice for inside information. the chieief of security s said e assault othe securirity system s a well-planned and executed attack and he also said giviven how quicklkly they were able to eakn indicates they shouldld be looking internally to see if theyey had any type of leaks o r
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assistant inside the building whicich made t the attack possie in a quicktime -- quick time. >> and what about the hunt for the robbers? >> police are looking at three main crime scenes. forensics teams are working in the museum itself, a fire that was set around the corner and also a report used to turn off the lights outside the building and some reports it may have compromised the building security self and the question of the getaway car. police found the car burned.
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it leaves more questions than answers. >> we heard in the report that that the artifacts are likely to be broken up. what are they saying about that? >> that seems to be the theory most investigators are under currently. we're told that if the thieves try to break up the artifacts, it will be more difficult than you would expect, because many were cut and prepared using an older style which anyny would recognize, but that does not mean the thieves would not try it in the real tragedy is that any attempt to alter them for sale would destroy the value and it would be a major loss for the people of dresden.
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>> authorities are not exactly sure what is missing. you are this and wonder how can that be? >> that is a part to the forensic work. it is still an active crime scene which was in officials have not gotten a good look as to what is inside the case. you have to remember, there were 97 different objects that were present and it will take a while for them to go through and take a catalog. what is also complicated is that the jewels were sprayed with a white substance. police believe it was an attempt -- it was with the fire extinction -- extinguisher and that is also complicating the matter. >> six people killed in three
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separate explosions in baghdad. it happened after about a dozen people were injured. demonstrators are demanding an end to corruption. at least 39 people have been killed in flooding in the republic of congo. at least two bridges collapsed in the search for missing people is ongoing. carrie lam says her government will reflect seriously on the elections. the territory has been rocked by months under beijing's rule.
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a ukrainian filmmaker finally picked up the european union's top prize. he served five years on terror charges before being released in a prisoner swap in ukraine. wristers and albania searching for survivors after a powerful earthquake struck the country. instruct about 60 kilometers northwest of the country's capital. it is the most powerful in decades. >> rescuers tried to s stop the rubble from collapsing further. it can be painstakingly slow to
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rescue survivors of the worst earthquake to hit albania in 30 years. many were not so lucky to stop further north, a child's body is found. the quake struck early on tuesday morning when most of the people here are asleep in bed. >> i felt it in my bedroom and the door just slammed on the. this is s horrible > numerouous aftershocks addo the fear and caused furtrtr damage. teams fromom italy, grereece and romania are already helping in rescue operations.
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using hand signals, rescuers asked for silent as they listen for cries of people trapped under the r records -- the wreckakage. >> human secretary-general has been holding talks here in berlin. before meeting the chancellor, she attended the forum to ensure it is accessible, affordable and safe. michaela kufner caught up with the chancellor just as world leaders were addressing global problems. >> you are meeting angela merkel. how concerned about the?
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>> it is clear the problems of today are global and it is clear we need multilateral governance to address the serious problems of terrorism or crime and so multilateral is more necessary than ever and those that think they can do it alone will sooner or later recogninize thahat thes no way we can avoid a strong, multilateral governance to face the challenges of climate change, technology or problems of poverty and hunger. >> syria, the political process seems stalled. what is your expectation?
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>> in the very beginning, it was good. we need to make sure that we move ahead to serious negotiations for a possible solution and it is necessary that they need to put their interests aside and work together to end this tragic situation in which so many syrians have suffered. >> there's evidence of large-scale abuse of the weaker minority in china will stop >> weah said time and time again it is essential that human rights are respected and allow for minorities to feel that their identities are respected.
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this is valid everywhere else in the world. >> thank you very much. >> you are washing dw news. still to come, farmers taking the beef with the carmel regulations straight to the government. -- with the farming regulations straight to the government [no audio] . >> a side relief for a very close when. back in july, it got approved by
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a margin of only nine votes. >> i feel so honored and i thank you for the trust. >> the slim victory was an indication that the road to the new commission would be bumpy. very bumpy indeed because after she got approved, this happen. first, the hungarian in remaining candidates were rejected by the european parliament before they could be heard and on top of that, the french commission hopeful got the thumbs down after two long and painful hearings. but the real problem was that it took romania a long time to nominatete replacement, but eventutually they did in their candidate past.
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that is the end of the story. no, of course there is always the u.k.. -- u.k. that on's could make the whole commission illegal, but the commission's legal services think they found a way around that. so does this meaea the commissin will fininally be approved by te european parliament? here are someone who should know. the head d of the biggegest political group in parliament.t. >> and a vicious commission who wants s to deliver o on climate, economic s strength and on
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digital. we have unity in the commission. >> it looks like they will finally be able to celebrate, but not for long. in this parliament, they will not be any easy wins for the new commissioner. >> thousands of farmers have converged on the capital of berlin, causing serious traffic jams. they are fighting plans to introduce stricter protections for insects in the environment which they say will threaten their livelihoods. >> tractors as far as the eye can see. farmers have descended on berlin. the farmers are angry about the government's recent changeses to agriculture policy.
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>> farmemers are blamed fofor everything. we damage the climate, pores in the groundwater. cattle farms and it -- even it [no audio] that is why the government issued guidelines of protecting insects in september, but farmers say it kills agriculture. >> you feel betrayed by the government because the government does not clearly support us and say we want germany to have agriculture. >> we are demonstrating that people can have high quality food that stays fresh. but the german government is under pressure. eu guidelines must also be
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implemented here in order to maintain while diversity, including four insects and make farming more eco-friendly. farmers ability to make a living is at risk when there is no biodiversity. it is the panic on the pollination done by end -- insects. no farms, no food, no future. 1.4% of jobs in germany are in agriculture. >> a member of the anti-world -- world anti-doping organization says russia should be banned. they will make a final ruling
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next month then clean russian athletes will have to compete as neutral athletes. >> everywhere russia violates the something, there are those who want to put russia in a defensive position. from their point of view, the more such decisions that are made, the better because they all bolster their antiabortion argument, but the fact that these countries are directly involved in this activity, the situation is well-known to us. >> three top maltese government officials and the growing scandal surrounding a journalist who was killed in a car bombing
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in 2017 after reporting on corruption. i leave you now with tina turner as she turns 80 today. she is now retired and living in a swiss chateau.
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. emily to slip into a life embararrass him from twenty four i must go in peace the headlights. thirteen french soldiers have bebeen killed in mali. french president emmanuel macron has saluted the harrison from the face of the terrorist threat mr held region. two high ranknkg politicicians in muisis governmentss havee resigned w wh the third suspended himself as a murder probe his stepped up into the killing of an investiture analyst. the one that got its yet two years ago. the earthquake in albania rescue and recovovery continues that at least twenty one people are coconfirmed tbe


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