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funeral of algeria's exce me ththe situauation in burkina cls it was w where we start this nes comingng in of a dozen soldiers killed. in a new attack that that's taken place this is the country's already in mourning. over the death of some thirty five civilians mostly women killed in a double attack which is takining place in the north this recent attack. today in the same area. algeria's top
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military man his funeral has taken place in algae is hundreds of thousands of mourners luftë on some sort. i think i'd sell as part of the problem in rgb at the deep state that runs the c country bt others recognize his role in trying to bring about change. and that this the situation in christmas with sentence will be reindeer for water skis. the service center in the on the potomac river in washington will be e caught sightings of father christmas for around the world. coming christy will think of unisys christmasay on main s story consensus situation in burkina fassel wet uses coming in off anothther. attackck in the n north off the country and in this attack some twelve soldiers have been killed this including two security fororces securitity sources i in ouagadougou. though the today the- defense minister at s shareef seed visited the scene- west stump some thirty
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five civilians most of the women. have been killed in the double attack ththat took place. inin the samame incident whihich happened yesterday seven soldldiers e eighty jihadists- which h killed it'll h happen around the town of all been de. and that near the village of ace in soon profits butut this another attttack has been a not revealeded by the security sourcess that is taking place this christmas day witith twelve soldiers killed. so begin a faucet in a state of mourning and it seems the- jihadist threat that- is a- more alive and threatenening them at will bring you more of course on the story as we get it. limited yeah no de. sorry are sending a strong m message he can control that therefore they're saying if you go back to ouagadougou communicate tell civilians died we are together in the film ensemble and it is it together dad we will win this bottles at about day see. if you what sure us that they arere with us and
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hello and then we will go from victory to victctory of all we received this message either. can a fast of course bordering miley and the chassis regular jihadist attacks which about hundreds dead since start of twenty fifteen when that moae in bonn ththis again to spread across the sahel region. for a half thousand french troops of that responsive- the on going up ocem back again- which of course is the big mininistry- operation in the style. against the jihadist threat. the sun isn't up yet under these soldiers are coming out to the final preparations for a dangerous mission. that trying to root out terrorists in this region in the north of mali part of the french army's operation ball can. just days before thirteen french troops died in a helicopter collision near the border with a kenya faster. hello everyone i hope you slept well got some rest before we started one last briefing from the commander before it's time to go to he warns about the risk of ieds. improvised explosive devices
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often used by terrorist groups in the sahel region yeah all night yesterday a collie stepped on the night you de. ideas a all the number one thret during this operation you must be extremely vigilant you know it's true on the convoyy of around forty armored vehicles is heading to the goma region a terrorist hotbed in the borders of mali. nijaz undertaking of fasting the french army is trying to stop this harvard branch of the islamic state group from establishing itself and its average desert region. of a troll is alerted to the presence of a possible terrorist group named bonnie ththconvoy gives chase but there's no sign of them when the soldiers such nearby huts. then cover camouflage gear destiny to is and mobile phones but the terrorists a one step ahead of it on of sobre todo total use in a closet. he offered to useful we're being watched all the time when. they're. told that werere comin. in the leave before we arrive. but they don't necessarily have time to take everything with them. so we're able to attain material like this. the only
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official to insure without a cause of the french army works in parallel with the malian army they stop in the village and speak to the locals to see if they can glean any information. muhammad is a teacher it comes to work every day terrified of a possible attack is the first time he's seen the malian army in the village. of course some everyone is but i was happy to see the army this morning it's what we have been waiting for having the army by your side is really clingy boxers earning the locals trust is part of the battle over the past few months anti french sentiment has been on the rise somalians resent operation balkans presence in the country and don't how effective it's really is. but the french army isn't leaving anytime soon as terrorist attacks continue unabated in the region. the body of algeria's powerful army chief the formalal independence by two became is countries de facto ruler was carried to his grave on a tank this wednesday's
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hundreds of thousands of mourners looked on. the tennis channel off that dates saleh who masterminded state's relatively restrained response to mass protest this year died of a heart attack on monday at the age of seventy nine. me and what covered with the algerian flag and carried by fellow soldiers. gates has coffin arrived at the people's palace in algiers lead. national funeral began with the arrival of president abdel majed toobin la saidd less than two weeks ago for. the. paid how much to t the country's former army chief. high ranking soldiers officials and citizens alike gathered in front of the coffin. before giving their condolences to relatives of the regime's form a strong man. the funeral cortege left the people's palace. is he dating men heading towards alemania cemetery in the east of the
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algerian capital. the recession marks by several thousands of algerians lining the streets. a large crowd gathered in front of the ceremony to welcome the cortege. but only relatives and officials were allowed to attend the prayers inside so long working on. gates sela was buried alongside the emir abd al qaeda. former prime minister ahmed ben bella. and former president to harry boumediene considered as the founding fathers of independent algeria. is the first time a military chieief has been honored in thts way. turkey's president met with chinese use that lead in a surprise visit to choose to discuss the coconflict in neighboring libya. turkish president recep tayyip erdogan told reporters that he and president que siete discuss steps for a ceasesefire in libya a reteturn to political dialogue the fighting libya's threaten to plunge the north african country into violence. rivaling
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the twenty eleven comfort that ousted killed a long time e to take wanda q qaddafi. vvc tv either via an event. let's issues we discussed the possible steps we can take. suited una portion is a cooperation. with the aim of establishing a cease fire and libya youtube as soon as possible. and returning to a political process for systems will do libia they stick around and saw the most. i believed in asia would have a valuable and constructive contributions. to establisishing stability. in libya judge you know engine the turkish president recep tayyip erdogan. will t the offensisived out west i in libya which began in april discourse more than a hundred and forty thousand peopople to flee their homes t e auththorities are strugglining o help these displaced people if france twewenty four p. to a prime e with this. eight square meters is school similar allí has to takee shelter with h her
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fofour children. she was determinined to stay at h home n southern tripoli. potentially the confnflict scott's to close. let us what he could d dto help gett startedalalling onn a- glas started breaking it was horrrrific.. i have a whole neighborhoodod was empty. everybybody had left coche and there was no harm no bay kasnije channels and i johnson. along w with more than a hundred and seventy families they've moved to this abandoned. construction sites deeper inside thehe city. more than a hundred and forty thousand libyans have fled their homes since april when forces loyoyal to s strong m man higighly file- launched an assasault on tripipi the seats of the u. n. recognized governments. s some f housed in schools some with other families but the authorities are struggling to find a place to eveveryone and many rely on the kindness of strangers. this man has come to donate his sheheets and mattresses. former mededic who have thoughtht it w was by passd
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by these buildings everyday breaks my heart that my kids are fed andnd sleep from warm inside will other brothers experiencing this tragedy room with a limit. the findings on going between forces loyal to the government of national cold and those of generalalf time.. on tueuesday several civilians were killed by rocket fire in the east of tripoli. the situation that in libya. hong kong's christmas celebrations have been marred by sporadic clashes between police and programa bececause activists as the city's pro beijing leader said the festive season was being ruined by demonstrators will police use pepper spray antique *-*- activists held small flash mob protest symbols. and multiple districts across the city. clashes between home home police and protesters it continued on christmas day activists held flash mob protests across the city in the district of mom cook police fired rounds of tear gas protesters have been targeting shopping centers in particular to cools economic
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disruption against a backdrop of christmas decorations. police u used pepper spray in an attempt t to disperse crowds hoe loans leader carrie lam is said in a facebook post that's demonstrators had ruined christmas eve festivities on tuesday. but proteste is a bit authorities it's all about i think it was the police that ruined the festive atmosphere by firing tear gas. maybe they thought some smoke would make people happier but i chemically christmas should be a day when everyone is happy. what did they have to look for people they shouldn't everyone should be celebrating you know agama there is full support for the pro democracy movement this restaurant is handing out free meals to protestas customers leave messages of support for those demonstrating and even donate cash the movement. the protest started more than six months ago against an extradition bill that has since been withdrawn the protests have since evolved into a larger revolt resisting increase meddling. by beijing in hong kong's political freedoms. christmas day brought
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no rest bite for travelers him francés a transport strike entered its fourth week. the destruction blocked the plans of many people to share traditional meal and quality time with loved ones over the holiday. other scramble of last minute to make alternative arrangements as to protest against pension reform soft sounds of trains canceled it late. taxis ride sharing services car rental agencies just unable to make up the shortfall. real5 pray to the s. and se f. says that it's not lost over. four hundred million years in profits and- the cat. it is set to continue. but francis miss christmas message appeal the piece of hot spots around the world the pontiff made the coldness traditional urbi et orbi address in saint peter's square in the vatican france's khalifa kama the middle east. as the on going issue campaigning series if the province it was a call to come. thee. #to seattle chip benetton
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de bonn make christ to bring his life to the many children sufferining from wall and conflict in the middle east and in various countries of the world. may he bring comfort to the village. it'll popullor as he was still see no end to the hostilities t that h have struck the country over the last decade general attitude i think by a se in questo the chain you see assisting you know me he sustained the lebanese people and enable them to overcome the current crisis. and rediscover their vocation to be a message of freedom and harmonious co existence were all you know sarcocystis happened to the- whole process speakaking at the at the vatican so christmas which means of course that the many sightings of center across the world so from australia. to the us by europe this is not you'll tied round. the sizzling sunny christmas likike no other with these tourists s on australia's iconic bondi beach. fight a very weird here the case that this no this no snow
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or anything a and it's different but it's still amazed at not the christmas trees on the beachehes this is ridiculous about. very good very good. extreme temperatures at the other end of the scale here in lapland. y. santa claus himself is senending out a chrisistmas message. my which says that this chrisistmas s season fifth fails with friendly votes words and d tests as. as far away as the international space station christmas cheer is in the s. supply has astronauts track the sleighss progress with the help of special software. using the norad santa tracker all day long along with other astronauts here on board the station to find out when will processes flight path again. flying throuough the skies but also swimming in the depths center was here in france delighting children and sting rays alike kwezi aquarium. meanwhile across the atlantic this footage purports to show
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him water skiing on the potomac river near washington dc with a record number of sightings recorded this year no one can deny that father christmas really does exist. lusa sightings of father christmas i hope your christmas is that living a to or the expectations. and the for more musical stay with us yet france twenty four . all the clear there that said. the twelve there so i hope that we will have. a quiet. and busy day of work. twenty billion to use most israeli ahead to two yes. a palestinian village south of nablus in the west bank. leading the way sixty five year old nevada member of the ngo
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rabbis for human rights. the palestinian salicin use don't really know what a woman rabbi meals so at this level i don't really have any problems. if the- well that's a whole different story. must be on a woman and secondly i'm a rabbi and thirdly i'm a liberal rabbi and of course i've come to help the palestinians since two thousand and one i think it's is taking part in april of harvest on the palestinian side. she's here to help but mostly to protect palestinian farmers from violent jewish settlers. we do give a about the rule they have their own little and i believe it superior to any other little. on what we're going in the valenti is a cautious when they reach the palestinian fields. if there is any conflict they know israeli security forces want to protect them send a professor there it's a lot easier to say to the palestinians. go home then to
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confront the settlers that. it's easy because the palestinian has no status he's not a citizezen. that's what hahappened last month i i brerey in a village thirteen kilometers from here. when settlers attacked a rabbi the israeli army traced the palestinians away we don't bold cup all of a sudden a smamall group of settlers showed up theyey were wearing masks and they surrounded me and began throwing stones at the full there were four or five of. the good that will they also had me with an iron bar and injured myy head i told them i'm eighty years old leave me alone but they said no. only one aggressor was arrested. even though these olive groves belong to palestinians undnder the oslo accords they fall under israeli military control. some on the list se these incidents of political not military court all ekstremisti see extremist settlers airfield they've got the green light to
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be violence send to try the arabs outlets. they feel they're protected by the %-pe multics dixie israel's far right government is protecting the people carrying out violence in full do you have your own cc. like most local farms yusef loves his land it's also. the only us city can bequeath to his children. this is the palestininians w will enp leavaving once they've b been economically we can. a strategy that by the way doesn't seem to be working. so use wilill just vanish they've lifted a hundreds of years why would they deserve it. then we would they go through. that when you sus looks a around he views hiss land will one day bee absororbed by the settlements. before one year there the defense is. this buildings it was only a small military base. now it's images can become mcdougal you can see it after two years it is a big settlement. all of that. is
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they have took it. one of the palestinian pharmacy to settlers across the road. feel you should just one fan should cut off full bottle full months it turns out to be safe for now. but the us is black and the trees a burnt. we've sent that'll be for us ju? doing this is a goodod. june is a component you will not destroy nature. can't figure out what's really disgusting is that they do it in the name of gold. did you. so phohone this is blasphe. the danes calmly for the moment is that the extremists here are known to be angry. they don't represent old settlers many of whom live peacefully. ththe settttlement of itamar is about ten kilometers away. families live here including that of
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rabbi yaakov common. no tool there's nothing much around us there is an arab village as you can see over there. but there's nonoeal co habitation of the deal we drive on the same roads we check you has right off way somemetimes baps w wave littttle hello. b but that's about itit.o estonian is allolowed to enter tomar settlement is now surrounded by an electronic fence and surveillance cameras. a couple of feet when we build that fence quite arbitrarily in places i'm afraid we susurroundd all l of trees that belong to palestinians it's the es so i understand how they felt but now they've been given a temporary pass. the army's schools they harvest the olives and they leave if we do have smaller occasional demonstrations with slogans like arab terrorists get out of him but said nothing more. please read by calling has been living in it tomar from nineteen use away from the tumult and excessive processes of jerusalem. as a teacher in
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this told school he says he knows the young people here in the us among our local youth there's absolutely. no violence regarding our arab neighbors. so who do that and if it goes beyond words by you do. notot dealing with vendettas so what what you might call it guerrilla. like tribal warfare between the jewish tribe in the arab tribe no none of that. the little. settlers and palestinians to live side by side in the west bank. w with minimal contact. it'ss two. worlds where everyone says they want to live in peace but really reach out to each other. the digital revolution and the explosion of social media has created an entirely new german fashion the influence of. the wall they whether they come from and what do they do they don't journalists small like advises with less of a critical attitude down the mainstream
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media well they do exist in parallel. brands are in thrall to them- casing a large pulse of the advertising budget to influences. steve on chrono has more than a h hundred and seventeen thousand followers on instagram and a unique story. shin what i'm black i mean immigrants on the child of immigrants i'm disabled. steve destiny was forced by broken dreams in childhdhood. snl dineo i was born in benin into a family of nine children i was the youngest i used to take my sister's dolls and dress them up. i took off her dolls clothes and meet the new ones. but i also had a town i was really very good at playing football now was spotted by an agent i came to live in france and i i was fourteen i cacame originalally to trtry out i did really well today the trials i got injured. and that wasnsn't.a diagnosed with the disease called h. l. a. b. twenty seven. steve has ankylosing spondylitis. his hips and legs are affected by this acute rheumatic condition. after two years and that he was treated
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by the same surgeon as football renaldo. lucky enough to have a very strong close family an african family i was really hopeful because my father always say to me in fact you had eight older brothers and sisters and they can walk and don't have any health issues. so in my head i could do it. my dad works in the oil industry well he doesn't anymore he's retired. he was involved in politics in many of. in fact my father is a great inspiration for me. my grandfather was a fisherman and my dad started off with no money whatsoever. one for two or three days to get to the capital cut a note from both on the south the country. my mother was a seamstress. and she sold rice in the market. now my mom's the fabric import export business. sells wax fábrica menino. and she's also and none of benz nickname for the powerful women who drive a mercedes. thankss ththe fortunes they've built up importing and exporting wax fabrics. steve's also designer and he's showing off his line of t. shirts that a k. eight eight. paris is annual african awesome designgn fat. off the
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surgery that's allowed him to walk again steve's finished high school study business go 2 degrees from cambridge. and a masters in luxury brand marketing. all with help and support from his parents. a hundred thousand dollars. i did internships at luxury brands like ku9i for example. in one. i was lucky enough to a six month internship at sada hall. and ever to cartier in a bribery. usually that show one day i got this lucky break which got a job coach second it for me that they were. five fantastic years because gradually i worked my way up in the company. i coach i went from being a supervisor. being commercial director it was a great experienence. but a couple of important things interested steve's corea at the new york leather goods brand coach the first was instagram as he started posting photos of archchitectuture. the second a y special hot this deset in love with and now ready takes off. the jury selection even though i was able to walk i was totally absorbed by my work.
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and i was really lacking in self confidence i was very shy. once i went out and a young woman was looking at me and she gave me a wink. it was the first time it ever happened turn off by its elected office critical for and it was good because it was my half the qatar eyes. not my lower body because i do learn from time to time because of the city's i have. anyway one day i was looking for someththing in my bg and my friends took a photo of thee. scene so we take a photo of me like that with my head down. time i usually got about thirty forty likes on instagram. in the photo startup doesn't my social media everyone was sharing and liking it leaving comments. for the next day posted a photo myself but this time without a head office was a total flop. no one on social media was interested so i thought okay i'll try again with the hats that's what i didn't work for me and i said well there you go there's something special about that have a monthly. one steve's had more than ten thousand followers friend started to get in touch on skin him to promote their products and the same time he was finishing off his line of t. shirts and tanks also launching a range of
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planned pieces. made from cuts of wax fabrics. this clutch for example it's really mean. wanted it as a mix between the enemy and the france me a mix between africa on the west and it's all made in paris entirely made by hand. some of them. it's all produced in this modest për is intellectual assn costing us on blondes on the embroidery of cheeky slogans like this one which says child of immigrants. public health also probably made in france here in the center of your- body. we make it lococally so o close toto the processs. stop by and have a chat about production were in charge but you're- absolutely do not want to be made in china maybe made in europe or not not in china now. we have thee savoir faire. skills and expertise here in france and italy shame not to use that but it's it is it. hihis role as an influence has allowowed states o devepp a consultancycy providing private coaching for brands that individuals. he says he can be self confidence by working through negative
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experiences. personally i must say that i've experienced racism in a number of companies. it's true that in the last company i was working in at one point i wasn't able to progress much further in my career. i heard someone from human resources se we're not going to let a black person and the head of the european sector in a fashion house. so yeah i was in the corridor was walking past and i heard that. i said i'm here i heard that. but anyway it doesn't matter. i'm thankful to her to
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