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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  December 23, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> five men are sentenced to death for the murder of jamal khashoggi. the trial als mockery of justice. hello. this is al jazeera, live from doha. year for, a disastrtrous aftereing ceo, forced out the crashes of two 737 max jets. india's opposition party steps up the pressure on prime minister modi. lebanon --in
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economomic crisis sparked by political chaos. it is being called a mockery and anything but justice. the end result of a saudi trial into the murder of jamal khashoggi drawing criticism from the u.n. special investigator and condemnation from rights groups. five people have been sentenced to death, but there identities the not revealed in closed-door trial in riyadh. a saudi consulate general in columnist wasthe murdered. one person was released for insufficient evidence.
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three other people received jail terms totaling 24 years. the kingdom has denied any link to his squad killing, but some of the team worked for the crown prince. >> 14 months after jamal khashoggi was last seen walking into the saudi consulate in his fiancee haticeis cengiz waited hours before calling for help. for five,th penalty and they are those who elect -- directly participated in his killing. may he rest in peace. correspondent: but senior saudi's with close connections to the royal court have been cleared. the court ruled there was no proven involvement of one person in the murder, the advisor to crown prince mohammed bin salman before his sacking soon after the killing.
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the turkish chief prosecutor's office in istanbul filed a warrant for his arrest a year ago. the u.n. special investigator said intelligence agents had identified him as a hit squad ringleader. killing issisted the a state killing. roguenot killing by forces as the government continued. correspondent: she urged to the crown presence -- the crown prince and his assets until he could prove his innocence. that has not happened. four the manwo, who showed journalists around the consulate. also clear, the kingdom's former deputy intelligence chief. the journalism watchdog reporters without borders says justice has been trampled. solman,id mohammed and
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who was in contact just before and after the murder of jamal khashoggi -- this is what the in part itsia based decision, that mohammad bin salman was a very high probability responsible for the killing. lots of questions. this verdict will do nothing to quell those questions. there is no such thing as fair and open justice in saudi arabia. correspondent: despite intelligence agencies including the cia saying mohammad bin salman was probably involved, the white house shielded the future king from absolute responsibility. pres. trump: maybe he did, maybe didn't. correspondent: following intense criticism and skepticism that little happens in the kingdom without his knowledge, the crown prince had his say. >> absolutely not. , but is a heinous crime
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take full responsibility as leader in saudi arabia. the identities of those convicted were concealed during the closed-door trial in riyadh and it remains unclear what roles they played in khashoggi's death, raising suspicion they are the fall guys for much more powerful people. forhe special rapporteur extruded traditional -- extrajudicial execution says the mockery of was a justice. that they and the state have not been investigated has not beentem touched. >> a saudi human rights activist says under an absolute monarchy, justice can never be achieved in
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saudi arabia. >> i do not think we are even close to justice. the public prosecutor in saudi arabia, if he had gone a little bit higher, let us say if he said mohammed been solman is , there could be a court order to bring how would been solman, -- mohammad bin salman, a coup. justice is hard to achieve. the government was involved in this killing. clear, jamals khashoggi was out of saudi arabia for a whole year before he was killed. this is not an incident out of context. the behavior of the saudi government.
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i am against the death penalty even for these five people because their penalty should not have aecause we don't decent court system. people ate monarchy, the top do not pay the price. he is there to stay forever until he dies. boeingchief executive of has been fired less than a week after the company suspended production of its once best-selling jetline. boeing says the leadership change was necessary to restore a turbulentfter year set off by crashes of the 737 max. the biggestt: it is crisis in boeing's history. on monday, after two fatal crashes involving its 737 max jetline, boeing fired its ceo
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for breaching the public's trust. the board of directors decided a change in leadership was necessary to restore confidence in the company moving forward as it works to repair relationships customers, and, stakeholders. 189 people died when a 737 max crashed in indonesia in october 2018. less than six months later, a 157 people were killed with an ethiopiann -- when an airlines jet also crashed. the u.s. government forced boeing to ground the jet until problems with operating software and pilot training could be fixed. >> we have made mistakes. we are still learning. >> despite repeated promises from the ceo to get planes back and the air by the end of this year, problems continue. regulators in the u.s. and
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europe have refused to clear the 737 max's return to the skies, and lawsuits are pending. the lion air crash was in part a result of unreasonably dangerous conditions of boeing's 737 max air aircraft. >> boeing has lost $8 billion and another 8000 companies are suffering from lost business. airlines are scrambling to revise business plans and flight schedules, since they don't want to use or purchase jets with a dodgy safety record. friday, boeing had a setback in the space business. it's star liner transpersonal suffered problems, forcing nasa to ditch a planned docking with the international space station. takes charge in january. it is up to him to reassure everyone that boeing is taking their flying seriously.
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seth kaplan is an industry expert who says boeing has chosen continuity by appointing a ceo from within the company. >> they have chosen somebody who is not just the independent voice from the outside. it is there chairman of the board stepping into the ceo role. a respected person in the industry, but they have to choose between perhaps somebody more independent who might have had more credibility with regulators in terms of saying, i'm here to clean up the mess, and somebody with the institutional knowledge david calhoun has. clearly they wanted continuity and somewhat of a fresh voice, but not an entirely new and independent one. share prices rose, predictably enough. in the end, that is part of what caused the board to move. their first responsibility, there is so much more here, is the value of the company. it was predictable if they moved on, they would do that.
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this is a mess that took a long time to make and it's not one that's going to be fixed quickly here. different sets of problems. the internal ones, the design of the aircraft, the whole world now knows too much about the mc as system, but also the way the company has been represented. what caused this move was the loss of credibility. ,ven with the faa in the u.s. the regulator accused of being too cozy with boeing once the shaken,te had been there was not much left to oflain why but in terms restoring credibility, it's going to be a long process, hopefully one that begins today. hasndia's opposition party led the latest protest over a controversial new law that grants citizenship to minorities
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from three neighboring countries, but excludes muslims. 25 people have been killed in protests since the legislation was introduced. >> now the crackdown in the heart of the capital. police detaining protesters outside the federal headquarters -- state. people condemned the killing of 18 demonstrators in the past few days. the deli protesters said they -- but the incident remains cut off in many parts and large gatherings are banned. capital, an the similar outcry. display.iant mood on while the university as a muslim institution, the demonstrations are attracting people from all walks of life, including first time protesters.
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on thele have come out streets to express their anger and they are saying the way this government has brought this bill is undemocratic. >> thousands chanted against the government and the citizenship law passed by mps on december 11. the citizenship amendment act makes it easier for i grants from bangladesh and pakistan to gain citizenship, but muslims are excluded. students and civil society groups have been a driving force for protests of area -- for protests so far. a memorial to mahatma gandhi aimed to invoke the spirit of gandhi's inspirational campaign for civil rights. >> this constitution was drafted ofpeople -- the voices muslims, hindus, sikhs, and christians. you cannot attack it. if you do, the nation will stop
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you. >> elsewhere, more large protests. thousands marched in southern cities. despite the largest protest against his government since he was first elected five years ago, narendra modi is not backing down from the new law, insisting it is not divisive. but he is backtracking on planes to hold a national register of citizens, which would require all indians to prove their citizenship. that is not enough for his critics. people here say they no longer trust the government. al jazeera, new delhi. >> time for a short break. aen we come back,
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controversial journey. and a new discovery in outer space and what it could tell us about life. stay with us. we've got some unsettled weather coming into central parts of china. not too bad at the moment, paparticularly to the south. throughthicken up to go the next day or so tuesday. just into the far east, shanghai might see what weather. wednesday, the rain will become a little more intense with snow on the northern flank of that. further south, it should be largelyy fine. hong kong at 23 degrees. into the philippines, we have been talking about a tropical storm making its way toward the philippines. you see the system coming through tuesesday.
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wet weather driving across the country, gradually pushing over toward parts of vietnam. some parts could see inches of rain in the probe -- the process. sri lanka, a lot of clouds showing up here. north easterly driving moist air the southernward peninsula of india and also into sri lanka. elsewhere, it is looking dry. cool weather there. --have unsettled weather coming into central china. not bad at the moment, particularly into the south. figure cloud you do notice here will thicken up through the next day or so, tuesday. one or two showers into shanghai, might see a little bit of wet weather. wednesday, it thickens up. rain will become more intense with snow on the northern flank of that. further south, it should bebe
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largely finene and dry. hong kong at 23 degrees. into the philippines, we have been talking about a couple of storm systems making its way toward the philippines. it will cocome through tuesday. wet weather driving across the country. 200 millimeters of rain in the process. into sri lanka over the next day or so, parts of india, a lot of clouds showing up. the northeasterly monsoon driving moist air across the bay of bengal toward the southern peninsula of india, also into sri lanka. elsewhere, you can see it is dry. more clouds coming into central parts of -- cool weather to the north. >> welcome back.
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has sentenced five people to death in the murder of jamal khashoggi. the chief executive of boeing has been fired. the departure is seen as an effort to restore confidence after fatal crashes this year. production of the 737 max was suspended last week. hasa's opposition party seen massive protests against a controversial new citizenship law. thousands of people in central hong kong joined a peaceful rally after a weekend of violence. protesters announced sanctions a fundraising program. ,ore protests on christmas eve
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police have announced would be illegal. a car have been killed in bombing in syria, 10 kilometers south of turkey's border. are among theild dead. several others have been wounded. the syrian government forces are pushing deeper into the last rebel sound -- rebel stronghold of idlib. sayssh president erdogan 80,000 syrians are moving toward the turkish border. >> the signs of war are everywhere in idlib province. the blitz in northwest syria is driving tens of thousands from to escape the aerial onslaught from syrian and russian warplanes. they are cornered. >> the situation is very bad.
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bombardment.from we came here to save our children. there is nothing else we can do. >> turkey is giving shelter to 4 million syrian refugees. 120,000 are heading for the border. >> if the violence towards the people of idlib does not stop, this number will increase even more. turkey will not carry such a migrant burden on its own. the negative impact of the pressure will be something all european nations, especially greece, will feel. >> opposition fighters and russian backed government forces have -- since august, but bombardments are still an almost daily occurrence. there is no hope returning to our homes because there is bombardment every day. syria's president has stepped up
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his push to recapture every inch of syrian territory controlledd by opposition fighters. o outis the only province of bashar r al-assad's control.. the villagers have been killed or displaced. border, forcing many of the into camps where a deliveries are rare. theturkish government wants safe seized from kurdish-led fighters is. otherwise heging will be forced to open the gates for syrians to head west into europe. whole villages have been emptied in the latest onslaught, with civilians in the corner of idlib. stops, theombardment exodus will continue.
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says it has been working on a series of new operations on a nuclear reactor. washington withdrew from the deal last year, re-imposing sanctions on tehran. that prompted iran to scale back its commitments under the deal. taken a president has trip across a newly constructed rail route linking st. petersburg to crime area -- to crimea. putin says it will carry passengers and freight next year. ukraine says its construction is illegal and it wants the peninsula back. russia annexed the region from ukraine in 2014. rail is being described as a violation of international law. until five years ago, crimea was
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only accessible from mainland ukraine. if travelers wanted to get to and from russia, they had to fly or take a ferry. after russian troops annexed crimea area -- crimea, a vote was announced to join the russian federation. and putin announced a plan to build a bridge without the consent of ukraine's government. spending 19 kilometers, it is the largest in eastern europe. last year, putin drove a truck over it. sanctions on companies involved in its construction. now trains are running from st. petersburg to crimea. and from moscow. says the of state railway shows russia's control of crime area -- of crimea. isthe economic element vertical. without a bridge, crimea is essentially isolated and
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increasing russian tourism and economic links to the mainland is critical. in many ways, it is expected. it still violates international law. utility in a way that creates a chokepoint and a hazard for ukrainian shipping. in bridge was constructed ukraine, it would have been a lot higher. russia is using this to choke ukraine economically. increasedes russia's -- continued interest in decreasing ukrainian sovereignty and territory and also rejecting the international sanctions against russia area the international community rejects russia aion and gives free hand, it is not only crimea that's going to come under russian domination. in many ways, the crimea story is a larger part of the future
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of ukraine and the future of europe, because russia's interest and ambitions extend beyond crimea. >> chile's president has proposed a referendum to change the constitution. one of the demands of antigovernment protesters. the president found the referendum would generate a solid framework to unify the country. in april 26th, chileans will be asked whether they want a new constitution and who should drafted. a current one was enacted in 1980 under a military dictatorship. an arrest warrant has been issued in the ivory coast for a candidate in next year's presidential election. rebel leaders accused of misusing public funds and trying to destabilize the country. he was do to return home just are his campaign, but his flight was diverted. supporters gather degree him. volunteers -- gathered to greet him.
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-- theers in lebanon dire economy is one of the main reasons for protests against the political class which has ruled the country for 30 years. show ofndent: a solidarity with those in need and a time of crisis. volunteers across lebanon have been helping to prepare christmas dinner for the poor. >> why not host them with flowers? correspondent: they are hosting them in the epicenter of a multi-sectarian protest movement against the political class that has ruled lebanon for decades. >> just to say that we are all united. correspondent: there may be unity here, but this is a deeply divided country that has been without a government for weeks.
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politicians are bargaining over making way forf new leadership. >> something bright came out of all of this. the amount of love, of generosity, of kindness, of people coming together -- i think this is our duty as lebanese. we have to look out for one another. correspondent: the state is on the verge of bankruptcy. wanted to half-million lebanese are officially designated as living in poverty. that is a third of the population. the total could rise to half the population. , mades a dire prediction before the economy started to collapse. the crisis has worsened further with businesses shutting down, thousands losing their jobs, and many workers receiving half their salaries. lebanon is in need of international financial assistance, but no country seems
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to be willing to come to assistance until the new government as agreed. for now, people only have each other to rely on. >> today these people are my government. the government never helped. correspondent: protesters against the ruling elite want .ew leadership it is proving hard to achieve, but gatherings like these are achieving something else. they are bri
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