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capital for those of you just joining us these on the top stories from france twenty four this hour. boris johnsons conservatives when that biggest majority since the thatcher era giving them great to sway in accelerating brexit. but the results from thursday's snap a general election could well spell the end of the u. k. as we know it. crowds have now gathered in the capital london to voice their frustrations about jewelry when. the third spin rigs thus the slogan chanted by huge crowds in algeria as demonstrates is rejects the results of the state's presidential election
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not a whole hundred a beautifully care a prime minister 58%8% of the ballots.s. he's already offered an olive branch to protest the does. and still mates in the spanish capital is the latest round of the u. n. climate talks looks set to run into overtime. with little headway made to the cop twenty five some if the outcome is forecast to full well short. of what scientists say is needed to help protect all planets . first in this hour i have a home off of the iconic green leather seats in the british house of commonons havee now turnedd blue. boris johnson will be staying on at ten downing street as prime minister with his conservative party securing a strong
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majority following thursday's parlrliamentary election. with all the ballot papers now tallied the tories have secured the sixix hundred and fifty seas in the westminster parliament. this makes johnson the most successful conservative leader ouout the polls since margaret thatcher. the results also buries the hopes of the remain calm thahat they could be a second referendum on greg's it's- this is what johnson said as he faced the cameras outside ten downwning street. short whie ago. i want to speak directly to those who made it possible. and to all those who voted for ross for the first time. are those whose pencils may have waited over the ballot. have you heard the voices of that parents and their grandparents which branches flee. in areas i say thank you for the trust you have placed in us and in me. and we will work round the
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clock to repay your trust and to deliver on your priorities with a parliament that works for you. now if you're just joining us herere on fronts twenty four i think we can play some of the latest pictures coming into us here in the front twenty four news room from central london this is the scene that crowds. of a and see a conservative of protesters have assembled in the capitol police the trying to disperse the those- crowds the leader of the opposition labor party has said meanwhile that after losing thursday's space he went speeding the policy in a nother u. k. at election. but despite many calls for him to stand down from within the movements jeremy corbyn say's he would be resigning as labor leader right away the party picked up two hundred and three seats thus the west school since nineteen thirty. five corbin has described the outcome as being very disappointing let's take a listen. i called for last night
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to a period of reflection the party and obviously the ruling body of the party on actually say it will decide- what process to follow then selections success to me but i. am quite prepared and i was elected to do so to the departing until that takes place. for r more on n the falat from thursday's vote we can head now to sheffield in the u. k. and speak to pull james caldwell a professor of law at the university of strathclyde. thanank you verery much f for bg with u us here on fronts twenty four. now if you had to describe the outcome of this general election in the u. k. in just a couple of words what would they be and why. i think probably surprising in terms of the majority that- boris johnson managed to catch that was a lot of talk about. tatactical voting and what's implied stops- might have. a particularly with people lending their support to the labor party- but- in the end that seems not to materialize- howevever if i can just a add oe
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morere thing on thehe on the bos johnson- story is that. the overall share of the votete for the c conservatatives only actuy went to a very slightly only by over just over 1% so it's really a story of how that plays out in the- system of elections in the u. k. there was this in your view a normal. general election or more a referendum on brexit and on boris johnsons leadedership. wht was unusual first several- in several respects the first lady yeah voting in december is extremely- unusual and also this is the third election the general electction in- in four years so- i is that there is a sense that- this is because of come around again always the brakes it dominated but i think both of the main parties tries to push the debate. as well on to other things and particularly on to the future of the nhs so it's very difficult to know whether breaks it was the only thing that i don't think it was- and certainly the policy that's tried the hardest to push a pro
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remain view the local democrats- had a bad night even though they have a- share of the vote. actually went up. this election is clearly given boris johnson and his tory tory- allies a a strong. majoriy how miminds- he use this- renewd power in this this moree powerful punch. well now he has- some elimiminated the problems that he had to before and also the problem that theresa may had which is that he had his own party- on site but he had to make sure that every single member. i in that his policy- in the house of commons and also the members of- his supporters in the do you pay for northern island- ananyone n ness of dissenting fm the v.v. in voting against a rik in doing so really limited his- his room for maneuver that is now gone- even if they're awesome. at rebels and his policy most of which is already left- all being kicked out before this election means that he can still- passes deal through so they shouldn't really in theory now be any
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problem for boris johnson to pass his which all agreements- through. the house of commons the main question then becomes what's going to happen after a break said after of the thirty first of- january next year and how is he going to put in place a future agreements. with the european union which could be very very difficult to do especially if the aim is to do so before the end of twenty twenty. okay pull james caldwell a professor of law from the university off strarathclyde speaking to is tht from sheffield thank you very much. now in april this year an eighty two year old was forced from office in algeria and now eight months later he's been officially replaced this friday. by one of his seventy four year old former colleleagus officials say the former prime minister. abdel majeed to boone has secured just over fifty eight percent. of the state's presidential election but turn out start at just forty percent. 14% full from the last
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presidential poll in twenty fourteen. to months of run is which you filled the country's streets the new president elect is about. to extend his hand to protest is. this i is yourur fit decisision the time will tatakes president is to engage with the correct commitment so that we can quickly move f forwards and in a real changnge in algeria. e want to set a new direction for the republic witita n new constitutution and amendments made to it. the head ugh landed pulled was it a couple of when it comes to hack i've said it before and i'll say it again. i'm ready to enter into direct dialogue with them i'm with the person that they choose to represent them. to dialogue to find solutions to recover trust between the people in the government i'm to provocative. gold is all witness way walking towards the new algeria and then if you could just as- when news of to brings victory has been met with a fresh on the
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fears backlash on the streets thousands have gathered. to reject that results claiming the poll has been rigged one demonstrated in the capital said the crowds. have already toppled beautifully kept and that they would give up until all. othe oldd guard- toppled to. move more on the outcome of algeria's presidential election on the country's ongoing issues we can bring in as she on- diaz a risk analyst at. i. h. s. market thank you very much for being with us here. on the fronts twenty four. now festival is it fair to say that the beautifully que era is still alive and kicking in algeria with the election of this new president elect. . well at this t this is what- the hundreds of thousands up to millions of i. jurors have been saying in the past few months and they continue saying with this election's results. tenant stood at just 40% in thursday's presidential election would you
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agree this is hardly a result that everyone in algeria has agreed to. i mean the prorocesss have been on the streets since february and weekly to have been calling. for the boycott of these elections have been calling for does elections to be counseled so it seems pretty hard- for them to understand how come- there is such a high- voting rate even though it's been a record low in india jury and i contacts however been this process contacts. it's quite high especially when we've seen that there were some protestors- in certain cities in and you're at that have be throwing- you know the ballot boxes out of some of the polling stations or even really if. they are questioning the whole validity- of these elections just on that knows how can this new president elect claim power given that so many people have rejected- the- the pilots and given that the ballot itself has been. marked
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by say much unrest. well it to be a very difficult task- for him it's very likely that the process movement is going to continue- in twenty twenty- any government that this president toward a point- with the prime minister. is also going to be- regarded illegitimate so tree it's really brings a question about you know government stability- their ability to bring a new policy in niger which is much needed you know in terms of investments in the economy. so i think that- it will be a very hard task- if not impossible- so my dear is are questioning for many. of the protesters- who are on the streets it is it is not a question it's impossible for them to think that they just can go back home and just thought processing and accept his government. not just this- friday the president elect has offered an olive branch to the protest movement what might thought off would be and how likely is it that they will accept it. hey i think it's
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very likely that they will accept it the question is that. the moon was also part of the ruling elite that was- under president with the fifa- i mean two years ago he was sacked- because he he was calling for corruption probes into- some businessmen and he was talking about issues. between you know the political and economic system the fusion of the suit- and he was sacked after three months- after having been appointed but the issue is that he has run in a campaign that processors have been. rejecting also in a context where the government hasn't really made any effort for example in the brbreeding the taint processors some of them- and most of them were arrested for- processing peacefully or holding the berber flag. so really it's really the context in which this happened adding to the fact that he belongs to the to the old system under whihich if you are at that that would make
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it quite unlikely that he would succeed regardless of what he does. occasion a beautiful so we have time for thank you very much for joining us here on fronts twenty four. in other world news the cuts in is coming down on a twelve day conference in madrid this friday but no real headway has been made on curbing the effects of climate change. some say this meeting has fails to live up to its most say which is being time. for action. the association of small island states say is that he's a pulled by the state of negotiations while spain's energy and climate change minister. say he's a affluence countries have been stalling. and putting a spanner in the works from twenty fourth madrid correspondent has been following developments since our morris. joins us now live sarah from what we can tell there's been no real break through so far. so far that hasn't the chilean organized as a because of course e spain is ththe de facacto host but chiles
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organizing thehe talks thehe s d thatat they will push shown and that people will be gettiting up from the negotiation table a two nights and then if necessary they'll go into the weekend. to try to strike a dealal t the sticking point reay seems. to be that carbon trtrading market thehe idea of taxes to encourage countrieses o rereduce their emimissions by giving c countries that d do wel credits that they can then trade. on an international market now one of the sticking point is how does ththat mamarketing get regulated thehep the sticking point is. how much financing is given to those countries said that all of most affected by global warming up by the need. to reach its full so few was-- we'll still understand that countries. yes you needed to step up their ambition to make sure the- agreement the paris agreement- does- well because of coursee
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the e paris a aeement. as setett the need to m make sure the global warming did your pricece up by onone point five e to two degrgrees. and dead find it's a real pretty warning that it is. isn't by 1 degrees and if the companies don't step up around should. i may be too late i ie dodon't. some of you dread. having just tall gets about some of the most polluting countries have no out and that. could mean that this deal could be very- very pool. if the negotiators account bring the countries around the negotiating team didn't table i had to sign a deal tonight by the weekend. no sir despite this apparent deadlock in madrid spain and the e. u. on never the less championing this call is being somewhat of a success. tell us more about this european green deal which has been agreed to. indeed at
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the spanish prime minister said that was a key breakthrough well those who havee fundedd lay yeah i described it as almost to cleveveland to putting m mann ththe moon that it was. an important step forward that. you wrote could become the first contingent to be carbon neutraral- by twenty fifty and does that that would basically mean that- t the- countries the member states wouldn't be a meetinin into the a atmosphere- more co two t than they can absorb that would involve- cuts to emissions and also. a new technologies to war or absorb co two as spain saying really that that has shown that the e. u. is prepared to lelead on n ts and thahat this has been a successful summit. us adapt to load of cool spain having toto step in to take over fromm chile- when thohose protests may be organization thahat impossibe and spapain say they managed to pull it t off- with just three weeks to plalan this summit. oky
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sir morrisseau correspondents in the spanish capital thank you very much. meanwhile the french president says he stands shoulder to shoulder with those who've been affected by the recent public sector strike which rolled on for a ninth day this friday speaking out to an e. u. summit in brussels emmanuel maccoll underlined however that he's determined to see his government plow ahead. with the controversial pension reform plans unions are still hoping to see history repeated they plan to keep the industrial action going until christmas or until emmanuel mac home caves in now given the severity of these recent strikes and the huge street protests that have accompanied them. you might think that huge numbers of the french population are against these pension changes when in fact just 60% of the nation is outraged by them and all colleagues that phones to television up into the southwest c city of to o lose. o
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meet some of the remainingng 40% who agree with the government's. there are plenty of old time is in this market but also a lot of people still in work the government's controversial pension reform might even benefit some of them. fifty nine year old foreman and dean has welcomed the idea of a minimum pension of a thousand euros a month. yeah it's kids my pension is basically going to be doubled. mothers have reason to be hopeful with the plan to increase your pension based on the number of children you have. so much choice about all things about him. i don't know about a tool it's a lot of money i think it's r really good yeah for some more. under the new schcheme a high risk time ad age of sixty four will be phased in but this doesn't bother some. welcome much if you're in an office like i was retiring at sixty four is fine. i retired at sixty two but that's just because i wanted to stop working fine it's just awesome to do so. check myself i'm sixty two only started work when i was fifteen look at me.
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work is a virtue you can have a good time at work and i some jobs are difficult if you enjoy your work the aging retired iss no simple took a l look at the- children was involved on. although there will still be exceptions for some particularly arduous jobs the reform is set to get rid of dozens of special status pensions. okay it's time now for another look at the business news and catherine bennett is with us once again here in the studio and catherine the us and china have tied up the first. phase of that treaty as i say right thomas this deal is striking a line through billions of dollars in tariffs for both sides. the next round of terms that were due to take effect on sunday have been canceled. and us president donald trump said to the negotiations for phase two would start immediately. so what has been decided exactly. the main t thing foror trump is that chihina has promised to increase its agricultural purchaseses. trump was gunning for china to bite fifty million dollars worth of agricultural products. double what it pulled
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in two thousand seventeen. china has announced however that it will be only thirty two billion dollars a farm products over the next two years. the deal is to be signened in ththe first week of january. shango has more on the deal. it may not have been the eleventh hour but it was certainly close. the us and china have announced a deal to de escalate a trade war that's going on for a yearr and a half. the penalty tariffs set for december fifteenth will not be charged because of the fact. that we made a deal. we will begin negotiations and a face to deal immediately. terrorists with a hundred and sixty billion dollars would have slammed into force o on sunday. extendining existsting p penalto just about everything try never exports to the u. s. instead washington will reduce import tariffs on a hundred and twelve billion dollars of chinese goods from fifteen t to seven point five percent.t. and in return china will do the same with some of its own tariffs. elsewhere it'ss to boost its own imports of us wheat corn and
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agricultural goods. the agreement also includes measures to protect intellectual property and technology transfer. and expanding market access. major issues for washington. the us has long accused trainers stealing technology and forcing foreign companies to hand over trade secrets something at the noise. beijing promised to do its part as long as washington did the same domain hopefully on the- the past four decades have shown us that our two countries would benefit. from coopereration and lose from complex. corporation is the only right way forward mutual respect and seeking common ground while reserving differences. is the right way forward for china. and the united states tools and the least. trump's phase two however may be some time in coming. beijing has said it will depend on the implementation of phase one. let's see how the markets are responding to that no big changes on wall street withh investors a a seemingly unmoved
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expectining a phone a commitment from both sides. the dow jones the s. and p. five hundred both made a very small gains on the nasdaq also moved higherer by a fifth of a percent. at the end of trading in europee the markets w was still buoyed by te day's events that election in the u. k. if you haven't't heard about it. london'ss footsie is soaringg over 1% cac hold up over a half a percent and frankfurt stocks up by nearly a half a percent. let's have a recap on how the pound sterling reacted today. of course through seeing those huge surges last night as a result started coming in. the pounds jumping to a three and a half year high against the euro. and soaring over 2% against the dollar its highest level since may of last year. reaching one dollar thirty five cenents. the pound has now come down off those high iss a slightly. trading a one dollar thirty three cents and one euro in nineteen cents. was johnson's when has a suddenly reassured investors. butut all these how s
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it going to stick. analysts say that sterling is likely to hold on to its gains. but it was still be tied to brexit headlines. after the short term the market boost the currency will probably stagnate into the government's next major move on brexit. princes of brexit if boris johnsons brexit dealers policy that could provoke another rally in the media. and offer some of f the business headlines for you at this hour. more news on the u. s. regarding tariffs the us trade office is weighing up whether to apply tariffs on up to a hundred percent. of up to a 100% on additional european products that includes goods like bayerischen scotch whiskies french cognac and spanish olive oil. these productsts had previously beeeen excluded fromm the u. s. iss less. but now it seems that there are threats it once more. the right heating up in the has appealed the decision by london's transport of thor teach revoke i its right to operatee in the u. k. capital. the around the forty five thousand to which i was in
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london will still be able to take rights while the appeals process is ongoing. which could take years. off the u. k. election result it usually does immediately sought to thinking about a future trade agreement for the u. k. european commission president a sort of on the line and noted that the time frame. would be tight. leaders will start negegotiating immediately after britain leaves on the thirty first of january. and the answer is a basic framework in place by the end of twenty twenty. but the issue has stressed that it won't allow britain to undercut to them in trade. and that the u. k. would have to abide by certain policy commitments. thinking about the level playing field is- our goal is we aim. to zero tariffs the your quota zero dumping this is important for us. and this is what we work for. on the other side of the atlantic us president donald trump wasted no time in congratulating boris johnson. and hinted at a massive trade deal but he says it would be more lucrative than any struck with the e. u. it
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certainly could be lucrative. but for the us. post brexit the u. k. would have a we can negotiating position. the u. s. it can take advantage of that in o order to o open up u. k.. marketss to more american goods. the u u. s. that the u. k. would otherwise have imported from europe. in particular amemerican pharmaceuticals. and that too could hike drug pririces in the uk. based on top of worries that pulse the country's beloved national health service could be privatized. by american companies. boris johnsons new government has its work cut out for it in shaping these trade deals in a year or more likely years to come. i paid less than that. and to end on a like to turn the house we have a pair of sunglasses that once belonged to the beatles style john lennon. which was sold at auction on friday for nearly two hundred thousand dollars. they would build on the castle is one of the most famous pair of glasses in musical history. a former shoe for the band picks them up from the backseat of his call. in nineteen sixty eight and hung on to them. probably one of the
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best decisions he ever made. hey gerry this. get her glasses are excellent glasses for your very iconic fashion but it with the business news thank you very much. if you're just tuning into fronts twenty four us bring you know the latest pitches from london where protests on taking place for it following boris johnsons when. in thursday's general election these all the pictures from central london this hour please step. out in force hi i'm back after the break with another round up of world news tuesday june live from paris continues. here on fronts twenty four
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