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tv   France 24  LINKTV  February 4, 2020 5:30am-6:01am PST

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for 60it's time now minutes live around the world. i'm genie godula. these e are the headlines. still no results from the iowa caucuses, with the first numbers expected sometime today. that first in the nation poll kick started the race to the white house. the vote meantnt to signal the front runners for the democrats has b been marred b by inconsistencies and delays. live coverage coming up in iowa. abuse in over sexual french figure skating deepens as the sports minister tells the head of the skating foundation to quit. that is after 10 time national
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skating champ accused her former coach of raping her, starting when she was 15 years old. and china admits it did not respond as quickly as it could have in containing the new coronavirus. have been infected globally. at least 425 have been killed so far, with the first death reported in hong kong. live coverage from there on the way. the coronavirus affecting the business world as well. macaus gambling hub of the latest to announce eight shut down. we will be counting the costs with stephen carroll in our business update. and the incredible story of a man accused of using skype and a silicone mask to steal tens of millions from the rich and famous by impersonating the former french defense minister. the details on that suspect, on trial today, coming up. first, our top stories, live
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from paris. ♪ ♪ anchor: iowa was the sight of the very first contest in the u.s. presidential election. that vote monday was meant to help the democrats figure out which candidate will be the front runner to beat donald trump. but the i would democratic party has yet to report the results from more than 1700 meetings across the state, saying they are now being reported manually rather than via the new app that did not work. a reporter is covering the caucuses i in des moines. she joins us now live from there. it is just after 6:00 a.m. now. do we have any more clarity on what is taking so long, or when we will get these results? reporter: not really.
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the only information from the iowa democratic party is that we wowould get the resul sometime tuesday. it is already tuesday. so far, nothing as far as results. as far as explanations go, the idp did give a few excellent nations. basisically, they are blaming it on the changes that happened before this election, and basicacally they are saying g tt there wewere irregularitieies wh or inconsiststencies b between e different t numbers that they we recocording. for the first timime, they were reporting ththree numbers -- t e theer of delegates won, overall winner in the first round, and the o overall winnern the second round. they saw some inconsistencies between these three numbers. there were alsoo glitches in the reporting. initiallin their statement, they said the app was not down. but a lot of precincts found it hard to use that n new app to report, so they turneded to
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callingg thehe numbers in. there have been rererts of seraral precinctct managers calllling in and being on the phone, waiting on the line for about an hour r befo g givin up. that is why now they have gone ways,o the old schooll which is c counting ballotots by hand.. that i is taking, of coursrse, a little bit longer. soso they are sasaying thatt its realally just a problem of reporting. but of course it has angered a lot of campaignsns, and candidas sort of f using this to try t to spin that non-resesult in theier favor, because there are no winners. that means also that therere are no losers. that is pretty good for everyone. anchor: indeed, many of them moved on to new hampshire, where the next p primary is taking ple next week. what things have they been saying specifically about iowa? well, those speeches -- non-victory, non-defeat yesterday -- were
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very enlightening. depending on how they spoke and how they spin this, you kind of got a sense that they have some information that we did not. who felt victorious were bernie sanders and pete buttigieg. bernie sanders saying it felt very, very good. they have also been reporting some numbers of their own, saying that bernie sanders has come ahead in the number of precincts. pete buttigieg, if you listened to him, this was definitely a victory speech. he barely mentions those glitches in the counting. he really had a long speech, thanking everyone. that really felt like a victory speech. he probably did pretty well. elizabeth warren and joe biden, even amy klobuchar, they were sort of already turning the page. they said they wanted to find out those results, but move on to new hampshire. that is why the speeches took place so early. must of the candidates are already in new hampshire, looking ahead to next week,
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because this is already iowa in the past, new hampshire ahead. genie: thank you for reporting for us from des moines. well, the democrats were not the only ones at the polls monday. there was also a republican caucus. by donaldasily won trump. the president is already backed by his party, but republicans held a caucus anyway, to pump up the race to reelection and keep some much-needed airtime from the democrats. shirli sitbon explains. >> eric trump. donald trump, jr.. officially, donald trump the sitting president, already has the party's support. still, republicans did hold them. the president hailed his victory with a short tweet, while in des moines's, his sons tried to discredit the democrats, using their father's traditional rhetoric. >> and as they are pushing the
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russia folks, the democrats are pushing the russia hoax, he is signing the usmca. he is signing the unprecedented deal, trade deal with china. shirli: the outcome of the impeachment trial is perfect for the u.s. president. although democrats managed to impeach him at the house of representatives, their efforts have oveverall failed. they are expected to lose the vote in the senate, where republicans hold a majority. the day after that vote, the u.s. president will stand in of congress for his state of the union address. >> we have this spectacle, this scripted affair in which the president comes before congress, typically to lay a legislative agenda.. it will be the initial rollout of the talking points for the election itself. torli: and trump is likely mention the chaotic start of the democratic primaries, as they
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failed to issue results -- a mess likely to play into republican hands. will beonald trump giving his state of the union tonight in washington. that is starting at 9:00 p.m. eastern time, or 3:00 a.m. paris time. you can check that out here live on france when he. -- france 24. you are now more than 20,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus around the world. have now died from that virus. most of the victims have been in maininland china, but hong kong has reported its first death from the coronavirus. talk more about the situation, oliver. what can you tell us? oliver: the hong kong hospital reported the death of a 39-year-old man this morning. he had been taken ill after visiting wuhan after the lunar
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new year break. he had apparently had underlying health problems, reported in the local media as diabetes, and he ultimately died of heart failure. his 72-year-old mother, who he lived with, has also been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus. this has set alarm bells ringing in the city that is already quite on edge. hong kong is, after all, one of the world's most densely populated cities. hongthe housing estate the deced lived on his home to 80,000 people, so people are very worried we will now see a propagation of the virus. later on todayay -- we also sout to people who were diagnosed with the novel coronavirus, neither of whom had visited the mainland in the last two weeks. his in hongcted kong. people are v very much on edge. the air pretty much resigned at this point to an outbreak.
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the center of health protection has warned the public to expect this. meanwhile, hong kong's medical staff has gone on strike for a second day today. they are demanding the borders be closesed. oliver: yes, carrie lam yesterdayy announced that she woululd close alall but three oe cross-border checkpoints between the mainland and hong kong. that seems to be quite a comprehehensive measure. but actually those three chececkpoints, w which include g kong i internationalal airport, account for 60% of t traffic. there are still quite a few people coming over. the vast majority of thehem, it must be said, arere hong kong residents. but as people have pointed out, a a virus really doesn't care wt passport you hold, or even in a hong kong context what political
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affiliation you have. people want thehe border clolos, not h have any people crossing. they asked hong kong workers not to cross the border, which is inconsistent with the releluctae to n not close.. hong kong health p professionals went o ostrike tododay, a second daday of striking.g. they want the border shut. they want more forces allocated to the health s sector, whihich comes t ta lot of s strain durig flu asonon. this year is going to be exceptionally worse. some of them have popointed outn a rather pololitical vein that hong kong's police force was allocated a huge amount of resources during the seven months of protests. they want the hong kong government to do the same. we have now seen elsewhere -- south korea reported a casee today from thailand.
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there was no connection to o wun there. it is sprpreading outsiside the regionon. peopople are wororried that hong kong could be e placed on traval bands, as it has already been by the philippines and italy. genie: oliver reporting for us from hong kong. in the meantime, a japanese cruise liner with more than 3000 people on board is in quarantine off the coast of japan after a passenger on board tesested positive for corononavirusus. the passenger was tested after leaving the vessel while it was in hong kong. the team of officials and medical staff is performing medical checks on everyone on board. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu met with the leader of sudan today to talk about normalizing ties between the two nations. israel is still technically at war with suydam, which for years ported hard-line islamist forces. if ties are reestablished. suydam --if ties are
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reestablished, sudan would be the third arab country to normalize ties with israel. a reporter explains. his arrival in uganda, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu had a message for the continent. israel is looking to increase its foothold. pm netanyahu: israel is coming back to africa and africa is coming back to israel l in a big way. reporter: one of the countries in w which netanyahu seess potential -- sudan. netanyahuu held a surprise meeting with the head of sudan's ruliling council. following two hours of secretive talks, netanyahu's office promised the pair would start cooperation that would lead to the normalization of ties. that would be a significant step. sudan is counted among the arab league of nations, which has fervently supported the palestinian arab cause.
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establish relations without an answer to the palestinian question would represent a significant change from the past. monday's meeting, which netanyahu called historic, has been denounced by palestinians. >> this is a step in the back of the palestinian people, at a time when the ministration of donald trump and netanyahu are trying to destroy the palestinian cause. reporter: another significant about-face would be sudan's position on israraeli influencen the country. omar al-bashir had long accused israel of supporting rebel factions, notably in darfur. with the sovereign council no presiding over the e country, a peace deal could prove to be a significant boost to netanyahu in next month's election. genie: here in france, the world of ice-skating continues to be rocked by allegations of sexual abuse. the french sports minister has told the long serving head of the skating foundation to quit. that is after the 10 time
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national skating champ accused her former coach of raping her, starting when she was 15 years old. naomi lloyd reports. a scandal that has rocked the french skating world. in a book published last week, the 10 time french skating champion revealed that her former coach raped her when she was just 15. the french sports minister summoned the head of the french skating federation to explain why despite being suspected of inappropriate behavior he was not dismissed earlier, and asked him to step down. himself oft resolve moral and personal responsibility. i have asked him to acceptpt ths and resign. naomi: she added that a criminal
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investigation would be launched. after the meeting, he defended himself. >> i did not make any errors. mistakes, yes, but not errors. naomi: last week, the coach admitted he had had inappropriate relationships with l.itbo three other skaters have come forward with similar accusations against three coaches. to make matters worse, the coach had already been investigated by france's sports ministry, back in the early 2000's. his contract was terminated, but he remained close to the skating federation. thebobol says the head of skating federation must have known what was going on. there are some letters that have been uncovered, so he knew about the behavior of my abuser. i think he knew and he turned a blind eye. galiaget says he will be
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giving a press conference to give his side of the story. genie: in france, a tieless beginning for a group of men accused of using skype and a silicon mask to extract tens of millions of euros from the rich and famous by impersonating a top french politician. with more on that story, here is shirli sitbon. irli: it took a silicon mask like t this one, an old phone, flags, and a computer, to extract tens of mimillions of euroros from unsuspecting billionaireses. several men are being tried this tuesday for impersonating france's then defense minister, contacting various targets and asking f for money, , includingm this man, who o owns one prododuction sites in bordeaux. he asked me for several hundred thousand euros. i replied, i don't have that kind of money. people the >> called 150 and succeeded three times.
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billionaires were told the money would be used to free hohoages held by terrorists. investigators believe this man is behind the scam and the mask. in 2005, the french-israeli similard carried out a staying, playing security officials and ceo's over the phone to extract money from several l companies. prosecutors won't have much evidence. one victim alerted pololice, allowing them to record d the , whichnator's voice highly resembles his. >> there were other criminals out there, and he did not commit thesese crimes. t and hishen gilber accomplices were arresested, thy had pipictureses of silicica ans on their phones, showing they may have been planning new operations. genie: you are watching france
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24. let's take a look at today's headlines.s. still no results from the iowa caucuses. the first number is expected sometime today. the first in the nation poll monday kick started this year's waste -- race to the white house. the vote meant t to signal the front runner for the democrats has been marred by inconsistencies and delays. abuse in over sexual french figure skating deepens as the sports minister tells the head of the skating foundation to quit. that is after 10 time national skating champ sarah abitbol accused her longtime coach of raping her starting when she was 15 years old. and china admits it did not respond as quickly as it could have in containing the new coronavirus. or than 20,000 people have now been infected globally. at least 425 have been killed so far with now the first death being reported in hong kong.
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we will statay with the coronanaviru for our business update. the virus affectingng the ececonomy? sthen: it is being felt across various sectors of the economy. they have shut down, the quarantine in wuhan affecting key y ctors, bececause that is a major hub for t transport a and technonolo. ththlatest place to take drastic steps is the chchinese gambmblig enenclavof m macau. itit is closing g its casinos fr two weeks inin an effort to stem the spreread of t the virus tre. the e chief exexecutive sasays e closure could be extendnded further if necessary. we have the details. reporter: it has been a bad start to the new year for macau. gambling hub is almost solely reliant on tourism. but thanks to the coronavirus outbreak, those visitors aren'tt comiming. officials say tourism in n nuary plunged b by 87% compared to lat yeyear. this included ththe busiest holiday period, the lunar new year.
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be shuts casinos will for at least two weeks. - -- unableilill able to predict how lonong the outbrk will go on. on the advice of experts, we have decided to suspend gambling and entertainment business for two weeks. if the situation stabilizes after two weeks, we can resume business immediately. it is a blow to the territory, as the casinos account for half of the local economy, generating over $36 billion in revenue, at least four times that of las vegas. they also employ about 15% of macau's workforce. shopkeepers say they are worried about the lack of tourists. [indiscernible] >> we have quite a big problem.
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80% to 90%. reporter: officials are urging people to reduce unnecessary trips and to wear masks when going out. genie: oil prices have also been affected.. stephen: opec is s said to bebe mullining cuts to oil production as a result of a sharp drop in demand from china. according to reports,, representatatives of opec natios are planning a meeting in the coming days to discuss t the sisituation. oiprices have tumbled in recent weeks. brent crude, consider the international benchmark for oil prices, has fallen from $69 a barrel to just over $5$54 a barl today. a slight improvement in prices today, but still way down from where they were a couple of weeks ago. that is the oil markets. that is the stock markets. next, we had seen a sharp drop on asian stock markets on monday . they reopened after the extended new year lunar holiday.
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today, things looking a bit more stable, trading on asian markets. some recovery in hong kong and shanghai, but those numbers were down by much bigger percentages yesterday. european shares taking their cue from that relief f rally in asi. theyey have gains across loloon, pariris, and frankfurt. in the meantime, the chinese government is trying to come fierce over travel to china. ststephen: many airlines have canceled, suspended, or reduced flights to china. the government is telling domestic carriers to keep flying, despite the epidemic, despite a sharp drop in demand for flights in and out of the country. beijing has criticized countries including the united states for imposing travel restrictions, saying their steps were excessive. genie: the parent company of google has for the first time released figures on how much money it makes from youtube. stephen: thihis is something investors have been pushing google for, for a longng time. they wanted d to see how the
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figurerebreakdownn across thee online a advertising giant's eaearnings.. despite showing major growth acacross its business, investors were disapappoind d with alphabet's latetest results. shares fell by 4% in after-hours trading on monday. reporter: a mixed bag for google's parent company, alphabet, as its profits grow, but not enough for wall street. the tech giant reporting and overall revenue increase of 18%, less than what investors were expecting. in a first, the company broke down the details of its youtube and cloud businesses. google search still makes up the lion's share at 61%, with youtube accountable for 9% and google cloud 6%. this is something investors have been demanding for years. the move to greater transparency has come after f founders larryy rine and sergey brennanan -- b stepped down from t the company last year. despite e growing competition fm facebook and amazon, google is
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still the clear leader in the digital at market. -- ad market. youtube as a bright spot for the company. alphabet chief executive so dark and shy -- the out of it chief executive says there are 2 million paid subscribers, and he expects that number to grow. remove anyey will election-related videos that are manipulated or doctored to mislead voters during the u.s. presidential race. google says it is part of efforts to stem online misinformation and become a more reliable source for newsws. one company having a much better day on the market was electric car maker tesla. shares jumped by 20% on monday, the biggest one-day gain since 2013. the jump was fueled by news that the company's joint venture to build car batteries with panasonic has turned a profit. an i investor predicting that te
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shshare prices rise more t than tetenfold by 20.4. tesla shares were already on the up since the company posted its second consecutive quarterly profits last week. now, newst to wrap up figures are showing that viewers are not necessarily switching to apple's new strtreaming service. stephen: one of many new streaming services that came online in recent months. these are calculations from researchers at bernstein, saying only 10% of eligible customers have taken up the offer of a free trial of apple tv plus since it launched in november. apple does not provide subscriber numbers. this analysis was done using accounting figures. an estimate that only around 10 million people signed up in the first month. to give you an idea, disney had that number of people sign up on its first day for its rival streaming service. lots of competetition inin that market. geninie: thank you. stephen carrololl with a look at the business update. i will see you on the others with the headlines. ♪
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