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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  December 26, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> turkey announces plans to send troops to libya to safeguard tripoli against a warlords of forces. hello. this is al jazeera. also coming up, iraq's president says he will resign rather than apprprove a candididate for prie minier backed d by the biggest block in p parliament. israel's prime minister survives a leadership challllenge ahead f the third election in less than one year. tribes faceigenous tough decisions as they cash in on business opportunities.
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good to have your company. libby is internationally recognized government made a formal request for turkish military support according to the reuters news agency. he wouldpresident said send soldiers to tripoli. politicians will vote within the next fortnight on whether to approve the deployment. turkish forces would be tasked with spending off forces of a warlord who began a military offensive to capture the capital in april. he is backed by the uae egypt, russia, and jordan. in the past three hours, egypt's president has urged donald trump to use his influence to and what he calls illegal foreign interference in libya. we begin our coverage from tripoli. this is the southern
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outskirts of the libyan capital of tripoli. heavy fighting for the past eight months. warlord are to the now using artillery fire to advance, with the help of russians who are reportedly leading the forces as they takae control of important locations. camps in thistary neighborhood. turkey says it is planning to send troops. to prevent those forces from seizing the libyan capital. says they willan be voting in january on a mandate to send troops. >> god willing, on the eighth or ninth of january, we will pass this in parliament and respond to the invitation. and will give all
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forms of support to the tripoli government fighting against a fascist government backed by arabs and europeans. news conference, the minister warned that neighboring countries will be affected if tripoli falls. he says the warlord is being backed by regional countries. we know very well there are forces and airbases in the east of the country. there are also forces from sudan and chad that have been brought by the warlord who has given them bases in libya without any agreement. worsening asion is they target civilian locations in and around the tripoli. concerns over a possible turkish military deployment to libya. president erdogan said last week , turkey will not stay silent over what he called russian backed mercenaries supporting
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the warlord. is forces are supported by troops from several countries, including russia, france, the united arab emirates, and egypt. turkey seems to be one of the few friends of the tripoli government. al jazeera. tripoli. mentioned, egypt is calling on the u.s. to intervene. what exactly is the u.s. position then? unclear, as is often the case with donald trump as far as policy in the middle east and whether that is because of careful strategic ambiguity or factionalism in the administration with the old guard, the military-industrial complex saying we should be involved and donald trump saying we don't have a dog in this fight. if other people want to
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involved, let them do it. give them too much already. factions inmpeting the trump administration. now we have this phone call between donald trump and the president. it does lend itself to what we have seen throughout the year. this is the readout from the white house. regarding libya, we have rejected exploitation and agree that parties must take urgent steps to resolve the conflict before libyans lose control. if you look at the egyptian readout of the same conversation, this is how they presented. he asserted to the president egypt's support for empowering achieve security as well as stressed the importance of the libyan national army, inviting terrorism that threatens the whole middle east region. not clear what this necessarily means. , theve seen this before
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u.s. official position was supporting the internationally recognized government in april, asut around trump saw a regular lobbying from egypt, saudi arabia and the uae, they would make the case that the tripoli forces are supported by isis. one week or so after that phone call,trump made a phone which was seen as a deeply symbolic moment in the u.s. is position. they talked about a shared vision for libya. sort of walked back by the state department, although calling for a cease-fire, in the state department's position when that came out, mercenaries associated with a russian
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oligarch pouring troops into libya. the kremlin denies any direct involvement. the state department position, we need a cease-fire and there was no longer that passive support that seems to be going on following the trump phone conversation. now we have another phone where theyn discussed the importance of those forces. meanwhile, russia and turkey are moving ahead with their own coordination of what happened in libya. it didn't seem like the russians were too keen on nato troops going into libya. vladimir putin and president erdogan are due to have talks in turkey on the eighth, which is
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when that parliament will be in turkey. there is talk of a grand important initiative. joining us live from washington, d.c., thank you. william lawrence is a professor at george washington university school of foreign affairs. he says the present situation is a win-win for turkey. >> i have seen 10 different versions among the analysts of a deal that could be in the making. wasturkish foreign minister just in moscow having discussions about a deal where the russians would be given more in exchange for stepping back from tripoli. i think libyan theaters are beenapping and putin has here, because with the and
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increased turkish presence, that is part of his desire to decrease nato in libya. he has got that other arms deal with turkey, which he is trying to cut in on this relationship. these are all connected now. it is kind of a win-win for turkey. i don't think erdogan wants to send in troops. they have been saying in various ways, including to the tunisians, there is a cease-fire coming. if he does send in troops, those can be used for the defense of mercenaries --he other increasing troop levels. message a psychological regarding internal and external alliances regarding the libyan conflict and helps get us to the berlin peace conference in
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january. that completely changes the tenor of that discussion and there is an actual cease-fire that can be negotiated. >> iraq's president says he would rather resign than name the new prime minister. he has already been rejected by protesters. he has been trying to find a replacement he stepped down last month. we explain from baghdad. withpolitical maneuver potentially far-reaching consequences. iraq's president has sent his resignation letter to parliament saying he would rather step down then at -- approve a new prime minister. my keenness to avoid bloodshed, i will not name a candidate for the next prime minister. he was nominated for the role by the large clock in parliament.
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that coalition is made up ofof mainly iranian backed political groups, which is why their candidate is being rejected by the opponent. replaceet to relate -- the prime minister who resigned in november after protests. the governor has been accused of neglecting his own province. it is home to more than 70% of iraq's oil reserves but locals do not have the basic necessities like clean water and reliable electricity. >> i think they will try to convince him that you must accept our candidate and i don't think he will accept that. someonetry hard to push who is inside the political process. protesters have strongly rejected the nomination and that is the reason the president gave for not approving the choice.
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resignation, no party has proposed a candidate who has been acceptable to all sides. the protests, which began in early october are about demanding political change. tuesdayw was passed which seemed to please most iraqis. this latest move to reject the candidacy is likely to strengthen the demonstrators. al jazeera, baghdad. >> israel's prime minister has declared victory in the party leadership contest. he was up against a veteran politician. netanyahu will lead the party into an unprecedented third election despite a failure to secure a majority and a scandal. victory was widely expected , but his challenger did have a respectable showing.
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sayagain, it is fair to that netanyahu proved why he has been given the nickname the magician for pulling off victory after victory. woes, he islegal facing corruption charges involving bribery, fraud and breach of trust, his popularity among his right-wing base has remained steady. camp, his other voters did listen and read his appeal to them greatly. his pitch was that if there had been two failed attempts at forming a government by netanyahu, why would voters expect a different outcome a third time. he also expressed concerns that netanyahu is legal woes make in the first sitting per ministry in israeli history to be oficted and a tool
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tarnishing the parties image and possibly weakening it during national elections in march. one supporter said there has been a decay in democracy in the party, and in israel in general. supporters are alleging election meddling as well as voter intimidation. >> still had, allegations of -- the un'splomatic top court. a man with a plan or just another oligarch on the right? we need the banking magnate taking on the government in georgia. >> still good weather conditions across coastal areas of china. temperatures and clear skies, you can see a massiveve cloud to the philippines. that is working its way into the south china sea, taking the
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worst of the rain with it. still a clear skyy thrhrough friday. cooler in shanghai, but mild saturday because we have more clouds. few showers a working through to coastal areas , courtesy of f the tropicalal system. rain could accumulate. we could see 200 millimeters the next few days. andspread rain friday saturday, mostly dry across further south. india -- not much rain across india. we have had low clouds and temperatures below average. feelelg very cold for the nonorh ininto new delhi. temperatures struggling to reach the midteens. about seven degrees below average, and by night, four degrees. one or two showers on the east coast, clearing away by saturday.
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maybe some showers into sri lanka. >> you're watching al jazeera. a reminder of our top stories. reuters is reporting libya's internationally recognized government has made a formal request to turkey. fighting local warlords. iraq's president has offered to resign after refusing to back the man nominated to be prime minister. won'ts the nomination satisfy demands for an independent leader. israel's prime minister has declared victory in the leadership contest. party into an unprecedented third election. has asked the syrian government to and its allies to stop the bloodshed in idlib province. fighting in the last rebel
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controlled areas forced 130,000 people from their homes. there have been weeks of artillery up apartments and airstrikes by russian and syrian government. making thingss even more difficult for refugees. winter is setting in. temperatures are falling. there is not enough to protect the syrian refugees who live in makeshift camps. there are no structures because the government does not want them to stay here permanently. shelters are not currently suitable for cold months and families are complaining that it is not enough. they burn wood to stay warm but many can't afford to buy fuel. meet withto make ends the less than 100 $50 provided by the united nations. >> you know how expensive it has become. my children no longer eat.
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i can't afford to send them to school. during the day, they collect wood and i have kidney disease and can't work. >> those who can work struggle to find a job. the economy is in crisis. rising and the local currency has lost one third of its value. situation isl affecting lebanese and syrian refugees. these people are in severe situations where they are constantly trying to afford and meet their basic needs. >> the needs are greater during the winter months. >> refugees are not only facing freezing weather. the one00,000 of million syrians registered with the united nations live below its poverty line. that means surviving on less than four dollars a day. many refugees rely on cash
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assistance but recently lost her refugee status because she returned to syria for a few days. i had to go to see my daughter because it is too expensive here but when we came back, they took away our refugee status. grandson is forced to work in the field for four dollars a day during the summer. the 11-year-old never went to school. he doesn't read or write. i wish i can study. wish i can get an education. and be able to go with my friends to school. mohammed seems to realize that this is unlikely to happen. al jazeera, eastern lebanon. a mexico says it is taking tipple medic dispute with
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bolivia's new government to the international court of justice. it accuses bolivia i've intimidating diplomatic staff. gave the former president asylum when he resigned after protests. manwell of apollo is in mexico city with more. is a wars going on now of the words building up tensions between diplomats, between authorities in both nations. boliviand, you have officials saying mexico is harboring criminals, terrorists, saysthe embassy -- mexico they are providing political asylum to nine individuals, two of which are former ministers. heard ont we have thursday is mexico appealing to the international court of justice. the united nations will help mediate this dispute. one thing we should point out
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his diplomatic ties between the countries still exist. we don't know if that will continue to be the case. this war of words has escalated. the last we heard from bolivian officials was the former president who weighed in. he has been appointed a special delegate to represent bolivia. he called the mexican president a coward, a bully and a shameless apologist for drug traffickers. these are very strong words. brazileting forces in all want to exploit the amazon rain forest. the president has unlocked more land for farming and development and indigenous groups want a slice of the business as well. this forest is a stay in central result twice the size of california, known today for its
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endless fields of crops and cows. there is still a lot of tropical a 15,000ft, including square kilometer indigenous reserve. meet thee that we leader of the national indigenous farmers association. like most tribes, they used to live on subsistence farming, but now they are growing and selling soy and other grains for export. >>like our pregnant women were losing babies from lack of food. children were malnourished. after 15 years, our lives have changed. now we have lots of food. this is giving us sustainability. he and his tribe, who earlier this year received a visit from the environmental minister are the monastery for the president's vision for integrating brazil's indigenous
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communities into mainstream society. the project has been vilified by other indigenous groups and environmentalists, who argue that they will lose their culture and further destroy the amazon. he disagrees. we are in the 21st century. of course our culture and identity are important but we can't remain frozen in time. these days, this traditional house is mostly used for meetings. outside the reserve, the president has given the green light to expand brazil's agricultural frontier. this is cotton. almost everything profitable grows here. brazil is already the world's leader in soy and sugarcane, beef and among the top three corn producers. in order for agribusiness to continue to expand, it needs more and more land, it explains
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why the brazilian amazon is so coveted. paradoxically, brazil's king of soy is concerned about global backlash. >> the president has taken a mistaken approach, but i think our mistakes in the agribusiness sector concerning a potential boycott could make them realize that while the amazon is sovereign, it is needed by the entire world. reserve, hehe accuses foreign governments of expecting indigenous tribes to remain naked, eating ants in the forest. onlyplains they are using 1.7% of their territory to grow soy and other grains for export. he insists they don't need more. at least for now. al jazeera, brazil. a thaideath toll from fund in the philippines has risen to 28, with at least a
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dozen missing. the storm left a trail of .estruction, tossing trees phone services are still down in some areas. suspended,e stranding thousands of people. a public prosecutor in the ivory coast is a former rebel leader and presidential candidate accused of planning a coup could face life in prison. they say they captured audio recordings of the candidate discussing a plot. his lawyer says the recording is old and incomplete. a warrant for his arrest was issued monday. >> some people did not hesitate to discredit the institutions. these acts were part of a conspiracy which were to lead a civil and military insurrection. the elements gathered by our intelligence services clearly prove that this project was going to be acted on soon.
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>> russian security forces have raided the offices of a opposition leader. security footage shows officers using power tools to break into the building and confiscate other equipment. he is one of president vladimir putin's most prominent critics. raid to a 2017hthe video accusing the prime minister and a billionaire businessman of corruption. byrgia is gripped antigovernment protest and parliamentary elections are scheduled for next year. a banking magnate has decided to take on the government. said they want to find out whether another businessman is on the rise in the personality driven media. george's most successful banker at the opening of a new hotel. it i is a side venture.
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politics is now his main business. this summer, he launched his political party. ambitiouse of his $2.5 billion deep-sea port. the port's future is in question. he and a business partner are ,ighting a fraud investigation accused of laundering millions of dollars through the bank. politics, causing voters and challenging the government on primetime time tv. line you do not want to cross. should you make a deal with them why i justnd that is
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decided to leave business. >> the government says he has to answer for the missing millions. investigationer and you are just creating -- launching your political party. you have to say
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