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warns of a really a serious consequences of suffering dedeath. and deepeper e economic damage if state and local officials list stay at home folders to quickly. the staff does not surpassed eighty thousand is just twenty four hours after trump proclaimed. we have prevailed. russia is now the second most infected country in the world the questions of the president putin's own health as reports say his spokesman dmitry peskov now has covered nineteen. new alarming predictions o on how te frenench economy will suffer
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because of the code nineteen pandemic business fell 27% in april. according to the bank the phones more the case of this is that is a- just a moment. thank you very much for being with us the u. s. death toll now fast heading towards eighty three thoususand the most seninior health advisisers in te country gave testimony to the senate to that message is a strong dose of reality after trump's boast of a transition to greatness. in an end to the stay at home order america's leadading expert on infectiouss diseasases d dr anthony faucicie byby skype to the senate panel the doctor himimself passing the virus he said the us does not have control over covert nineteen yet strategic just twenty four hours after president donald trump declared we have the we have we have won the moment and we have prevailed. his high level advisers had another more soberingng m message could see m doctor foster. yeah but i've
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expressed then and again is my concern that some areas city states or what have you jump over those various c checkpoints and d prematurely opepen up witt having t the capabilitity of beg able to respond effectivelyly ad efficiently my concern is that we will start to see little spikes that might turn into outbreaks. let's bring in kevin gorgeous donnie how correspond in washington can i get even to you- doctor pharmacy on the rest of the health panel clearly have a different opinion. to that of the president. yes senator dr anthony fauci- was really a striking eighty of balance but he's been striking ever since the start of that corona virusus and white house taskk fororce hs basicalllly. a stickcking t to e data sticking to the science stickiking into his guidelines and speaking up to and not criticizing directly- the- president but he did. repeat
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multiple times every chance he got during that testimony that lasted several hours. every chance he g got he r repeated as fact. in the west have to be very careful that now was not the time. to relax too quickly too soon to reopen too soon because as you mentioned the virus was not under control in that it could still come back with a vengeance so he warned really. the aids that were re openen remember most states the united states have started t to re open against one way or anotheher but most of the states are not neediding the guidelines not meeting the criteria set out. by this crew members and task force in order to re open it safely so he was saying look if you go too fast this could. really backfire not only regarding and he is suffering and death of those were his words and not only the number of cases and the numumber of deaths that could. come back to back fire for that re opening a
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book also he said and that was something directed at the supporters of the presidentnt were pushing for that re opening he said thatt if it backckfires if there is a second week. it could be very very hard e even hardede on thehecony than t the first i shut down so that was really the goal of anthonony foundhe ask you is ass you mentntioned- talalking t thh videoonferencee because he is south quarantining after c comig into contact. with someone who has tested posositive so a ahony found she really stickcking it o an act the scicience trying to leave by example going. say iff you haven't. contrtract o on the posititive you have to s sell pointing that he's- a so he's a really trying and west of. yes
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following at this- the this testimony at least- from a little bit of the sidelines but he was t tweeting up a storm-- from at this morning- trying maybe to overshadow a little bits and this andnd testitimonyn at the senate now course. it wasn't just anthony found she- testifying there was also the commissioner for the fda the head of the cdc as well as as be as systems as secretary for health to so. these were all very a respected ass scienentiss who wewere as speaking andnd its goining a aittle bit t against-a what and he's been- trying to gett to o point outt there w whh is. reopening fast we h he the best testing but we heard a lot of as senatorss eveven the republicanans reaeally askingbot ththat testing in saying t that they in their states have seen. that this testing why wouould have gone much better the ramping up w was really payaying off butut it still was not enouh to re e open it as safely so tht was not necessarily something.
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that donald trump wanted to- put the spotlight t on. can i go just as other following for some washing. thank you very much indeed. and to stay safe. thanks to russia now has the second. virus k. total the world. this comes a day after president vladimir. east and they might look for in because- work. returning to work this cheesesteak. the coincides with reports that spoke to peskovov his test positive because nineteen. let's bring in charisma in moscow nicole with nick to youu. to tolls can to the number of cases record. that's to say one engine. de and now have thirty thousand cases- are we to expect a spike in deaths anytime soon do youou thinkk. ththat's right seemsms e very low compared to most of the countries some russssian doctorss approve notot down to.a book by the sameme the mom the straraight of coronavirus the is
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fifty. all this the waiver. crusush count d death is s due.n the on the roof in the dudust. what is that the house being know eight. days of increases of over ten foror. yes but i neararly eleleven. new cases wok with. for up again russia'ss going g bad down to the fronontt is during. . widespread for poor eight t tesla need percent to forty. s so it's not surprise that the- more. case showing up as w we've just today dimitri press. the person's. and then how so. yes i'm so on treat his wife former and pick up on which i intoo. to on another. full s service s sick we a ninee the to be in a c critical. of so
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it is really not of with to be home. many the countryry's you remember. there was a long whwhere the river knows. . repod cases in russia flows the borders with china. what to do in the industry and construction. of several more people out and about on the streets and cools during t the last six weeks people have been using. a public transport the moscow metric centric which a places where you're likely to pick up the bar so. we all going to see more because in russia not death for the third quarter. of two thousand and sixteen. so far the shorter rising call. for those in moscow itself. nick you mentioned to me to pass. and he's diagnose a code. at nineteen. it doesn't take a great leap of imagination to think he must've been in contact with the president so all the concerns of the patient's health. let's go for
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the house and possibly met withh putinn could releasese the mall. but nowow t that may b b the c e the lost phone he was seen in public with polluted. the only be cool with that late march when they visited a coup fifth. hospital all means everybody- nobody was where a mosque apart from pasco who's. picked it out with the mosque. he wore with us persoson who a also one peren per review the troops in the ladydy that the speech to the nation on victory the u. s. so it's possible that he hasn't been approved. of residents is up to his country residence outside moscow. he's taking meetetings by video conference e rarely goes ouout in pubublic hs been t tested everyday consistet he's healthy smoking fell. because of in moscow thank you very much and data and that do stay safe as well. next cover nineteen deaths in the u. k.
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i'm not over forty thousand but the actual picture could be even worse. twenty four hours after prime ministeter boris johnson's address to the nation. o on the first steps to easing lockdown the uk's own o. n. s. that's the office of national statistics. reports that in more than fifty thousand deaths in twenty twenty that's fifty thousand more than w would h have been expected. at this time of year normally. the british government will extend its financial support of workers on furlough through october. the announcement comes a few cabins eases lockdown restrictions you case code nineteen death toll is. of course the highest in europe stands at thirty two thousand six hundred and ninety two. that's a figure from johns hopkins university. for more on the latest economic measures we can now cross about business editor kate moody kate as at the great to see you. tell us more about the paid leave program looks at a prescribe is preparing for this crisis to dragag on. mamark thatt prorogrd been due to expire at the end
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of june- but the chancellolor apappreciatition access the british. workforce cannot be with no s support at nearly onee in four british workerers some seveveand a halflf million peope are currently enrolled in the work because of the coronato virus pandemic in lockdown. or seeing up 280% of their monthly salary paid by the government- capped at around two thousand five hundred pounds. the equivalent around two thousand eight hundred euros. the government says it will continue subsidizing wages through to the end of october but starting august companies are gonna be. contribute more trying to reduce the burden on the government of people who are working part time will also be eligible for that this furlough. for the first time now there has been grorowth sory about ththe cost of f the progrm is costing abobout. a fourteen billion pounds per month. from sixty billion euros. c childs arsenic admitted that was unsuststainable but he rejected overall criticism thahat p peope could grow addicted to
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furlough- business groups welcomed this announcement as a relief for millions of workers. similar scenes. what's your- problem. german in spain as well yeah being reduce. the of scale layoffs as we see in the u. states. now governments are the task of trying to scale back. k. memo here in france the ring you estimates about the econonomic toll. of the corona v virus lockdown. yes france's central bank estimates ththat twowo months of lock dowa chute 6%% of overall gdp g growh for this year it says the worst dadamage- will still build up damage will s still b be buildig up that't's broadly in line.. wh the govevement's estimates of around eight n negative 8% growh for the year as a whole the overall data from the central bank released this cheesesteak sure the economy operating at 27% below its normal levels april and that's a significant slice but it is in fact a slight improvement from march. when activity was down about
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32% that's because more businesses were able to open up and adapt to social distancing guidelines and work inin some capacity. anyway in the last. confronts governor told now rate this morning that he hopes to recover a further ten points this month. thatt would bee that woululd mean the econonomy functioning at about 80% of its normal levels by the end of may. kate tell us about the s. stock markets today. well it makes clothes for the major european markets- so thehey can't count droppingng around point 4% here inin paris the dax in frankfurt was pulled down by industrial giant thyssenkrupp that we saw it shares plunged. 15% on weak guidance for the year gains of around 1% each game at london and the lawn what street is closed down after some strong gains over the past week it was a loss is gaining momentum in the final hour of trading the dow jones closed down over four hundred and fifty points. at the s. and p. five hundred nasdaq down about 2% each boeing shares were down nearly 3% aviation giant said on
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tuesday that customers that cancelled a further hundred and eight orders for seven thirty seven max planes that will add to its financial trouble. oil prices meanwhile rose slightly so us wti up nearly 7% settling in just under twenty six dollars per barrel this just after that saudi arabia confirmed it would be further scaling back its production by about a million barrels per day. he needs oil giant aramco or get 25% drop in its first quarter profits that's even before oil places prices plummeted last week months and negative- the head b. p. meanwhile as we speak to the financial times he says that while he expects oil demand too recovever in the short term he thinks the indndustry mayay have right. he described as peak oil hehe says the weaeakening demand couldd prove permamanent even after a. pandemic has passed. k. moody thank you much. into can we do that without all the business action to stop the effect of the look down here in
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front of the cool stuff to prediction that things could be worse for sometime to come business down by some 27% for the month o o april i'd say here in france. what most of us watching from twenty four. hello and welcome to the friends twenty four interview our guest today is supper oct centrality that day. she's in that reunion activist she's the author of a book that was just published here in france i'll translate the title. deeds of freedom is not a crime it's written with the remark as corey it's published by. and in its- your account you're a journey from an upper middle class. woman living in tehran to an activist against- he job- the islamic veil which is mandatory. in iran obviously-
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you were arrested and then were sentenced to two years. in prison however before the verdict was handed down you decided to secretly fleet iran through turkey and you know i'll live in exile in canada. it is a very simple question how does one go from being an upper middle class women to an activist against. the i islamic veil. i'm i was just so fed up withth- livingg this double lifa liviving a lie and pretend eveverythingng iss okay for many years- v. fair refaced why less people are facing wireless because of compulsory job and the other thing is i knew as elidel about women's movement in west of the suffragette movement i was very fascinated by those women who made those changes and now will remain inn west can- use it- and they hahae
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almost had the same rights as men quality and i realize. on those three men were socks full in their movements because they add me eventually theyy had the support of normal ordinary men and we award cares and- in iran women's rights activists are best forty years but it didn't go anywhere because they didn't have the support of us so we can disc campaign k. i realize this is the moment for me it was going to serve a white. campaign the principal just as well to where a white and yourself to wear white to or too be on ways in a and straight sed send a message to the journalist who started the campaign and the campaign was simply asking normal womenen and men to o come forwaward and be their voice so that was the moment f for me to join a c catt
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eight supposed to soso be it ye. violence i'm camping right was it turning point however it's in this of two thousand and seventeen- woman i didn't. by go in very well known the place in center of. decides to her very off put it on this. and this created quite stir and for you this was a turning because was not only about wearing white it was taking the job and put it on a stick sure- form forming before for a few months. everybody was talking about composer who job at protesting compulsory job but that's lady i have had- like- she performed- likee and she was just standing there quietly and sending a message to government to the government to the authorities. that's i'm
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peacefully protesting the saw and it was very beautiful for me tools the most beautiful and peaceful stability the- import them and i was one of their first meeting fall her pot so you started doing the same the same yeah. i have a few days after her a few days so quite a few times and eventually what was bound to happen happens you were arrested. by police we can in the book. several of those arrests- and also the humiliation of the vote plans in prison all used in soap bubuying. yeah yeah. you know i way that's spot in this of the city i wanant to do arrest a ate same time i was. i i was i was o other women and men to do our- to see. at madden eighteen hour in my neighborhood and join uss i've known by its yeah during
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interrogation i faced- most horrible things in the ward and did that for the most- the scariest india's- that you realizize. that they can do anythihing with you when and thy capture you you were lucky if i may say because you were able to be defended by a well known lawyer not screen so today- who defended too you a and- is now herself in jail for very long time or shortly after- actually defending- you but this allowed you to. have someone on your side telling you what to do because i imagine there's a lot of intimidation and you don't know what to do when your face those. situations she was my ononly hope although i am i wasnsn't able to like talkk to r or contact her during t t time i was detained by the she i'm betting that she- had done for me was. to brought the justice and public eyes and told people
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other things that happened to me and two other women also d. nyada remain. and owls my old my life to her my family's safety and myself right- so you were arrested- three times and at some point you decide because you have. the husband obviously you have a young son and you say in the book that you realize that. if they am to die and so you do to flee to a usus. into turkey and now you're income of. you great leaf. the country. what was thehe bestest you may. s. complicated for me at the same time i'm a to i told for women's rights and my for my friend and my- which is great and by the i'm i'm not happy i cannot enjoy freedom as much as i want. because all the
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all the teens- but my mind is in iran and- my heart is with my friends and my lawyer right because i mean the sentences- maybe after you've fled have become harsher and harsher there's this. a group of women those three women who decide on women's day last year to hand out flowers in the subway in tehran bear head it's they were arrested and now they have very long sentences. is it maybe a consequences of what you did. i the were my friendss my close friend of ours who was advocating for mee during that time i was out off state.. was one of them was going to o shove hours-s- but that all hinges- wouldemain are getting braver eveven though didn't they see that but there they had done to me or are there. othther women and men and government wanted i wanted to send a m message to al the remand remand remand- but at the same time if youou s seee nenews if yoyou see the videos u
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see. even though we do twenty four twenty three year sentence- m. b. men are getting bolder and braver and i didid want to obey c composer he j job even deaeal with that. i it winw the police officers ask them and they are- telling to their face that. i don't believe in peace law and i'm not obeying deuce- as sexual discrimination. do you believe this is still going on or that the movement has been stopped because of the intimidation because of other things likee that not sly cab andnd i it's ni like to get up andd grab a and bebelow the street. but but they are- they're doing another campaign just to feel the just to make a record that off a prisoner's record the pololice officers. who. who wants to. i stand and they're brave enough.
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you're free to yoyou voted f fon raw i into. . and thirteeeen yoo the sameme. . of couourseotot w. the titime i think i wanted t to twtwo years ago i dididn't belie in any reform even back then it was just because i was an animal support there and they promised to have these rights for animals but i was billy i had believed in- reformed back before two thousand and nine and i was one of the people who hope that there are some- changes there's gonna be some changes in the government. but after two thousand and nine and the demonstration i would realize there's not gonna be any reform in my country but and the people who are just- war teams i like choosing between the bad and the ba'ath party and the worst p part of te but after and the demonstration in- in december two thousand and seveventeen wednesday reformist party killed people killed innocent protesters. m.
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and after that in two thousand seventeen date and they saw chris all day- like i did and movements are movements teacher movements removes men's and also last november if you if yoyou saudisis harm this horribe news from iran they killed- m. based on based on a reuters reports more than fifteenen huhundred. nine protesters and- mad mmhm i understand thousands of people in just three days so you see there's no difference between reform or. sunday at least i understand just last was running of time obviously you're not. regime and some saying that you're being use or allowing yourself to be used by those especially in the u. s. pushing for regime change are you being used thank. in in touch with anyone from u. s.
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and this is the mindset of people that are taking care of our women don't have a voice this is me i was always- believing change and want to change in my country with other iranians but i didn't have the chance now i have the chance. anand you see this the human rights situatition the violation of human rightss are getting worse andnd worse in my country do what am i supposed to do i do not think now i have a platform as human rights activists as a woman writes act activists. and i'm going to use that to just tell the ward. that these are happening in iran and open your eyes to the violation of human rights in iran and i i. supports the iranian people and not the government. thank you very much- supper auctions- these are the for coming on the friends twenty four- interview your book is published in the
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french right now. will be- probabably- published in english at some point thank you very much for watching this interview stay tuned for more news
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05/12/20 05/12/20 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from new york city, the epicenter of t the pandedemic, s is democracy now! >> we have jurisdiction. we have the authority to do this. more importantly, it is fofor rl good c cause so whwhy should we consult about what?? it is just kind of a, i feel, something that is really not needed at this time. amy: standoff in south dakota.


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