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inflfluential militiaman has did of tennis channel out and guide sela had become the most visible figure in lolook for wht the power as algerians described as secretive routing leaked. rain down long time president abdelaziz bouteflika in april. saudi arabia sentenced f five pepeople to deh over the murder of the dissident journalist jim i'll show she. is last seen entering the seven concert in october last year. washington has a a thirty as an importrtt stepp towaward his a bullet is though
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says justices been trampled. residents in new south wales counting the cost of the worst wildfires in living memory the mobile see prime minister scott morrison that uses to talk of cutting cold usage. the main course of the global warming. that spot the bush vi$e. thank you for joining us algeria's sometime de facto leader has died seventy nine year oldld the ten in jamel akhmed guide sallar sufferedd a heart attack he was the most influential figure in the deep state network known as le pouvoir all the power. he also played a key role in the removal from office of president abdelaziz beautifully kept back in april. he had become algeria's strong man in recent months. my dad sallar was last seen in public a few days ago at the inauguration of the country's new president. have been measured to boon for a little bit he had been out. two
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thousand four in the deputy defense minister since twenty thirteen. an ambitious young man who was promoted to the rank of general i president beautifully kiss clan. meg gates said i was considered the right hand man of the regime untitil he turned on briefly que in april and compelled him to resign. according to investigative journalist mai mici for a week his thirst for power it was no secret. bonn to je pet when i was writing my book some people told me that he wanted to take over anyway often comparing cell to general lcc in egypt as proof that a military man could be. our general ahmed gate sela was no ordinary leader. he joined the national liberation front during the independence war when he was just seventeen. he eventually received advanced military training in the former ussr following all jury is independence. but his peers continue to viview him as a high school dropout throughout most of his life. can a body clearly had a personal revenge de that he was not of origin military man. i wanted to make a- he
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wanted to show we controlled the country's army but also that he had a hands on the wheel power and- what they had and now made kansela did have a nd on a real polititical power in algeria as seen here dressed in a suit he moderated several council of f ministers givingg e floorr alterernatively to the entran preresident and pririme minister. he was also known for his weekly political speeches broadcast nationally. the lifelong military man played a key role following beautifully his resignation. he rejected the u. fled protests demanding an overhaul of the system in order de incarceration of political opponents and pro democracy activists. against the will of the people he also pressed on a presidential vote on december twelfth the front and then measured to boon to power. the defender of the military dominated system died of a heart attack monday morning in algiers military hospital. when the senate was that the use the apparent that algeria's newly elected president up del monte to boom
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named seventy four yearar old general side chain cría as the new acting chief of staff. meanwhile the protest movement is still holding for the military to get out of algerian polilics. the algerian army has been involved in politics sincee the independence war. during which the military commanders sidelined the political leaders. after a power struggle inside the national liberation army cocolonel quararry blue e mediad tookok the lea. onon the frerenh side a s soldieras also in chararge ginny hi shshonda grow. and it's thanks to the support of one branch of the fln known as the border army that adam had been bila bececame thehe fit president of newly independent algeria but not for long his defense minister who are able median overthrew him in nineteen sixty five. and when bumi dean died in nineteen seventy nine senior army officers chose one of their own
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to succeeded him colonel shelton then she- he led the country until the slimmest emerge as a political force and nearly gained parliamentary majority in nineteen ninety one. as a reaction the military rulers canceled the election and urged shsharply bansheeee de to leavae power. the appppointed a an exid hero of the independence war mohammed df. . he was murdered less thahan a yeaear latater prompting a cyclcle of violence that l lasted a dececade. intellectuals artists and journalist were killed. gradually the army neutralize the armedd islamamist grououps. abdedelaziz b beautiful kiaia formrmer foreign affairsrs minir came to power in n nineteen nininety nine and slowly gain control over the army. and in power for nearly twentnty yearss anand prepe to run for a fifth presidential term despite his poor state of health but juries massively took to the e streets in februarary twewenty nineteteo
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cacall forim. . to step dodown. senior officials were arrested and beautifully que resigned. that's when the army chief of staff met gates allá took over as algeria's strong man. next strikers protested outside the headquarters of the paris metro operates the r r a. t. p. this coincided with news that will be no truce strikes of. holiday period the strikers are angry about plans to reform that tensions. forty two different pensions comes in front of the strip that have one single universal. five añade man has been sentenced to death in saudi arabia over the mud at the saudi dissident journalist jemaah show shehe washington has hailed the verdict as- an important step whihile callingng for momore transparency w we mol potus without borders has condemned the verdict as justice. being trampled. we ask criminal court has given its verdict on the murder of jamal
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has so g. started an image is that you have been resolved. the court has issued a preliminary sentence against eleven of the accused individuals. and it is ask follow. the death penalty for five and the art does who directly participated and his killing so who knows what the allí him with the sauce on. the court also handed out three prison terms totalling twenty four years. for quotes covering up this crime and violating the law. holding nine sessions. there was no previvious intensiy those found guilty my to. the names of those convicted haven't been released. and they can still feel the vide dates. meanwhile according to state tv three others were exonerated including two top figures. the crown prince's former top advisers sau del cantante he was found to be the ringleader of the operation by us intelligence and has been sanctioned by washington for his alleged role. and the saudi consul general in istanbul at the time of the killing
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muhammad's allá tybee. both have now been released. saudi dissssident and journalist jemah has said shehe was murdered in his country's consulate in istanbul last year by a team of sasaudi agents his body was nevr found. and yes kama the un special rapporteur behind enquiring into the killing said the seararch for justice must be leleft to the saudi judicial system which she described as vulnerable to political interference. she also said she found credible evidence warranting further investigation of the crown prince mohammed bin someonene's liability. the crown prince drew international condemnation because several saudi agents involved work directly for him. he denies he had any involvement or knowledge of the operation. and why lecie mo?na show she was a saudi citizen he was also a us cititizen davidid smith is bureau chief of the guardian newspaper in washington he's got more now on the reaction that to the verdict in riyadh. that's what spread condedemnation of. this
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but it is a- lot of criticism of the f fact thahat it tookk te seset behind closed doors the mn aa sentence of death of f not en been that names and remain pays less- i reluctant transparency in terms of what will that sesentences eventually be- canan you sit down. and so what we're seeing- the washington post newspaper whereas i'm out which o. g. what. i speaking out describing itt t the whole price ththat's as a as a sham- samoset tim kaine that democrats up from virginia- when i rarather columnist live dot. he's saying at the trump administration should be demanding justice and yetrom the trump adadministrationon- mostly s si- the washingtgton post thahat dos question unnamed official. a welcoming this important step towards justice but- the really- donald trump. i in his determination to remainin in close alliance i in saudi arabia
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has been asal staff even with that the c cia that. they did link this. incidenen closely t o the crownn prince mohammed bin some and- trouble so o out of stepep. even with the members of congress.. it condemned it. a ad soso we really wait to see iff e if the president so i will take. a harder line all l meses as many others- in the us- inclcluding of f course t the us a- s special rapper r ll routeto you ever. do speak o out dedescribing it as a. as a mockery and the antithesis of justice. davis mister but the analysis from washington. thousands of protestors subplot roads and bridges across southern iraq this monday condemning iranian influence and political leaders who missed another deadline to agree on a new prime minister to go see a shin set for the key to a still deadlocked. she didn't amounts on the streets of karbala a shiite holy city south of baghdad. as rallies across central and southern overall grew larger on sunday.
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even before the latest deadline for parliament to choose a new prime minister protestas will already y rejecting the outcome. a lot of students have renewed all sit in for a nice week because we want to change the system- daniela how we won't stop we must keep going the students of rally together we are facing all manner of. precious and we will continue toto face in. i del- del monte stepped down at the start of the month and the deadline to replace him has been pushed back repeatedly. demonstrators are rejecting the candidacy of anyone from the current political establishments. since the stone sobre. efficiency and too close to a wrong. the united nations says the movement has been subject to intimidation including assassinations by malicious. more than four hundred have
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been killed in violence related to the unrest and some twenty five thousand have been wounded. the us senate to democratic leader chuckck schumer has outlined the kinds of documents he would like to have introduced as evidence in the upcoming impeachment trial of president donald trump. including emails and other communications h held byy the white hououse and statate department.. in a letter to his ninety nine fellow senses shemer wrote that denying the senate these documents will be to turn a willfully blind eye to the facts. in the- destruction of congress charges against trump that were approved by the house of representatives last week.. boeing has replaced its emembattled chief executive dennis miller burg as it attempts to pivot from a protracted c crisis surrounding the grounding of its top selling seven three seven max opt to deadly crashes. those crashes in ethiopia in march and indonesia and it took about last year claim total of three hundred and forty six lives.
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well the nine months after the max seven three seven was grounded in a week after halting production of the ashcroft boeing is named board chairman david kasassahun as chief executitive a and presidet saying the company neededd to restore confidence and repair relationships with regulators. customers and all of the stake holders. residents of new south wales assessing the damage done by extensive bush vi$e. among the worst on record as the weatherras nowow cooled. but a straight is prime ministers on depression for his failure to tackle the climate cririsis got morrison's views and see coal production as part of the climate emergency behind those bush vi$e. here from twenty four to a brian. conditions a kula in new south wales and australians are taking stock of the damage. but the heat is still on prime minister scott morrison. after cutting short the much criticized holiday in hawaii he's made the rounds on television networks to defend
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his governmenent's climate policy. you don't run government on sentiment you run government on the facacts and yu run german. on what you need to do to protect our environment and sustainability for the future to protect our economy and the jobs in the lobby that's the strides depend on. morrison said he wouldn't try to meets once he called reckless job destroying climate targets and defended the country's fossil fuel industries which accounts for a third of the world's coal exports. and around 7% of global carbon emissions. more than three and a half million hectares of land is burned of the last few months with at least nine people killed and nine hundred homes destroyed. aroundnd two hundred walt findsa still burning including some sixty not contained. scientists say climate change has contributedd to this b bh fost season being among the worst on rerecord. it's set to be cooler ovover the next few days but authororities say the fires coud still festa for weeks or even months. and watching all the
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stories for you the most about this you watching france twenty four . everyday products to the ones that are the most coffee de. louisvuitton labels. we printed a type of things going to the books of medicine that's invisible to the naked die. thanks for joining us for this week's edition of the phones in focus coming to from the news in the call to first sold that's easy and hit in paris dedicated. to the issue of free
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goods concert and take a look. intellectual property isn't just a french problem looff united states french goods all the most fake in the world in amongst the things most typically copied a luxury goods such as handbags. watches football schulz medicines and much more besides las did. a a total of five million counterfeit goods was seized by the authorities. what is find out now what more is being done to tackle the problem. in this incinerator. brand new products are being thrown away. sevenn and a half tons of merchandise which is the ashes were closely guarded. trina's cigarettes even medication all of it caliphate. this is the sixth
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destruction of faith and local goods since the start of the year. and it certainly would be lost. but this counterfeiting in all sectors thank shoes especially is one of the pillars of organized crime can you tell the exit that power and it's a never ending battle. for tracking down these fakes is the job of these men. if you bottles been sold in this market attract their attention and they decide to investigate. the teams have been sold at the front table prices to do our circle. of all of the calls is it effective use of all the- for more will the people. position with the chicago
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richard on the beach the challenge for the customs offices is moving back the production chain. the mobile. but first the stop by the perfume sellers von where the offices make another discovery. is mobile but it's just on the surface. lologic. lizzy boost s. what about the- is i am images second until. but also becauause we don't. back at base the count begins the offices of intercepted four hundred and sixty counterfeit items the market value of thirty seven thousand euros. the trader the penalties can be severe for several thousand years and up to three years in prison. if he doesn't have a prior record he'll get to waive the fine
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about a hundred euros your available for. last year five point four million items with sees this way on the streets and increasingly on the internet. six hundred thousand parcels arrive everyday in the cargo terminal harris's chill the goal apple. 43% of the packages and checked the sorting center when their parents or origin ray suspicion. the computer than does a second jack cross referencing the sender and the recipient data. suspicious packages and that behind this metal gates a real aladdin's cave of goods the ticket that we with all. these a louis vuitton labels ready to be attached to the to close our bags if you see this of this one is mainly let the good store. it on bags a lots of different brenenda choose. the goods of detained into brown representatives a satin buy fakes. and then stored here until they can be the stories.
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when the visa packages from china the two the two party censuses embarrassing more amount. these packages a quite typical of e. commerce article when you buy all the trinkets you find them online sites and market places could i have your complete visual twenty seats in a market place the people who orders. send is actually rely on volume and the thousands of packages this arrive to slip through the checks. by silicon valley con hold on. one point one three million packages was seized last year. but what's really a drop in the ocean. in france nearly 30% of counterfeit now come from online shopping. to find out more about the problem of counterfeiting hit in from son join now dead fetus suffer de survey on who is the head of france's general manufacturers union thank you very much for speaking to us hello. this isn't a new problem is that the proboblem of counterfeiting. gos rightt back to antiquity at the museum of counterfeit goods we even have cold from roman
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amphoras which was found at the bottom of the sea by oceanographer jacques cousteau is the time they were designed to treat consumers en masse to the origins of the wine or oil contained within the jutaan to read a- book. what sorts of goods almost typically fake these days nicole did the widely used products of the most copied nowadays bombings like toothpaste toiletries shampoo usb sticks is mobile phones. that's really the most called the merchandise it's not actually in everyday life we use formal brushes for example said that we don't actually good because politic so you haveve a few examples to show us just shoot again. for instance we have a team of susun cream with a high protection of a comeback to fifty with xtracycle. and when it's cold and you risk getting. becauause as you can imagine counterfeiters got which i'm assuming you don't use the same cartoons unless they follow the same rule but it was all so the risk is for consumers who can get sunstroke cool s skin damage
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that was a video. we also have other products for example has a lot to cosmetics like e this razor little chica this is the real one eight of one year this one is fabio local professionally to be fooled because the heart to tell us. is it the g. instead of a c. it's very subtle media suppressed teala just looking around the museum though some examples of- bags that looked like they were made by one brand- in fact the monogram is a little bit different where do you draw the line between something that is. fate and something that is inspired by another product apology the product must be completely. different to be classed as a new design in its own. shin companies in the entire business model is based on.
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being inspired by shall we say what they see on the catwalks of major fashion houses. we are not as knows because effectively. the w world by tred me profanity thoughtfully need to differentiate between taking inspiration from a trend. in luxury products the nukes award and then try to genuinely new designs and the defied castro you need to o know. all these fost fashion giants. often charged with making counterfeit money before professor that's why some of them now have very advanced design department. which wasn't the casee maybe fifteen yearars ago the bad guy ya council it is ironic that we should be having this conversation in this building because this building. is actually. a copy in itself is not. . i didn't buildlding is in fact a copy of the back of the french presidential palace delays on the subject goods are running to this counterfeit
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museum vessel is itself a stone is on a t thick basket thank you very much. for speaking to us at de. seem to safak to survive thank you so much thanks. the techniques used to make and sell fake goods becoming ever more sophisticated so it stands to reason that companies need to do everything they can to stay one step ahead of the cocounterfeiters. take a look nw at some images that taking. this piece of technical wizardry is leading the fight against counterfeiters. this comic captures the biometric fingerprint of each label before sending it to a database of these wine bottles can be traced at every step of the distribution chain. which is it. is that- sale that we're going to be using very advanced imaging and chemical techniques- semakin almost impossible to counterfeit the product. but we need to make sure clients won't have a hard time putting these methods into practice in new york for more
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complete people want to get a little closer to ten. companies are reluctant to reveal how they protect their own products. despite our request for an interview none of them wish to speak. to this company is helping them and protect their goods from counterfeit is. here a special tool is used to determine whether or not this is an authentic copy of a piece of artwork. with l less of a concept the idea is to gather the art works i. d. in thihis case we have a copy of monet's impression sunrise. once it's been identified with this reader. we put it on top of t te painting. we were treatment image of its remember told a face an authentic copy or not. ale na is your test results. the pharmaceutical industry is always on the lookout for better ways to detain counterfeit products. at least one out of every from my prescripiption drugs worldldwids it thank. like health risk that
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even has knock on effects for the global economy. it's a two hundred billion dollar industry on the product se easy to find online . can you tell. what small consumers themselves cacan now get involved. specialist here have you developed a smartphone application uses know whether the product they want to buy is genuine. faith
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was resting at the museum of counterfeiting de paris there's so many incredible examples of fate goods from contraceptives to health care products pregnancy test
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